8 Things to Look in Aquamarine Beads

Aquamarine gemstones are exquisite items of collection, ranking at par with other blue stones like topaz and sapphire. Owing to their cost-effectiveness, they are tapped in medium-sale jewellery segments for fashion and ornaments. Often equated with Blue Topaz for the unmistakable brilliant appearance, sellers tag aquamarine gemstones at much higher price.

Before choosing your set of Aquamarine gemstones, here are 8 things you must verify before putting your bucks.

1.  Color:

Aquamarine is available within a very limited colour bandwidth. It is usually pale blue, bluish-green or sky blue in colour. Sparkling blue shades are actually artificially treated gemstones. In the market, darker and intense blue coloured Aquamarine fetch higher price. If you are looking for a pure set of bead necklace, opt for gemstones with slightly greenish tinge.

2.  Carat size:

Once set on the colour, move to the next deciding factor—the CARAT weight. Fashion trends suggest that single Aquamarine gemstone could be anywhere between 3-5 carat. Gemstones weighing 5 carat are most preferred by Aquamarine collectors. Smaller ones are used in beads, and sold at per-carat rates.

Since aquamarine gemstones belong to the family of semi-precious stones, sharing their reputation with the likes of emeralds, topaz, Goshenite and Beryls, it is unlikely to find pure stones in wholesale market. Irrespective of your requirements, always deal in carats from certified sellers.

3.  Clarity:

Aquamarine is revered for its pristine blue clarity. It hardly has any liquid inclusion within it. However, like most beryls, they could have parallel inclusions resembling tubes and hollow tunnels. It is used by the gemstone cutters to cut the stone in such a way that it reveals Cat’s Eye effect in a more pronounced manner, fashioned into cabochons, beads, or carvings.

Aquamarine gemstones

4.  Lustre and appearance:

The gemstones and beads have a translucent appearance, which could differ in intensity depending on the cut made on them. With its vitreous lustre, it is very much possible to identify the purity of the stone used in beads. Intense vitreous Aquamarine gemstones beads are reserved for fashion industry exclusively.

5.  Scratching and bubbling:

Aquamarine is a hard and durable gemstone. It can’t be etched or scratched easily. If you see scratches on its surface, it is highly likely that it is actually glass. Look for the bubbles inside its crystalline structure. Aquamarine gemstones don’t have bubbles, else it is glass.

6.  Cut:

Aquamarine gemstones are cut into many shapes, however Emerald Cuts and Ovals are particularly popular among large-scale buyers. For beads, rough cuts and fantasy cuts are preferred as they prove to be least wasteful designs.

7.  Light test:

Aquamarine is a pleochroic gemstone, revealing versatile colour shades when viewed in light from different angles. It is highly unlikely that the stone will look the same from different perspectives. If it does, it is glass for sure.

8.  The green tinge:

Pure aquamarine gemstones have a greenish tinge. It usually disappears during heat treatment. Though they are flawless in their appearance, it is obvious that artificial gemstones are available at much lesser price in the market.

Andalusite: The Spanish Beauty’s Story No one Told You

In recent times, Andalusite gemstones have risen in prominence in the semi-precious gem market. Known for its enchanting beauty and polymorphic appearance, buying an Andalusite is a highly revered option for brides and newly engaged couples who wish to look beyond the usual collection of rubies, garnet, emeralds and sapphires.
Here are some enticing facts about the Andalusite gemstone.

The Origin:

Andalusite is basically an aluminium mineral gemstone belonging to the families of zircons. Being a neo-silicate gemstone, it is relatively hard and can be scratched only by diamond and corundum drills. Andalusite gemstone is a trimorphic compound, meaning that it is found in the nature in three different physical forms. Other two forms are Kyanite and Sillimanite.

Andalusite gemstones


It is a deep blue silicate gemstone found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Other names of kyanite are disthene, rhaeticite and cyanite. It is used as abrasive item, in addition to being used as an insulator. Its major application as an Index Mineral to measure depth, temperature and pressure of metamorphic activity is specially utilized in mineralogy and mining.


Sillimanite is named after its discoverer, Benajmin Silliman, an American chemist. It was first studied in 1824, and occurs as fibrolite in twisted fibre form in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Sillimanite is largely used in glass industry and reinforcement material manufacturing industry.

Andalusite and its colouring effects:
Andalusite exhibits pleochrosim with distinct combination of vibrant colours. It is mainly due to the small concentration of impurities like Manganese and Iron that manage to dope into Aluminium octahedral structure. One of the varieties of Andalusite is the Viridine, that basically has huge levels of Iron and Manganese.
High level of Manganese is revealed through its pink and whitish red or grey colour. Darker the colour, higher is the concentration of Manganese in the structure.

How to identify Andalusite:

Andalusite shares its lineage with many gemstones in the neo-silicate and beryl families. It is quite possible that even best of gemstone collectors get confused while buying Andalusite. It is commonly mixed up with sphene, smoky quartz beads, tourmaline gemstone and idocrase.

smoky quartz beads

One of the distinguishing factors to identify Andalusite is its pleochroism. It exhibits a special type of pleochroic effect known as Trichroic effect, meaning that a ray of light gets split into three sections after passing the crystal.

Some gemstone collectors identify a pure Andalusite from its colour consistency and clarity. They are usually found in yellow, green and olive colours. It is common to find Andalusite in the dual colour shade, mostly in different intensities. Cutters often minimize the pleochroism by cutting the gemstone in oval, pear and marquise cuts to exemplify one particular colour.

Some natural Andalusite gemstones are translucent with dark inclusions in the form of wires and veins. They are called “Cross Stones”. They are not purely Andalusite, and sold in the market as Chiastolite.

Heat Treatments:

Pure Andalusite is hardly exposed to any heat treatment procedures. However, Chaistolite is heat treated or filled with resin to improve clarity and pass off as a pure Andalusite. Pink Andalusite are derived by treating dark green-brown gemstones , but this is mostly reversible.



Zircon Gemstones: The Rising Star in the Market

Since the time it was first discovered, Zircon as a gemstone never quite made the cut as other established gems. However, with the advanced cutting techniques and heat treatments making their presence felt in the traditional manufacturing process, Zircon gemstone has steadily risen as a star performer in recent times. It’s often confused as “Artificial diamond”, and rated as a synthetic material. On the first note, it is not a diamond substitute; it is naturally occurring gemstone with a very different crystalline structure and composition.

The Mythology:

Hindus in the scriptures have a Heavenly Kalpa Tree, which is said to be glowing in gold due to the Zircon Halo fruits.

What is Zircon: An Introduction

Zircon exhibits high-intensity birefringence, which often gets hazed out due to double facing. It is very dense in its appearance and has a high dispersion factor and refractive index. They are mostly colourless, and reveal flashes of light—called Fire, when exposed to light. Yes, it is just as brilliant and radiant as diamond, leading to confusion since centuries; Zircon gemstone beads contain traces of radioactive substances, especially Uranium, which explains its irradiation. On Mohs scale, it has a hardnes fctor between 6.5 and 7.5, which means that it can be scratched by diamond. That’s one way to check the property of Zircon gemstone in the market.

Zircon gemstone beads

Thanks to its irradiation properties, Zircon exhibits some degree of pleochroism too.


Sometimes called metamiction, Zircon gemstones undergo gradual destruction due to the presence of radioactive crystals present in its structure. Hard to believe at first, Zircon is actually the oldest known crystalline structure to be ever formed. Samples discovered in some parts of the world are actually older than Moon! During the initial formation from the molten granite, traces of highly radioactive elements condensed with cooling gemstone, resulting in the formation of Zircon. Uranium and Thorium are common radioactive impurities found in them.

Types of Zircon:

Metamictization results in formation of two types of gemstones—

•  Low Zircon— High Metamictization, affecting gemstones
•  High Zircon—Unaffected gemstones

Low zircons reveal higher degree of pleochroism, produced due to alpha-radiation from the Uranium/Thorium particles. This pleochroism resulting from radioactivity is called “Pleochorism Halo” or Radiohalo”.

Intensity of the radiohalo reveals the property, purity and age of the Zircon gemstone.


Mostly colourless, Zircon with trace impurities exhibit different colours too—blue, green, yellow, violet, brown and orange/red. Blue Zircon is the most adored low Zircon available in the market, which also reveals its greenish tinge, thanks to pleochroism.
Pure green zircon, however is very rare, and hence, very expensive.


Zircon gemstones hardly undergo any artificial heat treatment. Darker coloured gemstones in brown and grey shades are treated mildly to produce colourless and blue varieties. Since this treatment is temporary, it is hardly given much importance.

Related gemstones:

Zircon is a neo-silicate, which has beryls and garnet in the family. Peridot gemstone, topaz gemstone, Andalusite, quartz and tourmaline are related gemstones sharing similar origin, though not as dramatic as zircon.


A Look at Top 15 Stunning Powers of Green Aventurine

The attractive green aventurine gemstone is known as the stone of prosperity. It attracts tremendous wealth and success. Apart from green, aventurine gemstone is available in red, orange, yellow, reddish brown and gray colors. The stone is a favorite of people from every walk of life. Let us take quick look at top 15 features of Green Aventurine.

1.  The stone attracts luck. It boosts chances of winning in every situation. It is the reason it widely adorned by athletes during the competition.

2.  It helps you get rid of bad habits and old patterns that have been an obstruction in your growth. It feels life with new optimism and zest. Also, it gives you courage to accept changes in life.

3.  It motivates people to pursue their dream and help them to achieve the same. It gives reasonable confidence in ones abilities to overcome obstacles in life without ever getting negative.

4.  The green aventurine has a connection with the nature. It is the reason it attracts abundance. The stone when kept in home creates a positive aura.

5.  Wearing Aventurine Gemstone Beads studded bracelet guards against electromagnetic emissions.  Similarly, tapping it to mobile phone safeguards from mobile radiation.

6.  It is very effective in controlling temper. It ensures that you don’t lose your temper no matter how worse the situation is. It ensures that there is no family dispute because of temperament issues.

7.  The stone has excellent healing qualities. It helps patients recover from surgeries, circulatory problems and heart ailments.  It is considered very effective in lowering cholesterol level.

8.  It is very effective in treating skin diseases, migraine, urinary problems, allergies, dyslexia, astigmatism etc.

9.  It helps to overcome stress of today’s hectic lifestyle. It fills the heart with immense peace and ecstasy. It fills the mind with beautiful thoughts. Also, it helps the wearer to get a very good sleep.

10.  Green Aventurine recognizes the reason behind the disturbance in life. It gives strength to leave the past behind and look at things from a fresh prospective.

11.  It is one of the rare gemstone that develops the quality of humor. Your brilliant sense of humor will changes thing around you and attract likeminded individuals in life.

12.  Mediating with Green Aventurine attracts the earth energy. It assists in sailing through times when things are not favorable.

13.  The gemstone has the power of nature. It brings luck and opportunities. If you are not getting success in business and promotion in job then wear green aventurine, soon you will see things turning in your favor.

14.  If your business is in loss or you are planning to start new project then keeping Green Aventurine gemstone in your work place will give you financial success.

15.  The green shade of Green Aventurine represents fertility. If the couples are childless then wearing the stone will bless the couple with kid. The laugher of kid will fill life with happiness. It will also bring the couples closer.

Top 15 Interesting Facts about Carnelian Gemstone Beads

Carnelian gemstone is known as the stone of ultimate powerhouse of motivation and endurance. The shade of the stones varies from light orange to dark orange. It is also available in pink, red, dark grey and pale orange. Here we are going to tell you some interesting facts about these beautiful gemstones.

1.  In the ancient times, the warriors wore Carnelian gemstones around arms or neck as it was believed that the stone gives abundant physical power to conquer the enemies.


2.  The alchemist in Egypt used the stone to activate the energy of Chalcedonies.

3.  In the ancient times, the stone was used for stopping plague.

4.  The stone was referred to as “the setting sun”, in ancient Egyptian culture. Its orange color was believed to represent female energy while red hues represented male energy. The stone was worn by both the sexes to enhance hidden desire, passion and love.

5.  The Carnelian is very helpful for people from diverse fields as it evokes creativity thus it is widely used by architects, interior designers, musicians and writers. Sports person and defense personal gets benefited by its quality of increasing power and stamina. It acts as a motivation sources for students, competition aspirants and athletes

6.  The Carnelian gemstone is considered as the talisman for success. It will make you a big success in any kind of financial venture.

7.  Carnelian gemstone beads in jewellery helps ward off work pressure. It also ensures that you have cordial relationship with your boss and colleagues. Also, it saves you from unwanted expectations from upper management.

8.  Singers love wearing Carnelian gemstone beads rings, it is believed that it soothes and clarifies energy levels. It gives them tremendous confidence during live stage performance. It is the reasons that even anchors and actors love wearing it during live shows.

9.  The construction workers, electricians, plumbers and people whose work involves a lot of danger keep Carnelian in their pocket. The stone saves them from falling or accidents with tools.

10.  It is a wonderful stone to be kept at home. It forms an invisible protective shield around your home that guards the home from theft, natural calamities, fire and accidents.


11.  The orange Carnelian represents fertility and potency. Childless couple will be blessed with kids if they start wearing the stone in jewellery, it will also bring them physically and mentally closer.

12.  The stone helps people to easily accept changes in life. It puts a stop to day dreaming and inspires people to carve out their own fortune. The divine guidance makes even an impossible goal a reality. 

13.  It is used for treating varicose veins, boils, hemorrhoids and skin irritation. It also improves blood flow that revitalizes energy.

14.  The pinkish orange Carnelian is knows as a stone of relationship. It brings family together. It strengthens the bond between husband and wife and parents and children.

15.  Carnelian gemstone beads keep egos, envies and misunderstanding miles away from the family.



A look at Top 4 Varieties of Topaz Gemstone

Topaz is one of the most loved gemstones. It is very much in demand for men and women jewellery. It comes in array of attractive shapes and designs. There are different kinds of topaz available in the market. Let us take a look at top four varieties of topaz gemstone. Knowing them will help you to select the right stone.

A look at Types of Topaz:

1.  Imperial Topaz:

It is the most expensive and the rarest kind of topaz. The golden tone makes it look extremely attractive. The stone looks different during day and night. During the day you will see golden-orange-pinkish hues while in less light it looks pinkish orange. The stone also has some powerful healing qualities. The stone encourages self realization and gives confidence. It protects from negativity, illness and accidents.  All these qualities make imperial topaz one of the most sought after gemstones.


2.  Blue Topaz:

The blue topaz gemstone is known as the stone of creativity and communication. It helps you to presents your thoughts and imagination in a very expressive way. The blue topaz is a favourite of writers, leaders and people associated with creative fields. It is very difficult get genuine blue topaz, so most of the time it is synthetically treated to get the brilliant blue tone. Some of the remarkable qualities of the stone includes – enhances concentration, improves written & oral communication and helps in clear thinking. There are numerous colours present in blue topaz like light blue, sky blue, sea blue, electric blue etc.

3.  White Topaz:

The clear topaz looks extremely attractive. A perfectly cut white topaz gemstone is often mistaken for a diamond. Like other topaz it has its own unique power. The stone is perfect for people looking to walk on the spiritual path. It helps them to connect their inner self with universe. They directly get the guiding light from the supreme power. Its magnificent energy transforms negativity with positivity, peace and happiness. The stone also leads to clarity in thoughts. It is very helpful for people who are finding it tough to bounce back after failure in life. It gives them a new lease of life by energizing them with new energy and opening up new avenues of opportunity.


4.  Mystic Topaz:

The mystic topaz is white topaz that is synthetically treated in colours. It is cheap, looks extremely attractive and comes in array of colours, it is the reason the diamond for mystic topaz is always high in jewellery market. It is the first choice of people who love trying out unique colours. The best thing is that the mystic topaz has dual properties. It has all the powers of white topaz and also the energy of the colour given to it.  It has all the qualities of white topaz as it is colour coating over it.

These are top four varieties of topaz gemstone. Make sure to have them in your collection. Each has its unique features and healing properties.Save



A look at Top 5 Myths related to Diamond

Diamond the most precious and loved gemstone of the world has some misconception and myths and related to it which makes it even more fascinating. Let us take a look at some of the popular fictions and stories related with this magnificent stone.  Knowing them surely will help you to get the facts right. It is going to be of great help when you are going to buy diamonds.

1.  Diamonds are formed from Coal:

Well, it is most fascinating piece of information that most of us have got in school. We were probably told by our teacher that diamonds are formed when coals are pressured under extensive heat. The reason the theory was given because nobody exactly knew how a diamond is formed. If you look at the fact that carbon is a kind of impurity and even if the belief is right then diamond formed from carbon will be impure thus of no use.

2.  Diamonds are unbreakable:

There is doubt that diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world.  It does not mean in any way that it can be chipped or broken. If this would have been the case then you would have never seen diamonds cut in very beautiful shapes and sizes. The fact is that if diamonds are not handled carefully then it can get damaged. Now you know the fact, whether diamonds are indestructible or not.

3.  Bigger Diamonds are more valuable:

It is a general conception that bigger the diamond more valuable it is going to be. Well, the truth is that the value of diamond is not solely based on its size. It depends on a lot of other factors too like clarity, size, cut and color. The size can be a personal choice, you may like big stones but that doesn’t always mean it is going to be more valuable than smaller gemstone of the same category. It is one of the rules that implies on every gemstones.

4.  Diamonds are rarest stones:
Almost all the natural gemstones are rare. They only form a frictional part of naturally formed object in the world, but if you compare diamonds with other naturally formed gemstones then you will find that they are not that rare. This fact doesn’t have any effect on the price and beauty of diamond. If you see a number of people owing diamonds, then it is because of its easy availability in the jewellery market. Now you will probably agree with the fact that diamonds are not that rare gemstone.

5.  Diamonds sold online are not real:

A lot of people think that the original diamonds are not sold online but it is a just myth. If you search online then you will know that diamonds of highest qualities are sold online. The sellers even offer certified diamonds, so you can be very sure that the gem you are buying is 100 percent original.  In fact, online gemstone sellers give you a huge variety of diamonds at different price. You can be completely reassured about quality when buying online diamond because the online wholesalers are honest, genuine and knowledgeable.

A look at Top 15 Benefits of Green Apatite Gemstone

Green Apatite’s green color reminds you about the beauty of the nature. It is a dual action crystal. It spreads positivity, happiness and good health. It encourages you to speak truth, which will help you in every aspect of life. The stone encourages you to use your knowledge and skills for the welfare of mankind.

It is the birth stone of people born between April 20 May 21. Its Olive Green version is the birthstone of people born between May 21st and June 20. The crystal leads to self awakening, aids in learning and keep you happy.
Let us take a look at top 15 benefits of green apatite.

1.  It enhances eye hand coordination in children. The crystal helps grownups in better man and resource management.
2.  The stone develops social skills. People who find it hard to interact with others, will find that after wearing green apatite beads in jewelry they are instantly able to strike a rapport with people. It makes them popular in social circle.

3.  If you are animal lover then you are surely going to love the unique quality of the stone. It helps you communicate with animals and birds. It is also beneficial in healing of animals.

4.  Keeping Green Apatite in office will automatically make your workers spend less time on social media, chatting, phone and the internet. The result will be in front you in form of an increase in output.

5.  It keeps you motivated and ensures that you never lose enthusiasm. It very important especially when you are working on long term projects.

6.  It is very good for women. It protects them from bone related ailments that happens old age. It makes the bones strong.  It is also good for healing teeth related issues.

7.  It helps you lose weight without taking any medication. It suppresses the hunger, without making you feel tired. It is known to reduce hypertension.

8.  It assists in speedy recovery after surgery and illness. It gives the patient physical and emotional strength to hit the path of recovery quickly. It fills them with new energy.


9.  Green apatite beads are very efficient in helping in recovering from heart surgeries, heart attacks or any kind of heart related disease.

10.  Stress and anxiety are the reasons of many serious illnesses. It keeps stress and anxiety miles away from the person having the stone.  

11.  Green apatite plays a vital role in helping a person from bouncing back from broken relationship and heart aches. It gives you enough strength to move on from relationship that did not last. 

12.  It works on heart chakra. Makes it easy for you to accept changes in life. It removes karmic blockage and balances energy. It helps you to understand your own needs as well as requirement of your near and dear ones.

13.  It aids in quick recovery from illness. It assists in emotional and physical healing. The stone gives power to learn about your past life.

14.  if you are one of those people who have very less friends then wearing green apatite beads studded ring will attract people in life and you will get very good friends.

15.  The stone is very beneficial if want to reconcile with your old love.


A look at Top 15 Benefits of Blue Aventurine Gemstone

The radiant blue aventurine gemstone beautifully combines the power of water and wind energy. It is a crystal of inner strength and will assists you in coming out of toughest situation with great ease. It also brings discipline and punctuality in life.  Generally, these stones are found in Russia, China, Tibet, Italy, Brazil, India and Nepal.

Let us take a look at top 15 benefits of blue aventurine gemstones.

1.  It is powerful stone of communication. It helps the wearer to speak the truth.

2.  Blue aventurine helps in expressing your thoughts and ideas in very expressive manner. It is quite helpful for leaders, public speakers, spokespersons and people in media.

3.  Blue Aventurine represents the planet mercury thus it’s a crystal of compassion, love, knowledge and progress. It gives you strength to explore possibilities and courage to achieve the same.

4.  It aids in spiritual journey. Mediating with it opens up throat, crown and third eye, something that is very important for getting direct spiritual guidance from higher power.

5.  Meditating with crystal also develops the intuitive abilities. Most of the people have lost it because of not listening to their inner voice.  Lies, cheating, bad habits and negativity are the other reason that hides the ability. Once you get your instinctive intuition back you will see a lot of change happening in life for good.


6.  Green is the color of nature, placing green aventurine at different places in home will result in a peaceful atmosphere. It also absorbs the negative ion present include your abode.

7.  Embrace blue aventurine if you want to get rid of bad habits like smoking, substance abuse or overeating.

8.  It also helps in getting complete rid of negativity, unwanted aggression, anger and ego problems.

9.  The stone is excellent for people who are not mature or childish in nature. Wearing jewellery studded with blue aventurine beads helps them discover their real potential. It makes them responsible with words and action.
10.  It comes up as a wonderful stone for leadership. It will help you earn respect of your subordinates as well as competitors with exceptional leadership qualities. It assists in taking up new projects with confidence.

11.  It comes up as a perfect stone for sportsperson, singers, actors, public speakers etc as it helps them to be very focused while they are performing. It keeps performance stress and anxiety miles away from the people. Stress free state of mind helps to give your best.

12.  If you are an adventure lover then don’t forget to keep this crystal in personal item. It will take you to some of the most amazing adventurous places in the world.

13.  The stone safeguards you from any potential danger. It is good idea to keep the stone whenever you are traveling.

14.  The stone has incredible healing qualities. It assists in overcoming sleep disorder, headaches, cold, cough, fever and allergy related issues.
15.  The stone enhances blood circulation and strengthen respiratory system. It also lessens muscle pain.


Top 5 Crystal to Help You Lead a Happy Life

We all are in pursuit happiness. Sometimes in spite of getting all materialistic things in life one is not happy. Here, gemstones are of great help. They have been used for centuries to find the true happiness. Listed below are my top five crystals that can help you lead happier life.

1.  Clear Quartz:

The clear quartz is popular for its magnificent healing qualities. The translucent stone is very effective in treating issues related to mental, physical and emotional level. The clear quartz brings wisdom, love and good luck in life. It helps to connect with your inner consciousness and activates chakras. If you are looking for true love in life then adorn Clear quartz beads in jewellery, it will help you to meet your true love in this very life.

2.  Amethyst:

It is one of the rare gemstone that is full of diverse properties; it is the reason is called all purpose stone. Mediating with Amethyst gemstone opens up the third chakra and leads to divine consciousness. The stone shows the right path whenever there is confusion in mind. Also, it helps to come out of anxiety and depression. The stone is effectively used for treating mood swings, insomnia and anger. Amethyst is known as traveler’s stone. In the ancient times, travelers used to keep the stone with them as it believed to protect from pirates, dacoits, and even natural threats.

Amethyst gemstone

3.  Rose Quartz:

The beautiful Rose quartz is called the stone of relationship. The stone is of great help whether you are searching for true love or nursing a broken heart. It comes up as a perfect gift for couples as it brings them closer. Rose quartz brings in life unconditional love, commitment and fidelity. If you are going through a troubled relationship then wearing rose quartz beads studded jewellery will have an instant calming effect in life. Placing rose quartz at workplace or home keeps the atmosphere peaceful.

4.  Citrine:

The golden yellow stone is loved by gem lovers from around the world. The beautiful stone is widely used in jewellery. It renders a classic and timeless look that a very few of the gemstone can manage. Its magical powerful healing properties further make it more valuable. The stone attracts abundance of happiness, wealth and prosperity in life. Citrine is the favorite stone of merchants from around the world. Merchants keep the stone with them as it helps them to overcome any kind of financial problem. It also opens up new avenues of opportunity. Citrine gemstone is one of the rare gemstones that everyone should keep in home, office or purse to attractive abundance of bliss, fortune and positivity.

5.  Black Tourmaline:

Black tourmaline is known as the ultimate stone of protection. It safeguards you from every kind of negative force. Keeping the stone in home eliminates negative energy and forms a protective shield unfavorable energy from entering the space. The stone also guards you if somebody is planning to harm you without your knowledge. Wearing Black Tourmaline beads studded jewellery helps you fulfill your hidden desires and wishes. It removes physic blockage that was coming up in the way of your wishes. It absorbs all the negativity in the body and transmutes positive energy.