Multi Spinel: The Magic Stone for Mind-Body Healing

Multi spinel is a stone that dispels ambiguous. There is one very interesting aspect about this Multi spinel owing to it commercial availability. It has such a wide ranging variety in terms of colour, Multi Spinel gemstones are often confused for other stones. It has powerful healing and metaphysical properties and associated with positivity in life. Called the “Fortune Stone”, Multi Spinel attracts wealth, bliss and fame in life. If you are seeking aura cleansing and freedom from karmic retribution, adorn a gold ring parked with a multi spinel weighing at least 3 carat.

Colours that Matter
Dominance of the colour is what makes the Multi Spinel gemstone and beads so effective in its healing and cure. In order to understand which colour of Multi spinel will suit you, it is important to identify the dominance of the shade.  Stone experts identify the gemstone to be worn with the following phases of life.

  • Red Dominance Multi Spinel: Create powerful energy field. Recommended to artists, political leaders and lawyers
  • Green Dominance: Calm fluctuating thoughts and ease depression during loss of health or wealth
  • Blue dominance: Tranquillity stone that has similar healing properties as Aquamarine.
  • Black Multi Spinel: Helps overcome difficult situations in life and empowers you to handle others more judiciously
  • Gray multi spinel: It boosts intuition and helps you pick your own set of people who will stay loyal to you. Preferred mostly by celebrities and politicians.
  • Pink multi spinel: Extensively recommended for couples in love. Always sold in pair and worn either as a ring or as a locket around the neck. Placed under the pillow while making love to boost compassion and increase faith.
  • Peach multi spinel: Rare gemstone but sold widely on account of its confidence-boosting features.
  • Purple or Violet Spinel: Called the “Ancestor’s Stone”, it is passed from one generation to another to enhance communication and understanding. It prevents the feeling of victimization.
  • Yellow or Mottled Spinel: High energy stone worn before a journey or taking up an important task.

Multi-Spinel and Its Suitability Factors
As per the popular tales and legend, wearing the multi spinel guarantees protection against:

  • Sudden loss of wealth
  • Unfaithful partner
  • Kidney and liver ailments
  • Intoxicating items
  • Stress and depression
  • Claustrophobia
  • Fear of darkness, travelling and loneliness

Health and Multi Spinel
Multi Spinel Gemstone is called the “De-Clogging Stone” as far as its relevance in treating certain psychological and easing medical ailments are concerned. It has special significance in healing and balancing the “Energy points” in the body. In fact, it clears the blockages in the energy chakras of the body.
It is recommended to those suffering or experiencing following medical conditions:

  • Joint pains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Teeth diseases
  • Cancer among both men and women
  • Blood disorders
  • Infertility
  • Memory issues

Multi Spinel Beads assists in increasing physical stamina and raises the intensity of Kundalini energy.

Mystic Topaz: The Rainbow Stone

Mystic topaz is the latest gemstone to enter the commercial stone market. Despite its popularity, only a handful of gemstones from mystic topaz family are actually sold in the open market. Most of them are auctioned off or placed in high-priced galleries for exhibition. It is manufactured from the colourless varieties of Topaz. After extensive polishing and synthetic fabrication of the colourless gemstone, Mystic topaz attains its charming physical appearance. It is used as an item of decor on rings, earning, amulets, bracelets and luck charms.


Mystic Topaz: Special Properties
Do you want to know why Mystic topaz gems are so popular? Here’s a list of special properties exhibited by the genuinely attractive stone.

  • Multiple colours

Mystic topaz has a flurry of shades ranging from grassy green to fiery red. In between the gemstone also exhibits warm tinges of yellow, pink and blue. It is often lined by titanium pavilion to set the stone in place over a ring or amulet.

  • Iridescent

The multiple colour shades exhibit iridescence which makes Mystic topaz the most popular gemstone in the family. Despite its ornamental beauty, the stone is available in mostly 1 carat set pieces.

  • Affordable

Beauty comes at a price but the Mystic Topaz Gemstoneis an off-beat item. It is affordable and beats the popularity of the other naturally occurring gemstones from beryl and topaz varieties.

  • Mimics Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is one of the costliest gemstones from Topaz variety. Owing to the iridescent properties and multiple colours, Mystic topaz is often sold in the market with imperial tag. It is very similar to the crystals of beryl and tourmaline and hence remains a commercial hit despite being a synthetic fabrication.

  • Wide-scale availability

Owing to the wide-scale availability of the natural raw material, colourless Topaz, Mystic Topaz comes largely from the American and Ural regions. The largest producers of Mystic Topaz are:

  • Russia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • India

Colour Energies of Mystic Topaz
Despite its synthetic fabrication, Mystic topaz Beads exhibit extensive colour energy. The topaz is called the “truth Stone” and is associated with ease of judgement in case of tough situations in life. It is known to activate cosmic awareness and directs the spiritual power towards physical determination.
Stone experts connect the colour variation exhibited by the Mystic topaz gemstone with following physical and spiritual conditions.

  • Yellow: Relieves digestion ailments
  • Red: Enhances sexual prowess
  • Green: Improves mood and relieves emotional conflict
  • Blue: Removes phobias and fears from mind
  • White: Rejuvenates mind among creative people and among those involved with hospitality professions.
  • Black: Intensifies the urge to achieve goals and objectives in personal and professional life.

Market names
Mystic Topaz gemstones are sold in the market with names like:

  • Mystic Fire Topaz
  • Fire Topaz
  • Alaskan Ice
  • Rainbow Topaz

Apart from the regular colours, Mystic Topaz is also available in dual shades of red-green, blue-yellow and white-pink shades. Name varies accordingly.

Navy Blue Chalcedony- The Powerful Healing Stone

Chinese gemstone philosophy is one of the oldest and the most trusted sciences in the world. Navy blue chalcedony is a very important gem in Feng Shui. The enticing gemstone is known for its strong healing properties other than the soothing effect it extends to the person owning it. Although, comes in huge variety of quartz, navy blue chalcedony is distinctly different from other stones in the family. 

Meaning of Chalcedony:
The word is derived from the Latin source which means, “The Stone of Chalcedon”. It exhibits multiple bands of colours like soothing blue, cool lavender, tan, gray, bright yellow, tranquil white, pink, catchy red and various tones of brown. It is also sold under agates and jaspers.
Healing Properties: Usher calmness
If you are missing out on zeal and vigour in life, the gemstone is apt for you. It is known as the ‘Vitality Stone’ and largely worn by men to attract power, wealth and fame.
Navy chalcedony gems and beads are associated with:

  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Energy
  • Intensity
  • Determination
  • Nourishment and nurture
  • Kindness

Wearing the stone on the middle finger of the left hand pacifies the evil effects of the surrounding. It also strengthens the life line. If you wish to have strong friendships and companionship with your partner, wear the amulet made of chalcedony in navy blue.
Health and Chalcedony
Stone experts and metaphysical practitioners recommend the use of Navy blue chalcedony under following conditions in life:

  • rare blood-related disorder
  • memory degradation
  • eye sight issues
  • spleen disorders
  • lung disorders
  • fertility issues

Apart from the usual culprits mentioned above, the gemstone is also known to ease psychological problems among women.
How to benefit more
The Navy Blue Chalcedony Gemstone controls the chakras of Solar Plexus and Sacral. It is said to work effectively for those born under the zodiac of Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
You should buy a navy blue chalcedony that has clear dark surface and minimum mottles. Chances of whitish cloud and brown spots are always high, but they can be polished off by synthetic fabrication. Always buy clear stones for positive aura in life.
To benefit more, you must:

  • Wear it around your neck to influence your Throat chakra
  • Keep it dipped in water overnight if you are planning to go abroad. It is ruled by Water
  • Wear it on moonlit night to extract the power and serenity of the Moon, its ruling planet.
  • Always wear it with a ring or chain made of silver metal.

Resemblance with other stones
Despite its unique features, navy blue chalcedony has very strong resemblance with cheaper stones. While buying them, always do a background check if they are natural chalcedony or polished semi-precious gemstones from the family of:

  • Agate
  • Onyx
  • Bloodstone
  • Moss agate
  • Carnelian
  • Ocean Jasper

Sources of chalcedony
The major producers of Navy Blue Chalcedony Beads are:

  • USA
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Iceland
  • Great Britain
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • New Zealand

What makes Nephrite Cat's Eye popular with Gemstones Lovers?

The precious gemstone of Nephrite cat’s eye is one of the most enticing items to possess. Not only is it a beautiful accessory to wear but also has significant metaphysical importance. Nephrite Cat’s eye is also called as the ‘Kidney Bead” gemstone owing to its closeness in shape to the organ. Extracted from the Taiwanese mines of Shoufeng and Xiulin Township in the Hualien County, Nephrite Cat’s Eye is unarguably the toughest mineral in the world.

Popular Names:

Nephrite Cat’s Eye Beads are available in the market in a variety of commercial names. The most popular ones are:

  • Taiwan Jade
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Waxy nephrite
  • Common Nephrite Cat’s

Of these, Nephrite Cat’s Eye earns maximum attention as well as price.

Colour and Crystalline Pattern

Nephrite Cat’s eye is an emerald-like gemstone with dark green glossy surface. It could be both clear as well as dotted. The level of transparency depends on the presence of chromite. Chormite in Nephrite Cat’s eye crystal gives it the distinguished black mottles and cloudy speckles. Taiwan jade or Nephrite Cat’s eye also exhibits reflection as well as refraction of light owing to the structure of internal mineral fibres. In slender bright light, the gemstone of Taiwan Nephrite Jade lights up like a cat’s eye and hence the name.

Down under in Australia and New Zealand, the Nephrite cat’s eye gemstone is found in a variety of green shades like olive green, lime green, apple green, bottle green and grass green. Some yellow varieties and white ones have also been extracted from the mines.


Legends and Cultural Connections

Nephrite Cat’s eye played a very important role in the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization. It was adorned by the Pharaohs and their queens with brilliance. In fact, the name Nephrite is attributed to the queen of Egypt.

  • Nephrite Cat’s Eye was minted into a coin and placed over the eyes of the dead Pharaoh. It ensured that the sarcophagus sailed peacefully into the after-life and next birth.
  • Nephrite cat’s eye also featured significantly as a sailor’s stone when traders used it as a guide stone.
  • Amulets and necklaces made of the gemstone Cat’s eye were gifted to the newly wedded couples to usher bliss and romance into their lives.


A variety of Nephrite known as “Ulan-Khodinskiy” exhibits a brilliant phenomenon similar to chrysophrase. With multiple colours in one stone, it is believed to control all the chakras of the body.

  • Nephrite is connected to rebuilding of life. It improves recovery and wellness in quick time.
  • It saves the person wearing it from toxic effects of food and drink. It is known to cure renal ailments.
  • It helps two people connect with trust and compassion. It is an endearing gemstone used to cast away evil eyes.


 In Siberia, the Nephrite cat’s eye was found in a huge rock formation. The anvil used to break it broke into pieces and the rock remained intact.

Apart from China and Egypt, Nephrite Cat’s eye is closely associated with the neo-Classical cultures that lived in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada and Alaska.

Grossular Garnet Gemstone: The Fountain of Youth

Grossular garnet gemstone is one of the most vivacious naturally occurring mineral compounds in the market.  The garnet is commercially available in many forms like hessonite and werenerite. The Gosullarite garnet is a neso-silicate mineral. It belongs to the family of calcium aluminium silicate quartz family.

Origin of the name
The name Gossularite is derived from the scientific Latin name of gooseberry. The gemstone is popularly called as ‘Cinnamon Stone’ owing to its resemblance to the spice sticks. The Hessonite is one of the oldest known garnets to be in continuous use. Popular as the African Jade and Transvaal Jade, the Gossular garnet gemstone is one of the harder mineral stones that last generations. The colour matches the effervescence of the morning sun. There are many misnomers attached to the stone with artificial stones taking much of the credit.

Colours of the garnet
The different shades of the gossular ganet range between:

  • Light to dark green
  • Light to dark brown
  • Scarlet red
  • Opaque Pink

Colourless and clear, transparent shades of the garnet are very rare.

Different types of Gossularite garnet
The following types of gossular garnet gemstones are available in the market:

  • Hessonite
  • Wallastonite
  • Ernite
  • Tsavorite
  • Romanzonite
  • Tellemarkite

The gossular garnet gemstones are quarried from the limestone mines found in contact with the metamorphosed marbles.

Health and Gossularite gemstone
The garnet from gossularite family is recommended to people born in the months of Spring. It is the birthstone of those born under the sun sign of Aquarius. Since Aquarius is a masculine zodiac, the gemstone is recommended to bring in balance in life.

The Gossular Garnet Gemstone controls and soothes chakras of the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart.
It is worn during pregnancy to ensure safe delivery and shield the new born baby from negative energies.

How to use the garnet gemstone
The Gossular Granite Beads should be worn only if it is promised to be kept in clean state. It tends to lose its lustre if it is soiled or not cleaned regularly.
The gossular garnet gemstone should be used in the following ways:

  • Keep it in a cabinet that is touching the south-facing wall.
  • Never wear it at night as it tends to deflect positive thoughts.
  • Tuck it under the pillow when you sleep.
  • Never wear it to the rest rooms and bathrooms. It is considered as an ominous space.

It is recommended that people wearing the gossualr granite gemstone should drink more water in the day time as the stone tends to dehydrate in the initial days of use.
Risks associated with use of stone
The gossular garnet gemstone is not meant to be used for everyone. It should be used after doing a brief study on the issues related to life and profession.
If proper procedure is not followed, there could be some complications. They are:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Heaviness on chest
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty in movement

All the issues are not permanent and can be reversed with secondary gemstone beads.

Golden Rutilated Quartz: Create and Aura of Positivity In and around You

Golden Rutilated Quartz belongs to the family of yellow and grey coloured mineral gemstones. Derived from the quartz, Golden Rutilated gemstones are also called as Venus-Hair stones owing to their hay stick-like appearance. Associated with manifestation of creativity and positive thoughts in life, beads and necklaces made of this gemstone has a special place in earning protection from evils, negative energies and diseases. Is it meant for you? Well, the gemstones made of the rutilated quartz have some special features that you must know before opting for it as your spiritual stone.

  1. Soothes ailments related to respiratory system, Heart and memory

Quarried from the mines of Brazil and India, the golden rutilated quartz is a ‘protection’ stone. Individuals suffering from persistent bouts of breathlessness, asthma, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease are advised to use it. It is also called as the ‘Old Age’ stone as it brings relief from all age-related disorders like joint pains, tooth loss, memory loss and lack of libido.

  1. Amplify Your Positive Thoughts

Do you find all your good thoughts getting stuck and never getting realized? Try rings and beads fitted with Golden Rutilated Gemstone. The majestic stone is considered as one of the most powerful thought amplifiers. Often used in dream catcher, the stone shields from the consequences of the bad dream. It strengthens the intuition power and warns against any prevailing danger around you. It is a great aid for those who deal with lot of unaccomplished tasks and unfulfilled desires.

  1. Telepathic prowess

Apart from intuitive power, a person can also connect to the inner self of the loved one through telepathy. If you find yourself in the middle of arguments and familial discords most often without any reason, the gemstone is worth a shot. It polishes the telepathic power of a person. When you wear it or tuck it under your pillow, you would be able to understand the mind of a person and act accordingly. You earn an insight into the real source of the marital issues, sibling rivalries and trust problems with the business partner in your life.

  1. Treat fears and phobias

The electro-magnetic properties of the gemstone made of Golden rutilated quartz keep the fears and phobias under control. Fears and phobias arise from the upbringing and the loss of esteem or self-confidence. With the gemstone by your side, you can see a distinct transformation in your personality. Just like the radiance emitted by the Golden Rutilated Beads, you too begin to exude a positive aura. Not only you earn the benefit, but the positivity also transforms the life conditions and situations around you. Phobia of water, fear of travelling and heights are common issues that are conditioned using the gemstone beads.

  1. Avoid it if you are wearing Pacemaker or are pregnant

Though there have been no reported issues with the wearing of the gemstone rings or beads, it is not recommended for heart patients using pacemakers. If you are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant, avoid it altogether. The electromagnetic radiations are too strong for the foetus’ development.

What makes Ethiopian Welo Opal a wonder Gemstone?

Opals are commonly described as Mineraloids, since they have an amorphous form that is usually hydrated. The water content in opal ranges from 3% to 21% by weight. However, by composition it is usually in between 6% to 10%.  The temperature at which opals are generally deposited is relatively lower. They can be found in fissure of most common rocks like sandstone, marl, basalt, limonite, rhyolite and many others. Opal is known for its variety of colors because of the conditions of their formation. The optical density of these stones comes in the range of opaque to translucent. The diffraction of light has been noted as a property of the precious opals because of their internal structures.

Ethiopian Opals
The discovery of Ethiopian Welo Opal gemstones in 2008 in the Welo region of Ethiopia has taken the opal world by storm. Before, the discovery of the Ethiopian Welo Opal, the Australian Opal had been known as the best in the world. However, post the discovery these opals have taken precedence to the others. These opals have been specially noted for their extreme stability despite their porous nature. They have a miraculous ability to absorb water when dipped in it and change its transparency or rather the degree of opacity. The miracle lies in the fact that they are able to revert towards their former state without any cracking or adverse reaction. This nature of opal is generally not observed in the other varieties.

The Ethiopian Welo Opal beads are well revered for their powers. The Ethiopian Welo Opal beads form an important part of the various kinds of jewelries as well.  Since the medieval ages, they were considered as a talisman of good luck. Nevertheless, when used with noble intentions these stones can manifest equally good powers as well, like:

  • Opals are stones of protection. They protect from the various psychological effects of negative thinking and the emanating negative energies.
  • They provide good antidotes to racing thoughts and restless minds thereby soothing one of recurring nightmares.
  • It helps to direct the thoughts and various psychological energies towards a positive directly thereby ensuring harmony and balance.
  • Opal can help people to be invisible and blend in without much of friction. The benefits lie when one ventures to dangerous adventures where stealth must be required.
  • Opal intensifies passionate feelings by releasing inhibitions thereby ensuring more intimacy.

Healing Benefits

  • Opals are very effective in treating problems related with eyes and eyesight.
  • They are beneficial to the health of skin, hair and nails as well.
  • Opals are very useful in maintaining the water balance of the body by aiding to overcome dehydration by alleviating the water retention capabilities of the body.
  • It is also known to purify blood and keep the kidneys healthy along with regulating the production of insulin as well.

The powers and healing properties of the stone are varied. One has to be careful in using them for the right purposes.

Fluorite Gemstone

The name fluorite is obtained from a Latin word ‘fluo’ means of flow water. Fluorite Gemstone is a stabilizing and highly protective stone used for harmonizing and grounding spiritual energy. It enhances intuitive abilities, develops connection to the Spirit. Fluorite enhances mental abilities, and brings stability and clarity in a chaotic situation. Psychic manipulation is shielded to the user of this stone. It has a great ability to absorb negative energies. The sources of the stone include Canada, U.S.A, South Africa, Mexico, Germany, England, China and Poland are the biggest producers of this precious stone. The different colors of this gemstone are purple, blue, green, yellow, or colorless. Less common ones are black, pink, brown red and white. The colors depend upon the nature of impurities in the stone.

Types of Fluorite Gemstone:            

  • Yellow Fluorite increases mental powers and enhances intellect.
  • Rainbow Fluorite is a combination of different health benefits.
  • Green fluorite helps in accessing to intuition, absorbs excess energy.
  • Purple Fluorite enhances some common sense to psychic intuitions.
  • Blue Fluorite enhances orderly creative thought. It emits a calm energy.

Healthy Benefits:

  • Healers use it to cure with ulcers and with respiratory tract.
  • It improves joint ailments bones and other arthritic conditions.
  • It is used to increase the mental functions and strengthen teeth and allied problems.
  • The blood vessels are protected from cholesterol deposition and fat accumulation.
  • It eliminates the problems caused by arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Fluorite helps with infections and asthma.
  • It is believed to be a good cure for senility.
  • It promotes harmony and inner stability.
  • A powerful remover of stress and negative energy

It successfully fights cellular dysfunction in the early stages. This stone is a great cure for blood pressure, dizziness vertigo cough, throat cancer, food intolerance, antiviral fever, RNA/DNA issues, flu, and colds thus strengthen the body.
Mental Benefits:                   
Fluorite beadsincreases concentration and removes illusion to see to the truth. It helps in attaining inner peace balancing the negative and positive aspects of the mind. It is a powerful protector and healer and organizes the physical mental and emotional bodies and energy. It helps the clarity of the mind and balances the two hemispheres of the brain. An effective brain stone, it is excellent for students, accountants and researchers who have to develop new methods and ideas. It is a great stone for relieving anxiety, tension. It helps reduce mental blocks and ease depression and anger. It reduces learning disorders and enhances the power of memory.
Amazing Power Of The Stone:
It is believed that if kept at the work place or study it enhances quick thinking. Accountants are able to accurately do the calculations Researchers are in a position to think positively and develop new ideas. It is a powerful healer and is associated with grounding and intuition. It helps to remain unbiased in decision making.
This precious gemstone can be adorned as necklace amulets, rings, earrings and can be kept as a stone at your workplace or in your desk. This gemstone is associated with Capricorn and Pisces.

Powers & Properties Emerald Gemstone

An emerald is one of the members of the quadruple of the precious stones. One of the noted Lithologists of this world, St. Hildegard from Bingen has rightly said that ‘All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald.’  Emerald gemstones belong to the varieties of a mineral named beryl. The characteristic green color is because of the presence of chromium and vanadium in trace amounts. Emeralds are known not only for their bright green hue but also for their transparency as well.  Emeralds have evoked the imagination of the poets and baffled the common masses since times immemorial.

General Properties and Origin of the Stone
The gradation of emerald just like any other gemstone is done on the basis of the parameters related to the four C’s of grading that are namely Carat (weight), Color, Clarity and Cut. These four factors actually help in determining the base value of the stone to start with. Out of these color and clarity are by far the most important factors in grading an emerald stone. The finest of the emerald stones does not only display a bright green hue but are exceptionally transparent as well.
In antiquity, the emeralds were mined in Egypt 3500 years earlier. The availability of emeralds in Austria or India has been found since 14th century. As of date, in case of emeralds, Columbia is the largest producer is the world. Columbia contributes about 50% to 95% of the world production of emeralds closely followed by Zambia. Various other African countries along with some from South America and many from Asia also contribute as the emerald producing nations in the world. In fact, some parts of the US also produce emeralds.

Powers Emerald beads are often described as a powerful stone in crystal healing. It is often described as a stone that seeks love and reveals the truth. Some of the powers that are bestowed in the stone include:

  • Potential romantic partners or estranged lovers are united by the divine powers emerald. If emerald is evoked for such purposed then it is advised to wear them near the heart especially in the form of emerald beads.
  • It enhances the intuition and vision in the wearer. The intelligence of the wearer is sharpened. It is known to open up the clairvoyance.
  • It brings in vitality towards the spirit thereby ensuring freshness. It helps to seek justice, harmony and compassion.

Healing Benefits

  • Emeralds work excellently in rejuvenating the exhausted and tired vital organs of the body like heart, lungs and other visceral organs.
  • They aid in recovery from any kind of infectious illness and malignant conditions.
  • Emeralds are known to provide a huge boost to the self-esteem and ward off the feelings that come from insecurities and inferiority complexes.
  • These stones have a calming and soothing effect on troubled minds and invigorate our thoughts and philosophical reflections.
  • Emeralds prove good in matter of workspace as well. It strengthens the memory, increases the mental sharpness and speech eloquence.

Emeralds when used properly can bring in good health and luck.

An Insight into Benefits of Dyed Rubies

Rubies are considered as the second most precious gemstone after diamonds. It is considered as a member of the quadruple of the precious stones, which includes the other ones like diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Since rubies are quite expensive to the common masses, therefore various other forms of synthetic rubies are also used to get similar effects. One such type of synthetic one is the Dyed Ruby Gemstone. Rubies belong to the variety of mineral corundum. They are typically red in color, owing the feature because of the presence of chromium.

Is dyed rubies helpful?
This is an age-old question whether the imitation stones possess the same qualities as their natural counterparts. This question has been answered by various individuals in various ways. While some are of opinion that dyed rubies posses’ great powers and energies, some are of the totally different opinion.  They think that only the natural stones can dissipate the actual power and energy for healing.
However, crystal healers are of opinion that dyed rubies have tremendous positive energy and power. They think it as an affordable medium to bring prosperity, wealth and happiness in life. The cost of Dyed ruby is its plus point as you can get it at very less price compared to other natural gemstone.

Estimated powers of dyed rubies
Dyed Rubies beads have been part of innumerable jewelries since times immemorial. The crystal healers also respect ruby for their innumerable powers to alter our lives for a better turn. Some of the most important powers that rubies seem to possess include:

  • They are known as the talisman of the three Ps: Prosperity, Protection and Passion.
  • The wearer of ruby is known to remain unaffected by exhaustion and is able to overcome lethargy quite easily.
  • They are known to be mind-sharpening agents in crystal healing, providing excellent concentration and heightened awareness of the surroundings.
  • The fire with the stones is not only a symbol of courage but also enhances the sense of courage within the wearer.
  • The intimacy in a couple is known to enhance by the presence of these stones thereby increasing the chances of conception as well.

Healing Benefits
Dyed Rubies are considered as excellent crystal healers as well. Some of their healing properties include:

  • Since they are commonly known as bloodstones, they are excellent healers in cases related to blood like heart or the menstrual health and detoxification of blood as well.
  • It helps to share the loving energies among individual despite their past quarrels and differences.
  • It helps one to rise from the ashes of the past and remove their shackles to start afresh for a better life in the future.

The benefits and powers of the stone are varied. It takes the will power of the wearer to display the properties of the stone as well.