The Most Spectacular Gemstone: Opal

Opal is one of the most beautiful of gemstones. These stones can flash every color of the spectrum with a brilliance that can even surpass that of diamond. Precious opal ranges from clear through white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black.

Of these hues, the reds against black are the rarest, whereas white and greens are the most common. Some rare specimens produce brilliant color flashes when turned in the light. For instance, a new Opal was discovered in the Welo district of Ethiopia recently that took the gem world by storm. Found in the Welo Amhara Regional State Highland plateau 2.500 – 3.200 meters above sea level, this new gemstone looks like a miniature underwater scene from the ocean when held against the light. Opals such as the Welo Opal can command prices per carat that rival the most expensive diamonds, rubies and emeralds.


Spectacular Gemstone: Opal

Widely considered as substitution stones of diamond, the Opal gemstone bead has a cold nature but with soothing effects. It corresponds well to the Libra and serves as a zodiac sign to this birthstone. While Libra assists in bringing hope and positivity as far as the outlook towards life is concerned. Opal Gemstone name has apparently three sources from which it’s derived from including, Opalliois (Greek) Opalus (Latin), and Upala, a word whose origination is the Sanskrit language. All these words mean exactly the same thing and it is “precious”. Basically the character of Opal Gemstone includes display of light in a powerful manner when passed under a fluorescent light. This sign is widely known as opalescence.

The Most Spectacular Gemstone: Opal

For all those in business especially in the fields of hospitality or Hotels and Tourism should consider this stone as a friend and savior. Then this stone comes in very handy. For those in marriage, you know that it’s never all straight smooth roads. Sometimes things go bad and problems come into the relationship. Then Opal Gemstone comes in as a great savior. From astrological point of view, it’s put under consideration as the best solution for love and marriage related matters. The Opal Gemstone will definitely bring one all the world luxury and comfort.

Understanding Rutilated Quartz

Among the numerous gemstones that have been bestowed upon the humans by mother earth, there is one like none other and it is generally ‘Rutilated Quartz’. This gemstone is also known as Rutile Quartz, Sagenite, Venus Hair Stone, Golden Hair Quartz, Red Hair Quartz and Grass Stone. The transparent clear to smoky quartz may contain an array of rutile needles within them and they maybe red, black, brassy yellow, golden, silver and on very rare occasions green.

The main commercial uses for Rutile are the manufacture of refractory ceramic, the production of high-tech alloys and as a pigment. Finely powdered Rutile makes a brilliant white pigment and is used in paints, plastics, paper, foods, and other applications that call for a bright white color.

During the 14th century, Rutilated quartz was widely used by soldiers who wore it alongside their weapons before leaving for battles; this was for their protection from the enemy’s bows and arrows. The stone was also used by gardeners and foresters to protect their profession and trade. . It has also been utilized in Shamanic healing sessions, to unblock energy pathways and to rebalance the body.

There is little doubt that Rutilated Quartz is an amazing stone. Not only is does it boast a worthy historical background but its current usage is quite remarkable.

Rutilated Quartz is an energy stone, said to be particularly effective for energizing or getting energy moving on all levels. It integrates energy at many levels and heightens the vigour of other stones, making it an important healing stone.

Understanding Rutilated Quartz

As a strong healer, it is reputed to be useful at getting energy moving along meridians and in areas where physical energy is sluggish. It is beneficial for treating nutritional disorders, the immune system, fatigue, depression, respiratory illness and for impotence and infertility. Understood to assist with tissue regeneration, repair of torn tissue and slowing the advancement of age.

If you’re willing to buy this amazing and mysterious you can buy it from the wholesalers of gemstone beads- ‘Ratna Sagar Jewels’ who have the two most important and amazing Rutilated quartz which are:

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Ratna Sagar’s Latest Gold Beads Collection

Ratna Sagar Jewels totally believes and understands that there isn’t a woman in the world who isn’t crazy about Gold and the items made of it. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say gold jewelry is her fist love and her craze for gold is as old as human civilizations.

The worth mentioning feature of golden items is that there value never declines on the contrary its value keeps increasing with passing time, moreover another interesting feature associated with golden jewelry items is that they can rejuvenated into new shape depending upon the latest trend.

Ratna Sagar’s Latest Gold Beads Collection

Ratna Sagar offers wide range of 18K gold beads in variety of fascinating designs that will grab attention of every person at first instance. It would be interested to know that Ratna Sagar offer the facility of online purchase and shipping of golden beads across the world, thus facilitating customers to buy their liked gold beads at an ease without moving from one shop to another.

Here is the latest collection of gold beads available at Ratna Sagar Jewels:

·        Faceted Gold Beads

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·        Gold Clasps

·        Gold Caps

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·        Gold Enamel Beads

·        Plain Gold Beads

Style Statement- Beaded Necklaces

Being a style statement is never an easy thing to do and neither is choosing jewelry for yourself; but if you’re looking for some statement necklaces you’re probably looking for “Big, Bold, Bright and Beautiful necklaces.” These easy to wear necklaces are not so easy to choose.

As far the outfit is concerned, these Exclusive necklaces go with any outfits, but the look extremely gorgeous and go great with tunics and skinny jeans, evening parties, fun and funky weekend outfit to a weekend shopping trip with the girls and perfect for office wear as well.

Necklaces that are studded with sparkly gemstones like Peridot, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Labradorite and many more colored gemstones are the top choice of many celebrities. Beaded necklace is an extremely versatile accessory that can compliment nearly any outfit.

Style Statement- Beaded Necklaces

At Ratna Sagar Jewels you’ll find almost any loose gemstone as well as beaded necklaces. It becomes entirely your choice to choose the perfect one for you. The quality and cut of the stones used in these necklaces is perfect. We’ve been in the market for several years now which is why we have an idea of the tastes of people. Providing them a wide range to choose from is our only aim and we’re doing our best in achieving something new each day.

Two Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Ruby

After having witnessed numerous gemstones and after several discussions about the, here’s a gemstone that is one of its kind, unique, beautiful and obviously mesmerizing as we’ve already said for all the gemstones. So the real question is that what is in this gemstone that is in no one else and what is it that makes it real special.

It is indeed the beautiful ‘Ruby’Gemstone and this is what makes it unique and one of a kind.

But, what you’ll be surprised to know are the following two things that we bet you didn’t know about Ruby:

·        Ruby’s Red Battle Gear. Speaking historically, gemstones have been tied into superstitions, and throughout the ages, certain gems have been used as charms or amulets for various purposes. However, the Burma warriors took this concept to an extreme. . Now known as Myanmar, Burma has been a ruby source since 600 AD and Burmese Rubies are famed for their intense “pigeon’s blood” color. Anyway, fighters in Burma would acquire Rubies which they believed gave them the ability to conquer their enemy.  Yet wearing a ruby amulet or carrying around some sort of talisman did not suffice for these warriors. Instead, their custom was to make the Ruby part of their body by inserting them into their flesh!

Two Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Ruby

·        Laser. f anyone is wondering why there are quotes around the word “laser”, it’s homage to the hilarious Dr. Evil who wanted “to have sharks with friggin' laser beams attached to their heads”. If you are confused, I’m sure there are some YouTube clips that can clear up that reference. Back to rubies, did you know that the first laser was a ruby laser, invented in 1960 by Theodore Maiman in the Hughes Research Lab in California? By shinning a high powered flash lamp on a Ruby rod with silver coated surfaces, the first laser beam was born.  While I’m not sure that they’ve made their way to shark’s heads, lasers are being used everywhere and from the cutting edge of quantum physics to the supermarket checkout counter. And it all started with a Ruby!

Ratna Sagar Jewels: A One Stop for All Gemstone Beads

Are you looking for a leading online supplier of precious and semi precious gemstone beads? While each one of us is getting busy in the hustle bustle of life, we never forget to look presentable and beautiful; this is why we love wearing gemstones.

The reason why gemstones have become the choice for all is that they are available in all colors and give a royal look. But since there are a huge range of gemstones and are available in a variety of shades, choosing the best one becomes a matter of concern.

Another most important thing to consider is to decide the place to buy these precious and semi-precious gemstone beads. Now this is important because all gemstones appear the same, but when you check them closely will you be able to find the differences between them. It is therefore important to decide the right supplier.

Ratna Sagar Jewels is one of the most renowned suppliers. They have a large variety of gemstone beads and the best thing is that you can buy gemstones online; which means that you’ll get the same gemstones on a cost convenient way and in a seamless manner.

Ratna Sagar Jewels: A One Stop for All Gemstone Beads

Ratna Sagar Jewels can bet the quality of their product and they are the most reliable and reputed gemstone suppliers. On this note it become all the more important to mention that they have always lived up to their reputation and provide top quality of precious and wholesale gemstone beads to individuals and jeweler companies.

Whether you’re looking forward to buy one or two gems for yourself or for presenting them as a gift to your near and dear ones, you may purchase your most preferred gemstone collection from us.

Understanding What Lab Created and Natural gemstone Beads Are

Do you think lab created gemstones are genuine ones? Before answering this, we’d like you to know that gemstones that you buy may be treated, simulated, genuine or a combination of all these terms. When you go out shopping gemstones you may be confused about which ones to buy. The prices very highly; though the first glance of these might be very similar.

What you need to know is Natural Gemstone Beads took years to form and humans never intervened in their formation. These gemstones are not changed except for cutting and polishing. No enhancements are brought in them and this is why they appear more genuine and appealing.

Understanding What Lab Created and Natural gemstone Beads Are

Lab created gemstone on the other hand is made in the laboratory. Their physical, chemical and optical qualities are the same as those of a natural stone. Synthetic gemstones of very good quality can be as stunning as natural stones. In the course of developing the technology for lab created gems, synthetic gemstones made recently are now made to appear more natural. Such, an experienced jeweler or gemologist can identify them. Good quality synthetics are not always inexpensive but they command lesser price than natural stones of like quality. Technically, these synthetics may be called genuine. However, their origin has to be first established. Ask for a lab certificate to verify its authenticity before you pay a high price. Do not be deceived when you buy. Find out about this information. Faux gemstones are made of glass or plastic.

Though both appear the same, but there’s difference in the color and the ones made in laboratory are costly because these gemstones are enhanced in some manner. Whatever you choose to wear is entirely your choice, but what you need to keep in mind is to test the gemstone before finally putting it on; this is because certain gemstones exert negative effects.

Finding the Truth Behind The Sunstone

For long it was recounted that Viking sailors made use of special ‘Sunstones’ that were used to navigate their ships when the sky was covered with clouds; but there was no evidence found that suggested that such stones actually existed in nature. But now there is evidence!

Scientists have reported about the discovery of an unusual crystal among the numerous navigation tools of Alderney, which was an Elizabethan warship that went down close to the Channel Islands off the French Coast in 1592. The sinking took place three centuries after the Vikings had ended their period of hegemony, the discovery nonetheless is a proof that sunstones may have been widely used by seamen of old in order to help them navigate.

Particularly, at twilight when the stone is no longer visible below the horizon, and the stars also seem unobservable, this device had the tendency to provide the mariners with the exact reference of the destination.

Finding the Truth Behind The Sunstone

The chemical analysis of the sunstone was a confirmation that this stone was a calcite crystal which was also known as the Icelandic Spar — believed to be a favorite mineral for Viking sunstones.

Due to the unusual property that the sunstone possesses of creating double refraction of sunlight, the sun’s position can be pinpointed with notable precision simply by turning it against the human eye until the darkness of the two shadows become equal. Researchers say the principle holds true even when obscured by thick cloud or fog.

The sunstone may or may not be a magical gem that gives the wearers the ability to plot the sun’s courses even at night. Many experts have the belief that Nordic voyagers may have arrived in the Americas several centuries before Columbus.

Understanding Whether a Gemstone can Change Your Fate

The third law of Physics states that to every action there is equal and opposite reaction and this is exactly the case in gemstones. To counteract the negative energies and negative effects of planets and the vibrations caused by them, or to enhance the beneficial planetary vibrations the people are therefore advised to wear gemstones.

A person may be influenced by cosmic forces exerted by the planets; the effects of which is in form of cosmic vibrations and it varies on different people depending on the strength of the nature chart.

The fact is that some of these gemstones affect all spheres of human activity including health, prestige, happiness, position, financial gains, marital bliss and all types of human relations and social life.

Gemstones commonly exert their effects for the following two:

·        In order to enhance the beneficial cosmic vibrations.

·        In order to counter act the evil planetary influences.

You will notice that these gemstones work in the following three ways:

1.     The suggested gemstone recoups the deficiency that is caused by a particular color; by transmitting that color into the body.

2.     A gemstone works as a prism, and receive the rays from the planet to an optimum pleasant situation on human beings.

3.     Gemstones have the capacity to absorb influences emitted by the sun and the universe. Each gemstone focuses some cosmic forces and thus directs them towards the wearer.

What it Took t be a Wholesale Gemstone Manufacturer and Exporter

Being one on the long list isn’t easy at all and it requires a lot of hardwork and consistency. But at the same time, once you get exactly what you want there’s nothing that can stop you from being the happiest and undoubtedly the best at least in your eyes.

After a trial of several year, Ratna Sagar Jewels became what it is today and ever since we have accomplished what we wanted to we’re trying even harder to maintain it and to live up to every word that we’ve uttered.

What it Took t be a Wholesale Gemstone Manufacturer and Exporter

To be established personnel in the field of gemstones and jewelry, you need to have thorough knowledge of what you’re selling to your customers. You clients and customers will only like your product if you can convince them that what they’re buying is undoubtedly the best from them.

Today, after several years of trials, Ratna Sagar Jewels stand out of the crowd and have become the leading manufacturers and exporters of wholesale gemstone beads. We’re on an endeavor to achieve more and achieve our customers with the best of our products and with the services that we offer for them.

It took a lot of hardwork and consistency to achieve all that we have today; and we’re really proud of our never ending efforts.