The Story Behind the Irradiation of Gemstones

Different gemstones exhibit a varied reaction to different types of treatments. One of the most popularly used treatments to produce brilliant gemstone is the process of irradiation. Light blue topaz gemstone turns into dark brown after radiation. The same brown topaz gemstone is reversed to its original blue colour by exposing it to a controlled heat treatment under specific conditions of temperature, pressure and catalysts. 

What is irradiation?

Irradiation is just a miniature controlled nuclear attack on the gemstones. Imagine the crystal structure as the target, and a series of gamma ray bombs hit specific spots inside the gemstone. The bombardment of the gamma rays alters the colour of the gemstone significantly, without actually making little or no difference to other physical aspects like hardness or density.

Irradiation can lead to both addition and removal of certain ingredients in the structure leading to change in hue. There are certain colour centres within the crystal structure that give different shades when bombarded with gamma rays. That is why irradiation of gemstones is achieved not by trial and error, but using specific nuclear kits.

Does irradiation cause any kind of damage to the precious gemstone?

Basically, the process of irradiation is a great way to produce brilliant gemstones from rather disappointingly dull stones using no physical force. When the gamma rays hit the colour centres within the crystal structure, the cells are knocked out in a random motion. The systematic process of irradiation can produce brilliant colours which are permanently restored and made more attractive by exposing the stone to heat and pressure.

Is irradiation a permanent process?

The fact that gemstones irradiated using gamma rays are produced under intense temperature makes them a permanent item to wear. The colour is long sustaining and can possibly be reversed to its original shade by applying an equally high bounty of energy. It is certainly an irreversible colour transformation process as far as irradiated gemstones like topaz are concerned.

Is irradiation a costly affair?

Of course it is! Otherwise, all the blue topaz available in the market would look like brown speckled stones with absolutely no commercial viability. Almost 95 percent of the blue topaz are irradiated and treated with heat before they get their signature shade. 

Irradiation is done using highly powerful nuclear bombardment machines that cost millions. Only organizations having certificate to operate a nuclear machine can use it. Moreover, it requires skilled gemologists and operators who understand both aspects of gemstone properties and nuclear physics.

Thus, the cost of irradiation of gemstone is a pricey affair. But it ensures that the end consumers get only high quality gemstone produced from natural extracts and polished by skilled professionals.

Are there certificates to tag irradiated stones?

Yes, there are different certifications offered across all continents to ensure gem quality. It also ensures that none of the gemstones have turned radioactive. The major certifying units are GIA, AGS and other renowned gemstone research labs. 


A look into popular Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Lapis lazuli Gemstone is known as a popular gemstone for a long time, and it is popular even today. These can be converted into jewelries, beads and carvings. The gemstone is attractive with its bright blue color, which can even be used in cosmetics and paintings. The eye appeal and contrast created by this stone is superb. Today, its jewelry is very common, and in most cases it is embedded in silver metal. Apart from women, these are also used as jewels of men. The stone has a tough nature and comes with an excellent polish. Anyone fascinated with gemstones also love this gem.

The Value Of The Stone:

The color of the stone is one of the most noticeable and distinguishing factor in the stone. The deep blue shade comes with violent tones. At times, these can also be found with uniform specimens that can attain a smooth and polished surface. Inclusions of calcites often lower the value of the stone. On the other hand, pyrite inclusions can enhance the value. The quality of polish is a great factor in determining the overall value of the stone. 

Availability Of Synthetics:

Today, many large jewelry stores offer the synthetic version of the stone. While some are with pyrite, others do not contain any pyrite. It is true that these synthetics are modern inventions, yet the imitations can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian history. These are also available in artifacts with blue paints and glass backs and are carved in blue ceramic materials. This was an attempt to imitate the original stone. 

On the other hand, the stimulants of the modern era include anything from glass, enamel, plastic and various dyed gems like jasper and howlite. In this context, it is important to remember that sodalite is the only natural gemstone available in larger sizes. It is deep blue enough to convince the look of a lapis simulant.

Determining The Natural Stone:

It is often seen that acid testing is done to the stone in order to determine whether the stone is natural. A drop of hydrochloric acid on the stone will release the gas of H2S, and this will indicate whether lapis is natural or a synthetic version. On the other hand, streak testing is also done and the natural specimen of lapis will leave behind a light blue streak. Both these types of tests should be conducted only by a professional gemologist. 

Sizes And Care:

The rough blocks of lapis that come in fine color can be over the weight of 100 kg. These are mainly found in Afghanistan. The stone has the hardness of about 5-6 inches. Therefore, when it is converted into jewelry, it requires appropriate care. It is widely used in bracelets and rings. By choosing a protective setting, it can be used for occasional wearing. At times, it might even require periodic re-polishing. Soft brush and a mild soap are recommended for cleaning the stone. Make sure that you avoid mechanical cleaning with chemical solvents.      

Tsavorite Gemstone: 10 Things You Must Know

There are a lot of people that know this stone by its original name – Grossular Garnet. Tsavorite is nothing but a trade name given to this green colored emerald that makes you fall in love with its shade. The harder you try to keep your eyes away from it, the more it attracts you to itself. There are different shapes in which this gemstone is available and you can buy one, depending upon the suggestion made to you by the gemstone expert.

But wait a minute… before you buy this beautiful emerald, there are some things that you need to know:

1) There may be several gemstones that are into healing effects for the ones who wear them, but this stone heals the best. Since it belongs to the deepest shade of green, which represents Mother Nature, you feel closer to the environment you belong to.

2) This stone has its roots in East-African history. In fact, it is one of those stones with elongated geological History. The strangest part is that, despite its fame, only a few people know about its complete history and discovery. 

3) If you are allergic to animals, this stone can help you protect from it. At times, you have to compromise with your partner, who wishes to adopt a pet or take care of a few animals that you don’t like or are allergic to. Now, with the help of this stone, you can keep your partner happy, since it would not let the allergies hamper you in any way at all.

4) This gemstone was discovered in the year 1967 and since then, it has been used by several people for is healing properties. The moment someone wishes to be positive in life, this is the stone suggested to him.

5) This beautiful green gemstone was discovered in Tanzania, first. 

6) There is not just one shade in which this gemstone is available in the market; it fades from darker to lighter shades of green. Before wearing this gemstone, you need to take the suggestion of a proper professional person, who has in and out knowledge about gemstones. 

7) This stone was discovered by Cambell R. Bridges, a British geologist. It was found in the bush between Tanzania and Kenya. 

8) There are several books on gemstones and almost all of them suggest that Tsavorite beads have the best healing properties for those who want to stay away from negativities in their lives.

9) If you want to buy this stone and wear it, you have to take its care in a good way. You can’t wear it carelessly or take it off from your skin anytime you wish to; there are certain rules that you need to follow, when it comes to protecting this stone for yourself.

10) This gemstone is one of the most expensive gemstones in the market.

Now that you know so many things about Tsavorite gemstone, go ahead and find out if it can benefit your zodiac sign!

Top Five Benefits You Didn't Know About Scapolite Gemstone

There may be several gemstones, but scapolite is one of the most commonly worn gemstones around the globe. Yellow scapolite stones are commonly seen on the fingers of different people, especially because of the kind of lustrous shine they have. The stone not only looks good on the finger of the one, who wears it, but also proves to be beneficial to him. There are several benefits of wearing this stone, but there are also some things that a lot of people don’t know about it.

Here are the top five benefits you surely didn’t know about scapolite gemstone:

1) This stone is also available in colorless shade: A lot of people believe that this stone is available in only a few colors like orange, pink, yellow and purple, but the ones, who have a deeper knowledge about minerals and stones, know that this stone is also available in crystal clear form; it is also available in colorless shade. There are many people, who are told to wear colorless Scapolite beads to reap their benefits.

2) This stone has ‘calcium:’ Believe it or not, but this stone is composed of calcium. The other minerals that this stone consists of are sodium, aluminum, chlorine, sulfate and carbonate. Even though it is difficult for people to understand the composition of this stone, the knowledgeable crowd has the idea of its composition.

3) This stone helps in improving eyesight of the one who wears it: If someone has a problem with eyesight or is unable to see clearly, he is suggested to wear this stone. It takes time for the eyesight to get healed, but thanks to the kind of powers this stone has, the one, who wears it, gets rid of his blurry eyesight. If there are some complications with his eyesight, they are kicked off with the help of this stone. Since it stays with the wearer for a long period of time, it helps in improving his eyesight and gets it back to normal. It may also help the wearer to get rid of his specs!

4) This stone has been named after the Greek word ‘Skapos:’ There are only a handful of people, who know that the name of this stone has been derived from the Greek word called Skapos, which means stem or stick. Since the size of the crystal is long and it represents a stick, it got this name. 

5) This stone helps in bringing you closer to your mind: The one, who wears Scapolite gemstone beads for a longer period of time, gets closer to his mind. It is essential for an individual to be balanced in his life, but it is not possible for all of us to have this balance. Therefore, those, who possess knowledge of gemstones, suggest a lot of people to wear scapolite stones, so that they feel closer to themselves and become more stable in their lives. This is not an ordinary stone; it is a healer!

All You Need To Know About Sillimanite Gemstone

When you talk about Sillimanite Gemstone, there are three different stones that pop into your mind. However, the most commonly observed one is Yellow in color and is circle shaped. These stones are nothing but types of aluminum silicates, which are connected to Kyanite and Andalusite. It belongs to orthorhombic crystal structure and is often found in hexagonal shape, before being shaped and fixed into rings or pendants.

But these terms can never be understood by the common individuals. Therefore, to make you understand different things related to this gemstone, here are some of the most important details that you must know about them:

Why is this stone called The Sillimanite Gemstone? 

This stone was discovered by Benjamin Silliman, who was a US geologist as well as professor. Since he is the man behind the discovery of this beautiful and rare stone, it has been named after him to let people remember him whenever they take its name.

Why do people wear such gemstones?

There is not just one benefit of wearing this stone, there are many. Some of them are:

We all go through difficulties in life; sometimes, we are so alone that we believe that there’s absolutely nobody, who can pull us out of the terrible times. However, with the help of certain stones and especially gemstones like Sillimanite, your difficulties can be healed. You gain enough strength to cope up with anything and everything that comes in your way.

If you want to improve your life, you need to get rid of all those negative energies that the others throw at you. It is simple – even if you don’t sit with negative people, you are bound to talk to different people every day; who knows which individual throws negative energies on you? Moreover, if you are a helpful person, you surely sit with different people and let them release their stress. It is a good thing to be with people, when they need you. However, it is also essential for you to get rid of the energies that they unknowingly throw at you. With the help of Sillimanite gemstone beads, you can get rid of those energies. 

Sometimes, despite all your hard efforts, you are unable to take correct decisions in your life. This is because you don’t have a clear vision about your future and you are totally confused about what to do and what not to. This is exactly where Silimanite gemstone comes into the picture to help you. It helps in clearing those mental blocks that keep you away from most of the things that you wish to do. It helps you by clearing your conscience levels and supporting you to take correct decisions in life.

If you are unable to finish tasks, this is perhaps the only stone that can help you. There are times when you are just not able to complete a task, but by wearing Silimanite beads in jewellery you not only start new things, but also finish them.

Top 5 Hidden Benefits Of Tanzanite Gemstone

While Sapphires and other such stones are known for their healing properties, Tanzanite gemstone is known for the kind of attractive looks it has. But that’s obviously not the only reason why people adore it so much, there are many benefits of wearing this gemstone. This blue-violet colored stone is not just about it; it knows how to improve the wearer’s life in different ways.

If you are unaware about the benefits of this stone, here are the top five benefits you must know about it:

1) It helps in segregating emotions within your body:  There are a lot of emotions that we have in our body; but not every individual knows how to control them and keep them balanced. Sometimes, you meet people, who are overly sensitive; other times, you met people, who don’t know how to react on anything at all. Both the categories don’t know how to balance their emotions. With the help of tanzanite beads, they can surely control their emotions and balance them in the correct way.

2) It has some unusual physical healing energies: If you have some skin or hair related problems, this stone can do wonders to your body. A lot of people wear this stone for their hair loss problems, skin issues, psychological issues, etc. Also, if someone has recently undergone surgery and wants to keep away from post-surgery side-effects, this is the best stone for him. It has tremendous healing energies, which keep the wearer away from a lot of physical difficulties. It gives enough strength to the wearer to cope up with different physical as well as psychological challenges.

3) It balances all the energies existing within your body: Every individual has a set of different energies. At times, you may also feel some of your energies moving from one chakra to another, depending upon how your situation needs to be handled. When you are in a particular problem, your chakras come together to solve it. However, they need to be balanced, so that you know which energies need to be used for what kind of problems. With the help of a Tanzanite gemstone, you can actually balance all the energies in your body. No doubt you can channelize these energies without any stone, but with stone, you do it in a much effective way.

4) It helps in making your meditational practices successful: If there is a specific kind of meditation that you have been practicing, but are unable to reach the level that you wish to, then you have surely got to use this stone, since it helps in strengthening different chakras in your body due to which you can achieve those meditational levels that you really wish to.

5) It improves your intuition levels: Sometimes, you get to know whether you are going to get good or bad news; this is called intuition. In order to strengthen your intuition levels, you can always take the help of this stone. Wearing it as a pendant also does the trick.

Top 5 Reasons People Are In LOVE with Spessartite Garnet

While some stones have uncountable benefits, there are others that only look good to the eyes. There are only a handful of stones that not only have innumerable benefits but are also attractive to the eyes; one such stone is the famous Spessartite garnet.

This stone not only has healing properties and benefits for the one who wears it, but also looks appealing to the others that see it. Thus, most of the people are completely in love with this stone. Here are the top five reasons why people are so fond of Spessartite garnet:

1) This stone has an amazingly bright color: If you don’t know what this stone looks like, don’t forget to browse through its pictures; every individual falls in love with its color. The reddish-orange color makes you drown in its pleasant appearance. It has this unique shade that reminds you of Fire element, which is one of the elements the human body is made up of.

2) This stone is known to improve the appetite of the wearer: Sometimes, you are just not able to gain weight because of your improper diet. But it is not only the improper diet that makes you weak, it is also the poor appetite problem that you go through. If you want to gain weight or improve your appetite, this is the stone for you. People love it for its appetite-improving quality!

3) This stone improves the kidneys and bladder of the wearer: If you have always been having bladder and kidney problems, this stone can do wonders to your body. When people fail to get rid of their kidney stone problems or they go through the pain of kidney stones again and again, despite several operations and treatments, this is the stone that they are told to wear. This stone helps in improving health in a much better way.

4) This stone can boost fertility in both, men as well as women: Turning into a parent is obviously something that most of the individuals dream. However, due to some or the other complications, it is just not possible for some individuals to conceive or be fertile. With the help of this stone, such individuals can improve their fertility and turn into parents just when they really want to. If you have been unable to conceive or are trying to be a parent since quite some time now, this is the stone that you must wear, for it has amazing powers to heal your body.

5) This stone is only a style statement: Thanks to the kind of beauty it possesses, you can wear Spessartite garnet beads in jewellery anytime you wish to. If it doesn’t belong to your zodiac or planetary positions, it may not give you enough benefits, but would always make you shine in front of the others around you. It is one of the most beautiful stones you would ever wear on your finger. Thus, a lot of people love it for its color and appearance.


Gemstone Secrets: Top 7 Benefits Of Smoky Quartz

There are stones that remind you of some of the most precious things in nature; when you look at smoky quartz stone, it reminds you of the energies that you feel when you are in a forest, close to Mother Earth, surrounded by tall trees and their brown trunks. This stone is a semi-precious type of quartz. It is available in different shades of brown and is generally worn in rings or pendants. Commonly, people prefer wearing them in rings.

This stone is known as The Stone Of Power. During the ancient times, this stone was believed to have sacred, but dark powers of the Earth Gods.

Following are the top seven benefits of wearing Smoky Quartz Beads:

1) It helps in balancing energies: It doesn’t matter if you have positive energies in your life at the moment or negative ones, all that matters is that you are capable to balance them in a proper way. With the help of this stone, you can balance both the energies and be a stable person.

2) It helps in improving spiritual attributes in an individual: When you are a spiritual person, you think of nothing else in life, since you have no time to cry on the long-gone affairs or crib about the things that you don’t have in the present time. To improve your spiritual attribute, this stone allows you to be closer to your heart.

3) It helps in improving psychic visions: If you are psychic, but are not fully aware about your powers, this is the only stone that can help you improve your Third Eye Chakra. The healing properties of this stone heal your Third Eye and make it stronger. All you need to do is meditate often after wearing this stone.

4) It protects the psychic energies of an individual: It is not only important for you to explore your psychic abilities, but also protect them in the correct manner. This stone protects your psychic visions and doesn’t let your Third Eye get detached from the seven chakras of your body.

5) It gives you the ‘boost’ that you need in your life: We all need motivation in life, but there can be nothing better than self-motivation. With the help of this stone, you can actually keep yourself motivated to do everything that you wish to and achieve the highest goals that you have made for yourself.

6) It is extremely beneficial for Scorpios and Capricorns: If you belong to Scorpio or Capricorn zodiac signs, this stone can do marvelous things to you. If you don’t trust us, you can wear this stone and notice the positive changes in your life.

7) It can be the best stone to heal depression: If you are under depression and need constant motivation, this stone can be your best friend. It supports your mind and makes you mentally stable, which is needed by all those, who are going through the worst phases in their lives.


Top 4 Amazing Benefits & Facts about Sunstone Oregon Gemstone

Sunstone Oregon is an extremely unique stone, with an unusual appearance. The moment you look at it, there are various vibes that you get through your eyes, which go deep into your body. You feel charged up by its mere look. This is because it has a very refreshing color. Its subtle appearance makes your life smooth enough to keep it calm as well as balanced.

But this is not the only thing about this stone; there are many things that are yet to be known to the ordinary people. Read below to know about the top four things related to this beautiful gemstone:

1) It is available in blue color as well: We are sure you don’t know this, but this beautiful stone is available in the shade of blue as well. There is no other stone that looks as pretty as this one, since it takes you back into the memories of Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. In fact, its color is far better than any other colorful diamond on Earth!

2) It has the healing properties of sun: Sun is the biggest healer; if someone really wants to get rid of his depression or be out of his troubles, he needs to work on his Solar Plexus, which is the fifth Chakra in the body. This yellow chakra has a lot of healing properties. But in order to heal this chakra, you need to wear sunstone Oregon. When you wear this stone, you get all the energies that are present in the sun; you are surrounded by motivational energies that inspire you to do good things in life.

3) It motivates you to be out of stress: Every individual you meet is in stress today; while some are able to manage their stress, there are others that are unable to do so. Those, who are unable to manage the stress in their lives, find it difficult to cope up with different things. This is where they need some support and that’s exactly where stones come into the picture for them. With the help of Sunstone Oregon beads, they not only get rid of their stress, but find enough motivation and strength to fight with anything that comes in the way. This stone makes their mind clear enough to find ways out of their problems.

4) It helps in getting rid of SAD disorder: SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is also known as winter blues or summertime sadness. The moment the season changes, the one who suffers from this disorder, feels extremely disturbed. Some of the doctors also suggest such individuals to wear the sunstone Oregon, so that they can control this disorder in their lives. Since this stone has enough energy to balance and channelize the energies in the body of the wearer, there are no chances of him going through the problem of SAD disorder. It helps in controlling mood swings and depression as well.


Top 6 Reasons Why People Wear Sea Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

Some of the gemstones are extremely beautiful; one such stone is Blue Chalcedony. It has the most pleasant shade of blue and resembles the color of calm water. The moment you lay your eyes upon this stone, you feel a positive energy flowing through the seven Chakras in your body. It is a very serene stone, which can heal a lot of things in your life.

If you are wondering why people wear this stone on their fingers, here is a list of the top six reasons that would tell you about the same:

1) It helps in keeping you conscious about all the things that you do in your life: Being conscious about each and every thing that you do in your life is extremely important. People, who wish to improve their consciousness or increase their level of ‘conscience’, wear this stone on their fingers. It is necessary for an individual to have a good amount of consciousness in his life, so that he knows what kinds of decisions he must take for his betterment.

2) It is known as the ‘speaker’s stone’: We all know the importance of communication. There are times when you say something to someone in a different manner, but he takes it in a completely different manner. If this happens with you a lot of times and you are often misunderstood by your loved ones, it is time for you to welcome this stone in your life. People, who are rarely understood by the others around them, must wear this stone to enhance their communication skills.

3) It has healing properties: There are only a few people, who know that this stone has high levels of healing properties. There can be nothing better than a sea Blue Chalcedony Beads to improve your life. If you have been going through a lot of problems and you are tired of handling everything on your life, this stone can heal a lot of things in your life.

4) No matter what negativities you have in your life, this stone is capable to ‘absorb’ them: You may meet several negative people in your life; when you talk to such individuals, you yourself fall into the pit of negative energies. If you want to get out of such energies and be positive in life, this stone can offer its helping hand.

5) It helps in making you a generous and ‘warm’ person: If you think you are an extremely rude person and you want to improve your nature, this stone can make you a better person. You may feel the energies surrounding you from day one of wearing this stone on your finger. 

6) It is an extremely helpful stone for all those, who meditate: Most of the people are now into meditation; if you meditate every day or often and want to improve your level of meditation, then Blue Chalcedony Gemstone Beads can push you and your mind for the same. You can get closer to your soul.