Black Spinel Gemstones

Black Spinel gemstones are hard gemstones which are normally found at few places only like Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Africa. It is a member of black spinel family. Black spinel beads are also found in these categories which is quite famous and efficient in maintaining an overall stamina of an individual.

It is an opaque jet black variety of gemstones that falls under spinel family. It is a leading black stone which is highly durable as they possess a hardness of power 8. Although it lacks the metallic luster in them, yet they are quite popular in gemstones because it is a true gem. It makes an attractive centre stone when surrounded by diamonds and sapphires. They are normally confused with black tourmaline which is also a great black gemstone due to similar appearance and shine.


Black spinel is considered one of the rarest spinel available. It is associated with love and helps the possessor to put their egos aside and act devoted and kind to the other person. It also helps you to provide confidence to the enthusiasm and passion of a person and also increase the life of an individual. It is a very protective stone that helps in maintaining and improving relationships and resolving issues and fights. The most important significance of these stones is they are appropriate for all the jewelry purposes and perfect to carry everyday on regular basis.

General use
Black spinel is efficient in bringing up high energy and boosting up the morale and stamina of an individual. It is used to draw capital, wealth and prosperity in one’s life. It is also used to bring vivacity to the soul of a person. The gemstone carries high energy which charges a person inside out and he becomes quite active not only in his personal environment but also in his professional life. It enhances his work life and provides him power to progress towards his best destiny.
In psychological terms, black spinel is used for aura cleansing and purification of your atmosphere you live in. it helps to think positive and better every time. It brings a powerful liveliness in you and makes your life vibrant and energetic. The gemstone enhances your mental and intellectual power. It helps to diminish and get rid of lack of memory from the mind. It helps to make your brain sharper and active.

Although Black spinel is not a very popular gemstone, yet its distinguished features and characteristics have made it an ultimate choice for an opaque black gem. Nowadays, most of the gemstones go through a routine enhancement treatment to maintain it’s finishing and glow for long but this precious gemstone needs nothing more than simple cutting and polishing to show up the inner beauty it carries within itself. You can also go for a natural and untreated black spinel gem if you like. They possess uniform nature and high quality of reflectance in them. With the lack of cleavage in them, it has turned out to be one of the excellent gemstone available.


The Mystic Copper Rutilated Quartz

Copper Rutilated Quartz is a crystal that is embedded with needle-like copper rutile. Rutile is a Latin word means reddish color. It creates a dramatic effect in the stone. Its refractive index is very high and has great effect because it gives out an ancient energy. The countries where the stone is found includes Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, U.S, India to name a few. The stone is also available in different varieties and these are citrine, rose quartz, golden quartz and amethyst.

The Amazing Powers Of The Stone:
Copper rutile is present in quartz and they are strong amplifiers of your thoughts, making contact with the Divine mind. It receives inspiration which activates the creativity in the person owning it. The powers of the threads bring in intense energy and when combined with quartz gives greater vibration. It enhances spiritual creativity and intention to what a person is desirous in his life. It reminds a person of his dependency on the energy and power of the sun.

Check out the Benefits:

  • Heightens the energy of different quartz stones.
  • The soul is illuminated.
  • Energizes and cleanses the soul.
  • Negative energy is filtered.
  • Gives new aspiration.
  • This stone enhances the physical and mental stability, meditation and self-reliance.
  • It is said to reduce fears depression and loneliness.
  • It enhances creativity and helps to provide new directions, understanding difficult situations and facilitating appropriate solutions.
  • In the spiritual world, it is used for dream work, meditation and spiritual communication, and of feminine ideas.

Healing Properties:
The gemstone is said to assist in:

  • Regeneration of tissues and lowering the ageing process.
  • It works round the stomach and the imbalance is reduced.
  • It treats illness of the respiratory track.
  • It helps in removing energy blockages in the body and one’s physical well-being.

Copper Rutilated Beads can be worn as ornaments around your neck with brilliant neckpieces. The armlets, bracelets, rings studded with Rutilated helps you make a fashion statement and at the same time add an advantage to your personality. Your latent confidence emerges with ease as you wear these brilliant beads. Their translucent and shiny polish gives a shine to the poise in you that had turned lusterless. You will be able to feel the difference in a few days when people you meet will want to be in your company, know you better and invite you to their gatherings. The beads appear in many shapes and colors. You can have them cut in whatever style you prefer to compliment with your dress.  Teaming them with silver or gold will make them get just the right feel and help you to look and feel magical and mystical.

Prominence as a Birthstone:
It is important and effective for people born from 22nd July to 21st August having Taurus and Gemini Zodiac signs. It is considered a link between the crown and root chakras.
This implies that the popularity of these stones is immense and is effectively used for healing benefits among large numbers of people. Hence, you can use it in different ways.

Chrysocolla Gemstone

In the United States, Chrysocolla is mined in New Mexico and Arizona, while outside the USA, it is mined in Chile, Australia, China, England, Israel, Greece, Russia and Zaire. Chrysocolla is a fascinating mix of colors. Chrysocolla Gemstone ranges from a blue green shade to turquoise and even Robins egg blue. In most times, it comes mixed with other gemstones making a wonderfully shaded mixture, and hence it is one of the most mind-blowing gems in the market. The stone often comes with spots or bands and this increases the appeal of the stone.

The meaning of Chrysocolla:
This stone can bring a certain level of clarity that can decrease the nervousness. Hence, the wearer of the gemstone remains neutral in heated disputes. Thus, this stone is especially helpful in dealing with troubled relationships. It is often referred to as the stone of peace and calmness. The soothing properties in times of stress help in bringing a gentle release. It draws off all kinds of negative energy, especially during transitional times like breakups or job loss. Going with the same theory, it can even calm down emotions and heighten the level of understanding in a relationship.

Legends And Myths:
The name Chrysocolla comes from Greek words Chrysos. In the ancient times, it was used by smiths while crafting gold jewelry. In ancient Egypt, it was known as a legendary stone. The stone was used by Cleopatra and she always carried peace with her. Hence, the stone is associated with a calming effect that even boosts creativity. Later, the stone was also used by diplomats and rulers in order to come up with powerful solutions during war and helped in maintaining peace.
A Wonderful Support Stone:
The gemstone is a wonderful piece to be used on a regular basis. Hence, it is deemed as a support stone. It aids in facing challenges and can even change with ease. The stone inspires inner balance, creativity and self-awareness of the wearer. It can also be used in the presence of feelings like anger, blame and guilt. It assists in the awareness and understanding of the process, thereby bringing in the energies of forgiveness. Thus, it is undoubtedly a powerful stone that aligns all the chakras with the Divine powers. At home, the stone can be used to guard against obnoxious neighbors and unwanted communications.

Used As A Healing Agent:
The healing powers of Chrysocolla Beadscannot be overlooked at any cost. It is wonderfully used for healing the ailments of heart, back, lungs and stomach. Moreover, it can alleviate rheumatism, painful joints and arthritis. It has the potential to oxidize the blood and improve the lung functioning. People with high blood pressure, thyroid problems and insulin productions can also get astounding benefits from this stone. It is known to calm the body and help in dealing with fevers and infections.
Hence, it is an excellent stone to keep in your office or home or you can wear it to carry it with you all the time.

Crystal Gemstone Beads

Scientists might have shattered an age-old belief regarding crystals in the New Age Movement that crystals can raise personal energy levels and heighten the spirit of a person. On the contrary, it is often claimed that crystals can alleviate stress, cure diseases, boost creative and even enhance psychic powers. In fact, truly speaking, Crystal Gemstone has some amazing powers in the context of healing. Regardless of studies and scientific evidences, it has been greatly seen that crystals have amazing effects on our health, both physical and mental.
The constant electric vibrations of the stones help in balancing, harmonizing and regulating the flow of energies. Crystals work excellent in the overall healing process, and they are available in innumerable varieties. The ideal of a stone healing a human being might seem ridiculous to anyone who has not experienced the amazing wonders of the same.
Radiating Pure Patterns:
It should not come as a surprise to know that gemstones of crystal radiate pure patterns.

  • They are known to resonate with unmatched energy
  • They can maintain balance, structure, frequency and wavelength thereby bringing you back to harmony
  • It often takes the form of subatomic particles when it cooperates to produce atoms, minerals and molecules.

However, it is important to note that not all crystals work for everyone. You will have to select the right crystal suitable for your body and mind so that it works wonders. Different crystals are thought to possess different kinds of energy and thereby produce different effects.
Some of the common impacts include:

  • Increased level of concentration
  • Balanced emotion
  • Increased energy levels
  • Rise in hand temperature
  • Stimulation of the brain and relaxation of the forehead
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Increased swallowing reflex and
  • Activation of all the levels of sensations
  • Healing broken hearts
  • It can even help in effective communication

A clearer crystal feels positive and bright, cold and tingly to the touch. Often, a crystal might need to be cleared before using.
The Healing Options:
There are many different approaches for the use of Crystal Beads in the context of healing. These are available in different colors and different colors have different impacts on healing.

  • Colored crystals have the ability to alter certain emotions
  • The colors of crystals are associated with different chakras of the body. A chakra is an energy center. Each chakra has an associated color and can affect different areas of the body.
  • It does not let in negative energy reach the wearer of the crystal.
  • They can be used to locate blockages and cleanse and heal them
  • It can be used in massage healing. This in turn helps in releasing tension
  • Some crystals are also useful in reflexology, which if held at some pressure points can heal ailments in particular areas of the body.
  • The versatility and multiplicity of these crystals makes it an essential element to use.

Therefore, it is a great idea to make use of crystals for different purposes in order to reap the wonderful effects of the stone, as a whole.


Cognac Quartz Gemstone

Quartz is a widespread mineral that is found on the planet. Even though the occurrence is widespread, still the gemstone has been appreciated and known since times immemorial. The stone provide rare as well beautiful transparency when it draws the light into numerous shades of brown and black. The Cognac Quartz Gemstone has an inherent connection with the Mother Earth in terms of the divine capabilities. The gemstone is known to be a talisman for the precious Root Chakra that helps to anchor oneself in the natural section of the world. Nevertheless, the gemstone has been revered for its healing powers since the ancient ages.

Knowing the Origin and Varieties:

The name Quartz is derived from a Slavic Word whose literal translation would be ‘hard’. There is no specific origin of the stone for it is found in abundance in nature. The geological composition of the gemstone is essentially silicon dioxide. It forms a significant part of various kinds of rocks that are found in nature like metamorphic, igneous or sedimentary rocks. The colors and kinds of the gemstone are also varied. They include onyx, Aventurine, Carnelian, Prasiolite and many more. Cognac Quartz Beads have been specifically used in adorning jewelries of various kinds like necklace, bracelets, etc.

Experiencing the Powers:

The powers that are invested in the Cognac Quartz Gemstone are numerous. It is responsible for activating the survival instincts in such a way so that it radiates positive energy thus making a process a purified one. It is often described as the ‘Stone of Power’. In various cultures, it is believed to guide the souls to a peaceful afterlife. Various shamanistic rituals use the stone in order to connect along with sprits from the lower parts of the earth. Some of the basic powers that are invested in the stone include:

  • The stone can transmute considerable amount of negative energy so that it can be transferred to the earth in order to be neutralized.
  • It is able to provide practically a vital shield against any form of psychic attack. Therefore, it forms an ‘extraordinary amulet of protection’.
  • It has extreme powers in cleansing, thus providing a good guard to the possessions like property and vehicles against any potential damage like theft.
  • It has been known for its grounding capabilities thereby controlling rage and other negative emotions.
  • It lays the foundation so that one would be able to manifest the spiritual force within the physical bodies.

The Amazing Benefits of Healing:

The benefits that can be reaped from the Cognac Quartzare many, whether physical well-being or a mental upheaval. Some of the important benefits and healing powers that the stone provides include:

  • It ushers positive energy in the space where it is kept or the body that wears it. It thus helps to relive stress or any kind of emotional anxiety.
  • It is a divining crystal and helps against negative outbursts of emotion like road rage, exhaustion in long journeys.
  • It opens pathways for communication for any kind of pent-up feelings.
  • It is known to be beneficial for pulmonary and reproductive health.

The powers are best experienced when one wears the stone.


Coffee Moonstone Beads

Moonstones are considered as a natural treasure because of their seductive and sensual aura. The gemstone features a captivating flit of light. This mysteriousness playfulness of light, providing an impression of moonlight that is floating over water, in the stone has helped it to earn the name. The moonstone has adorned the jewelries since times immemorial. Both the Romans as well as the Greeks associated the gemstone with their respective lunar deities. The strange shimmering effect of the moonstone when held against light is known as ‘Adularescence’.  The geological composition of moonstone states that it is essentially formed out of feldspar deposits.


Origin and Varieties:

The earliest mining area of Moonstone was considered as the Mt. Adular, Switzerland. However, currently moonstones are available in various other areas of the world as well like the Australian Alps in Australia, the Lake Sevan region in Armenia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the United States. There are many varieties of moonstone available like Cat’s Eye or Blue, Gray, White, Yellow or Peach, Rainbow and many others. The Coffee Moonstone Gemstone is a rare variety of the moonstone crystal. Moonstones have been known for their healing properties.

The Powers:

The Coffee Moonstone has been always admired for the immense amount of powers that it possesses.  Various legends state that the power of the moonstones reaches maximum limit when its brightness increases as the full moon approaches from the new moon. The primary powers of the stone lie in realization via emotion and intuition coupled with logical reasoning. They are considered as the Birthstones for the ones born in June. Some of the important powers of the gemstone include:

  • Protection against any imminent dangers
  • Talisman for good luck and fortune
  • Assured success in matters of business
  • Induction and promotion of Inspiration
  • Intuition enhancement

Benefits and Healing Energy:

Just like any other gemstone, the primary benefits of this one would be jewelries. The Coffee Moonstone Beads form a part of varieties of jewelries like necklace, bracelets, anklets, etc. However, one can never overlook the astral benefits that this stone bestows upon the wearer. The well-known healing powers and the benefits of the gemstone include:

  • The stone holds some mystic powers in matters of love. Therefore, this is guarantee immense success in their cases as well.
  • It is also used so that the period of childbirth and pregnancy can be easy to bear with.
  • Other feminine conditions like stress related to menstrual cycles have been observed to reduce with the aid of the stones.
  • The stone was effectively used for remedies related to the pineal gland. It brings out the balance in the hormonal system in our bodies.
  • The stone is quite effective in emotional healing and eradicate insomnia.
  • The stone revives the metabolic balance in our bodies by eliminating the toxins and properly assimilating the nutrients.
  • The moonstone has a soothing effective on hyperactive children and helps to ward of any recurring nightmares thereby inducing sound sleep.

The healing powers of the stone are varied. One has to wear it in order to experience it.

Zircon Gemstone

Zircon gemstone is one of the heaviest stone that is available in many varieties and colours. It is found in tetragonal crystal structure with hardness of about 7.5. Zircon beads are also found in range of colours but the most recognized type of zircon is the one that resembles like a diamond in its shape and structure. The gemstone possesses an ultimate force of magnetism in itself. Although they are colourless but due to the presence of certain other impurities in them, they grab different colours like yellow, orange, blue, red, brown and green.

Properties and uses
The gemstone is known for spiritual growth in the soul of an organism. It encourages the progress of lethargic energy and conveys purity and harmony to the heart and soul of a person. It is advisable to carry for pregnant ladies so that they could easily give birth to their child without any involvement of complications. It also heals respiratory, bronchial and problems related to lungs and related areas. It also maintains proper appetite of any person. The gemstone comes with a characteristic to treat allergies, asthma and also promotes logical thinking ability of a person. The gem is used to cure mental sickness widely as it cures and enhances psychological thinking and improves intellect and concentration.
The blue zircon is quite popular among all the colours of zircon. It is helpful in decoration purposes and in ceramic industries. It is helpful in concentration of energy in focus and giving the wearer a power of self-confidence, poise and strength in them. It helps you to get rid of the negative vibes and evil energy that may surround you with pessimism from inside. It makes wearer a better person who is honest and keeps miles away from lies. As a whole it is used for both medical and astrological values. There are several mythological values associated with the stone.

It is mostly found in all the types of rocks with most of the mines present in Australia with 37% of zircon availability. Other than this, countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and many other countries share smaller parts as the miners of the precious gemstone. The value of these gemstones depends upon the different colours of the gem.

How to wear
Zircon has many industrial purposes but the most popular in the form of jewellery. It is largely used to embellish and beautify the ornamental jewelleries. It is either used as a neck piece or pendant or as a ring to be worn in fingers. The gemstone should be worn in set of white gold or silver in your ring finger. For astrological values, it is worn to protect your mind and body from harmful energies which is emitted by the celestial body of solar system. It is known to possess characteristics that attract wealth, health, wisdom and confidence.  It provides feelings of love and happiness to the person wearing it. The only condition that must be remembered while carrying this gemstone that it must remain in contact with the body.

Black Rutilated Gemstone

The Black Rutilated Gemstone is a very valuable stone with black emergence which is quite exclusive and rare. It is exceptional and pricey because it is quite high in demand and famous for favoring your luck in money matters, finance and gambling. The Black Rutilated Gemstone Quartz Beads are very popular in raising overall fortune and this gemstone is famous for raising the effects of other gemstones as well.

It has a consequence of raising your economic fortune and the work fate. This effective gemstone is quite fruitful in improvement of studies and popular among women because it is believed to increase the love fate and the marriage possibilities. These gems are known for keeping off the evil thought and misfortune away from an individual and works for depending you inside out.
The gem helps to soothe your darker moods and works as an antidepressant. It assists you in relieving from fears, phobias, anxiety and stress. It also promotes the level of forgiveness in a person and makes them live a comfortable and relaxed life. The gemstone is quite effective in health care as well. It absorbs the intensity of mercury poisoning from your nerves, muscles, blood vessels and intestinal area. It is also very helpful in chronic condition, treating the drawback of impotence and infertility. It helps you in treating respiratory region and bronchitis, stimulates the balance of your thyroid gland and repairs the harmed and distorted tissue.
Use in general life
It is used to progress the health of a person and calm down the spirit of any individual. It is also helpful in improving the interpersonal relationship with spouse, friends and family members. It also offers harmony and cooperation with your people. It is very effective to increase the gambling and betting chance as a stone which is worn to augment the instinct of the possessor. They also work winning a negotiation from rivals just by wearing it on the body. It can provide you a great power and supremacy. It is also quite popular in management, sales and positions, financial industry, etc.
Moreover, you can expect to influence it as your lucky charm as well. You can sense danger effortlessly when you start moving in the wrong direction.

These gemstones contain naturally occurring strands of Rutile in them. It mostly supports sun signs like Gemini and Taurus. The black gemstones are an illuminator for the soul and empowering the spiritual growth of an individual. It cleanses your appearance and purifies you inside out. It draws off the negative energy from your personality and lets off any ailments or diseases. It also cleanses you with any bad implications of past. It provides you protection from any ill effects of others. Black Rutilated bead helps you to reach the root of the problems and aids alterations and guides you with appropriate direction.

Champagne Citrine Gemstone

Citrine crystals comprise of varieties of quartz, and these are very closely related to amethyst. It is quite rare in its natural form, and mainly originates in Brazil, USA and Africa. Since the gemstone is rarely available, it is unique and highly valued. The most common types of the stone available in the market today comprise of heated amethyst or smoky quartz. The name of the stone is derived from the French word ‘citron’ which means lemon. Champagne Citrine Gemstone is used since time immemorial. Even the Greeks used the stone around 300 BC In the ancient times, it used to give protection against evil thoughts and snake’s poison.

A Premier Manifestation Stone:
It is often believed that the process of heating does not damage the stone, yet the heat treated stones have different qualities than the natural stones. It is easy to find citrine stones and beads in the market because it is highly popular and often known as a manifestation stone. Since the quartz has a strong potential for amplification, most people are aware of the energy that the stone emits, as a whole. One of the most important, but less known properties of this stone is its ability to soothe anxiety and fear. It helps the wearer accept the good that is coming its way.

The Properties:
Champagne Citrine has the ability to activate the solar plexus, by means of which you can take crucial decisions in life easily. You might even be surprised to find the range of colors in which these stones are available. The color can vary from pale yellow to a deep honey color and champagne color. The color is based on the place from where it originates and how it has been treated.
The Benefits of Champagne Citrine Gemstone:

  • The stone can shove off negativity from your mind. The inherent spiritual characteristics induces positivity and even reduces depression in the life of the wearer.
  • It helps in bringing psychic growth thereby enhancing the clarity and self-confidence.
  • The gemstone leads to success and prosperity. It is also known as success stone and is a manifestation good luck and wealth.
  • Known as the excellent healing stone, it can cure ailments of the liver, heart, sleep disorders, urinary system, thyroid and kidney. It even detoxifies he body and aids in digestion.
  • Wearing Champagne Citrine Beads can help in promoting happiness in all things and even brings a happy married life. It is even worn by pregnant women for their protection. Sensuality and sexuality can also be heightened with the help of this stone.
  • This gemstone spills magic for professionals working in the field of banks, sports, marketing and fitness. It enlightens the inner thought processes and ignites the creativity.

Thus, this joyful Champagne Citrine stone is associated with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives. The energies of good luck is experienced by the wearers in different ways. It even brings energies of generosity so that success and prosperity is shared.

Chrysoprase Gemstone

You must be aware about the availability of loads of healing crystals with different potential and capacities. However, if you are looking for an exceptional and amazing gemstone, Chrysoprase Gemstone is the ideal option for you. Known as the stone of Venus, it is the rarest and the most valuable gemstone in a rich apple green color. It belongs to the family of Chalcedony, and it is often mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewelers. However, the bright green color of the stone is a result of the traces of nickel in it.

Usage In The Ancient History:
Chrysoprase is used since the ancient days. It has been used by the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians for making seals, jewelry, signets and other ornamental objects. Alexander is also known to use this stone for its amazing power. The delightful green stone is one of the most valuable of all belonging to the group of Chalcedony. Poland was the most prominent mine for this stone. However, today much of the world’s supply of this stone comes from Australia, Russia, Germany, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania and Madagascar.    
The Metaphysical Properties of the gemstone:
It is the birthstone of May and traditionally, it symbolizes happiness, prudence and enterprise.

  • The powerful stone is also known to bring prosperity and good fortune,
  • It instills grace and help the wearer recognize the gentle beauty within self
  • It helps in self-expression and courage through mental dexterity and fluent speech.
  • The stone encourages non-judgmental attitude
  • It can reduce inferiority complex and help in avoiding speaking anything unwanted out of anger or frustration.
  • It brings success in new ventures
  • It can even heal a broken heart by boosting the self-esteem gently. It also equalizes the emotional balance and fosters acceptance for change and tolerance.It can even attract new love.

Other Benefits:
The Chrysoprase gemstone will empower you to understand the concepts associated with divine truth deeply.

  • It releases ego-based negativity and promotes feelings of love and forgiveness.
  • The beautiful stone might vary in appearance based on the amount of nickel present and therefore it can create different impacts.
  • It brings the energy of abundance at all levels
  • It can be used as an excellent companion stone for specific healing within the heart.
  • It even works to aid other healing stones in an amazing and effective way.
  • Anyone who needs a lift can use this stone.
  • It is a source of joy, self-acceptance and independence.

Thus, the green crystal is a heart chakra stone that can open up your heart and assist it to heal. It even vibrates the energy of the solar plexus chakra. If you wear the Chrysoprase Beads, you can even find a strong connection with nature and other elemental beings. Consequently, it will work as a ray of hope for you in many situations. It might even connect you to earth spirits and bring the gift of nature’s growth. Hence, you should go for this stone, at once.