Chalcedony Gemstone - Miracle Stone to Heal Body & Soul

Chalcedony gemstone is a type of mineral quartz that is available in numerous colours like blue, lavender, white, off white, gray, light brown, yellow, red and brown. When they are mixed with other minerals, they acquire the name of carnelian, mocha stone, onyx, bloodstone and many others. The gem is considered a very sacred stone by the natives of American Indians who are popularly known in promoting brotherhood and good will among all. The chalcedony beads are used in making jewelleries like rings, bracelets and even heavy neckpieces.

Chalcedony is commonly found in countries like United States, Austria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Mexico, Britain, New Zealand, Turkey, Russia and Brazil. The name of this gemstone is derived from the name of ancient Greek town Chalkedon which is situated in Asia. It is found in almost all the parts of this world and they are made of microcrystalline variety of quartz that is very small yet very popular and shiny.

A look at its benefits
Chalcedony gemstone is a very effective cleanser, it is helpful in cleaning open sores. Mothers use the gem to raise their lactation and it also promotes the motherly instinct. It increases physical energy of the possessor. The healers use the gem to lessen the ill effects of senility and dementia. They are also used to heal various parts of body like eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system. It is also used effectively to assist telepathy, absorption of negative vibes and dissipating out from your soul. It is extremely helpful in maintaining a harmony between mind, body and soul.

The gemstone is highly beneficial in increasing energy, stamina and endurance of the body and in promoting the emotional balance of the individual. It is also useful in relieving depression, fever, stones and eye disorders. It is a nurturing stone that is effective in supporting brotherhood and goodwill among relationships and friendship. It improves stability among groups of people and radiates a positive vibe all around. The gem is very effectual in bringing proper alignments to mind, body and spirit. It provides a feeling of generosity and compassion in a person. It removes the depressive feelings of aggression and sorrow. The stone exhibits some exceptional qualities like self confidence, encouragement and optimistic behaviour.

Chalcedony and its popular varieties are well characterized in a range of birthstone charts and can be found beneficial for all the months apart from January, April, and November. It is also much valuable as a birthstone for almost all the Zodiac signs except Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius. For the purpose of jewellery, it is usually applied in translucent and waxy forms. The other types of stones that are available in the group are agate, jasper, bloodstone, fire agate, tiger’s eye, onyx, carnelian and many more. The valuable gemstone is found in almost all the colours.

The chalcedony gemstone is extensively used in jewellery. It is used in pendants and necklaces which gives a heavier look to the ornament.


Cat’s eye Scapolite: A Gemstone with filled with Power of Universe

Cat’s eye Scapolite gemstone is a typically soft and rare form of gem that is quite precious and extremely luxurious. It is very difficult to handle the gem because of its fragile feature. Even cat’s eye beads are so soft that it acquires scratches when cleaned. It is a rare variety of Scapolite with complex chemical compositions in them. Although they are not high in demand for jewellery purposes, yet they are among most loved gemstones for its incomparable features and colours.

How to identify the gemstone
It is often confused with other gemstones like topaz, golden beryl, tourmaline but they are a little bit harder than Scapolite which is quite soft in characteristic. It has a very distinguished and clear feature which can be easily identified. It is generally green in colour and sometimes brownish and gray. The Scapolite is also available in little brighter and lighter shades like pink and sometimes even violet. Bright yellow is among the most common colours available in cat’s eye of transparent feature. It is also available in colourless form with white, pink, red, yellow, orange and greenish shades. The worth of the stone is directly dependent on the colour shade it contains. It is generally considered translucent when viewed in enough light. It is extremely desirable and a rare gemstone.

Cat’s eye is a well known and popular gemstone as it carries a very powerful energy. It cures some of the very serious mental and physical problems. It is not considered a distinctive birthstone for any typical sun sign nor it offers any zodiac or planetary purposes yet it helps in some specific areas by emitting a powerful and positive energy and vibes. The wider range of its colours available imparts beautiful aura around the possessor of the precious gemstone. Each colour helps you with particular areas and interests of life.  It also provides numerous solutions related to your past and present difficulties. That is the reason it is sometimes referred as the problem solver gemstone. It is also popular as a gemstone for achievement and triumph. It helps to bring proper alterations and changes in personalities that are mostly better and positive. The scapolite gemstone also provides a sense of inspiration and generates purpose of life that most of the time remains hidden to people. It is a strong crystal that holds power and energy of universe that cleanses and purified the atmosphere around you.

Health Benefits
Medically, it is used for treating glaucoma and cataracts also. Moreover, it lightens pain of shoulders, neck, head, chest and other body parts.
The Cat’s eye Scapolite gemstones are rare and precious gemstone. They are in huge demand with the lovers of gemstone especially ones who are familiar with its true worth. Getting high quality Scapolite is tough as it is not easily available with local jewellers. Online gemstones come up as the reliable option. Just make sure to buy from a reputed online gemstone seller, so you get the best gem.

Pink Opal - Queen of Gemstones

The Pink Opal is known as the queen of Gemstones.  Its powerful healing qualities and healing power makes it the stone for renewal.  The Romans used to worship it, believed that it will bring good luck and happiness in life. They used to call it stone of Gods. It is birthstone of people born in the month of October.

A look at its formation:

It is believed to be formed by a combination of Silica and water that hardened with the course of time. The opal contains almost 30 percent water hence it kept away from the direct heat and sunlight.             


It is mined from mines located in Australia. In fact, it is known as national stone of Australia.

A look at top 5 benefits of Wearing Pink Opal Beads

Unites true lovers:
If you are in love and finding it tough to unite with love of your life whether it is due to family pressure, society, misunderstanding, long distance relationship then wear Pink Opal beads, its known as the stone of faithful lovers.  Soon you will see the hurdles in love disappearing and you will be united with your love for forever.

Get rid of bad dreams:
Dreams are said to be related with our life, at times it indicates what is going to take place in near future. Also, it represents the memories and experiences of past births. A good dream is always welcome, but a bad frequent occurring dream will fill your life with anxiety and uncertainty. Sleep with Pink Opal, you will see that instantly it will help you get rid of bad dreams.  Also, it will fill your life with compassion and positivity.

Helps in Spiritual awakening:
If you have set off on the path of spiritual journey then you won’t get a better partner then pink opal gemstone. It is heart Chakara stone. It will guide you in every step of your journey by filling your heart with inner peace, compassion and bliss. Pink Opal Gemstone Beads will awaken your inner conscious and sub conscious. It’s will help in stirring your energy towards the almighty. 

Helps you get rid of remorse & sorrow:
All of us carry some deep remorse and sorrow in our heart. It may be something that may be passed from our past birth. No matter how hard we try to overcome it, always it comes back with more force to sink us deep into the guilt. Wearing Pink Pearl Gemstone beads will help you come out of the problem for ever. It will purify your heart and soul.

Helps in overall development:
The person wearing the pink opal is surrounded by a positive aura. This aura makes them standout from the rest of world. The gemstone helps in the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of a person. The wearer is always at peace, you can see that change in his every aspect of life. The person religiously follows non-violence and guides people to walk on the path of love.

Botswana Agate Gemstone

Botswana Agate gemstone is a secure and shielding gemstone that is utilised to pacify people dealing with solitude, hurt and grief. It is extremely encouraging in problems of love and finding solutions of ultimate difficulties. Botswana agate beads are used in jewellery. They are available in pink, brown and gray colours. They are carved in gorgeous hand rings, pendants and necklaces and popularly known for exhibiting beautiful features and exploring vivacity and peace in life. The gemstone falls under the variety of Chalcedony which belongs to the family of Quartz. It is considered finest in maintaining a balance of emotional, physical and intellectual energy of body. It keeps up the harmony of positive forces inside your soul.

The excellent gemstone is mined inside areas of Africa because it was conventionally used in African areas in fertility ceremonies as an encouragement of potency in a hope for a strong and healthy offspring. These are produced since 187 million years with extra fine patterns and banding which makes it among the most exceptional, unique and desirable gemstone.

Utilisation and purposes

Agate is a comfortable stone which carries beneficial properties. It helps in overcoming depression and long term grief. It aids in lessening the compulsive feelings and critical psychological patterns which often haunts the personality. It offers help in overcoming continuous fear, anxiety and panic attacks. It gives you an optimistic view and beautiful opportunities in life. It creates a possibility of hope and maintains logic and understanding in the people wearing the gemstone. The gemstone is considered effectual in releasing depression and problems of infertility as well.

Botswana Agate is advantageous in elimination of toxins from the body and is considered great even with the skin. It aids in stimulating the immune and nervous systems of body and helps in brain oxygen absorption for a healthy and strong circulatory system. Agate improves the psychological function by recovering meditation, awareness, and additional abilities. It is beneficial for the eyesight and proper functioning of organs like stomach, uterus, etc. Moreover, it is extremely helpful in proper functioning of heart and blood vessels. It also helps to improve and strengthen the cardiac muscles. One of the most brilliant features of agate is that it is found tremendously helpful in curing fever; you just need to place a cold agate on the forehead.
Birthstone significance
Agate is among those zodiac stones that are suitable for the people who fall under the zodiac Gemini which symbolizes invention. It is closely linked with the planet Mercury and gives the possessor an ability to focus on every side of an issue. Geminis are flexible in understanding, are very active and conversational in nature. They can either be restless or nervous as per situation. Those born in Gemini are quick thinkers, witty and very enthusiastic in nature. The agate gemstone is one of the natural birthstones available and considered extremely appropriate for people born under Gemini Sun sign. The red crystals of the beautiful gemstone signify energy, courage and love.

Black Tourmaline Gemstone

Black tourmaline gemstone, which is also known as Schorl is a popular gemstone which has been used and relied to shelter an individual from magic and negative powers of demons spelled on any individuals. Black tourmaline beads are also popularly known to dispel negative vibes and powers and other destructive forces. It also protects you from many harmful radiations and pollutants.

Properties of the gemstone
Black tourmaline is a very powerful stone which is very stimulating in character and has a propensity to attach you with earth and human spirit. The compassionate vigor it radiates ally the energy centers of the body a remedial radiance which is exuded throughout the organism. It offers a sense of power and self-confidence in a person wearing the gemstone. It allows you to perceive a clearer and objective view of the world. It is considered very fruitful for those facing hard time and challenges in their working atmosphere.

Uses and purposes
Black tourmaline provides security and safety during any sacrament work or used to draw attention to any foundations and effects of danger that might have been troubling the person. It also indicates and provides a hint about the correct direction in which you should move. If you desire to use this gemstone in protection against any ritual, you should make a ring of eight small tumble stones so that it can create a protection circle around you.
It has been proven finest in meditation purposes and healing and cure of any ailment. It relieves terror attacks in scary or dark places. It helps to conquer your fear of doctors you suffer while going through any treatment. Wearing the gemstone improves your condition when you deal with irritable neighbors, protesters and whiners. It helps to develop full concentration during any work when you really need to use your mind. It provides you shield against evil, pollutants and shields you against harmful radiation of cell phones, computers and other electronic appliances.
In industries, they are used for electrical tuning circuits for carrying out the television and radio frequency work. They have a property to carry high frequency without any damage. It toughens your sense of smelling better and improves your perception to get a clearer view of anything wrong. It enhances the texture of your hair, nails and skin and brings glow to them.
Birthstone importance:
Black tourmaline is brilliant for sun signs like Sagittarius, Pisces and Libra.  The birthstone is suitable for October. It stands for love and happiness. It is a very powerful stone and quite lucky for the possessor. When the stone is rubbed, it becomes charged with a magnetic property and it intensifies your luck. The black tourmaline is a rare and precious gemstone with a healing property which puts all the negativity away from your soul and makes you pure and contented. It helps in overcoming the limiting ways of thinking. The energy it dissipates brings peace and clarity to the mind of a person. It supports the nervous system and regulates blood flow.

Bi-Color Quartz Gemstone Beads

Most people who have come across the Amtrine Gemstone will acknowledge the elegance and healing properties exhibited by the bi-colour quartz gemstone beads. Ametrine is ranked as the only bi-colour quartz gemstone that can be used with economical benefits. The beads made of the bi-colour gemstone are relatively new members in the family of semi-precious gemstone beads.

The Visual Appeal

The Bi-colour quartz gemstone has a blend of purple and yellow hue that looks like a suspension of oil paint. The cloudy appearance is a natural composition and can’t be recreated artificially. The bi-colour gemstone made of gemstone consists of “Amethyst” and “Citrine”. The Purple colour is derived from amethyst while the golden yellow hue is attributed to the presence of citrine crystal. The differential percentage of each gemstone crystal gives the bi-colour quartz gemstone its delightful appearance.

What are the various commercial names of the gemstone?

Bi-colour quartz gemstone or Ametrine derives its name from AMEthyst and ciTRINE. Popular names used in the commercial segment are:

  • Bicolour Amethyst
  • Bicolour Citrine
  • Amethyst-Citrine
  • Trystine
  • Bolivianite

The bi-colour quartz gemstone is called “Bolivianite” as it is the natural gemstone of Bolivia.

Significance of Bi-colour Quartz Beads

The owner of the gemstone experience:

  • Freshness in body and mind
  • Polished thoughts while communicating with spouse and business partners
  • Improved mood at work place and social eco-system
  • De-clogging of mental blockages and rejuvenated zeal to accept challenges in life
  • Willingness to enter into business of showmanship, entertainment and literature
  • Explore spiritual aspects in life

In order to gain maximum benefit of wearing the stone, it should be cut with a square facet. It fuses the properties of Amethyst and Citrine into one without affecting the energy levels of the individual.

Healing Properties of the Bi-Colour Quartz Beads

No two gemstones made of Bi-Colour amethyst will have the same colour. This makes it unique in appearance. The amethyst in the gemstone brings the healing effect while citrine is responsible for calming the effects of healing. This is the reason why it is also called as the “Balanced Stone” and “Energy Stone.” It promotes creativity, but the true importance is related to the way it heals Healing properties include”

  • Recovery from surgery
  • Recovery from serious accidents or burn
  • Revival in life after from attempts to commit suicide
  • Improved sexual coordination with partner or spouse
  • Improvement in Memory
  • Controlled Weight gain during pregnancy for a safe delivery
  • Improvement in dexterity and attention among kids and adults inflicted with ADHD

Applications in Life

Individuals who are facing hardships at the workplace due to stress and commitment issues can opt for the bi-colour quartz gemstone. It protects the person wearing it or owning it from getting affected by unfair practices at the workplace, partiality and cheating. It is also good for business where new projects and latent deals are concerned.

Multi Color Gemstone Necklace

You must have noticed rich ladies wearing beautiful necklaces with colored gemstone beads. Have you ever thought the reason behind wearing necklace with color beads? Most of you will have a simple answer, to make a style statement. Well, you are right but there is more to it, these women know that the right combination of color gemstone beads will bring success, happiness, wealth and good health in life. It is one of the biggest secrets of rich and famous. Even keeping it in home, office or business place will result in a change of fortune.

Why Colored Necklace?

Different kinds of beads can easily be embedded in a necklace to get the combined and balanced benefit of the power of different gemstone. When you wear the colored necklace then its strong energies radiate deep into your body. It removes obstructions like ill health, failure and negative force that are acting as barriers in life. Further, it will energize you, and increase your aura. Anyone meeting you can see and feel the natural radiance. It is the reason colored gemstone necklace comes up as the best means to attain the miracle benefits of precious stone beads in life.   Let us take a look at benefits of some of the popular colored gemstone beads used in Necklace.

Tourmaline Gemstone Beads:

Tourmaline Faceted Rondelle Gemstone Beads are available in array of colors like meadow green, pink, teal blue, yellow and black. The magic stone has “far infrared rays”, which are very powerful invisible rays of energy. It swiftly removes the negative ions from the body and detoxifies body and mind.

A look at benefits of having Tourmaline Faceted Rondelle Gemstone Beads in necklace

  • Relive Stress
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Increase alertness
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boost your mood

Blue Sapphire Beads:
The blue Sapphire symbolizes the planet Saturn. It is believed to be the fastest acting stone among nine powerful planetary gemstones. Its result can be seen within a short span of time. It is very helpful in getting rid of ill effects of planet Saturn.
A quick look at benefits of having Blue Sapphire Beads in necklace

  • Helps in fighting kidney disease, nerve problems and bone cancer.
  • Brings name, fame, prosperity, good health and wealth in life.
  • It protects from accidents, terror, and thieves. 
  • Also helpful in protecting from natural calamities.
  • Helps businessman, professionals and artists make a niche for themselves in their respective filed in a short period of time. 

Yellow sapphire Beads:
The yellow sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. It is very expensive gem. The person wearing it is bestowed with prosperity, peace, good health, name, fame and wisdom.  It protects the wearer from evil spirits.

A quick look at benefits of having yellow Sapphire Beads in necklace

  • Helps to come out of financial trouble.
  • Blesses with son.
  • Helps students to do extremely well in exam.
  • Protects from liver, hernia and piles diseases.  
  •  Resolves the problem of Sleep disorder.


If you want a blissful, protected and successful life then go for multi color Gemstone Necklace. To get the best result opt for only AAA grade quality gemstone. The quality, cut and size of gem play a very significant role in getting desired result.


Beer Quartz Gemstone: Ingredient for a Blissful Life

Beer Quartz Gemstone is one of the most popular mineral items from the quartz family. It is classified among the list of semi-precious stones with high value antiquity. The gemstone and beads made of Beer quartz are used in the making of jewellery and hard stone carvings. The rough surfaces of the semi-precious item is finely processed and then cut into exquisite pieces. They can be customized into beautiful patterns and shapes.

Beer quartz gemstone is found in quarries of granite, shale, sandstone and quartzite found in USA, Canada, India and Sri Lanka.

Compared to other quartz gemstones, the finished gemstone made of Beer quartz has:

  • Smooth surface
  • Eloquent designs and patterns
  • Lightweight structure
  • Easy maintainability
  • Long-lasting sheen and polished look
  • Fine cuts

Physical characteristics of the Beer Quartz gemstone:

Quartz gemstones have a variable colour hue. Beer quartz beads have a hexagonal pyramid crystalline structure with fine grain micro-crystals. The twinning observed in the Beer quartz gemstone follow the Common Dauphine Law or the Brazil Law. The tenacity of the gemstone is brittle with indistinct conchoidal fracturing along the cleavage. The hardness is reasonably high compared to that of the other members of the Quartz family. At 7 on the Mohs scale, this ornamental item can be etched only by diamond or corundum. The six-sided prism structure of the Beer quartz gemstone forms a bed into the void space of the crystal giving it a clear appearance.

Benefits of wearing Beer Quartz Beads:

Quartz is a “Balancing Stone” that covers every aspect of life. In order to foster balance in life, the gemstone is worn in a pendant, amulet or in a ring. The healing properties of the Beer Quartz gemstone are utilized in following conditions:

  • Soothing the issues of stomach, liver and colon
  • Heal injuries and burn marks
  • Improve Nervous coordination between the brain and the muscles
  • Nourish the growing foetus during pregnancy
  • Improve hormone levels

Psychological issues are also cured by wearing the gemstone rings made of Beer Quartz. It aligns the emotional cycle with karmic and mental sphere of an individual.

Special Therapeutic effect of Beer Quartz

Beer Quartz attracts all the seven colours of the spectrum and imbibes it with the body and soul of the person wearing the gemstone. All imbalances related to the colour are smoothened by the beads. The Beer Quartz beads are often worn with other gemstones like:

  • Emerald
  • Indigo
  • Sapphire
  • Carnelian
  • Citrine
  • Onyx
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst

Before wearing the quartz gemstone, always consult with the stone therapy experts.

Tips to wear Quartz beads

If you are planning to wear the beads made of Beer Quartz, ensure that you follow the tips:

  • Never wear the beads with a metal clasp, chain or thread.
  • The metal parts neutralize the energy levels of the Beer Quartz and reduce its action.
  • If you are wearing the gemstone or the beads at night, don’t expose it to the outside world. Hide it conveniently under your attire.



Black Moonstone: Tap the Glow and Purity of Cosmic Powers

The glow of the moon has always inspired humans to seek perfection and purity in Life. The Black Moonstone Gemstone is an extension of that poetic reference in nature. The soothing gemstone brings soothing effect into life. Overcoming difficult situations with Black Moonstone beads becomes very easy as it has the power to transform grave situations overnight. The soft stone ranks low in the Mohs scale with a score of 6. Delicate and beautiful, the Moonstone Gemstone requires elaborate care and attention. Ideal for the individuals born in the months of October and November, the gemstone is recommended to those having the zodiac sign of Cancer and Aries.


Physical appearance

The black Moonstone gemstone has a dull appeal with cloudy bluish tinge. Sometimes, the gemstone showcases a milky shade too giving it a “Yin-Yang” characteristic. Known to connect with every Chakra in the human body, the stone is used as a medicinal item as well as an ornament. It has a monolithic crystalline structure which makes it susceptible to fractures along cleavage lines.

Significance of the Moonstone gemstone

Black gemstone is called the “Oracle Stone” and the “Fertility stone” owing to its effect on love, affection and future of a relationship. Owners who wear black gemstone experience prosperity in marriage and progeny. In Roman and Chinese culture, the bride was gifted a Black Moonstone gemstone on the first night of marriage for good fortune and protection from evil forces. Sometimes, it is also called as the “Virginity Stone” for its purity and fidelity.

Wearing the Moonstone beads on a full moon night harmonizes the Negative energy around the owner and transforms into optimism and positivity.

Sibling varieties of the Black Moonstone Gemstone

Other than the black varieties, the following Moonstone gemstones are equally popular and appealing.

  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Grey Moonstone
  • Peach Moonstone
  • Blue Moonstone
  • White Moonstone

Every single Moonstone bead has vital significance owing to the different colours derived by chemical compositions containing impurities in the form of oxides, sulphates and carbonates.

Who should use the Moonstone gemstone?

Individuals with disturbed aura are recommended to wear the Black Moonstone Gemstone and beads. The white moonstone is associated with masculinity while the black moonstone beads are linked to feminine characteristics of the Universe. People engaged as following professionals benefit maximum from wearing the moonstone beads.

  • Mining
  • Fire service
  • Military service
  • Sailors
  • Pilots
  • Politicians
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Bull fighters
  • Excavators
  • Lawyers

Those engaged in creating news or work as reporters/ journalists also earn safety from the harsh environment and terrorist attacks by wearing the gemstone beads.

It has intuitive properties and enhances the telepathic communication among those involved in fights, relationships or are siblings. Parents use the stone to build a strong faith around their children, especially during the difficult phase of teenage years.

Where are they found?

Black Moonstone gemstone is resourced from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Canada and USA. Synthetic gemstones are manufactured in Spain, Italy, Germany and Russia.



Explore the Power of Dual coloured Quartz with Ametrine Gemstones

Considered as a very rare and extraordinary stone, Ametrine gemstone usually occurs with quartz in its amethyst and citrine crystals. The most curious aspect about wearing the gemstone is that no two amterines have same physical appearance. In a way, it is a naturally customized item. They were mined exclusively from the remote locations of Bolivia. Till the end of 19th century, Anahi Mines in Bolivia was the only natural source of Ametrine gemstone where it appeared with quartz deposits. Today, it is included in the beads made of amethyst and Citrine for accumulating therapeutic relief from depression, anxiety, sexual discord and heart burns.


Popular trade names and Physical appearance

Ametrine gemstone is also known as Bolivianite and Trystine. It has ambiguous shades of purple and yellow cloud. In some exotic varieties, the beads also have orange and pink shades induced in it like a suspension. The stones extracted from the mines in India have lighter shades than their counterparts dug out from Bolivia. The rates of oxidation and the gradient of temperature at which they are formed have a significant impact on their physical properties and the colour.

The tag of Power Stone

Ametrine gemstone is a rare power stone. One reason why you should buy beads made of this stone is because of its uncertainty of it availability in the future. The Ametrine beads stimulate creativity and stir the courage in one’s life to take charge of the situation. It is recommended by the leading gem scientists and astrologers in following conditions.

  • Recover from breach of trust by spouse, family members, business partners or by government
  • Earn safety from mishaps and terrorist attacks
  • Enhance the protection barrier around life and property
  • Enhance sexual prowess and achieve fulfilment of bliss
  • Control negative emotions and thoughts
  • Promote optimism
  • Improve concentration

Things to note before buying Ametrine Gemstones Beads

  • The gemstone tends to wear out in terms of colour, texture and hardness with time. It needs professional cleaning and polishing routine in every 4-5 years.
  • Buy a gemstone with the traditional 50/50 cut on the colour split. They have a checker board colour quality with very good quality.
  • Check for blemishes and inclusions that look artificial.
  • Refrain from buying green or blue shades as they are artificial stones.

Who will benefit from wearing Ametrine Beads?
Ametrine transforms the personality of the person wearing it. The following group of individuals will benefit the most:

  • New artists
  • Students
  • Sports person
  • Politicians
  • Philosophers
  • People expected to undergo a surgery soon
  • Diabetics and heart patients