The Perfect Gemstones for an Impeccable Engagement Ring

With wedding seasons coming up, there are chances that you are lately seeing a lot of engagement rings, some of which make you feel envious. There’s not one magazine these days that doesn’t show celebrities wearing a big, bold diamond ring, with a diamond so large that it looks like it should be floating in a cocktail. If you then decide to buy a diamond ring for your fiancée and think this would impress her, then believe us it won’t.

A simple reason for their not being impressed by your idea is that they always love to put on something unique and a diamond ring is no longer something that is unique. Today women want bigger more important looking rings, and larger center stones – which equate to higher carat weights and therefore, much higher prices.

The Idea is… Get Colored Engagement Rings!!!

Engagement or wedding proposal is the first step. An engagement proposal is not complete without an engagement ring. How do we go in selecting the perfect ring for her?

A popular trend, however, is one that’s helping some women get the important look they want in an engagement ring without driving their fiancé into the poor house – Color! Gemstones are most preferred stones for engagement rings and wedding rings. The beauty of the ring depends on the center stone. Gemstones are desirable when it comes to center stones. It's fashionable. You can choose any colors such as blue, red, white, purple, green, orange, blue-violet, brown and black. Depending on the gemstones you chose. Each gemstone has a specific month or defined as birthstones. Popular are Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies, Aquamarine, Pearls, Amethyst and a lot more. 



It would not be hard for you to choose the perfect gemstone for your woman's engagement or wedding ring. Based on this information you have the opportunity to learn more about beautiful gemstones. There are a lot of choices to offer as far as colored gemstone rings are concerned.  From the colors, sizes, clarity of stones, cut up to the metal bands used. You can even select your own styles, ring setting, designs and personalized it. That's how trendy and fashionable gemstones are.

Select the stone that impresses you the most and also find out how its magical and aesthetical powers will affect your life; once you’re fully satisfied, buy the gemstone and make the most beautiful ring for yourself or for the one you love. Tell them your heart is invested in them with a perfect ring of your choice.

How to Select Your Signature Gemstone Beads

Jewelry impresses all women and the latest trend is personalized jewelry items; this unique and wonderful design of jewelry lets you put it signature on almost everything that you wear. Gemstone studded jewelry quickly adds a flash of colors to your ears, fingers, wrist and neck. However when it comes to the selection of one signature gemstone, it is always important to find out the pros and cons of wearing a particular gemstone. The most important thing about selecting gemstone studded jewelry is finding gems that speak to you on a personal level.



Here are the points that you should consider before selecting your signature gemstone:

  • Consider your Birthstone: Birthstones are a representation of the month in which you were born, and each month has a minimum of two natural gemstones for you to choose from. Stone jewelry represents the month of your birth. For example: choosing opal rings and bracelets represent the month of October, Ruby is the birthstone for July etc.

  • Choose from Colors: Admits a collection of hundreds of varieties of gemstones, choosing your gemstone can be difficult. But if you select gemstones based on their color it will be a lot more easily. Find the gemstones that best personify you. Lovers of sea blue can fully appreciate gorgeous aquamarine gems; look for aquamarine rings, earrings and pendants. If you prefer serene and mysterious black jewelry, indulge in onyx rings and bracelets.

  •  Embrace the gemstone heritage: Most gemstones available these days have strong cultural ties, and wearing them can connect you to your heritage or a culture that you admire. For example: Jade has been an important part of Chinese culture since 6,000 B.C., and various jade gemstones represent many Asian civilizations. Jade rings, pendants and earrings bring mysticism to your jewelry collection. A turquoise bracelet can remind you of your Western United States roots.

  •  Involve in the legend: Each gemstone has a particular legend associated with it and it can be really interesting to know about these legends.  Their stunning beauty and natural occurrence easily inspire dreamers. For example: If you love stories about Greek gods, consider adding amethyst gems to your jewelry collection. Amethyst was thought by ancient Greeks to ward off drunkenness and the imaginative Greeks believed that Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, created this beautiful purple stone.

    Your gemstone studded jewelry should be exactly like you want it to be; therefore the selection of gemstones should be done with extreme care and should be based on your research about it and the various things it is associated with.

The Advantages of Buying Gemstone Beads from Wholesale Manufacturers

Jewelers generally have maximum knowledge of ornaments and accessories compared to those who’re buying them. Accessories and ornaments get a new look all together when studded with gemstones. As far as buying gems is concerned, their price is on the ascending part and it always helps the buyer if he/she buys beads from a wholesale manufacturer.



Here are the reasons why you should you buy gemstone beads only from a wholesale manufacturer:

  1. Variety: You can get a large variety of gemstone beads when buying them from a wholesaler manufacturer. This is mainly because a wholesaler has a huge variety of gemstones available at his store and you can choose from a collection of hundreds of them. You’re thus open to several choices and can come up with the best for you.

  2. Quality: You do not have to worry about the quality of gemstones when buying from a wholesale manufacturer because they make gems from the raw material and only the best portion is selected from the entire raw material. Absolutely no mix and match is done in quality and you’ll get 100% pure gemstones in AAA quality.

  3. Customizable: When you buy gems from a wholesaler, you can ask him to give you the gem of the desired shape and size, which means you can get them customized as per your requirements and there is nothing you have to worry about. You can buy both loose gemstone or gemstone studded jewelry, but everything as per your own customizations.

  4. They Never run out of stock: The best thing about buying gemstone beads from wholesale manufacturers is that they never run out of stock, so you can buy as many pieces of the same jewelry.  Plus, even if you buy it once from them, you can always come back asking them to design the same for you again.

  5. Price: Most people avoid buying costly gemstone beads only because of their high prices, but if you come in contact with wholesalers of beads you’ll see that their prices are much lower compared to what you get with most retailers. The reason behind this is that wholesaler’s get their large stocks in one go at low prices and therefore even if they look for some benefit, they’ll sell you gems for a few more dollars but that is still less compared to the prices with the retailers.


Quality Factors of Amethyst

Amethyst, the most talked of stone, is one of the prized quartz variety for centuries. There was a time when amethyst was available on to royalty, but now its plentiful supplies have made is widely available in modern times. Amethyst’s availability and affordability has made it the gemstone bead that can be used in mass-market jewelry as well as in designing custom jewelry. For these reasons amethyst has become one of the world’s most popular colored gemstones, certainly the most commercial and important gem-quality quartz variety.



Here the factors that will help you determine the quality of Amethyst:

·    Color: Note that the finest quality of amethyst is a strong reddish purple or just purple with no visible color zoning. Dealers somehow always prefer strongly saturated reddish purple to dark purple color of the gemstone, as long as the stone is not so dark that it simply reduces the brightness. In case the color of the stone is too dark, it starts giving a black look under dim lighting conditions. Ant brownish or bronze color in the gemstone tints in an Amethyst’s purple color or shows a noticeable color zoning, which lowers its value dramatically.

·    Clarity: Clarity is an important factor to determine the quality of the gemstone, in talking of Amethyst you’ll see that most of the faceted amethyst available in the market is eye-clean, meaning that it lacks eye-visible illusions. However, due to the stone’s remarkable color, this is considered acceptable in a faceted stone. Eye-clean material of the same color is more valuable.

·    Cut: Cut of the gemstone is another important thing that needs to be taken care of. Amethyst is cut into a variety of standard shapes and cutting styles. These shapes include faceted rondelle, faceted rectangle, flat pear briolette, faceted rounds, chandelier briolette etc.

·    Carat Weight: Amethyst is available in all size ranges for setting into a variety of jewelry styles. It’s popular as a large center stone since the price per carat does not rise dramatically with larger size. Amethyst is also commonly found in calibrated cuts, which means they’re cut precisely to standard industry sizes, in all qualities.

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The Graff Exhibition to Display Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

Graff, like every year in the past has been actively involved in creating a remarkable journey of gemstones, through its very famous Graff exhibitions. It showcases its rare jewels at a number of occasions and for Baselworld 2015 Graff Diamonds is planning to unveil an elaborate brooch made with several layers of sapphire and diamond beads.  A combination of both these beads will reveal a petite watch that will be embellished with more diamonds and sapphires.

2015 is the second consecutive year when the London-based luxury jeweler will exhibit at Baselworld. Last year, it celebrated its first year at the world’s largest watch and jewelry tradeshow by unveiling the $55 million “Hallucination” ladies watch covered in 110 carats of fancy colored diamonds.



The sapphire and diamond brooch we’re talking of will unveil this years’ complex piece with its multiple layers of beaded tassels which make it suitable for the brooch to be worn in three ways:

·        As a single piece

·        As individual brooches

·        As a single brooch with a tassel

The brooch has been made using more than 330 carats of sapphires and 40 carats of diamonds and if you take a look of this brooch you would understand that it took many months to make this beautiful, elegant and fantabulous piece. Framing the tassel are two ornate brooches with pear shape sapphires at their centers embraced by an arrangement of white diamonds united by five rows of sapphire and diamond beads.

Baselworld will be held from March 19 – 26 in Basel, Switzerland.

4 Most Commonly Used Gemstones in Worldstock Jewelry

If you know a lot about jewelry, you’ll probably know that some of the real beautiful and unique jewelry designs come from the skilled Worldstock artisans. These artisans have the experience in creating their jewelry using local materials and centuries-old traditions. Some of these unique designs include bright, beautiful gemstone beads, in order to give them the necessary looks.

Here’s a look into the most popular and common gemstone beads that are used to create some exclusive worldstock jewelry:

  1.  Pearls: Pearls are the riches merchandise of all and the most sovereign commodity throughout the world.  After diamond, pearls are the only gemstone beads that have practically fascinated mankind more than anything else. The oldest known pearl necklace is more than 4,000 years old. Pearls are commonly found in oceans in Asia and the South Pacific and included in many beautiful jewelry pieces.

  2. Turquoise: If you’re born in the month of December and all around you was snow, then, you should put your head on the turquoise blue. It has been the ornamental stone for years owing to its unique hue. Unlike all the other stones, Turquoise is one stone that appears in all the heavenly colors, varying from aqua blue to light azure green.

  3. Quartz: Available in a range of colors and throughout the world, quartz is a popular choice for artisans. From creamy white to deep smoky grey, it has a wide appeal. Other common gemstones are also varieties of quartz, including amethyst, citrine and aventurine, all of which are popular in native and world jewelry because of their bright colors.

  4. Coral: Corals, which take many hundred years to be crafted by nature under water are very much similar in structure to pearls but different in their appearance. The romance of the ocean is brought into the lives of the jewelry lovers by coral. The distinguishing characteristics that coral owns are its durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton which is used to prepare fine jewelry. The unmatched beauty and dwindling supply of corals shad lead to making it one of the most coveted accessory for bold and beautiful women



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Enhancing Your Love for Jewelry - Try Studded Items

Considering and believing that jewelry is a woman’s first love, men by now must have concluded that the only way to please a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife or a mother is to but her something that she’ll love- and it is nothing else but some trendy jewelry!!!

She will not only love to wear it but will love more to flaunt it in her friends. Other than her she will fetch at least hundred more women who will praise your effort and you. Well, there’s no need keeping a bitter heart and buy her a present of her choice.

Nothing initially was better than giving her a shimmering gold set. How about now buying ‘studded jewelry’? Yes!!! This is exactly what we’re saying, studded jewelry is the latest trend and she will love to wear it. You too have options to choose from; choose either some nice gemstone studded earrings or a three piece set.

So as to make complex shopping easier shopping easier for you, you can choose a gemstone of her or your choice, and then pick up some nice design and then gift her an amazing personalized jewelry set. We are sure that there could be nothing that could make her happier than such a present.

Whereas, studded earrings would consist of earrings with beautiful gemstones, a three piece set would include a pair of earrings and a pendant. It wouldn’t matter if you’re a lover of plain and stunning jewelry or of shimmer or glitter of gemstones, because in both cases you get to choose what is it that you wish to wear.

The mesmerizing three piece studded jewelry set will certainly charm you with grace and beauty of eternity. It will undoubtedly give you the classic and elegant outlook, and these three pieces of jewelry will reflect pure beauty encompassed with scintillating style.

We suggest that you choose something that is carved out by trained and professional artisans, who implement traditional methodologies to recreate the original oomph and charm of jewelry items. You will get an enchanting variety with these artisans.



Honestly speaking you should never miss out on any chance that makes you look beautiful and for that if you choose to wear… This is why you should always go for some golden studded earrings with glistering gemstone beads. The exquisite earrings will help to transform your personality and elevate the outlook that you held until you started to wear them.

And now on a serious note, we understand that must be worrying as to how much these would cost, so all you need to do is choose a jeweler who does not rip you and your dreams apart. Cost is undoubtedly a big concern and therefore giving up on the jewelry that you choose only because it is costly doesn’t sound too good. Take suggestion from your friends and only after having done a complete survey about the jeweler should be actually go in there and purchase.

After all she has been an obedient daughter, a caring sister, a loving girlfriend, an understanding wife and the best mother. Take a step for her; buy for her the gift that brings a smile on her face.

The Type of Jewelry Women Love

Women’s love for jewelry is a forever thing and jewelries have been famous since the time of early civilizations began happening. There were times when jewelry was an ornament of the upper class only and the wealthy people were the only ones to showcase their coveted possessions. But as time changed, more people could possess jewelry and now the upper middle class. As far as the lower class was concerned, they too have a certain love for jewelry and they used only natural materials to make jewelry.

Everyday there are certain events that become an excuse for women to wear jewelry and every event that takes place calls for women to shop more. Whether women are looking for a simple piece of jewelry or a really big piece of chunky jewelry there has to be a certain manufacturer or retailer that is always right for you to buy jewelry from. Even if it is a simple jewelry, one thing that adds more to its grace is beautiful gemstone beads. While you may choose your own gemstone based on the month of your birth or considering its magical and aesthetical powers.



Gemstone studded jewelry always appeals to women since it maintains it simple and funky look as per the call for events. If we talk of the place for you to buy gemstone beads then there’s no better option than Ratna Sagar Jewels, the manufacturers of more than hundred varieties of gemstones in about 50 shapes.

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Essentials in Making Gemstone Jewelry

Everyone loves gemstones and they all have a certain affection for gemstone studded jewelry, but what people forget most of the time is to take proper care of their jewelry or gemstones to keep them longer. No matter the kind or color of gemstones that you like or prefer, each gemstone needs to be maintained properly. There are however some people who usually forget about their gemstones once they purchase it, and no proper care is taken. Regardless of the case, one needs to make sure that all the gemstones are properly taken care of in order to avoid any problems in future.

This is an important point even for those who’re manufacturing or selling gemstone jewelry. However if you’re a buyer you must make sure you have done a lot of research before you land up in one jewelry store. Make sure you know the right prices and can bargain enough to buy the gemstone/jewelry of your choice. If you’re looking for diamonds, sapphires or other precious gemstone beads then look for a provider both online and offline.

You may end up finding a good manufacturer or seller online, who provides gemstones at a lesser cost than what, was available online.Different types of gemstone beads have their own (unique) properties and the way to take care of gemstones varies from gemstone to gemstone. For example, diamonds, sapphires and other hard gemstone beads do not require you to take them off every day, or wash them or keep them in a closed box. Since these gemstones are hard in nature, therefore they’re not prone to risks and quick damage. Whereas in the case of pearls, it is very important to handle them with utmost care and keep them stored in a clean and tight box.

If you’re getting your jewelry customized, then make sure you choose only the gemstones that you think are perfect for you; while perfect here means that they should suite you both as magically and aesthetically.You may pick a gemstone and a shape from the online store of Ratna Sagar Jewels where you find a unique collection of precious and Semi Precious gemstone beads.

Jewelry Collection - Straight from Grammy’s Awards 2015

We’ve all heard the famous world “When words leaf off, music begins.” Music is in the beautiful souls of beautiful ladies!!! True representations of timeless Hollywood beauties we all witnessed a stunning collection of gemstone jewelry and other sparkling accessories.

This blog brings for you the stunning jewelry collection of Hollywood divas, straight from Grammy’s Awards 2015.  The award function presented outstanding fashion this Sunday evening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was an obvious night to remember with star-studded celebrities captivating audiences with their gorgeous outfits and bold looks. We’re selecting the few famous and beautiful looks and jewelry of these ladies.

Rihanna stole the show that night with her real princess like look in a pink flouncy gown, encompassing five times the area around her body. She wore an incredibly breathtaking dress, which glued others eyes to her dress.  Keeping a neat bun hairdo, Rihanna accessorized her ears with dazzling floral diamond earrings and petite studs on her upper piercings.

Lady Gaga shined excessively in metallic white. She flaunted her tattooed back in a deep-seated silver dress and she stole the spotlight with exquisite emeralds to adorn her neck and ears.

Katy Perry sizzled in a glassy and glitzy outfit and she kept it matching with sparkling white diamond earrings. Katy’s purple hair turned heads and we must say she looked a real beauty that night.

Beyoncé Knowles, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj all showed their immense love for emeralds. Beyoncé expressed her intense love for emerald through chandelier earrings and oversized rich green gemstones on her fingers.

The lady who looked quite daring in her dress, Madonna, displayed her offbeat style via a pair of black and white spiked earrings.

Let’s not forget our favorite Taylor Swift, who opted for a marine and teal design. She arrived in a greenish-blue designer gown contrasted with fuchsia heels. Swift added a pop of aqua colors with magnificent stacked rings and azure, ultramarine earrings.


Taylor Swift looked gorgeous in black opal, paraiba and intense pink diamond earrings and a black opal ring


This was just a little look into Grammys Awards; the real part for us is YOU!!! At Ratna Sagar Jewels you’ll get an amazing collection of gemstone beads at really affordable prices.

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