A look at Top 3 Types Of Artificial Gemstones

Before buying gems, it might often become important to distinguish between lab grown gems and synthetic gems. You might even come across the word created gemstones. Well, the combination of these things might often make you confused. Here is a detailed explanation of these varieties in terms of gemstones.

1 - Synthetic Gemstones-

Synthetic is used interchangeably with many terms like artificial, lab made or man-made. In any case these refer to the gemstones that have been grown in labs and not in nature. Different processes are used for synthesizing gems so that they can make mimic of the natural gemstone with the same ingredients found in them. Synthetic emerald beads might thus be real emerald but not natural emerald. Based on the processes used, they might have some flaws and inclusions compared to the natural ones. In any case, distinguishing between natural and synthetic might be very difficult. 

2 - Simulated Gemstones-

The gemstones that are synthesized in labs for imitating the natural stones can be referred to as simulated stones. Not all of these stones are synthetic. Sometimes, one natural stone might be presented as another kind. Regardless its origin, these are made to look like another gemstone. At times, they are often called imitations. A garnet simulating a ruby might be a real garnet but a fake ruby. 

3 - Created Gemstones-

A synthetic stone might be both real and not natural. This distinction might often be difficult to make, but they often closely resemble synthetic or manmade gemstones. Several gemstone treatments are used to improve the natural gemstone. For instance, heat is used to improve color. Well, if a natural gem receives a treatment, it can be considered as a synthetic or a created gem. 

The synthetic or created gemstones have been in the market for a long time. They are mostly used for ornamental and attractive purposes. This is because in most cases, they do not provide any astrological benefits. On the contrary, they can bring about negative impacts. The simulated ones have been in the market from the since people have started valuing gems. Many people often make the mistake of considering an older stone to be a natural stone. This might not be true in every case. It is important to make the right distinction.

Some sellers are honest enough to specify the type of gem they are selling. On the other hand, other vendors might not disclose the same. Hence, it is crucial for every buyer to be aware of the same and refrain from making any mistake. Moreover, natural stones are highly priced compared to the synthetic or the simulated stones. However, there is again a variation in price of the synthetic ones based on the nature of processes used for synthesizing the gems. 

It is always a wise idea to acquire some ideas in advance regarding the various treatments, price as well as the procedures adopted for gems. On the basis of that, purchasing will be easier and buyers will be completely satisfied.       

Top 5 Cutting Mechanism Of Gemstones famous with Gem lovers

Working with stone is an art, and this art form is known as lapidary. However, this procedure is used while working with small gems. There are different types of gem cutting techniques that are applied for different types of gems. These include cabbing, tumbling, carving and faceting. In addition to that, there are innumerable ways of assembling the stones in patterns of mosaic. Hence, these are used to make jewelries, ornamental objects and boxes. 

In this article, we will discuss about the different types of processes involved in gem cutting. 

1 - Tumbling-

This is the simplest form of cutting gems. The rough material is put in a barrel and finer abrasives are used to obtain a polish. The level of polish is higher compared to what happens to the rocks in a stream. It is easy to do and offers sensational results. These tumbled stones can be easily turned into jewelry.

2 - Cabochon cutting-

Cutting cabs or cabochon cutting is one of the most common forms of cutting gems. The gems are cut with a flat bottom and curved on the top. After cutting, these cabs or gems attain a distinct value, especially based on the material from where they are cut. This process of cutting is something that everyone can master with practice.

3 - Faceting- 

This style of cutting brings the maximum profit making potential. After cutting, it turns the stone into a faceted gem. The surface is covered with geometrically arranged and flat surfaces, and each of these surfaces is called facets. Hence, the gem can also be referred to as multifaceted. The main purpose of this procedure is to bring out the brilliance in the piece of gem. Light enters the stone and it is reflected at the bottom. This cutting process is undoubtedly associated with lots of challenges, but it is certainly one of the greatest art forms. 

4 - Carving-

It is the most challenging of all the processes involved in gem cutting. Very few recognized experts are found in this field. The experts require a distinct artistic sense along with the thorough understanding of the lapidary principles. Often, the materials create limit in carving them to a desirable shape. However, different types of carving can be done, and one of them is cameo. They are cut from sea shells and these can be carved from any material. 

5 - Shapes Of Gemstones:

You will find several fancy shaped gemstones. These shapes can include anything from round, rectangle, cross, square, oval or tear drops. In faceting, the standard shapes are round, rectangle or square. Ovals are fancy shapes because they take more effort than cutting a round. On the other hand, pear and heart-shaped gems require more work. Apart from that, there are several faceting styles and these are made on the basis of several calculations. 

Based on the standards of cuts, these are given different names like round brilliants and emerald cuts. You need to recognize several variations in their cuts and shapes. Hence, there is no end to what an artist can do to the shape and cut of a stone.  

Top 3 Factors That Determine Quality Of Opal

Opal is one of the most commonly known gemstones for its amazing characteristics and brilliant color. However, these stones can vary in terms of their color and quality. Each gem can differ noticeably just like finger prints. There are some crucial aspects that determine the quality of the stone. These include the color, the pattern and the clarity. The background color and play of colors are considered in color while arrangement of these colors is considered in pattern. In clarity, the transparency and quantity of inclusion is considered. 

Let us discuss these factors in detail so that you get a valuable insight into the quality of the stone. 

1 - Color-

It is important to understand that the hues of opal gemstone beads can vary across the range of the spectrum. At times, it might display a single color, sometimes, multiple colors and sometimes all the colors in a rainbow. Along with the background color, it might even display a play of color. The background color is also known as body color, and it is caused due to the suspension of impurities in the silica spheres. 

In fact, the classification of opal is made on the basis of background colors. Some of these colors are more prized than the others. Some buyers are also known to favor black background color because it stands out in a dark background. In addition to that, the play of color is also significant in determining the appearance. Regardless the color or the combination, the play of color should be vivid.

2 - Pattern-

The exact arrangement of the play of color in opal is the color. It can take many forms. Closely arranged patches are more preferable over tiny color patches. Moreover, when the colors are bright, the stone becomes valuable. In addition to that, it is also crucial to check the extinction of dead spots while evaluating the pattern. Dead spot is referred to a particular area in gem where no play of color appears and there is visibility of only the background color. 

3 - Clarity-

Clarity is the degree of transparency and the clarity can range from transparent to opaque. Different types of opal have different levels of clarities. In crystal opals, transparency is preferred while in black opal, an opaque background is preferable. As an individual type of opal, each displays the best background. However, if the background is cloudy or milky, the value of the stone is lowered. The gem becomes less attractive and might signal lack of appropriate stability. 

There are lots of characteristics in clarity that greatly affect the value of the stone. Opal can have fractures, pits and other blemishes in surfaces. Moreover, it might often contain the fragments of its host rock. Lack of moisture can result in the development of cracks and resemble the web of a spider. 

These are top three common factors considered for determining the quality. The other factors include cut, carat weight and the assembled opals, which are the doublet and triplet. Knowing these things can help you in a proper buying decision.     

Top 8 Super Miraculous Benefits of Wearing Coral Gemstones

Red Coral gemstone is a naturally occurring gemstone, and it is considered as the stone of Mars, as per the Indian Vedic Astrology. Mars is referred to as the planet of vitality, blood circulation and ambition. Wearing the coral is said to boost the richness of energy, vitality and ambition in the horoscope of a person. Red coral is a skeleton like deposit that is found in quiet waters in depths ranging from 20 feet to 1000 feet. 

You must be aware that wearing a gemstone that suits your planet can change your fortune and your whole life. People with zodiac sign Aquarius can wear this stone. It can bring lots of good fortune and good health to the wearer, as a whole. 

Below is a list of some of the top benefits that you can expect to get from this gemstone:

1. It can help in achieving victory over enemies and any other forms of adversities. It gives necessary courage to overcome the obstacles and get complete victory.

2. It can even help in overcoming laziness and procrastination. Therefore, the wearer can take each task logically and tries to bring a logical conclusion to the same. This in turn also helps in overcoming any form of delay.

3. It brings with it some of the amazing effects of healing. Different eruptions in the face like acne, boils and other skin conditions occurring due to blood impurities can heal from this gemstone. It even offers protection against cuts, bruises, wounds and injuries. 

4. It can create a great impact on the overall mental health. The robust gemstone can help in overcoming different symptoms of mental depression and listlessness. In addition to that, it even brings a ray of hope, energy and vigor. It helps in overcoming fear and can help in boosting self-esteem, as a whole.  

5. With adverse position of Mars and finding difficulty in dealing with temperamental issues can also wear this stone. It can certainly help in improving these conditions like lack of patience and anger problems. 

6. People who are in huge debts can also wear this precious coral gemstone beads in order to help in debt repayment. 

7. If you experience any kind of challenge in dealing with interpersonal relationship this stone is again the right option for you. However, make sure that you wear the stone after conducting a thorough analysis of your birth chart astrologically. 

8. The red coral can even support the effective strengthening of marital relationship and long life of spouse. It protects a woman from widowhood, but it should be worn only after thorough astrological analysis.

Therefore, you can consult with an astrologer in order to determine whether this stone is ideally suitable for you, as per your planetary position and horoscope. Red coral beads stone is available from many dealers. However, it is crucial to make sure that you buy it from a reliable seller so that you are assured of the quality and richness of the stone. Consequently, you can expect to get benefits from it.  

Top 5 Tips to Buy the Very Best Diamond

If you are looking for a diamond that will give you complete value of your money, you need to know the stone very well. There are thousands of sellers selling diamond gemstone, but not all are reliable. It is important to find a reliable seller to get the right piece. ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, and hence you should select your piece carefully. It is crucial for you to be aware of the cuts, types, and the hue of diamonds so that you can go for the most suitable option. If you have the basic information about the diamonds available, it would be quite easy for you to choose the best. In addition to that, you can expect to get a proper valuation of the piece of jewelry. 

1-Factors To Consider:

In this context, it is significant to note that hosts of factors can come into play when it comes to buying diamonds. Here are few of the factors that you should not fail to consider in this context.

2-Giving Attention To The Cuts:

The cut of the stone is the most prominent factor while choosing any item of diamond. Numerous cuts are used for varying jewelries, and these are used differently by various designers. However, instead of focusing on the cuts in terms of shape, you should consider the symmetry and the polish after the cut. Light and transparency should be reflected through the stone by means of which the stone can look brilliant. Some of the prominent cuts you can find in the market are Round Brilliant Cut, Oval Cut Diamond, Princess Cut, Pear Shaped, Marquise Cut, Cushion Cut Diamond, etc.

3-Proper Setting:

The next important consideration to make is the setting or mounting of the cut in a particular piece of jewelry. In fact, this can certainly determine the overall look and feel of the ring. Regardless, the brilliancy of the cut, if the setting is not appropriate, the stone will not look valuable. Hence, you should be careful in choosing the best setting. Some of the common and valuable settings are Bezel, Burnish, Bead, Prong, Tension, Channel, and Faux Tension.

4-Attention To The Style:

Do not forget to consider the form and style of the stone. You have the flexibility to choose from a huge array of forms. Some of the trendy forms that are available in the market today include Solitaire, Bridal Sets, Solitaire with Side Accents, Triple Stone Rings, Promise Rings, Trio comprising of three rings, etc.

5-Significance Of Color, Size and Weight 

The color is also a factor that you should choose with special care. If you want to go for flawless diamonds, you will find that technically they are colorless and transparent. However, they have a brilliant sheen in them. On the other hand, colored diamonds like red are rare and these are very beautiful to look at.

In any case, the real value of a diamond lies in its weight and size. This is quite similar to any other gemstones. The weight and size of a diamond should be proportional to each other. When the weight is more, the size is larger and vice versa. 

Top 3 Must Tips To Follow While Buying Gemstone

Success and happiness are things that everyone is running after in today’s date. In today’s busy lives where there is trouble and suffering all around, success has almost become a relative concept. However, many people have found out alternate ways by means of which they can pave the way towards success. It is often said that gemstones are some of the major turning factors that can bring success, happiness and prosperity in the lives of individuals. In this context, it is crucial to note that any gemstone would not work for any person. It is crucial to get the right gemstone suitable for every individual. Moreover, wearing the stone on the correct finger also brings a huge difference. 

1 - Gemstones According To Planet:

Different gemstones are related to different planets. People, who are related to a particular planet will benefit from the gemstone that is related to his planet. Ruby is ideal for planet sun, pearl is for moon. In a similar way, emerald beads signifies Mercury, Red corals beads is good for planet Mars. While yellow sapphire Gemstone matches with Jupiter, diamond is ideal for Venus and Blue sapphire is ideal for Saturn. Therefore, before going for any gemstone, it is important for you to know the planet to which you belong. This in turn will help you in identifying the ideal gemstone suitable for you.

In order to maximize the effect of a particular planet, you need to wear the gemstone associated with the planet. On the basis of that, you can look forward to obtaining happiness and success. 

2 - Determining The Ideal Finger:     

Moreover, different gemstones should be worn in different fingers in order to get maximum effects from the same. Wearing a particular stone on a wrong finger can lead to negative effects or it can show no result, at all. Hence, you should be careful.

Index finger- This is the ideal finger for Jupiter. Therefore, when you wear yellow sapphire, you should wear it in your index finger.

Middle finger- This finger is related to Saturn, Rahu and Venus. Therefore, the related gemstones namely blue sapphire, hessonite and diamond respectively should be worn in the middle finger.

Ring finger- This finger belongs to the Planet Sun and Mars. Therefore, the related stones like Ruby and Red coral should have a place in this finger.

Small finger- This finger is related to Mercury, Venus, Moon and Ketu. Thus, the gemstones respectively Emerald, diamond, pearl and cat’s eye should be worn in this finger. 

3 - Consulting An Astrologer:

However, an astrologer is one of the best persons to consult with because he can give you an idea of the planet you belong and the gemstone you require. At the same time, he will even warn you from wearing a gemstone that might be malicious for your plant, as a whole. Therefore, these are important considerations that you need to take seriously. 

With these ideas you can look forward to wearing the necessary gemstones and change your fortune forever. You will feel contended and satisfied.  

Top 8 Tips to Follow While Buying Semi-Precious Stones

Apart from the precious gemstones that are highly popular, the semi-precious stones are also beautiful and attractive. These are available in plethora of colors and cuts, and they can be used to adorn everything ranging from rings, pendants to clothing. However, if you have never purchased semi-precious stones before, it is crucial for you to have an idea of buying. You should check out the things to look for, the things to ask and get an idea of the monetary value of the stone before finalizing your buying decision. 

1 - Know About Semi-Precious Gemstones:

Gems that come in many characteristics and colors of the rainbow are generally categorized under semi-precious stones. These can be easily distinguished from the precious ones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, etc. Some semi-precious stones like amethysts were considered as precious because of the rare availability. However, now it has come under the semi-precious category because of the easy availability of the stone. Some of the semi-precious stones are also highly valuable like tanzanite, alexandrite or topaz gemstone beads.

2 - Evaluation Of The Gemstones: 

Prior to buying, you need to know the various ways in which different gemstones are evaluated. Well, the factors that determine the value of the individual stone can be the cut, clarity, color, flawlessness and size. The characteristics of the stone vary, and they can be analyzed in the same way as goes for the precious stones. Here are some of the important factors to consider in this context.

3 - Cut-

The cut always determines the value of the stone. Well, it not only refers to the shape of the stone, but also the overall surface area. A stone well cut with proportional facets can produce superior brilliancy, light reflection and color. 

4 - Color-

The rating of the color is done in terms of its intensity, vivacity and saturation. Bright color in the medium range without any cloudiness in it is considered as the stone of the highest quality.

5 - Clarity-

It usually refers to the flawlessness of the gemstone. It even refers to the absence of any mark, blemish or marks on the stone.

6 - Carat-

Unit in weight in gemology is considered as carat. One carat equals to .200 grams. However, the value is not always determined on the basis of the carat in the stone. 

7 - Different Kinds Of Treatment-

A natural stone is said to be more valuable compared to a stone that has been treated for enhancing its color or effect. Often, treatment methods affect the value of the stone to a great extent. Stones that are filled to hide flaws or dyed can be of low quality. Treating the stone with color can enhance the color and change it permanently. 

8 - The Transparency-

Transparency is quite different from opacity. The transparency is measured in terms of the light diffused throughout the stone. When a gem is more transparent, its value tends to increase.

Now that you are aware of the different factors to consider in buying the semi-precious stones, you should not have any difficulty in making a purchase.    

A look at Top 8 Crystals For Abundance & Wealth

Many people look forward to getting gemstones in order to transform their luck and fortune. It is said that different stones are associated with different benefits and for different individuals. Well, it is not surprising to find some people even using gemstones to bring wealth and prosperity into their fortune. Hard work and dedication are no longer vital factors in acquiring cash, but few stones in your life can also help in the process. In order to achieve abundance, you can also try buying some crystals and use them in different forms like carrying them in your pocket or wallet or wearing them as jewelries. 

Some Of The Most Popular Crystals-

There are loads of crystals and gemstones available naturally on earth. Well, it is time to have a look at some of the most popular options that are said to bring abundance in wealth and prosperity.

1 - Jade- 

It is said to bring good luck for everyone. This milky green stone can be placed anywhere near you at night in order to experience a difference in your life.

2 - Green Aventurine- 

This stone is also associated with luck, and you will be surprised to find money coming out of odd places. Try to carry this green crystal with you. It belongs to the quartz family, and it will do wonders to you.

3 - Citrine- 

The golden yellow stone is also known as the Merchant’s stone. This stone is said to bring prosperity among the traders, business professionals and merchants. By placing a citrine gemstone beads in the cash box, many shopkeepers try to increase their business. After all, it acts as a great source of money magnet. However, this stone is not limited to anyone and everyone can use to acquire wealth. 

4 - Peridot- 

The medium green crystal looks like an emerald at the first glance. If you are struggling with debt, this is a good crystal to own because it represents affluence.

5 - Quartz- 

Both clear and smoky quartz is a good crystal to have with you for using in different purposes. Psychics and healers also recommend placing this crystal on top of few bills and letting it sit under the sun for some time. It is said that the stone gets charged helping you to get more money. 

6 - Sunstone- 

The red orange and brownish crystal creates a sparkling effect. It will not only help you to proper, but also it can help you remain positive in times of financial issues. It can even help you to move ahead so that you can reach your goals. 

7 - Ruby- 

Red rubies beads are said to attract love. In addition to that, they also have the ability to attract money. It helps in creating the right vibe so that you can gamble the best luck of love. 

8 - Pyrite- 

This lustrous mineral crystal can help you in saving and spending wisely. As a result, at the end of the day, you will have some good cash. 

Try using any of these crystals for abundance of wealth and prosperity like never before.   

Top 5 Super Benefits & Features of Crystal

A beautiful looking crystal beads is highly attractive because of its yellow orange color, and it is said to attract lots of wealth. Hence, it is the ideal stone for abundance and prosperity. Though many people do not like crystals and gemstones, yet this is the favorite of many others. The vibrancy, frequency and power of the stone can bring in financial prosperity like no other stone. Therefore, if you are looking forward to bringing more money into your life, using this stone is definitely a great way to go ahead. 

Useful Features Of Citrine:

1Maintaining a positive charge- 

This stone is popular because it can transform negative energy into positive without holding the negative energy in it. Hence, this is considered as a low-maintenance stone because it does not require routine cleaning and maintenance. 

2Used in business prosperity 

This stone is best known as the stone of the merchants. Therefore, if you are a business owner, this is certainly the right option for you. Wherever you place the stone, it can help in attracting money so that it can bring fortune and financial success in your business.

3A good stone to carry- 

It is a good idea to carry this crystal everywhere you go in your purse or wallet in order to attract wealth and financial status. Moreover, when you place it in the living area of your home, it can look beautiful and attract prosperity. It can improve the overall health of your home like never before. 

4Best way to meditate- 

If you have difficulty in concentrating while meditation, this is the ideal stone to get help. It can help in balancing your chakras and even tune in the vibration in the right way. It is a fun and easy way to align yourself with the vibration of financial prosperity that you will obtain from the same. 

5Enhancing the healing power- 

It is said that the crystal can support and heal the spine and various conditions associated with it. In addition to that, it even aids in digestion, metabolism and elimination of toxic substances from the body. It can stimulate blood circulation. This is the reason it is also often used for chronic fatigue. People, who are trying to lose weight, can also try using this stone. It encourages one to be optimistic and achieve their goals.    

Highly protective- Citrine Gemstone Beads is highly protective in nature owing to the fact that it can transform negative energy into positive one. It can even heighten self-discipline in different ways. Often, it is used for cleaning the chakras. It can easily support the energy level in a work or home environment keeping it positive at all times. 

It is crucial to note that there are two different types of citrine available in the market. The first one is most common where it is heat treated to obtain a bright, yellow or orange color. The intensity of color brings an additional power. The second one is natural citrine, which is not enhanced and retains the original color. It has powerful healing properties. 

Top 5 Tips to Wear Right Gemstones To get Desired Results

Most gemstones come with amazing beauty and stunning healing powers. However, it is important to wear each gemstone in the correct procedure in order to get maximum benefits from it. Even if, you choose the right gemstone suitable for your planet and birth horoscope, lack of wearing it properly might minimize the overall effect of the stone. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of the exact processes of wearing so that you do not end up making any mistake. 

Here are some of the crucial points that you should try to follow in this context.

1. Choosing the right gemstone- The first thing to remember in this context is to choose the right stone. Thus, getting recommendations from a renowned astrologer can help you in getting a detailed analysis of your horoscope. He will instruct you compatible stones with a particular metal. At the same time, you should also remember that incompatible gemstones can bring negative and ill effects.

2. Check the quality and clarity- The next step is to check the quality and clarity of the stone in the context of the cut and transparency. Different stones come with blemishes, internal cuts and marks. Unless the mark is natural, gemstones with such defects should be rejected immediately. On the contrary, the stone should be natural and original without any specialized chemical treatments. The luster of the stone should not be uneven and it should be uniform in nature. The shades of a real stone will not change. 

3. Testing the suitability- After buying the correct gemstone, you should test it to check out its suitability. Place it under the pillow at night or wear it with other gemstone touching your skin. Refrain from wearing it after 7 days if you notice health issues, horror thoughts or bad news. Never wear the same stone again.

4. Wearing on the right day- It is crucial to wear the stone at the right day and time. In this context, selecting an auspicious day can be helpful. However, the planet associated with the stone should be strong on the day of wearing the stone. 

5. Wearing it the ideal way- The stone should be embedded in a locket or finger ring in such a way so that the bottom of the stone touches the skin. Immerse the ring in raw milk or gangajal overnight prior to wearing it. Make sure that you wear the ring within one hour of sunrise after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.

Remove the ring from the milk, face eastwards and recite the mantras of the planet 108 times. Consequently, you can look forward to wearing the ring or the pendant.

If you are not aware of the mantras associated with each planet, you can easily obtain them from various sources. On the other hand, you can even ask your astrologer to specify you the mantra. Try to wear a color of cloth matches with the color of the stone you are wearing like green for emerald gemstone beads or white for prince cut diamond.