How to Choose Birthstones by Month - Part 2

We read how each month between January and July has a particular gemstone assigned as a birthstone in the part one of the article. Those born in the rest of the months of the year too have a special gemstone to adore. Let us explore these sets.

  1. Ruby for August

A July-born person is creative, dynamic and wise. Ruby birthstone for June month is a highly prized adornment considering its beauty, rarity and alluring brilliance. It symbolizes the fiery personality of the Cancerians. If you are looking for a delightful gifting option for a July-born person, ruby rings and amulets are uncompromising package. Rare, elegant and extremely tough, ruby gemstone pendants and rings last a lifetime.

  1. Peridot and Sarodnyx

The hazel coloured peridot is the birthstone for month of August. It is associated with mysticism and absolute happiness. If you are born in August and looking for trust in relationship, then wearing the Peridot amulet proves to be beneficial.

Alternate gemstone for August that you can wear with Peridot is Sardonyx- a fusion of pearl and garnet. It is a reddish brown stone with white bands running across its surface. Gemstones engraved with inscriptions, hymns and God-like figures are known to empower the adorner with supernatural power.

  1. Sapphire

Are you looking for a special for someone born in September? Sapphire, especially the Blue stone, symbolizes heavenly protection in difficult situations in life. The amulets and pendants of sapphire are most prized items available as birthstone rocks. Other colours that are gifted as birthstone range between purple, mauve and green. Yellow sapphire is also considered as an auspicious birthstone.

  1. Tourmaline and Opal

Individuals born in the month of October have two gemstones as gifting options. Both gemstones are immaculate in their own right. Tourmaline suits the feminine characteristic while opal balances masculine features. Tourmaline as a birthstone displays multiple shades but watermelon tourmaline is the most popular item. Beads and pendants of tourmaline in green, white, pink and red colours look dapper and pristine as birthstone gifts.
Opal, on the other hand, is a sombre birthstone for October-born individuals. White opal combined with gold metal is a smart accessory that not only imparts spiritual healing but also doubles up as elegant fashion jewellery.

  1. Topaz and Citrine

November is one of the colder months of the year. Why not set the temperatures soaring with a fiery birthstone gift! Topaz is richly gem that is associated with the individuals born in the month of November. It is an antique piece of jewellery when worn over gold and silver. Pink topaz is one of the largest selling birthstones followed by topaz in yellow, orange and purple shades. Stones weighing 3 carats are ideal gifting sets.
Citrine is a healing birthstone for November. Yellow matte Cristine is an affordable gemstone, especially if it is sourced from mines of Brazil, Spain and Bolivia. When it comes to look, no other gemstone beats the elegance of a dark orange citrine.

  1. December

Those born in the last month of the year have three gemstones to adorn. They are Violet-blue tanzanite, golden red Zircon and turquoise. Turkish stone for December is the costliest birthstone ever sold as a December gift item.

How To Choose Birthstones By Month - Part 1

For centuries, the natural gemstones and crystals have been associated with the zodiac signs and the birth month of a person. Depending on the birth date, there are many personalized gemstone jewellery and accessories that are known to protect, empower and even transform life. Often used as rings, pendants and amulets, the birthstones for each month have a special significance in the modern day jewellery collections for personal use or as a gift for someone special.
Let us take a look at the 6 popular gemstones that are used as birthstones for the months between January and July.

  1. Garnet

Directly associated with the AQUARIUS, garnet is recommended as a birthstone for January. It empowers the individual with courage, wisdom and health. In the cold month of January, wearing the garnet exudes warmth and cosy comfort. It is available in all the colours you see in the rainbow. Red garnet is the most preferred January birthstone item.
Alternate Stone: Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is considered as equally effective in shielding the wearer if he/she is born in January. Lighter the shade, stronger is its healing power.

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst was one of the first birthstones to be used in Western world. Often worn by warriors and kings, amethyst keeps you safe from intoxicating effects of drug and relationships.  Mauve amethyst is the perfect combination of tranquillity, serenity and power. Purple amethyst symbolizes royalty and is the primary source of wealth and fortune.
Alternate stone: Pearl

  1. Aquamarine

Those who are born in the month of March are bestowed with unfathomable courage and eternal sense of hope. Aquamarine birthstone for March is a clear blue-green beryl that derives its name from the sea water.
Alternate stone: Bloodstone jasper
Bloodstone Jasper with fiery colour shades of red, orange and yellow is also adorned as birthstone for the month of March.

  1. Diamond

Diamond is the hardest known naturally occurring gemstone. It proves lucky for those born in the month of April.  It is worn to enhance inner strength. Considered as an ideal gift for anniversaries and festivals, this birthstone for month of April is good for couples married in the month.

  1. Emerald

Emerald is the symbol of rebirth known to bequeath the wearer with eternal fortune. It is a very influential stone for those born in May. If you are expecting a baby in the May, wearing the birthstone for May month will grant your child with nourishment, protection and beauty. The first account of using the emerald gem as a birthstone is found as inscriptions on tombs and sarcophagus of Egyptian pharaohs. The best quality birthstone emeralds are mined from the quarries of Afghanistan, Zambia, Colombia and Braazil.

  1. Pearl

For those born in the month of June, pearl is the perfect gemstone to adorn. You can also wear Alexandrite and moonstone of multiple colours for added effect. Natural pearls are embraced as they are pure and exude brilliant gloss. It is the only gemstone that has an organic origin.

How Concave Cut Gemstones is made?

There was a time when gem cutters sliced the gemstones as cabochons. The concave cut gemstones have always been very popular since 12th century when the concept of faceted rocks came into the picture. Improved machining tools and techniques since 16th century made it possible for the gem cutters to develop horizontal cutting wheel that created elaborate designs and geometric schemes. Concave cut gemstones in recent times have been produced using 3-dimensional LASER Cutting tools for precision touch.

Here are 5 enticing facts about the gemstone cutting technology used to manufacture them.

The Technology: Concave gemstones in facet cut

The flat symmetrical cut made on the gemstones to achieve 58 facets was always in a vogue. Richard Homer redefined the way gems could be cut to create brilliant effects. Though Homer is believed to be the father of concave cut gemstone idea, it was American lapidary artist Douglas Hoffman patented the technology of producing concave cut gemstones using 3-D.

Concave cut: Why it is made

The gemstone is cut into cone-shaped with 3-d facets with a distinct length and breadth on the surface. The pavilion facets are often cut in concave curves with flat facets sitting over the crown. It results in brilliant reflective patterns, particularly when the gemstone is viewed from top.

One of the advantages of cutting the gem into concave shape is that the light is evenly reflected through it. It creates a homogenous effect unlike any other cut.  The glow exudes from the internal structure and radiates a more uniform blush.

Moreover, the concave cut is a 3-D cutting method. It results in equal radiance when viewed from all angles. It creates depth on the conical facet of the gem resulting in added brilliance and alacrity from commercial point of view. Using the concave facet cutting technique minimizes hot spots from appearing when manufacturing fancy shapes like opal, pear and marquise. It is also the best way to eliminate the colour zoning effect that often mars the light coloured gemstones of bigger size.
Third advantage of having a gemstone cut in concave pattern is that even the smallest of light falling on it is exuded brilliantly. It automatically translates to higher likeability.
Cost of cutting a gemstone in concave style is more economical and time-saving than other methods.

Limitations of using concave cuts

Not all gemstones available in the market are suitable for concave cut. As a thumb-rule, only large sized concave gemstones are known to emit brilliant results when compared to the smaller ones. Also, if the gemstone is light in colour, it is preferred for concave cut over darker shades. Mathematically, using the concave facet cut enhances the colour tone by 25 percent.

Gemstones that transform beautifully when given a concave cut are:

  • Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Topaz
  • Fluorite
  • Aquamarine
  • Amethyst

Gemstones that are least preferred for this cut are:

  • Sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Red Spinel

As expertise improves, concave gemstones are likely to rule the market in coming years.

Navy Blue Chalcedony- The Powerful Healing Stone

Chinese gemstone philosophy is one of the oldest and the most trusted sciences in the world. Navy blue chalcedony is a very important gem in Feng Shui. The enticing gemstone is known for its strong healing properties other than the soothing effect it extends to the person owning it. Although, comes in huge variety of quartz, navy blue chalcedony is distinctly different from other stones in the family.

Meaning of Chalcedony:
The word is derived from the Latin source which means, “The Stone of Chalcedon”. It exhibits multiple bands of colours like soothing blue, cool lavender, tan, gray, bright yellow, tranquil white, pink, catchy red and various tones of brown. It is also sold under agates and jaspers.

Healing Properties: Usher calmness
If you are missing out on zeal and vigour in life, the gemstone is apt for you. It is known as the ‘Vitality Stone’ and largely worn by men to attract power, wealth and fame.
Navy chalcedony gems and beads are associated with:

  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Energy
  • Intensity
  • Determination
  • Nourishment and nurture
  • Kindness

Wearing the stone on the middle finger of the left hand pacifies the evil effects of the surrounding. It also strengthens the life line. If you wish to have strong friendships and companionship with your partner, wear the amulet made of chalcedony in navy blue.

Health and Chalcedony
Stone experts and metaphysical practitioners recommend the use of Navy blue chalcedony under following conditions in life:

  • rare blood-related disorder
  • memory degradation
  • eye sight issues
  • spleen disorders
  • lung disorders
  • fertility issues

Apart from the usual culprits mentioned above, the gemstone is also known to ease psychological problems among women.

How to benefit more
The Navy Blue Chalcedony Gemstone controls the chakras of Solar Plexus and Sacral. It is said to work effectively for those born under the zodiac of Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
You should buy a navy blue chalcedony that has clear dark surface and minimum mottles. Chances of whitish cloud and brown spots are always high, but they can be polished off by synthetic fabrication. Always buy clear stones for positive aura in life.
To benefit more, you must:

  • Wear it around your neck to influence your Throat chakra
  • Keep it dipped in water overnight if you are planning to go abroad. It is ruled by Water
  • Wear it on moonlit night to extract the power and serenity of the Moon, its ruling planet.
  • Always wear it with a ring or chain made of silver metal.

Resemblance with other stones
Despite its unique features, navy blue chalcedony has very strong resemblance with cheaper stones. While buying them, always do a background check if they are natural chalcedony or polished semi-precious gemstones from the family of:

  • Agate
  • Onyx
  • Bloodstone
  • Moss agate
  • Carnelian
  • Ocean Jasper

Sources of chalcedony
The major producers of Navy Blue Chalcedony Beads are:

  • USA
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Iceland
  • Great Britain
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • New Zealand

Olive Quartz : The Gemstone that Stirs Positivity in Life

Olive quartz is just as powerful as the Clear Quartz. Be its superlative appearance or its physical strength, Olive quartz gemstone is associated with the regulation of the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras. Rated as a very auspicious protection stone, the gemstone should not be worn without consulting with the stone doctor. In fact, the obstacle in life may aggravate if the stone is not matched with the personality of the person adorning it. The crystal healing and metaphysical healing depends on the faith and inner aura of the individual.

Olive Quartz Colours
Olive quartz has a vibrant green hue with shades of bright yellow. It has the power of morning sunshine and believed to heal all joint pains pertaining to limbs and back. It is often connected with the maturity phase of a business or a relationship. Darker the green colour, higher is the intensity of healing. In fact, the purity of the stone is determined from the clarity of its surface. If it exudes a clear physical appearance without a spot or irregularity, higher the price it fetches.

Purpose of wearing
Olive quartz is highly recommended to creative professionals. Apart from them, the following conditions in life also invite the use of Olive quartz.

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Change in job or city
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Enhance the capacity to listen
  • Sooth fidgety articulation and polish body language
  • Increase confidence and fortify self-worth
  • Enhance judgement and receptiveness against reactions

The stone is deeply associated with the way you act courageously in difficult situations. It fights phobias that could otherwise derail your career, relationship or even endanger life.
Health and Olive Quartz
Olive quartz gemstone transmutes the negativity in life and replaces it with positive energy. It is called “Abundance Stone” and is recommended to pregnant women, lactating mothers, aging men, teenagers and newly married couples. It guarantees protection against common ailments like:

  • Breathlessness
  • Skin disorders
  • Blisters
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Memory issues
  • Trembles
  • Throat pain
  • Thyroid

Birth stone importance
Olive quartz manifests the power of the sun and the sky. It is considered to be the birthstone of May and June and August. It is equally effective for every Zodiac sign. Dark olive quartz beads are called “Study Crystals” and worn to ensure good grades and quick promotions.
Dark versus Light Olive Quartz
Darker quartz beads fetch more price than the lighter ones. From metaphysical sense of importance, dark and light olive quartz have diversified significance.
Dark Olive Crystals Beadsrelate to consistency in life and growth. It is preferred by individuals who are naturally extrovert and fall in the category of go-getters. If you are looking for stability in life, dark green olive quartz beads are perfectly aligned for you.
Light olive quartz beads stir perseverance in life and guarantee enlightenment towards true meaning in life. Deep wisdom, higher understanding and introvert behaviour are naturally associated with the lighter green crystals of the Olive quartz gemstones.


Orange Moonstone: A Perfect Protection Stone for Women

Mystery, Intuitive and Therapeutic. Not many natural gemstones offer the package in one single carat but Orange moonstone does and with strong backing from those who have tried it. Moonstone bears in it heart the power of opposite energy. If you are finding it hard to balance life or find yourself in the middle of a crisis more often than not, wearing an Orange moonstone gemstone will surely help. It is known to soothe the extreme conditions in life with feminine energy. To have a stronger influence on the peers and siblings, try adorning the Orange Moonstone, especially in winters.

 Looks and size
A commercial set of Orange moonstone would not be bigger than a small button. Pick only the moonstone that are clear on the inside. This 3rd anniversary stone is composite feldspar belonging to the family of silicates. It is mostly available in the form of cabochons and exudes a wide range of shades ranging from pink to light orange. Tan, brown and pink white are common. Clear bright orange are rare and often fetch higher price in the market.

Legendary Stone
For centuries, the Orange moonstone has been passed across generations in many tribes and royalties. An average gemstone has a base value of 50 gp. The glow on the gemstone from this moonstone family is often associated with spells, abjuration and evocation. In fact, the myth of the moonblade derives its origin from this stone.

Energy Stone
Orange moonstone has an Energy Vibration score of 4. It is governed by its ruling planet, The Moon. Regarded as the birthstone of June and September, it is essentially a Wind and Water element. Pisceans adopt orange moonstone as their second skin.
This gemstone regulates the energies associated with:

  • Inter-personal relations
  • Love and Hate
  • Healing of Mind and Body
  • Luck and Fortune

How Orange Moonstone heals
The metaphysical healing properties of the Orange moonstone are widely accepted. It empowers you to:

  • Filter your thoughts instantly
  • Boost your self-image overnight
  • Beats anxiety tantrums
  • Camouflages your personal and professional flaws
  • Extract positivity out of even dire situations
  • Balances the Karmic Chakra with positive attitude

From chakra point of view, Orange moonstone beads control Heart, Sacral and Throat chakras.  Since the stone has feminine energy, women are bound to get more benefits from wearing it or keeping it close.

Health Benefits
Already stressed and losing your confidence because your health does not match up to your ambitions! Well, Orange moonstone will turn the tables. Wearing the ring planted with Orange moonstone on the middle finger soothes ailments related to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Menstrual periods

Meditating with Orange Moonstone

Meditating with the Orange Moonstone Beads empowers the wielder to grasp judgement of a situation quickly. It stirs a feeling of:

  • Selflessness
  • Honesty
  • Truthfulness
  • Hope
  • Ancient wisdom
  • Nurturing
  • Emotional healing

If you are seeking protection during a travel, this is the stone to vouch for.

A look at Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Peach Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the oldest known items of metaphysical and spiritual therapy. Often called the “Mystery Stone”, Peach moonstone Gemstone is adored for its association with the feminine mysteries that control the outcome of any activity or challenge. In order to get back to track professionally or recovering from a relationship disaster, peach moonstone really helps. Here’s a rundown on the immaculate Facts of the Peach Moonstone catalogue.

  • Gets you close to Mother Nature

The peach moonstone beads attract the abundance available with the Mother Nature. It strengthens the determination to get close to the nature and Universe. If used while doing meditation, most of your troubles will be answered as if you had known the answers forever.

  • Strengthens your Sixth sense

Ever wondered why you did not listen to your heart when it was screaming on top of its voice when you lost those shares or had a hard time with relationships? Well, you did not have faith in your sixth sense. Peach moonstone strengthens your sixth sense so that you can steer clear of the difficult situations in life or at least stay prepared.

  • Connect with your Chakras

The peach moonstone gems controls the chakras of the Third Eye and the Crown. It is associated with the creative ambition and is stronger in men than in women. Wearing the stone actually controls the right side of the brain and makes you focus on your talent. Most artists lose out on making riches despite being masters of creativity.

  • Stimulates your Love

Soul feeds the mind and mind feeds the heart. Peach moonstone helps you pay attention to this mystical interaction and governs outcomes in life. Whether at work, home or in bed, wearing the gemstone gives you the power to choose for yourself without an iota of dominance reflected in your behaviour. It stimulates your love karma to exude compassion and genuine faith in people and environment around you.

  • Making the Right compromises

Just like the moon has a waxing and a waning phase, life too follows a certain pattern. Autumn is always followed by a fall as fall by the spring, wearing the Peach moonstone gives the courage to weather tough times and make compromises without worrying about the consequences. Only way you move ahead in life by wearing the gemstone is upwards into a higher spiritual plane.

  • Reunion Package

So you had a big fight with your sibling or spouse? So what. Before it turns any sour, try putting a peach moonstone in the cabinet close to your bed. Meditate with the stone every night before retiring to bed. You will see how your relationship with them improves over time.

  • Seven continents, Seven sources

All over the world, there are seven distinct sites from where peach moonstone is quarried extensively. They are:

  • Indian sub-continent (Asia)
  • Poland and Norway (Europe)
  • Australia (Oceania)
  • Mexico and USA (North America)
  • Peru (South America)
  • Madagascar (Africa)
  • South Antarctica (yet to be evaluated for commercial purposes)


A look into the magical power of Pearl Gemstone

For centuries, the Moon has been the epitome of beauty, tranquillity and penance. Pearl gemstone posses the healing properties that soothes the physical and mental conditions of life. Every issue related to the Moon and its planetary influence can be relieved by wearing the Pearl gemstone. Just like its formation and its extraction, the individual wearing the pearl oyster gem also can bring immense beauty into life. Its origin is linked to the rain of Swati Nakshatra and considered to be auspicious. In terms of its formation, Oyster pearl and Bamboo pearl have similar metaphysical and healing properties.

Sources of Pearl
Depending on the source from which it is extracted, there are eight known varieties Pearl gemstone Beads available in the commercial gems market. They are:

  • Sky pearl (Akaash Mani)
  • Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani)
  • Bamboo Pearl
  • Hog Pearl
  • Elephant Pearl (Ashwa Mani)
  • Conch Pearl (Sankhu Mani)
  • Fish pearl
  • Oyster Pearl

How to identify a genuine pearl
Based on the scriptures and gemology principles, a pure pearl should have the following properties.

  • Pure white colour, reflecting the Moon’s beauty
  • Perfectly round surface without a dent. Pearls that are oval in shape are not considered genuine or effective.
  • Compact physical structure suggesting its high specific gravity
  • Smooth and spotless brilliance
  • Lustrous glamour reflecting its attractive radiance that lasts till eternity
  • Absence of any kind of impurity

Once you have earned yourself a genuine pearl, you can transformation in your behaviour and the environment around you.
Effect of wearing genuine Pearl
Pearl is associated with Goddess of Wealth, Devi Lakshmi. Effects of wearing genuine pearl are:

  • Begetting fortune and wealth
  • Attract vitality and wisdom into life
  • Long-lasting friendships and relationships
  • Prosperity of business

Tinted pearls: Are they genuine
Yes, the tinted pearl gemstones are genuine. The following pearl shades are associated with conditions in life:

  • Yellow Lustre Pearl- Prosperity in life, business and in the surrounding
  • Red Pearl- Intelligence and wisdom
  • White pearls with Beige tinge- Fame and eminence
  • Blue pearl- Birth stone and fertility (associated with Lord Shiva)

Common Flaws in natural pearls
Natural pearls are not devoid of flaws or impurities. They could be inflicted with following imperfections.

  • Ridges or cracks- Wearing such a pearl could cause grievous injury to health
  • Linings or scratched surface- Dwindles the fortune earned and closes windows of opportunities
  • Indentation- Dents fame, wealth and health
  • Speckles, mottles and cloudy formation- Associated with lurking sadness and misfortune in life.

How to Wear and Maintain Pearl
The pearl is called the ‘Moon Medicine’ and is always worn over a pure silver ring. It should be worn on an evening of a chosen Nakshatra that matches its value.  The 30th anniversary pearl stone is the birth stone of June and controls the zodiac of Gemini and Cancer.
Pearl is relatively soft compared to other gems. It has to be maintained with outmost care. Eroded pearl gem also loses its healing properties. Wipe it with wet cloth and never with detergent or lime.


Peridot Gemstone - Noble Stone filled with power of Universe

Peridot gemstone is one of the Three Noble Ring gems of the Anglo Roman lineage. The oldest account of the gemstone is derived from Arabia where it was called “Faridat” meaning, “the True Gem”. Over the centuries, this gemstone has been called by different names like Peridot, Pelidod And Pilidod. Its enticing olive green hue is universal and this is what makes it so easy to identify in the stone market.

Peridot meaning
In olden times, Peridot was called Chrysolite. Peridot gemstone belongs to the family of Olivine and is derived from the lava Mafic and Ultramafic rocks. A shooting star or a meteorite contains Peritot in abundance. It is believed that the first peridot gemstone was actually a meteorite. The green tinge is actually dependent on the amount of iron present in the crystalline structure. Darker the greenish shade, higher is the price of the peridot gemstone.

Famous Peritot gemstones

  • The costliest gemstone in the family is actually a Pallasite peritot exhibited in the year 2008. It was auctioned for USD 3 million but went unsold.
  • Peritot features as an emerald in majority of popular church treasures, like the “three Magi” in Cologne
  • A 310 carat Peritot is the largest gemstone from the family exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum.
  • Egyptians mined the special emeralds called Topazios and Zagbargad.

Metaphysical Significance of Peritot
Peritot is the birthstone for those born in Augusts. It is also used influential in transforming the lives of individuals born in September and October. Known as the ‘Rejuvenation Stone’, this gemstone instils faith and honour in life.
Zodiacs that see good results are Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Meditation and Peritot
Wearing the Peritot Gemstone Stone Beads brings one close to inner-self. It links the mind with the Divine Energy of the Universe and boosts psychic abilities to control results in life. It is especially recommended for strengthening the intuition and clairvoyance prowess.
It is often worn with the Rainbow Moonstone to channelize the benefits towards your life exclusively. Known as the 16th Anniversary gemstone, Peritot controls the Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart chakra.

Health Benefits
Peritot fights stress and hunger-related ailments. It elevates the body from any kind of physical trauma. It is effective against blisters, ulcers, cuts and eye infections. It also fights against lethargy, sadness, exhaustion and bipolar disorders.
The 4th Chakra of Annahata is exclusively regulated by this gemstone. It bestows you with wisdom and overcome false ego.
Abundance of Peritot
Gem quality peritot is rare despite the abundance of the olivine. Peritot gemstone is very rare as Olivine is very volatile on Earth’s crust. The gemstone exists in the form of small granules or as heavily weathered rock. Peritot stone in larger cuts is rare and hence sold at very high price.
Sources of Peritot gemstone
The meteorite carrying peritot is called Pallasite meteorites. Major sources of the gemstone are:

  • USA: Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Norway
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • China
  • Sri Lanka


A look at the power of Master Healing Crystal Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst is the rose gemstone that is connected to the power of the spirits. The spirit amethyst or the Lavender Pink amethyst possesses the special gifts bestowed by the spirit, emotions, mind and the physical body. It not only looks peaceful in its appearance but also has visible benefits once you start wearing it.

Power of Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst gemstone offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad spirits around you. It is very important to connect to your psychic pinnacle to achieve bigger goals in life. It aids in healing the grievous injuries in life especially earned from the relationships and friendships.
Power of amethyst is noticed in the following conditions of life:

  • Clarity of mind and thoughts. No emotion doubts arise when you align with the Pink amethyst.
  • Pink lavender amethyst strengthens the health of 7th chakra and relieves all ailments associated with the chakra.
  • It directs the personal power of determination and will power to be aligned with the highest aspirations in life.
  • It dispels all doubts involved with in a relationship.

Healing properties of the Amethyst Pink Lavender
Pink amethyst gemstone Beads are called the “Master Healing Crystals”. It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive destinations in life. Healing properties of the Pink lavender amethyst include:

  • Freedom from the feeling of victimization
  • Relief from overwhelming situations
  • Protection from negative vibrations arising from lack of patience or over-excitement
  • Peel off the karmic cycle and promote self-love amongst the siblings
  • Induce calmness once you are betrayed by someone

Pair Stones
Pink amethyst can be combined with Moldavite to raise the vibration frequency to a higher state. It resonates with the lower energies and fights the negative forces. It can also be paired with stone like:

  • Azeztulite
  • Phenacite
  • Scolecite
  • Natrolite

Other stones that have harmonious effect on life when paired with pink lavender are:

  • Citrine
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Chrysoprase
  • Opal
  • Tiger Eye
  • Chalcedony
  • Healer’s Gold
  • Obsidian
  • Jet
  • Tourmaline

Freedom from intoxicating effects and clairvoyants
Pink amethyst gemstone provides freedom from the intoxicating elements that can harm your body and existence. It rightly gives the protection from individuals who can read mind. Such people can expose your dark secrets by reading your mind. Pink amethyst beads block that energy to reach your mind.
If you are fighting against smoking and drinking habits, wearing the pink lavender stone really helps. If you are in the situation due to emotional break-up, the stone empowers you to stand with dignity. It combats obsession arising due to lusts or greed for wealth.
With time, the ring soothes the greed for wealth and brings satisfaction into your life. Be it your sexual life or professional ambitions, the rosy pink amethyst heals your resource pool.
A natural Tranquilizer
Pink amethyst is regarded as the natural tranquiliser that enhances the connection with the higher states of meditation and consciousness. It cleanses the spiritual path. When you meditate, you derive results with unrelenting determination.