Choose Your Own Necklaces for the Upcoming Season

Nothing makes a better style statement like necklaces and there’s nothing better and accessory than these beautiful necklaces. While a stylish necklace can draw several eyes, a shabby one might earn really nasty comments. The fact however is that each one of us deserves something wonderful in life and we all want to be called beautiful. 

Necklaces are the most desired ornament that is available in the marketplace. A well designed necklace when teamed with any ensemble lends a touch of class and sophistication. Women especially to look their best choose necklaces that are studded with precious or semi precious jewels yet look simple and classic. Therefore, jewelry items like necklaces offer varied ways to create looks that trend lovers usually crave for.

With a huge variation in designs, material, style and beauty they make a statement accessory to glamorize any outfit that you might choose to wear. Some women may choose to wear really oversized, bold necklaces, while others might choose simple and plain designs, the only thing they’ve to understand is that there is an ocean full of options they might choose from.

While their beauty is astonishing, it is also a proven fact that just one would never be enough for you and you might want to own a separate necklace for each occasion. If this is something that you’re looking forward to then Ratna Sagar Jewels is the perfect place for you to land up. Here you will find an exquisite range of necklaces that range from a casual street style to a much more glamorized red carpet charm. They have them all for you in one store. 

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How to Get the Best for Less When it Comes to a Gemstone Beads Necklace

You can never have too many gemstone beads necklace items in your jewelry collection, but all too often ranges are limited and it can be difficult to find fresh and exciting pieces which are also reasonably priced. In many cases jewelry seems to be either too tacky or poorly crafted to be suitable, or have the artistry and style you crave but at a price which makes obtaining it unrealistic. Luckily there are a few tricks you can use to ensure you keep within your budget yet still manage to acquire enviably attractive items. Discover below three top tips for obtaining awesome yet affordable jewelry.

Consider Unusual Gems 

Most jewelry aficionados will have heard of rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. What they may be less familiar with are semi-precious gems which can provide a gemstone beads necklace which looks amazing and has all the appeal of real mineral beads, but without the unrealistic price tag which these jewels can sometimes command. Stones such as topaz, tourmaline, garnet and zircon are all beautiful and make stunning jewelry pieces. Skillfully displayed in the right setting, these semi-precious stones showcase a pretty face wonderfully well. 

Look at Shape and Size 

Usually the larger a precious stone is, the more expensive it can become. Clever jewelry fans can get the stones they want without spending more than they can afford by opting for smaller stones, which when used in a group give a stunning effect which commands attention wherever they go. Careful shaping enables every gem to sparkle, as well as adding visual interest to your chosen piece. A gemstone beads necklace which uses multiple strands of spectacular gems is a fantastic way of using smaller stones to your advantage. 

Choose Your Retailer With Care 

Some retailers only buy in readymade pieces and then sell them. They may have limited knowledge of the origin of the jewelry they stock, the caliber of the gems or how to compose pieces which really show the gems to their best advantage. In addition, prices may be significantly higher than you can expect to pay if you use a retailer which provides individual gems in addition to jewelry. A retailer with expert knowledge of the gem market will almost always be able to provide an attractive gemstone beads necklace for far less than you might expect to pay elsewhere. 

Providing a spectacular selection of beautifully shaped and finished stones, if you’re looking for jewelry which looks amazing and fits the smallest budget, check out, a leading provider of premium gems. Stocking a wide range of gems which have been expertly shaped to provide plenty of options, the company Ratna Sagar Jewels also offers a beautiful assortment of jewelry which makes an irresistibly flattering choice for any age or taste. If you crave beautiful stones of premium quality and spectacular beauty then check out to acquire luxury products at significantly discounted prices.

Add Meaning to Your Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads are far more than simply pretty things; for many centuries they have been used to symbolize particular qualities, being given or worn in an effort to achieve the desired outcome of love, luck or happiness. Precious stones also have a long history of being used at special occasions or events, for example to celebrate a wedding anniversary or month of birth. If you’re keen to find out more about the language of jewels, find out below the symbolism attached to common gems and see how you can give jewelry pieces which not only look spectacular, but also are popularly believed to attract good fortune or other positive characteristics. 


Jewelry is always a fantastic gift to show someone you care. Its beauty and permanence ensures that once given, it can last a lifetime, enabling the wearer to benefit from its enduring beauty as well as the sentimental value which a carefully chosen gemstone piece can command. The traditional gemstones which are used to symbolize love are numerous; rose quartz represents perennial, unconditional love while amethysts are thought to symbolize a deep, enduring love. To attract love, why not opt for gemstone beads made from lapis lazuli? 


Good health is a real benefit, so gemstone beads which are thought to protect against illness and promote well-being are always a popular option. Turquoise is widely believed to bring good health, as are jade, aquamarine and agate. Guard against accident or disease by wearing pieces set with coral or ruby stones. If someone is recovering from an illness and needs additional strength, then the garnet is thought to attract strength and also lift mood. If you want someone to enjoy good health, or would like to gift someone a special gemstone present which symbolizes vitality, there are plenty of appropriate choices available. 


The enormous appeal of gemstone beads means that giving them to someone special is a fantastic way of ensuring some happiness comes the way of the receiver. Any gemstone will give joy, but some are particularly noted for their ability to supposedly attract happiness. Beryl, amethysts, lapis lazuli and ruby are all thought to bring the benefit of happiness to those who wear them. 

Different countries and cultures attach varying characteristics to gemstone beads, so one jewel may have a multiplicity of virtues attributed to it. At Ratna Sagar Jewels you can easily access a wide variety of beautifully cut precious and semi-precious stones, each with its own special meaning and positive attributes. If you’re not sure what to select then the dedicated and knowledgeable staff at Ratna Sagar Jewels will be delighted to assist, enabling you to obtain premium gemstones which enable you to convey your feelings without words amazingly well.

Tanzanite in Detail

Ever wondered what is the history and the phenomenon behind Tanzanite? If not until now, let’s try and throw some light on this exceedingly rare gemstone. 

The birthstone of December, Tanzanite gemstone is a newly added member in the kingdom of colored gemstones. Since the time of its discovery, this clear, saturated and brilliantly shining gemstone has received great praise and popularity. The color of the stone ranges from blue to violet-hues and they are pleochroic in nature. A finer quality of Tanzanite can rival sapphire; which makes this gemstone act as a substitute for sapphire. 

Tanzanite Gemstone Beads @ Ratna Sagar Jewels

This extraordinarily beautiful gemstone is named after its origin and sole location of mining, Tanzania. Another story behind the discovery of this beautiful gemstone ways back to 1967, a Masai tribesman named Ali Juuyawatu found a sparkling blue crystal on his dried fields and picked them up, he his therefore called ‘The Father of Tanzanite’.

You’ll all see tanzanite in deep blue color; however most of you won’t know that in their raw state they are orange-brown in color. Only after basic heat treatment does tanzanite get it popular blue tone transparency. Where Ali found these sparkling gems was the place struck by lightning and which resulted in a massive fire. 

It is not really the unmatched beauty of Tanzanite that allures people, but also the mystical and healing powers possessed by the gemstone. The stone is very much known and popular for transmutation of energy and for helping people in deep meditation. The gemstone is believed to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the blood of the wearer. 

At Ratna Sagar Jewels, you’ll find fine, polished and properly cut Tanzanite Gemstone beads, just fit to be worn by gemstone lovers. This beautiful gemstone catches the eye of every single person because of its color, shine and shape. You too can be the proud owner of this gemstone. Log on to to know more about the gemstone and see how this stone affects your life and makes you look beautiful.

Christmas Gift List for This Year

The year 2014 is coming to an end, but before another year sets its wings free have you done some shopping or at least prepared your Christmas gift list? This is the season of giving, sharing and loving each other. If you haven’t picked out your favorite gifts for the year, you should probably start doing that now. 

For the seasons best gifts, look no further than ‘Ratna Sagar Jewels’ who are the most trusted gemstone sellers for several years now. Shopping with them will be an ultra fun thing to do, you year-end festivities will be the most bountiful ones!!!

Christmas certainly is the best time to buy jewelry for yourself and for others, and for your loved ones. This is the right time to express your love, respect and gratitude for the ones you care for; and jewelry gifts are the best, for they’ll be able to speak louder than words. A study reveals that the sale of jewelry experiences a hike during Christmas holidays because this is the time when you get the best value and the best offers.

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We wish you all the love and affection in this season of Christmas, 2014.

Ratna Sagar Jewels and Their Christmas Bonanza

Remembering special people at Christmas fills their heart with love and happiness.

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The Factors that Help Determine Your Ring Size

Rings are the perfect ornament for men and women; however the number of women who love wearing rings is more than the number of men who’re interested in wearing rings. While you may choose from the simplest to the fanciest rings, you’ll never really be satisfied with just one. You might as well desire a gemstone ring for your wedding day or for your engagement. 

While choosing the ring of your choice there are certain things that need to be takes care. Determining the size of the ring is just as important as choosing the gemstone, the metal, style and the design. This can really be a challenge if the ring is a surprise for your loved ones. Here are the four major factors that help in determining the size of the ring:

  • The atmospheric conditions: Atmospheric conditions here refer to the cold and hot weather which has its effects on our hands. While the winters, the fingers might just shrink a little, in the hot weather they often show a little expansion. The ring size should be determined keeping in mind the weather conditions. 
  • Daytime: Just like the atmospheric conditions, the ring size may show certain variations from morning to night. The best time however to measure your ring size should be in the evening.
  • Weight: Weight is another important factor that determines the ring size. During the stages of pregnancy, swelling and weight gain is a normal thing to happen. This however does not mean that the weight gain has become permanent and the original ring size will soon be back to normal after pregnancy. 
  • Hands matter: It is important to know that the fingers of your left and right hand are of different sizes. While trying to measure the ring size, you should probably try fitting it on to the knuckle (the widest art of your finger). A ring that fits comfortably to the knuckle is the one that best fits you. 

Rings add beauty to your hands and the one that best fits you should be your last choice. While choosing rings can be a challenge, it can also turn into an easy thing if you take note of the factors that have been mentioned above.

Amethyst Gemstone Beads - Violet Extravagance

This semi-precious stone of the quartz family has been described over time as the gemstone of all gemstones, a coveted jewel protecting the wearer against seduction, and the gemstone of royalty. Amethysts are found worldwide and make up the lining of the inside of geodes, a hollow rock filled with crystals. In 1912, the amethyst gemstone was named the official birthstone for the month of February. 

The amethyst has been praised throughout history for: 

  • Healing the mind
  • Protecting the wearer against seduction
  • Serving as a connection to God
  • Purifying negativity
  • Creating a sense of calm
  • Symbolizing power and royalty  


A Gemstone with History

Amethysts derive their name from the Greek word “amethystos”, meaning “not drunk”. Greeks enjoyed their drink from cups made of amethyst in order to guard against drunkenness. Amethysts can be found adorning the Crown Jewels of Britain and they were beloved by Catherine the Great. Egyptian Pharaohs are said to have had their tombs made in part with amethyst. Amethyst was described by Moses in the Old Testament as a symbol of God’s Spirit and cited as one of the precious stones on Aaron’s breastplate when he served as high priest. Bishops had rings designed rings with amethyst in the Christian church.

Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Qualities of Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Made from silicon dioxide, amethyst gemstones range in color from light to dark purple and can at times appear black when viewed under dim lighting. Amethyst gemstones derive their color from aluminium and iron impurities and is part of the macro-crystalline family of quartz. Amethyst gemstone beads are semi-transparent to transparent and are often cut into oval or round shapes. 

Beauty of Amethyst Gemstone Beads                                                                        

A gemstone with so much history and so much beauty deserves to be displayed as an exquisite accessory. Resistant to wear and tear, amethyst gemstone beads are excellent for any type of jewelry design. This widely available gemstone comes in a variety of cuts, shapes, and styles. Most amethyst gemstones are heat treated, which makes them resistant to fading with time. 

Since 2002, the Ratna Sagar jewelry family has been offering retail and wholesale beads online. Their top quality, certified AAA amethyst gemstone beads come in a wide variety of cuts, shapes, and sizes. Thousands of satisfied clients agree that the premier beads offered by Ratna Sagar Jewels are of exceptional quality and beauty. 

Ratna Sagar Jewels is the only choice you need to make for beautiful amethyst gemstone beads. Choose from a wide selection of shapes including faceted rondelle, marquise, and diamond cut. Various sizes and weights are also available to fit any jewelry needs you may have.

The Birthstones of November – Yellow Topaz and Citrine

We've discussed several gemstones with you and by now we believe you know quite a lot about gemstones and their qualities, but one thing we’re not really sure about is your knowledge of birthstones. 

With November showing up, there’s an advent of chill in the atmosphere but your love for gemstones never really ends and you’re constantly on a run searching for some of the best gemstones for this season. If you've ignored Yellow Topaz and Citrine, then probably you should reconsider it once again because these are the two birthstones for the month of November.

Citrine Gemstone Beads

While the choice of people may vary but the people born in the month of November have a special attraction for these two gemstones. Apart from the beauty and the color, the metaphysical characteristics of these gemstones are the best for the people who’re born in the month of November.

As far as the discussion of each of these gemstones is concerned, they have already been discussed in detail. And when it’s a matter of the availability of these gemstones, their best quality is available at Ratna Sagar Jewels. The experience and the expertise that the team of Ratna Sagar Jewels has are greatly commendable. Each gemstone is properly cut, shaped and then polished. The great level of quality that the gemstones available here leave you mesmerized and certainly one isn’t just sufficient to please you.

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The Carnelian Gemstone - Its Properties and Uses

The vibrant, semi-precious gemstone, popular with crystal lovers known for its powerful properties is called the Carnelian gemstone. This gemstone is recognizable for its dark brown-red color due to the presence of iron oxide in its chemical composition. Few even trace it back as a birthstone for the zodiac signs Leo and Virgo.

Carnelian Gemstone Beads - Carved Leaf

The Properties of Carnelian Gemstone:

  • The physical and chemical property of Carnelian differentiates it from another gemstone called Sard. The Sard gemstone is found as mineral sediment of quartz and is somewhat harder than Carnelian.
  • Earlier the stone was called “Carnelian Agate” and was available in the form of deep red, dark brown and white shades. 
  • It has a molar mass of around 60g/mol, and it preserves a crystal system which comes under the category of trigonal.
  • This translucent gemstones undergoes a form of artificial heating such that the color can be called for a better commercial sale.


The Metaphysical Properties of Carnelian:

  • The gemstone promotes courage and boldness.
  • Creates a sense of stability in the wearer.
  • It proves to be a good stone for those who’re lacking confidence and inner security.
  • It is known to enhance creativity.
  • Increases the level of motivation and drive.
  • Stimulates appetite.

Other than these there are other known metaphysical qualities of the gemstone which make it a popular crystal for the lovers of gemstone beads.

The gemstone is an amazing one and people have loved wearing it from several centuries and even now. The best quality of the polished gemstone is however available at Ratna Sagar Jewels. Here at Ratna Sagar Jewels you will find a huge range of gemstones, each of which are brightly colored, polished and cut. You can either choose to buy loose carnelian from this store or buy it in some form of jewelry. 

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