Can moonstone be faceted?

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful precious stones that women have been fond of since the ancient civilizations. These stones make some of the most exquisite and delicate pieces of jewellery. Moonstone are found in a whole range of colours like brown, blue, grey, white, green, and pink. This precious stone derives it’s name from the way it diffracts light giving it a light moon like pale and glowing white colour.


As a customer not too well versed with gemology, you may wonder whether a moon stone like many other precious stones can in fact be faceted?

 The answer is an obvious and apparent, YES! Moonstone is available in traditionally cut faceted shapes. Today, these transparent or milky coloured moonstones are faceted, as they then become easy to cut, polish and use in various pieces of jewellery. Moonstone is a delicate stone that needs to be handled with care and hence many people feel that the stone cannot be faceted or cut as per need. When in fact they can be faceted and made more pretty. 

 Can moonstone be faceted?


Buying moonstone


Use of moonstone

 Moonstone can be used in all kinds of jewellery but you need to little cautious with its use since it can easily chip, scratch or break if hit hard against a hard surface. You can easily buy faceted moonstones online or at any jewellery shop today. Moonstone, unlike other jewel stones, needs a little more care but it can be as beautiful when one adorns it with all its design, cut and as jewellery like any other.

 Buying moonstone

 If you wish to buy quality moonstone jewellery, it is important to do your research well and buy them from a trusted source that can guarantee genuine stones and provide a certificate of authenticity. You can pick from a vast collection of amazing moonstone jewellery ranging from simple rings to beautifully designed necklaces, with moonstones faceted beautifully and flaunt it in style.

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