Cats Eye Scapolite Gemstone Beads

Cats Eye Scapolite Gemstone Beads is in true sense refers to its name due to its varying color from cloudy yellow to brownish green color which resemble to eye color of some cat blessed with lustrous feature. Measuring the hardness of 8.5 on the Moh's scale this gemstone is an expensive form of Chrysoberyl. Normally it is found in Burma, but apart from this it is also available in Sri Lanka, and Brazil. According to folklore this gemstone is quick acting gemstone which reveals its spiritual powers to the user instantly and therefore it should be used with proper precautions.

Cats Eye Scapolite Gemstone Beads

It is said that it strengthens financial position of the user and showers happiness from all sides to the user. Besides being bestowed with fascinating and spiritual powers this stone is also blessed with various healing powers and it is believed that it is also blessed with healing powers and is considered beneficial in joint pains, anxiety and different types of skin diseases.

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