Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)… Happy Birthday!!!

Elizabeth Taylor, the icon herself. For some it was her Fashion, for others it was her closely monitored life and for all the other it was her JEWELS...

She would have celebrated her 82nd birthday on 27th February, 2014 and it is difficult to imagine the gorgeous and the extraordinary baubles she would have unwrapped.

She comes from a family of ladies who have the love of their life in the Shades of Gemstones. Happy Birthday Lady!!! Here we will discuss just a few people favorite pieces from Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry box.

1968- The Krupp Diamond

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond is one of the most famous pieces; Richard Burton who was her 5th and 6th husband bought it at an auction in 1968. The 33.19 carat, D color, asscher cut and flawless diamond has been excavated from the most famous mine in the world.

1957 – Cartier Ruby and the Diamond suite

Mike Todd, the third husband gifted a bib necklace with a beyond fabulous ruby and a diamond Cartier suite. She had a bracelet and earrings to match with it.

1925 - The King Farouk Bracelet

One of the ladies’ favorite pieces from Taylor’s collection is the king Farouk’s bracelet. It had all the classic elements: platinum, diamonds, finely cut and colored gemstone stones. It was her favorite thing that she ever owned.

Happy Birthday to the Legendary Elizabeth Taylor!!! 

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

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