Facts about AAA Quality of Gemstone

 In today’s scenario despite of being techno savvy person, still there are some factors about which not many of us are aware. We are aware about grading system that is being used in academic institutions in determining percentage of  marks obtained by any student in particular examination, but do you know that grading system also exists in determining quality of  various products, let us for instance say in gemstones. It would be interested to know that more than 40% of Indians are NOT aware of it, which is due to either minimum purchase of precious stones due to higher price or vice versa.

In coming paragraphs we shall be focusing on grading system that is being used in determining quality of gemstones. It is a universal truth that gemstones not only bring in good to the user but also adds elegance to his personality. Suppose if you are attending a high profile party or reception wearing your best purchased gems and anyone from the party makes you realize that the gemstone you are carrying is actually not as expensive as you are exhibiting. What will be your reaction and how will you feel? Won’t you feel embarrassed? Hence it is better and important to know about this so called grade system.


Facts about AAA Quality of Gemstone

The grades in gems are expressed in two formats A which refers to the qualitative gemstones and  which is not expensive. But because you are not aware about these categories you do not understand the difference between both these terms.If you find or hear someone purchasing gemstone with AAA or AA quality, then don’t be shocked just relax and chill because the gemstone they are buying are qualitative or close to it.

The grading system is used to indicate the classic quality of gemstones based on its color, cut and clarity. This grading system differs from dealer to dealer. In other words it can be said that if a dealer is offering gemstone blessed with AAA quality then it doesn’t mean that the other dealers are also offering the same, it is essential for buyer to go through it’s quality before buying from other dealer. It is quite possible that the other dealer may offer you gemstone of higher quality.

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