Understanding What Lab Created and Natural gemstone Beads Are

Do you think lab created gemstones are genuine ones? Before answering this, we’d like you to know that gemstones that you buy may be treated, simulated, genuine or a combination of all these terms. When you go out shopping gemstones you may be confused about which ones to buy. The prices very highly; though the first glance of these might be very similar.

What you need to know is Natural Gemstone Beads took years to form and humans never intervened in their formation. These gemstones are not changed except for cutting and polishing. No enhancements are brought in them and this is why they appear more genuine and appealing.

Understanding What Lab Created and Natural gemstone Beads Are

Lab created gemstone on the other hand is made in the laboratory. Their physical, chemical and optical qualities are the same as those of a natural stone. Synthetic gemstones of very good quality can be as stunning as natural stones. In the course of developing the technology for lab created gems, synthetic gemstones made recently are now made to appear more natural. Such, an experienced jeweler or gemologist can identify them. Good quality synthetics are not always inexpensive but they command lesser price than natural stones of like quality. Technically, these synthetics may be called genuine. However, their origin has to be first established. Ask for a lab certificate to verify its authenticity before you pay a high price. Do not be deceived when you buy. Find out about this information. Faux gemstones are made of glass or plastic.

Though both appear the same, but there’s difference in the color and the ones made in laboratory are costly because these gemstones are enhanced in some manner. Whatever you choose to wear is entirely your choice, but what you need to keep in mind is to test the gemstone before finally putting it on; this is because certain gemstones exert negative effects.

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