History Of Gemstone Beads: Benefits, Types and Healing Properties


We adore our gemstone beads, even if diamonds are a girl's best friend. They were popular in fashion even before faceted stones and are still in demand today.

If you believe that the only precious metals that may give your clothing an elegant touch are silver, gold, platinum, and diamond, you're missing out on gemstone beads. Even in current times, gemstone beads have been a popular fashion accessory from the very beginning of time. Whatever design you decide on, gemstone beads can add an interest of color, a striking texture, or a dramatic flare to finish your outfit.

The History Of Gemstone Beads: When and Where it Started

It has been suggested that beads were the earliest jewelry used by human civilization to adorn their body. This is due to an urge that has existed for a very long time to decorate oneself and make oneself feel special. And not only women but even males were thinking about this requirement. Let's discuss the beginnings and locations of it all.

Ancient Stone Beads

During the Neolithic Period (10,200–3000 BCE), human tool technology and bead-making abilities advanced significantly. Rubbing a bead against a harder mineral was an early method of bruting employed by humans to shape beads in the Stone Age. Following bruting, holes were made by pounding beads with stone tools from both sides. Because of their beauty, gemstone beads were more valuable. The need for increasingly exquisite gemstone beads drove bead producers to improve their equipment, sharpen their techniques, and quickly progress their craft.

Oldest Known Shell Beads

British archaeologists discovered 100,000–135,000-year-old split shell beads in the Israeli city of Es Skhul during the 1930s and 1940s. The oldest known shell beads were between 35,000 and 40,000 years old before this. This demonstrates the 135,000-year-old history of human civilization's love of jewelry, and who knows? Maybe we will someday discover even older beads.

Designs using gemstone beads are more fashionable than ever. At the "Ratna Sagar Jewels" we offer a vast selection of pearls and beads for jewelry-making. Gorgeous gemstone beads also serve as exquisite embellishments for sophisticated looks. Gemstones are those dazzling accents that may glam up almost any simple item of jewelry you have in your wardrobe, regardless of your level of experience crafting jewelry. One excellent approach to bead-dazzle your outfit is to place beads on top of your jewelry.

The Advantages of Jewelry with Beads

These days, beaded jewelry is well known for its beautiful beauty and is often fashioned with genuine diamonds and crystals. They are also well known for carrying strong, magical healing skills. Wearing amethyst gemstone jewelry is now more than simply a fashion statement; it also serves as protection against sicknesses and psychological or emotional stress because overall well-being depends on it.

The healer claims that energy comes into the body in a variety of densities and patterns. All of these negative things affected your emotional state and thinking. Their densities and energy patterns help you maintain and balance your body's wellness. Gems and crystals say that they radiate pure energy patterns with shapes and frequencies that are dependable and consistent.

Natural gemstone beads are more attractive because it is believed that they have some healing properties. Wearing a beaded gemstone bracelet or other item of jewelry symbolizes your spirituality and allows you to connect with the natural jewels, making it ideal for those who are spiritual. For example, beaded bracelets made of amethyst symbolize purity, whereas bracelets made of turquoise are said to bring good luck.

The type of beads you use will determine how durable your beaded bracelets are. Natural gemstones might fade over time from prolonged exposure to the weather, but synthetic beaded bracelets can last a lifetime with proper care. Stretch beaded bracelets may require re-stringing as a result of rubber failure over time. However, with cautious management, its lifespan can be increased. Reaching out to online retailers might help you get loose bracelets re-strung. Although bracelets are a simple complement to any group, beaded jewelry in vibrant colors ups the level on your accessory game. Without requiring any work from you, they make it simple to appear daring and stunning. Handmade beaded bracelets are among the unique items.

Final Words

The vivid and magnificent gemstones have many benefits when worn as the attractive gemstones. Beaded jewelry is a requirement for everyone looking to enhance their outfit and get the benefits. At Ratna Sagar Jewels, a vast range of stylish, functional gemstone beaded jewelry is available for purchase. We offers an extensive collection of sterling silver jewelry and silver gemstone ornaments that complement your style and create a stunning impression.


Healing Gemstones: 5 Precious Gemstones with Healing Properties


Are you searching to buy beautiful precious gemstones for adornment or with a hope of becoming lucky?

The most beautiful natural jewels are gemstones. They can be valued for a variety of purposes by people worldwide, from healing to decorative ornamentation.

Discovering all-natural remedies to heal and bring balance back into our lives is crucial in a society when stress and worry are all too commonplace. Gemstones have captured our senses for ages. They've long been valued for their special qualities and capacity to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in addition to being appreciated for their beauty and used to adorn the crowns of kings and queens.

Like glittering pieces of the earth's energy, jewels offer eternal wisdom and healing abilities that can be extraordinarily powerful. The beneficial effects and vibrational frequencies of each gemstone vary, so it's important to choose the correct one for your needs.

A precious gemstone bead wholesale has its own beauty and individuality, whether it's a sapphire, diamond, or ruby. As a result, before estimating a gemstone's worth, you must take its limited availability into account. A few elements that affect a gemstone's rare are its size, quality, and color.


The Top 5 Healing Properties of Precious Gemstones

These are the top 5 valuable gemstones that are frequently used to create jewelry nowadays and have healing properties:


1. Sapphire Stone

Sapphire is a precious gemstone known for its stunning blue color. It belongs to the corundum family of minerals, with aluminum oxide being its chemical composition. While sapphires are most famous for their blue hues, they can also come in a variety of colors except red, as red corundum is known as ruby.

Potential Healing Properties of Sapphire:

  • Spiritual Insight and Wisdom
  • Calming and Mental Focus
  • Protection and Spiritual Growth
  • Balance and Harmony
  • Stress Relief
  • Chakra Activation


2. Emerald Stone

Emerald is a precious gemstone known for its vibrant green color. It belongs to the beryl mineral family, and its green hue is primarily attributed to the presence of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds have been highly prized throughout history for their lush green beauty.

Potential Healing Properties of Emerald Stone:

  • Heart Chakra
  • Mental Clarity
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Stress Relief


3. Ruby Stone 

Ruby is a precious gemstone known for its rich red color. It belongs to the corundum family of minerals, with aluminum oxide being its chemical composition. While sapphires are also part of the corundum family, red corundum is classified as a ruby. Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones and is highly prized for its vibrant colour.

Potential Healing Properties of Ruby Stone:

  • Energy and Vitality
  • Passion and Love
  • Courage and Protection
  • Blood Circulation


4. Quartz Stone 

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and comes in a variety of forms, each with its own unique characteristics. Quartz crystals are composed of silicon and oxygen atoms and belong to the mineral group known as tectosilicates. Quartz is a versatile mineral with various colors and forms, and it's widely used in various industries.

Potential Healing Properties of Quartz Stone:

  • Amplification of Energy
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Healing and Balancing
  • Protection
  • Emotional Healing


5. Opal Stone 

Opal is a unique and captivating gemstone known for its mesmerizing play-of-color, which involves flashes of iridescent colors that change as the stone is viewed from different angles. Opal belongs to the mineraloid group, and its composition includes hydrated silica (SiO2·nH2O).

Potential Healing Properties of Opal Stone:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Inspiration and Creativity
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Balancing Energies
  • Enhancing Intuition



Although the world is full of valuable jewels, these are the most costly. Which one would you choose if you had to choose? It's crucial to remember that even while these gemstone beads may be the priciest, they may not be the most unique.

As an example, pearls are the only gemstones that are derived from living things and can be a great addition to a necklace. Secondly, turquoises are unparalleled in their beauty, even though they may not be as rare as red beryls.

Ultimately, even though topaz is never the most expensive stone per carat or size, it still has an amazing color variety and can add elegance and beauty to any outfit. Whichever stone you select, make sure it's have personal value to you.

The Healing Power of Gemstones: A Guide to Their Benefits in Real Life

Gemstones have always been highly prized for their aesthetic value, scarcity, and the belief that they possess curative powers. They have been put to use for both aesthetic purposes and religious ones. This article will discuss some of the most well-known gemstones, their characteristics, and the various ways they can be put to use.  

Healing Power of Gemstones


Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, is said to promote enlightenment and calm one's mind and soul. It is commonly used to alleviate tension and anxiety due to its reputed sedative properties. It may also help one gain mental and ethereal insights.


Aquamarine is a type of beryl that is a calming, ocean-inspired blue and is said to assist in expression and understanding. It's a popular talisman for those venturing out on the open water, as it's thought to ward off seasickness and even death.


Yellow quartz, also known as citrine, is a symbol of good fortune and happiness. Its purported benefits include a rise in originality and confidence as well as an increase in material well-being. It's also supposed to help people shake off unhelpful feelings like worry and sadness.


Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material and is highly valued for its beauty, durability, and rarity. It is a sign of undying love and devotion because of the strength, purity, and perfection it represents. It may also help one think more clearly and raise one's level of spiritual consciousness.


The green beryl known as emerald has long been linked with the emotions of love, compassion, and healing. It's commonly used to treat issues with the heart, lungs, and eyes, and it's believed to promote equilibrium, harmony, and mental stability. It's also been linked to increased imagination and insight.


Garnet is a mineral family whose members include red, green, and golden varieties. Commonly used to treat anemia and cardiovascular issues, it is also linked with bravery and protection. It's also supposed to help you feel more stable and rooted in your creative pursuits and your personal mission in life.

Lapis Lazuli

For thousands of years, people all over the world have admired Lapis Lazuli for its beauty and mystical qualities. It is commonly used in healing and meditative practices because of the positive associations with truth, wisdom, and perception. It's supposed to help you feel more at one with yourself and the world around you.


Moonstone is a type of quartz named after the moon and believed to increase psychic abilities, artistic inspiration, and a sense of inner calm. It's a popular talisman for tourists because of the belief that it will keep them safe from harm on the road. It's said to help you relax and find inner serenity, and it's linked to fertility, too.


Opal is a type of silica that can be found in a wide range of hues, from white to black and even red. It is often used to heighten intuitive and psychic capabilities and is linked with inspiration, creativity, and spiritual awakening. It's also supposed to make you feel more carefree, enthusiastic, and happy.


Ruby is a type of corundum that comes in vivid red color and is often used to symbolize ardor, energy, and affection. It's a common sign of affection because of its purported ability to boost one's sense of personal power and pride. Emotional stability and enlightenment are two other benefits linked with the heart chakra.


Finally, gemstones have been prized for their rarity, aesthetic value, and curative qualities for millennia. They have been highly valued for their decorative and therapeutic uses due to their ability to foster equilibrium, unity, and spiritual development.  Gemstone beads, in general, are a lovely and important accessory.

Gemstones - The Beacon of Hope

Gemstones have been known to adore humans ornamentally since they were first discovered in Egypt. Be it in the Queen's crown or a common man's finger, they've been admired for their beauty. But beauty is not all they've kept a place in the heart of man for. There are many lores affixed to them, which amplify the love they acquire. Over the centuries, our world has been through various ravaging transformations. Say the Trojan War or a Global Pandemic, it has brought vandalism and deformation along with it. When the world got knocked by Covid 19, it slumped, lakhs of folks lost their lives and suffering lingered all across the planet. But not long after, humanity rose again and has started making its way through. Gemstones have been playing a significant role in this excessively.



In the middle of every turmoil, we've seen people rely their lives on faith, in which Gemstones emerged as a beacon of hope of survival. Gemstones have been a part of mankind since before history was even written. Fabulous rubies, huge emeralds, ecstatic amethysts and other gems imitate a portrait of richness and royalty in our minds. The human population has been long fascinated by Gemstones.

Throughout history, Gemstones have been correlated with glamour, good luck and riches. It has been acknowledged that certain gemstones amass the power to protect from misfortune, malady, and distress. Their charisma has remained unscathed till now and the good luck they bring with them has sprouted vastly.

Gemstones have been incorporated in numerous rituals and ceremonies to resuscitate the energy fields, gain peace, and promote love and safety. They're known to stabilize the human thought process and bring harmony to their lives. Gemstones are also popularly allied with beneficial health properties. Legend says that, if one wears or places certain gemstones on their body or even close to them, they transfer healing energies by positively interacting with our body's energy field or chakras. They're known to introduce breathtaking transformations in one's life, ranging from peace of mind to fighting depression to wealth, they influence every facet of one's well being.

These qualities wielded by the gemstones have made them more popular with the widespread pandemic in the world. They have departed faith in people. When the world was suffering from opprobrium in health and economy, it swivelled towards faith, faith in God to refurbish everything the way it was. Humans have perpetually believed in the paranormal to attain goodness and fulfilment in their lives. The lores associated with the Gemstones, make them the centre of attraction.

The properties and benefits residing in each gemstone differ exceptionally. Depending on their varied benefits, you can choose a gemstone to naturally heal your aura and wipe out stress and negativity from your soul. Amethyst, rhodonite, rose quartz, moonstone, turquoise, and opal are some of the most commonly used stones.

Amethyst, the striking glamorous gemstone in the shades of purple is known for its mystic healing powers. Amethyst is known for its properties such as calming irritability, relieving stress and tension, balancing mood swings, driving away anger, anger, fear and anxiety; it also relieves sadness and pain, and dissolves negativity; activates the spiritual consciousness, opens the intuition and improves the psychic abilities. Ayurvedic and natural health practitioners highly recommend the use of Amethyst for healing.

Rose Quartz, the soothing beautiful pink gemstone is known for restoring harmony, peace and love in one's life. It purifies and opens the heart in all possible ways to promote inner healing to introduce peace and deep healing, leading to love, self-love, friendship in life. The bearer of the gemstone leads to eternal calm and reassurance, which helps comfort in times of grief. Rose Quartz also dispels negativity and protects against the evil energies in the world, including environmental pollution and replacing it with vibes of peace and love.

Gemstones like Green Aventurine, Citrine, Pyrite, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Green Jade, Garnet, etc are associated with the restoration of wealth in an individual's life. They work by interfering and improving the chakras. Some interact with the heart chakra, some with the crown chakra and more. All these metaphysical activities performed by these gemstones positively affect one's thought process and improve their way towards life, which leads to a better understanding of situations and circumstances, giving a better approach towards choices to be made. This eventually helps them restore the wealth in their life because after all, wealth is all about the approaches we make towards a better future.

The list of the properties encompassed by the gemstones is infinite, which in itself is ample to illustrate their integrity in human life. They work so efficiently on different levels that it's impossible to overlook the properties possessed by them. The legends tell us that the reliability of mankind on the gemstones have been seen since one can remember. It is also said that gemstones were used as medicine in ancient times, which could be a myth or truth, something we cannot be sure of if we're firm believers of science. But the positive vibrations caused after wearing or keeping the gemstones close to oneself are undeniable.

Gemstones have continued to adorn us, humans. They have added to the beauty multifold, which in itself is enough, their properties are added benefits, which efficiently make them a suitable choice for jewelry lovers and also for those who are equivalent believers of mysticism. We, at Ratna Sagar Jewels, serve you with the finest of the gemstones across the world, according to your desires and requirements, which also satisfies the mystic in you.


Written by Poonam 

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Half-drilled Beads – A Perfect Choice for Rings and Ear Studs

We live in a world where beauty is defined by people outside looks and personality, but we do not propagate this. What we believe is in inner beauty or the soul’s beauty, because that is the one that can make you look beautiful inside out more than anything else. Just like the gemstone beads which are carved, drilled from the inside to reflect their inner beauty in the outside world. And when a beautifully delicate piece of jewelry made up of these half-drilled, cut, polished gemstone beads are worn by a beautiful soul, the world that craves for outside beauty looks repeatedly in amazement. 

 Half-drilled Beads

Half-Drilled Beads

One of these cuts, polished, drilled beads is half-drilled beads. They are very beautiful and generally used for making rings and ear studs. Now you must be asking, why it is called half-drilled? Here is the answer, they are called half-drilled beads because of the hole in these beads that goes only halfway through unlike normal beads, or in other words they are partially drilled. They make a beautiful set of pearl earrings or serve as beads gemstone for your ring.

Dimensions, Colours, and Quality

They are usually available in the dimension between 2mm to 12mm. They are available in gemstone combination with amethyst, black onyx, coral half-drilled beads, garnet, goldstone, and pearl also. Half-drilled beads pieces of jewelry are made by using adhesive to glue the half-drilled beads to the rings or ear studs. They are available in almost every gemstone colour in which they are made or drilled. They are used a lot by the jewelry makers as half-drilled beads jewelry are simple and easy to make and do not require any tools.

How They Are Used?

As we have already cleared the mist that using half-drilled beads for making a pair of earrings or simple rings is not rocket science. You do not need any particular tool, just need your regular jewelry-making material and a jewelry adhesive. But if you do not want to go into the hassle of making it on your own you can also buy it from Ratna Sagar Jewels.

• You can find beautiful rings made up of these half-drilled beads.

• These beads are also used to make ear studs or a pearl drop on a pendant.

• They can be used to make beautiful wire bracelets.

The half-drilled beads are popular among small jewelry makers as it is simple and easy to use, but it is also a very good selection for wholesalers, retailer’s jewelry business. It will add variety to your jewelry design. Apart from this, if you are an individual buyer looking to buy for yourself, then go ahead buy it without any doubt, it is a perfect and elegant choice for every event.

Bottom Line

Half-drilled beads make beautiful pieces of jewelry, be it a ring, ear studs, or pearl drop on your pendant. We would suggest you give it a chance and we are very sure you will love it. If you need further information regarding these beads, or you want to see or buy the half-drilled bead jewelry, you can visit the one-stop RSJ online store.


The most beautiful gemstone beads woven through a silver string, enhancing the beauty of your neck in that reunion party you were waiting for so long to go. You are not missing a single chance to flaunt your gemstone bead necklace and your matching pair of earrings. And why you should not, well you are the proud owner of a beautiful piece of jewellery made up of dolphin-shaped gemstone beads. If you won’t flaunt it, we are not sure who should then?

Dolphin shaped gemstone beads

Don’t you want to know, how much efforts go behind crafting these beautiful dolphin shaped gemstone beads? Well, a lot. It is pretty hard to make, and it takes a lot of time, skill, and utmost care to carve these beads to perfection. When something is made with so much thoughtfulness, care, and dedication, it is tended to be eye-catching or maybe it is not too far-fetched to call it as heart catching. 

Dimensions, colours, and quality

As the name suggests the beads are carved into dolphin shapes. These gemstone beads have both sides pointed ends and are carved on transparent as well as solid colour gemstones. These one-of-a-kind dolphin-shaped gemstones beads are available with a variety of gemstones like turquoise, rhodolite garnet, honey quartz, green onyx, rose quartz, amethyst, etc. 

They are usually available in 8-10 mm size and have a high-quality benchmark in terms of cutting, carving, polishing, etc.

Uses of dolphin-shaped gemstone beads in jewellery world

Dolphin-shaped gemstone beads are used for making different kinds of jewellery and apart from this these beads cater to the business needs of different kinds of jewellery businesses.

  • Dolphin gemstone beads are used to make a pendant set, neckpieces, and matching earrings set.
  • There is a high possibility that the bracelet that you loved so much when you visited your favourite jewellery store last week is made up of dolphin-shaped gemstone beads.
  • Not only jewellery set but these beads are also used for making trendy one-piece jewellery like a single neckpiece or a beautiful pair of earrings without a necklace.
  • Apart from the above, these dolphin-shaped beads will help in increasing the varieties of beautiful gemstone beads in your jewellery business, be you are a retailer, whole seller, or a jewellery maker it will surely cater to your business needs.
  • And not to mention, if you are a jewellery lover, collector of beautiful things for yourself and your friends, dolphin-shaped gemstone beads is the perfect choice for you.

Bottom line

If you have decided to purchase this one-of-a-kind, dolphin-shaped gemstone beads jewellery for yourself or your friends, well congratulations! you won’t be disappointed. Also, if you are looking to grow your jewellery business as a whole seller or a retailer, it is a perfect choice because it will add varieties to your collection of beautiful handmade gemstone beads, and your customers are going to love jewelleries made up of from these gemstone beads. Go ahead and take your decision and buy some of these dolphin-shaped gemstone beads jewelleries, you are not going to regret it, that we can assure of. 

If you need further information on these gemstones’ jewelleries, or want to see or buy the products you can visit RSJ online store.


Faceted Rondelle Beads and its Usage

If you are new to the jewellery making art, then you should know that few terms will sound very technical. Faceted Rondelle is one of them, which is highly appreciated and very often used in jewellery pieces. Some of us may misunderstand it as a gemstone name.

To the amazement, it is not a gemstone name, but it’s a shape. When you are exploring the jewellery designing, you may need a huge knowledge base speaking of type of gems and their different shapes. No one could have thought that a different shape cut of stone can make a huge difference.  It impacts the look, elegance and the energy of the wearer.  

Properties of Faceted Rondelle:

When it comes to faceted Rondelle, it is known to be a versatile shape that is often used as a spacer in jewellery.  It is round in shape and has flat surfaces on it in a geometric pattern. This wonderful design adds radiance to the piece it is added and reflects brilliant light. These beads are available in various sizes and each size can be used differently. Small sizes are used as spacers and bigger sizes Rondelle is used as a brilliant stone to add elegance to the jewellery piece. These shape stones are available at affordable prices. You can choose from the stunning collection available with us.

Usage of Faceted Rondelle:

Its usage is already explained above. However, in jewellery making, it is ideal for necklaces, rings, bracelets and you name it. These are very commonly used beads but the significance is what matters. It enhances the beauty of the jewellery piece and makes the wearer confident.

Be it in small or big size, you still can think of these to be multipurpose. These beads of the specific shape can be designed in almost every gemstone like Aquamarine, Black Moonstones, Amethyst, Botswana, Blue topaz, blue zircon and the list goes on. This world of gemstones keeps you amazed with shapes and figures. Each shape presents its own qualities.

For example, Amethyst Rondelle faceted beads can vibrate on high frequency and create a spiritual bubble for the wearer against the negative source of energy.  The finest quality of blue zircon Rondelle beads is the best one to look for.  It enriches the look of a wearer with positive passion and enhances the aura. Aquamarine Rondelle beads are mostly used for necklaces and can be recognized due to its brilliant look. It channels all your energy and lets you focus on the goal.

There are numerous examples of the amazing affect of such cute little beads that will help you to connect with your inner self. You will find your very calm version that is rational, spiritual and thinks on the next level. 

You can find a plethora of options with Ratna Sagar Jewels. As its name suggests, you will find quite a collection to look at. If you are new to jewellery making art, this is the best place to start with. Brilliance in your work will speak for itself and the credibility of your made pieces will be unquestionable.  

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Faceted Oval Beads – A Perfect Gemstone Beads for All Your Jewellery Needs


Remember last time when you entered your favorite jewellery showroom and a set of transparent oval-shaped beads necklace and a matching pair of earrings caught your eye and above all your heart. All of the jewellery lovers must have at one point or other mulled over the fact, that how these jewellery makers make such beautiful beads jewellery. Do they apply their craftmanship skills in making these gemstones more beautiful or they find it like this only and weave them in a thread with the help of super glue and some other material just like that?

How is it done?

Well, let us clear this mystery once and for all, making of your beautiful gemstone beads necklace requires a lot of effort from your jewellery maker’s end. The gems that are used for jewellery making are very rough when they are found, these gems are then cut and polished in different types of shapes and patterns which provides them an identity of their own. There are various types of gemstone cuts that jewellery makers use for gem cutting purposes such as fine round, half rose, pear-shaped, faceted oval-shaped, and many more.

Faceted oval-shaped gemstone beads

Let us talk about one of the most beautiful gemstones cut i.e. faceted oval-shaped cut gemstone or beads, and it is not too far-fetched to say that they are a piece of art in themselves. The faceted gemstone bead cut has a flat surface on the top with multiple polished faces or facets all over it with a sharp-pointed bottom. And when the faceted gemstone is cut in an oval shape, it is called faceted oval-shaped gemstone or beads.

Faceted Oval Shaped Beads

Dimensions, colors and quality

Faceted oval-shaped beads are available in different dimensions ranging between 5 x 3mm to 18 x 13mm and above as well. Various types of gemstones like diamond, ruby, quartz, zircon, etc are cut and polished through faceted oval-shaped technique and used for making beautiful jewellery. This particular cut is available in almost every type of colored (red, yellow, blue, green, white) gemstones. Also, not to mention they are available in the highest quality in terms of their impeccable cuts, patterns, polish and customization.

How to identify faceted oval gemstone cut?

You can always look for the below set of properties or characteristics for identification of the faceted oval gemstone cut:

  • The gemstone beads have a flat surface and multiple polished facets on their top.
  • The gemstone with multiple facets is cut in an oval shape.
  • This type of gemstone cutting is generally done on transparent stones to make them more beautiful and elegant.
  • The multiple facets of the gemstone will reflect the light outside to enhance its brilliant beauty.

Well, let us assure you that this is a perfect choice for your jewellery making business if you are a retailer, wholesaler, or even a jewellery designer. These particular gemstone beads will cater to all kind of jewellery making needs and will be a feather in your jewellery business’s cap.

Uses of faceted oval gemstone beads in jewellery making

Faceted oval gemstone beads have multiple uses, be it a ring, a beautiful one-piece necklace, a pair of cute earrings or a transparent beaded bracelet, faceted oval stones, or beads are used to make them all. Though mentioned briefly, I am listing them down in detail for easy reference purposes.

  • Faceted oval-shaped gemstone beads are used for making beautiful rings. Many a time the diamond ring you must be wearing must have a faceted oval gemstone cut.
  • That transparent gemstone beaded necklace with a beautiful pair of earrings is generally made through faceted oval shape gemstone beads cut technique. The multiple facets on the top of the transparent gemstone enhance its fire and make it out of the world.
  • The faceted oval-shaped gemstone cuts are used to make a single neck-piece, a separate beautiful pair of earrings, a pendant set, etc.
  • They are also used for making beautiful bracelets and sometimes anklets and other pieces of jewellery.

Bottom line

So, if you are looking to buy faceted oval gemstone beads for your own jewellery making business as a first-timer, or you are just a curious jewellery lover and buyer like every other person. This information will help you in every scenario. It is always good to know the history and efforts that have gone down in making something so beautiful. And gemstone cutting and its different shapes and patterns is a separate branch of art in itself. Nevertheless, if you need more information on “Faceted oval-shaped gemstone” you can visit “Ratna Sagar Jewels” also you can buy your next piece of faceted oval gemstone jewellery from them.


Heart Briolette: An Ideal Choice for Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants & Tiaras

Jewellery making is an intense art that needs all of the patience and huge knowledge base. It not only has a wide range if stones and wires to explore. But also differentiating cuts on stones make a huge difference and give your jewellery a new definition. For example there are Asscher, Baguette and Briolette.

Briolettes are commonly known as a tear drop beads or pear shaped gemstones. It is a kind of shape, which is the most difficult to cut. In each piece, it has 84 triangles covering the entire surface. If it comes to cut these pieces, one can make 5 to 10 pieces a day to ensure unmatched quality with complex shape and brilliant beauty. The bead captures most of the light and is a popular choice for any jewellery piece which has dangling pieces. This bead can dangle and move displaying wonderful colour and radiance. Due to this, most of the time gemstones are free to move. It’s bonded with a help of wire and a hole on top tip of the gem.

heart briolette

History of gem:

The history of this finely shaped gem goes back up to the 12th century. It is believed to be originated from India and have travelled Europe with Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. As per its origin history may say a lot about it, but this gem was derived gone through some evolution and nowadays is being used as a fine part of jewellery art.

Gem properties:

This gem has healing properties like intuition and spiritual guidance. This one gem can be the best blessing you get if used properly. Jewellery making art has seen several of the evolution and this was the best thing to happen. Beads made out with this can be used almost in any piece and enhance the beauty of it. It is virtually unrecognisable between gems and diamonds. Its precise cut and flower like looking edges. It is believed to be driving the positive energy one has and enhance to a great extent.

 Uses of heart briolette:

As a jewellery making artist, you can do multiple of experiments with designing when coupled with these amazing gemstones shapes. It will keep your audience mesmerized for long. This heart briolette shape can be used to make necklaces, bracelets or small heads of it can be used as a fine piece of accessory. If you wish to get variety, you will find them available in more than 10 colors. Beauty of these beads adds brilliance to every piece. Be it a traditional festival or casual occasion, jewellery items with these shaped stones can be worn up and down. With this superb choice, you will be one who is to set a new trend.

These heart shaped beads with smooth flower cuts can look on anything. Be it a single bead accessory or numerous of those twinkling in a pattern, will look nothing but innovatively breath taking. Accessories with these little twisted gems are always appreciated. It takes your innovation and beauty to next level. Use of such beads is like adding effortless beauty. Such beads can alone stand out for its appearance and sturdy quality. 

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Wear Right Color of Gemstones During Winter Season to Leverage Their Benefits

Winter season is all about muted colors and the brisk chilly winds. When sunshine is not there for many days or even weeks, we all want to have something that makes us feel happier and enthusiastic, right? Did you know that wearing a different array of shades and hues of gemstones can make you feel uplifted?

Do you wish to know what color of gemstones you should wear during the winter months? Read on….

We have put together a list of different shades of gemstones that you can choose to wear in the winter season, and whether you pick to complement or contrast with the muted tones of the season, there is an ideal color of gemstone waiting to add a new statement to your collection.

Let’s have a glimpse at top gemstones for Autumn/Winter season that you can buy online or look for in the nearest store:

Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian Gemstone

Like the color of sunset sun, Red carnelian even leaves the people spellbind. It is considered to be a stabilizing gemstone that helps the wearer restore their levels of vigour and inspiration, and fuels inventiveness. This amazing gemstone comes in clear to translucent red brownish tone which may even vary from pale orange to pinkish hue. It also comes in grey to deep black tone as well.

Here are some of the advantages of wearing red carnelian gemstone:

• It stimulates the appetite, improves overall physical stamina level during the workout, and helps in bringing desired balance in the body’s energy levels.
• Carnelian is said to charm affluence, new sources of avenues and stroke of luck. It is a lucky charm for triumph in any economic endeavour.
• In the place of work, it is a gemstone of motivation, determination and fortitude, and helps in getting rid of uncalled-for stresses of co-workers or neutral establishments with idealistic potentials.
• Carnelian is conventionally recognized to defence against tumbling bricks and mortar and mishaps with tools. Besides, it also defends against theft, fire, storm or calamity.
• Red carnelian gemstone helps you get relieve from acute lower back related complications, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and melancholy. 
• It improves the functioning of the kidneys, and speeds up restorative process in bones and ligaments. 

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The Blue Sapphire, which is known to be a gemstone that suits individuals who are born in the month of September, is a gorgeous subterranean and desirable blue colour. The shades of blue are every so often very famous specifically during this period of the ear, typically during the winter months due to the richness of the color. It also has a nice regal feel to it.

Here are some of the advantages of wearing blue sapphire:

• Neelam in tandem with other stones helps to treat and combat bone cancer, kidney-related problems, nerve ailment and paralysis.
• It brings the wearer wealth, reputation, a good designation, health, contentment, richness, mental calmness, and blesses them with children.
• Wearing blue sapphire guards against vulnerability, travel complications, dread, burgles, adversities and complications from hurricanes, fire, or natural catastrophes.
• It protects the wearer against envy and also resolves issues related to nerves-tension and psychoses-ailments caused by a troubled Saturn.
• Professionals including medical practitioner, soothsayers, medics, custodial warden, armed forces and archaeologists can leverage the benefits of blue sapphire by wearing it in the right manner.


Ruby Gemstone

For a very majestic approach to wintertime, the Ruby is a spectacular pick to make. The opulent and deep hue of the stone has a very festive feel to it.

Here are some of the advantages of wearing ruby gemstone:

• Brings happiness, career opportunity, enhances leadership qualities of the wearer, protects against evil spirit and negative drives and so on.
• It inspires the wearer to accomplish success, reputation, popularity, and achieve all your professional goals.
• Ruby is known to help the wearer in getting rid of the fear and depression, improves the confidence level of the wearer, and reduces issues related to the digestive system.

Mexican fire opal

Mexican fire opal

Many people out there believe that Mexican fire opal is a normal opal gemstone. However, it is way more different than opal gemstone. This superb stone usually comes in orange or cherry red color which is undoubtedly the most attractive color.

Here are some of the advantages of wearing Mexican Fire opal gemstone:

• This gemstone is considered bring optimistic attributes in the life of the wearer.
• Mexican fire opal is known to heal issues related to lower back pain, kidney stone, and helps in stimulation of intimate organs.
• It is considered to be good for those who lack self-confidence and feel shy in public.
• The fire opal is known to bring joy to the wearer’s heart and brings prosperity and health.


Tanzanite Gemstone

If you wish to have something which is somewhat unique and different from the classic blue and clear tones, our last pick for the winter season is remarkable Tanzanite gemstone. The stunning deep blue-purple hue in the stone really glares in the limelight.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing tanzanite:

• Tanzanite fuels the different chakras of our body including throat, third-eye, and crown. 
• It basically stimulates our cognitive capabilities and vibratory rate, expediting communiqué with the higher mystical extents.
• It helps the wearer to gain calm composure, brings poise and harmony in their life, and helps them slowdown in life instead of running after meaningless things.
• This stone is known to dissolve the repetitive and vicious patterns of some chronic diseases and bad karma.
• Tanzanite helps the wearer move ahead in life with positivity and confidence. Besides, it also gives the wearer with the sense of going in the right direction and empowers them to look for the hidden powers and go for them to bear good results.

Wrapping up

Treat yourself this winter season by adding new statement gemstone jewellery to your collection. Consult a qualified astrologer about the best and genuine gemstone color that will suit you during this festive period.

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