Why Should Your Buy Exclusive Gemstone Necklaces from Wholesalers

Gemstones and necklaces are indeed a complement to each other and the best you can do is put them both together and make something extremely exciting and worthwhile. Gemstones and necklaces when put together form something exemplary that the world appreciates and loves to have.

While we believe that all gemstones are amazing and each of them carries their own perception and look, there are quite a lot of gemstone beads that are considered all above the others and are considered to be the best for making the best gemstone necklaces.  Precious and semi precious gemstone beads when complimented with mesmerizing shapes form an extremely exceptional piece that is just the perfect kind you can ever think of.

In the current era where you can buy a necklace from hundreds and thousands on available stores, it is best that you buy it only from a wholesaler of gemstone beads for  the following reasons:

  • Huge Variety to Choose From: You will always find a huge catalog to choose from when you decide to buy a necklace from wholesaler. The variety is so exclusive that you will never want to settle for just one.


  • High Quality: The quality of gemstone necklaces available at the store of a wholesaler/manufacturer is that here you will find that highest quality of product. All natural and best quality of a gemstone necklace is available right here.


  • Their Stocks Last Forever: Wholesalers technically never run out of stocks, therefore you can buy as many as you want without much hesitation and you can always come back to them asking for more similar shapes of gemstone beads.


  • Choice of a Customized Stone: You can get a stone cut according to your choice and of you desired size only when you choose to buy from wholesalers. This is primarily because they have a huge variety available for you to choose from and the skills that can help in the customization of the gemstone.


  • Low Cost: Since wholesalers have a high range of products, you can be very much sure that the cost of these will be lower than what you can expect to buy from a retailer.


Ratna Sagar Jewels has the finest collection of exclusive necklaces at affordable costs- for a simple reason that they are the leading wholesalers and manufacturers of high quality colored gemstone beads.

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Duchess of Dazzle has an enviable Collection of Jewels

People’s love for gemstones has grown several folds and with a huge variety of gemstones that people get to make a choice of the best gemstones. However what we are seeing is that there are people of the royal family who make us feel envious with their collection of gemstone beads.

Such is the case with Duchess of Cornwall- Camilla who is always dressed with the best jewels and they add wonders to her beauty. Camilla has a flair for precious gemstone beads and her love for them was spotted when the lady wore a beautiful necklace all studded with the world best rubies.

While we do not say that this is the only gemstone that she has in her jewelry wardrobe, but what we’re saying is that her love for Ruby Gemstone Beads is unconditional and timeless. Even after several years we see the duchess dazzling in the best collection of jewels, making us feel envious every moment.

Ruby, the stone that belongs to the category of the corundum family and it is attractive because of its brilliance. The brilliance factor of the stone depends on the crystal being clear and transparent. It is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors, varying from pink to a deep ruby violet shade. The smooth and the delicate luster appear to be of clarified butter. The finest quality of ruby has a delicate rose color, which is very much similar to the eye of a living cuckoo.

The world may seem unfair when you think you are unable to buy the best gemstone beads; however with Ratna Sagar Jewels bringing out an exclusive collection of gemstone beads in the most exquisite shapes and sizes, the world has become a fairer place for all.

People’s love for gemstone beads knows no bounds and this is something that should never come to an end, therefore Ratna Sagar jewels with their timeless collection of gemstone beads has made sure that you always get to choose and to wear the best gemstone beads and also that you never have to think of the price.

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Guess Who Just Got Married- Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Several hearts got shattered by the news of Ian Somerhalder’s wedding; after all he was the heartthrob of all women every inch of hiss look carried them away, more than the last time. This however was just not shattering for women but also for all those men who admired Nikki Reed- the Twilight Star; Ian and Nikki are now married and have become the most envious couple of the year!!!

We’re however pleased to see them together for life, because we love them both for their looks, for the work they do but most of all we love them for the amazing couple they’ve become. We cannot also miss to say that we are envious of both of them as a couple, because somewhere secretly we loved them as individuals and admired every move they made.

Now what’s done is done! We cannot anything but to accept them as the Newly Wedded Couple!!!

Their wedding was  not the a jewelry affair though and Nikki wore minimal jewelry, but the thing that is worth mentioning is Nikki’s Diamond Ring- which is just not any diamond ring but really beautiful flower shaped ring that has a huge round diamond  surrounded by ten smaller ones. This ring looked flawless on Nikki’s finger and it gave people all the more envious reasons.



While Nikki Reed flaunted her diamond engagement ring, she was spotted buying a Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace for Ian- looks like the couple is too much in love. Their love for valuable gemstones is as much as their love for each other. We just hope it keeps growing over the years and that they continue expressing it with flawless gemstones for a lifelong.

And Yes- Women still will be envious of Nikki Reed!!!


Exclusive Beaded Necklaces- Just for the Sake of Your Beauty

Women have always loved to adorn in the best attire, wear the best shoes and the most appealing accessories; however the one thing that women will never miss to wear is a nice, bold, bright and beautiful necklace- because it is the one thing that gives them the most amazing look.

Beaded necklaces are the new trend and with this ever growing trend there has been a great increase in the selection of gemstone beads. While most women love to wear precious gemstone beads, some might not even hesitate to put on semi-precious gemstone beads, because they all add beauty to their look.

Exclusive Necklaces is something that each woman wants and would never want to settle down on something slightly less than that. Whatever be the choice of gemstones or their exquisite shapes, the thing that is g high value is how these gemstone necklaces bring out the classic beauty of each woman who wears them.

Ratna Sagar Jewels has a truly stunning and a mesmerizing collection of exclusive necklaces that have been made using AAAA quality colored gemstone beads. The online collection of exclusive necklaces available at the online store of Ratna Sagar Jewels has been made of gemstones like:

  •  Watermelon Tourmaline

  •  Pink Topaz

  •  Mandarin Garnet

  •  Emerald

  •  Garnet


While all of these exclusive necklaces have equally exclusive shapes to give them an absolutely astonishing look.

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Where Words fail, Let Gemstones Speak for You!

Ever faced the kind of situation when you lack the words that you want to say to express how you feel about a particular situation or a person; how about making something that speaks on your behalf? Gemstone Beads certainly are the things that speak for you when you fail to speak your heart out to a person.

Gemstones are the most beautiful things that are available for the humans to use and to adorn themselves, adding much beauty and fervor to their looks. And that reminds us of some of the most beautiful gemstones that have ever been available for people; sometimes to express love and sometimes to make that love be a part of their life forever.

People usually propose the love of their life with the perfect ring and for that love to stay in your life forever you need to speak about your feelings; however when you fail to do that you can buy your loved ones a ring that is studded with the world’s best gemstone.

Selecting the right gemstone for your loved one may be difficult but if you do it the right way, there’s no experience better than this one. However choosing only a gemstone is not the only thing that is important; choosing the right store to buy them from is also important. Ratna Sagar Jewels has a plentiful collection of AAAA quality colored gemstone beads in extremely mesmerizing shapes that will speak for you when words fail to.

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But Sapphire Gemstone Beads for This Mother’s Day

We’re entering the month of May In just a day and when we do that we are approaching a very important day of the month- The Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is going to be a special day not only for mother’s but also for their children and for all those people they’ve brought up like little kids and also fir the family that has a woman who takes care of all their needs and choices. This 10th of May will be celebrated as Mother’s Day all over the world and while children will be trying to, make it a special day for their mothers, mothers’ will be trying to make a day out for themselves.

However selecting the right gift for the occasion is a real tough thing to do and if you’ve made up a really long list of gifts to choose from and are still not sure what to buy then here’s a little suggestion for all you people- Buy Her the Best Sapphire Gemstone Beads for this Mother’s Day.

Now that you have the idea what to buy, make sure you get her the perfect size, an exquisite shape and a fantabulous ring- a perfect combination of sapphire shape and size. If you’re still not sure how and where to purchase sapphire, then here’s a little guide:

  • Buy only from a reputed store: If you’re buying from an offline store make sure you land up buying from a reputed store and not from any just ordinary store.

  • For online purchase choose a wholesaler/manufacturer: Buying from an online store will provide you a lot of variety to choose from and the cheery on the cake is when you choose a wholesaler or manufacturer- because they have the best quality of sapphire gemstone beads and the best shapes for you to choose from.

  • Choose the right color: Sapphire gemstone beads come in a variety of colors and it is completely on you which color you want to choose for your mother. Make sure the color is perfect and not dull at some ends.

  • Check for any cracks: Before you get your sapphire packed, make sure you check it thoroughly for any cracks. Sapphires are usually considered the second hardest gemstones after diamond, and any cracks in it are not clear. You will have to spend some time checking it.

  • Decide your Budget: Since sapphire gemstone beads are the hardest after diamonds, there cost is usually high. You must decide your budget before you buy the final sapphire for your mother. A sapphire that is beautiful and falls in your budget is the best for you to buy.


Ratna Sagar Jewels has the highest variety of colored gemstone beads compared to any other online store and they have the best sapphires in equally amazing shapes and you can buy them online from their store.


“A mother is the most precious thing that you have in your life, and if you can bring a little happiness in her life, then it is certainly worthwhile.”

We’ll come up with more for Mother’s Day, 2015!

Essential Gemstones for this Summer Season !

Summer season has already open up its wings and with the increasing hotness in the atmosphere people have started looking for new apparels and footwear, but only the most intelligent people will look forward for new gemstone beads this summer season.

However if you have already started feeling the warmth in the atmosphere and have opened your summer wardrobe, make sure you add in I the best gemstone collection, particularly for the summers. Choose one gemstone for each of your dresses and you can be sure that you need a separate wardrobe for them.

We are all aware that the summer season open away for cool and light colors, therefore your choice of gemstones will also be cool and light. There are several numbers of them available in the marketplace but you should make sure that you never settle for anything that is less than perfect. Choose the best gemstones in the best possible shapes and add stars to your beauty. 

If you are looking gemstones particularly for the summer then you can include the following in your list:

  • Diamond

  • Pink Amethyst

  • Yellow Opal

  • Ethiopian Welo Opal

  • Mexican Fire Opal

  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Each of these gemstones has a particular property associated with them and they all add the uniqueness to you and to your attire. A well selected gemstone will always make you look comfortable and perfect.

If you have finally made up your mind for summer collection of gemstone beads and are still making a list, then before making the final choice make sure you check the online collection of Ratna Sagar Jewels because they have more than hundred exclusive gemstones that have been cut into the finest shapes to be paired with your dress this summer.

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The Gemstone Affair at the Wedding of the Prince of Brunei

Wedding of Kings and Queens, Prince’s and Princesses’ is always special to see but there’s one that is much talked of these days- The Dream Wedding of the Prince of Brunei. There are a lot of fancy affairs that people have to talk about for days but this wedding is something that people will remember for many years to come. After all if was such a grand affair and a kind of wedding reserved for the royalty of Southeast Asia.

The dream wedding of the prince consisted of the most prized jewelry collection, the most exquisite gown and the perfect delicacies. The sensational glamour that existed from 11th April to 15th April; the entire even had an awe-inspiring collection of jewelry, the exclusive dresses and an unlimited paparazzi presence that best described this huge event. When it comes to weddings like this, we certainly have no words!

However, we wish Prince Abdul Malik (31) wed Dayangku Raabi’atul Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji (22) happy wedded life; and the reason Ratna Sagar

Jewels is discussing them is for their amazing and stylish jewerly. We believe that the trend and collection of gemstones and shapes of Ratna Sagar have been taken forward with this massive wedding.

The bride and the groom dressed in their golden dresses looked the absolute couple- a match made in heaven. Their dresses were bejeweled with diamonds and

other colored gemstone beads. The royal bride Tiara wore a stunning six Tear Drop Plain shaped Emerald necklace. Her ornamental veil had been made of the finest gold embroidered lace. Her diamond and emerald necklace was an absolute awe and simply the most elegant piece ever created and crafted.

This absolute wedding that lasted for five days has been the wedding that will be remembered by people for many years to come. Ratna Saga Jewels is proud and honored to say that they are the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of tear drops shapes using the finest collection of AAA quality gemstone beads.

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Why Should You Wear Diamond Gemstone Beads Jewellery?

Diamond is a well-known April birthstone. The gemstone got its name from the Greek word adámas which means unbreakable," "proper," or "unalterable. The Greeks used to believe that diamonds were pieces of stars fallen to earth and that they encouraged purity, love and joy in wearer. Traditionally, an epitome of strength, invincibility and fearlessness, diamond is also a symbol of indestructible love. The gemstone is categorized according to Four C’s which refer to its color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

1)      Color- Diamonds are graded on the GIA color scale from D (highest grade) to Z (lowest grade).

2)      Cut- The cut of a diamond describes the quality of workmanship and the angles to which a diamond is cut.

3)      Clarity- Clarity is a measure of internal defects of a diamond called inclusions.

4)      Carat Weight - The carat weight measures the mass of a diamond.


The hardness of diamond is the main contributor to its suitability as a gemstone. On Mohs scale of mineral hardness, where hardness is defined as resistance to scratching and is graded between 1 (softest) and 10 (hardest), diamond has a hardness of 10 (hardest) on this scale. As a diamond can be only scratched by other diamonds, it maintains polish extremely well. Unlike other gemstones, diamond is a perfect for daily wear jewellery and its resistance to scratching is a significant factor of its popularity as the most preferred gemstone in wedding and engagement jewellery, which are often worn every day.  

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What You Need to Know About Aquamarine Gemstones?

Aquamarine is an eminent March birthstone in today’s modern culture.  It’s a blue sea colored gemstone that belongs to beryl family of minerals. The name ‘Aquamarine’ comes from the Latin word ‘Aqua’ which means water and 'Mare' or sea.

In ancient culture, it was strongly believed that the magical powers of Aquamarine can bring good fortunes during voyage. That’s why sailors used to carry Aquamarine gemstone for a safe voyage and to get rid of seasickness. In Medieval ages, Aquamarine was supposed to have magical healing powers that were effective in the treatment of anxiety and eliminating the effects of certain poisons. For hundreds of years, the gemstone was used by medicine men, healers and shamans from various cultures.



Aquamarine is also considered effective in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis, sore throat, varicose veins and inflammation of eyes if it is kept in contact with the concerned body part. The gemstone is also supposed to replace anger and pessimism with mental peace and intelligibility, helping the wearer to maintain a perfect balance between his or her emotions and intellect. For this reason, many people use Aquamarine for the treatment of anxiety. It is also believed that Aquamarine can bring good luck and fortunes in the lives of married couples. That’s why many husbands and wives either keep Aquamarine gemstone or wear jewellery that comprises Aquamarine gemstone beads to ensure a long and happy married life.

The gemstone is also considered good for meditation since it brings peace, motivation and harmony with love. If you want to enhance your personal strength and characteristics then wearing Aquamarine gemstone beads jewellery is the easiest way to do so. Ratna Sagar Jewels is one of the most trusted suppliers of a wide range of Aquamarine gemstone beads jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear rings etc. To place an online order of our Aquamarine gemstone beads jewellery, please log onto http://www.ratnasagarjewels.com/aquamarine-gemstone-beads.html