Top 4 Gemstone Cuts Popular with Gemstone Lovers

Gemstone comes in a variety of eye-catching shapes like heart, triangular, oval, octagon, round, square etc. The cut of gemstone plays a vital role in its popularity and sale. A particular cut is given taking into consideration which will look best on the rough gemstone. The shapes are given different cuts to depict the many facets, which gives a unique look to the crystal. A perfect gemstone cut will smartly hide its imperfection and enhance its best qualities.

Here we are going to tell you top 4 gemstone cuts famous with gem lovers around the world.

1.  Briolette Cut:

It is a pear or drops-shaped artistically cut triangular facets covering the entire surface of the gemstone. The cut doesn’t have any pavilion, table or crown thus it is most difficult shape to be carved out on the surface of the stone. The brilliance of the crystal increases with the number of triangular shapes.  The Briolette cut naturally reflects light from every angle. The gracious look it renders to the gemstone makes it a perfect choice for pendants and earrings. The light passing through the dazzling earring makes it look stunning. 

Briolette cut gemstones are very popular with gem wholesalers, retailers, gemstone designers and in the precious stone auction market. The antique gem buyers prefer Briolette to replace the lost or broken stone in jewelry. One of the latest shapes in Briolette is Heart Briolette with the micro cut. Generally, Heart Briolette has 18 facets but Ratna Sagar Jewels, the top online store has come up the unique shape with 180 facets, even with facets on edges. The stylish Heart Briolette is in great demand.

Heart Briolette Gemstones

2.  Cushion Cut:

A cross between rectangle and oval, the Cushion cut is also known as Old European Cut. The cut has classic square shape with inventively rounded corners which makes it look like a cushion on a couch. The cushions cuts were extremely popular in 19th and early 20th Century. The current cushion shape has gone through a transformation. The old cut used to have 58 facets and present ones have 64 facets. The increase in facets gives more depth to the gem design. It renders a classic and romantic look to the jewelry, which makes it an evergreen choice.  The gem designers are constantly experimenting with cushion and giving interesting facets like concave, checkerboard and Portuguese cut to make it look more striking.  It is the reason that cushion cut has returned to the gemstone popularity list with a bang.   The best thing about this cut is that it leads to very less wastage and also maintains a fabulous luster. 

3.  Chandelier Briolette Cut:

Anything that is unique instantly catches attention, the best example of it is Chandelier Briolette Cut gemstone. It is one of the top-selling gemstone cut trendings in the market. The classy silhouette is a blend of two shapes Briolette and Chandelier. The fascinating gemstone design is the creation of Ratna Sagar Jewels. The trendy cut goes well with every kind of precious and semi-precious stone whether it is Oliver Quartz, Black Spinel, Moonstone, Topaz, Ruby, Lapis, Onyx or any other gem.

Chandelier Briolette Cut

4.  Emerald Cut:

The Emerald cut has stepped cuts that appears rectangular when viewed from the top and has finely trimmed corners.  Generally, the emerald cut has approximately 50 facets, the facets may increase or decrease according to the design decided by the gem designer. The main aim of the particular design is to enhance the clarity and color of the gemstone. The shape is very popular for rings. The customers like the elongated emerald cut gemstone in the ring as it looks beautiful on a finger.

Getting the Carat weight of gems correct

If you are in the gemstone market, apart from the obvious colour and size, there is one more very important thing that you should evaluate. And nobody is going to cheat you on this if you know how to calculate the size of a gemstone. We all it- The Carat. When it comes to finding the right sized gemstone within a budget you can handle, carats is something you should get familiar with.

What is a carat?

Gemstones are weighed in carats. Every gemologist would count the carat as the basic factor to classify different gemstones. The raw pieces are cut into smaller and smoother edges. The finished gemstones are tagged with the carat after cutting to measure up the amount of wastage in the processing.

Abbreviated to “ct” in a gemstone parlance, a carat is a unit of measurement usually represented in points. A point of a gemstone size is 0.01 of a carat or in general terms, one unit is 1% of what we know as a carat. For very small garnets, rubies and travertine, the usual unit of size determination is a “point” and not carats.

Carat and pricing:

The word “carat” has same origin as that of the word “keratin”. Keratin is derived from the Latin word “keratos”, meaning “little horn”. The carob tree seeds are called keratin too, and the gemstones resemble them in more than one way that you can think of. Carats signify the uniformity of different sized gemstones.

As far as pricing is concerned, a gemstone with higher carat value is quoted at a higher price.

A correlation: Grams versus carat

Until the end of World War I, gemstones were still measured in grams and not carats. After 1920, the popularity of carats caught up owing to bigger sized diamonds being cut into cabochons and smaller shapes. As a method of approximation, gem scientists and lapidary artists zeroed on to carat as an international standard.

One carat = 1/5th of a gram

In general term, one carat is 20 percent of what we know as gram weight.

Law of gemstone pricing:

Price per carat is the universal factor to identify what the gemstone might be weighing. The pricing is fixed as per a very popular hand-rule called “Indian Law” or “Tavernier’s Law”.

In a bid to find the weight of the gemstone in terms of carats, the formula used is:

Carat = Facet style factor (ff) x {Girdle length (grl) x Girdle width (grw)} x depth (dep) x Average specific weight

These days, a specially designed digital scale is used to weigh precious gemstones. The same scale can derive the combined carat weight of more than one gemstone.

precious gemstones

To convert a gemstone’s weight in milligrams into carat, divide it with a factor of 200.

For example, if a diamond weighs 250 milligrams, the weight in carat is: 250/200= 1.25 ct

In terms of points, this carat value is equal to 125 points.

Apart from carat of course, there are three C’s you need to define to arrive at the right price- Cut, Clarity and Colour.

Best of Gemstone Collection Tips from Professional Collectors

As kids, we all loved collecting items that meant a lot to us then.  In gemstone market, there are a handful of collectors who are in a serious business of collecting rarest of the rare gemstones and displaying their prized possessions at a handsome price. If you are smitten by the shiny hard rocks, here are some truly delightful gemstones that you can consider collecting and build a gallery of your own.

But before that a few guidelines and tips.

1.  Unique and incredibly rare:

Not all gemstones are not that fascinating as say a peridot or a garnet or even an emerald. You have to be really choosy in collecting only those gemstones that have a reputation of being rare or unique in their own ways.

2.  Colour and clarity:

Shiny and brilliant gems have a higher adulation than the opaque ones. If you are truly in the game of collecting unique gemstones, try segmenting your gallery in terms of optical properties, colour and even cuts and shapes.

Emerald Gemstone beads

3.  Price tag:

Oh yes, this is the most uncomplicated filter for any collector. Higher the price higher will be the fan-following! There are high-priced gemstones that you may not have even heard of... Explore them beyond the world of diamonds, rubies and ambers.

4.  Care and maintenance:

Most gemstones require an elaborate care and maintenance routine, and that’s where full-time collectors score big. They rely a lot on technology and latest in gemstone cleansing methods.

5.  The world of faux pas:

The life of a gemstone collector revolves around trust and reputation. Even if you manage to collect and display a single gemstone- real and verified source, you are right up there in the league of top professionals. Don’t rely on cheap sources. You are what your gemstone sources make you.

A new world of gemstones:

For the love of intense colour and high-quality brilliance, you can start exploring a whole new dimension in gemstone collection. Here are some of the least heard gemstones that most collectors usually have hard time finding in the local market.


This beautiful energetic blue-coloured gemstone belongs to the family of sodalite. First discovered in 1807 in Italy, this gemstone has the highest refractive index for any naturally occurring item- 1.50!

Known sources of Hauyne are Mount Vesuvius, Lake Laach (Germany), Alban Hills (Rome) and Cripple Creek (Colorado, USA).


Another blue gemstone belonging to the family of alumina-silicates, Kyanite is exclusively used in the electronic industry. Priced at $50-100 per carat, there are other varieties of Kyanite occurring in shades of pink, red, orange and blue-green.

Sapphire Gemstone


Heard of the Light of the Desert! It is the largest known cerrusite ever discovered on the planet. Cerrusite means ‘White lead’, and this gemstone is actually an ore of lead. It is a prized collection owing to higher dispersion rating of 0.055 compared to diamond.

For an instant start:

If you wish to start with a safe foundation in gem collection, try out Burmese rubies, Sri Lankan emerald gemstone, Kashmir sapphire gemstone and Tanzanian garnets. You can easily build a respectable collection of real and marketable gemstones in less than a year.

Finishing Methods in the Creation of magical Pearls

Pearl is one of the oldest known gemstones. Along with amber, corals, jets, and ivory, the pearl is the only known organic gemstone that retains its place in the list of precious items in the world. Ivory and coral have witnessed a reasonable decrease in market share, considering the environmental regulations imposed on their extractions. However, as pearls make a wave of adulation across the world, there are some critical points you should know while buying them, especially related to their culture, surface finishing, and commercial selling.

Pearl farming:

Also called as pearl culture, pearl farming is a technology-driven science today. Cultured pearls are grown in controlled biological conditions using different varieties of molluscs. Depending on the family of bivalve molluscs, there are different varieties of pearls.

The pearl oysters used on pearl farming are:

-  Freshwater mussels
-  Marine pearl oysters

It is worth noting the fact that all shelled molluscs are known to produce “pearl” material in some form or the other. It is only the nacre secretion that gives the pearl its signature lustre and value.

Pearl finishing:

Due to the reduced term of pearl culture, the quality has significantly dropped. Thus, it calls for finishing process that gives the pearls their iconic lustre, reflection. refraction and diffraction properties. The degree of translucency heavily depends on the precision of finishing process.

South Sea pearl

Here are some of the accepted finishing treatments done on nacre pearls.

-  Polishing:

It is a common treatment done on pearls coming from the South Sea pearl. The pearl is tumbled in the concentrated brine solution, which removes the layers of mucus and tissues over the surface. Polishing is also done by bleaching the surface to make them appear brighter.

Polished pearls are available in cream, light pink and yellow-brown shades. Unlike natural pearls, polished pearls show better results when polished with abrasive solutions.

-  Maeshori:

Ever heard of heat treatment on pearls? Yes, Maeshori is a unique Oriental Pearl treatment that involves dipping of the Akoya pearls in a methanol solution. It effectively removes all impurities on the surface and also gives it a naturally brighter appearance, resembling the natural ones.

As far as duration of soaking is concerned, a pearl can be dipped in the alcohol solution for as long as 45 days! The treatment not only removes the impurity, but also heals the pearl of its flaws, cracks, and roughness.

-  Bleaching:

A rather corrosive pearl treatment, this is done only to give the surface a more uniform appearance. It is applicable to pearls with thin nacre shell. Pearls with thick nacre are kept away from this processing.

-  Buffing:

Often done to remove visible scratches on the surface, buffing with beeswax and chemical agents is a wasteful method that penetrates deep into the nacre. It is recommended only for minor scratches.

-  Lacquer coating:

Pearls with light lustre are coated with lacquer to improve brilliance. It is a temporary treatment that often wears out. Commercial pearls are coated with silicone polymer coatings, but it not a widely accepted treatment.

South Sea pearl Gemstones

In a nutshell, the cost of pearls drops significantly if there is any visible sign of surface finishing. That’s why natural pearls command a higher price in the market.

Jade Gemstone: Know More About The Wonders of the Dream Stone!

Have you ever experienced a storm?

Jade is the calmest stone in the middle of the storm. No matter how hard the outside world seems, this is the gemstone that maintains its calmness and thus, influences a person’s mind and keeps him at peace. Those who are going through the toughest phase in their lives can surely keep this stone in their pockets and expect to manage their temper.

A Jade gemstone is said to be the best friend to all those who either find it too difficult to adjust to a particular group or are loners.
Please go through the following to know about the marvelous benefits of Jade gemstone:

1.  This is the gemstone for someone going through some sort of guilt related to their past: Every individual has his own story. Every story has its own secrets. People cherish their secrets but dwell in the guilt of all kinds. Jade gemstones help you get rid of all kinds of guilt in your heart.

2.  Extreme cases of ‘defeatism’ are also treated with the help of a Jade gemstone: Defeatism is an attitude to accept defeat without repelling it. A Jade gemstone discourages defeatism in your heart and encourages you to fight for what’s right.

3.  This gemstone supports people belonging to the medical industry: If you are in the medical industry, you must wear a Jade gemstones to reap all sorts of career benefits. Nurses, doctors and all kinds of medical practitioners can benefit from this stone.

4.  It is said to be a symbol of faith and harmony: Faith and harmony are two important things in every person’s life. This stone helps you trust others and be at peace.

5.  Military personnel can also benefit from Jade gemstones: Military professionals can also boost their careers by wearing this gemstone.

6.  This stone is said to be the crystal of love: If you know that you deserve love in your life, this stone gives you the power to find your true love.

7.  If you have been going through trust issues in your life, Jade gemstones can help you win or trust others: Do you find it difficult to win the trust of others? Then a Jade gemstone promises to help you win the trust of anyone and everyone around you.

8.  Those who have gone through some sort of a surgery can expect quick recovery when they start wearing Jade gemstones: Recovering quickly after a surgery is not as easy as it is when you start wearing a Jade gemstone.

9.  A Jade gemstone is worn by the ones with reproductive disorders (particularly the male gender): There are a lot of reproductive disorders in men that are treated by a Jade gemstone.

10.  This is the gemstone that soothes the mind: A Jade gemstone ensures to calm your mind and give you all the peace that you want.

There are thousands of people who go through different kinds of sleep disorders. Jade gemstones help in treating sleep related issues and promise to bring good dreams to those who wear or keep them. These stones improve self-dependency.

Lolite Gemstone: The Stolen Piece of the Night Sky

Have you ever witnessed the beauty of a cloudless night sky? A sky that is clear, shining, calm and peaceful?

Lolite gemstone ensures to remind you of such a beauty. The deep blue color that it has been gifted by nature is something that it proudly flaunts. The charming radiance of this gemstone takes you to a whole new world of wonders, where nothing but positive energy awaits your presence. Friend of the Third Eye Chakra, this gemstone promises to enhance your intuitive skills and provide you with all the intelligence that you need and deserve.

Let’s not make you wait to learn about the benefits of this wonderful gemstone:

1.  It boosts self-expression in an individual: Aspiring novelists, authors, authoresses, writers and lyricists should definitely wear Lolite gemstones as they promote self-expression in the form of spoken and written words.

2.  If you want to travel outside your body in your meditative state, this gemstone can help you stay connected to your physical body: Astral traveling is not as easy as it sounds; since a Lolite gemstone influences the Third Eye Chakra, it puts you to a meditative state where you travel between your conscious and unconscious state of mind, helping you with safe out of body experiences.

3.  Lolite gemstone promotes psychic awareness: You will notice several psychics and tarot card readers wear a Lolite gemstone.

4.  This gemstone is worn by creative professionals and artists: Creative individuals are encouraged to wear a Lolite gemstone as it improves their thought process.

5.  If you have been going through a lot of family drama and dilemma, this stone encourages you to be strong and take the right decisions: Family problems and issues can be dealt with when you wear a Lolite gemstone.

6.  People prefer gifting this stone as a farewell gift to their loved ones to wish safety and positivity in their lives: If you want to wish someone good luck for his future, you can give him a beautiful Lolite gemstone as a farewell gift.

7.  It safeguards and protects travelers, helping them with a safe trip: During the ancient times, this stone was given to travels for their safe return to home.

8.  If you expect too much from others, Lolite gemstones can help you understand the benefits of freeing yourself from such chords: Expectations can kill you, especially when they are not met. The best thing to do is wear a Lolite gemstone and calm yourself, cutting off the chords of expectations with others around you.

Lolite gemstones are highly in demand because of the improved digestion it promises. If someone wants stronger nails and hair, this is the stone that’s meant for them. It strengthens the pain bearing capacity of a person.

This gemstone promises to help people with paralysis and numb limbs. It also treats intolerable migraine attacks, dizziness, and insomnia. If nightmares have been haunting you all this while, a Lolite gemstone can help you with a peaceful sleep. Sleep paralysis is also fought by this stone.

Labradorite Gemstone: A Frozen Fire of the Aurora Borealis

It is believed that the Labradorite gemstone is a frozen fire that fell from Aurora Borealis, a magic of nature. It is no ordinary stone; it shimmers, shines, glows and gets you awestruck on its wonderful appearance. But that’s not all about this wonderful gemstone; it is one of its kinds and has hundreds of benefits for you to cherish and reap. It is said to be the stone of the magicians, the healers, the divine spirits and the good energies.

Those seeking guidance and knowledge from the universe must possess at least one Labradorite gemstone. If one wishes to awaken his Higher Self or inner spirit, this is the only stone that can help him achieve his target.

What does this stone do?

The first and the most important thing that it does is that it provides you with psychic abilities. Let’s face it – every person is a born psychic. The only thing is that some individuals develop their abilities and the others choose to forget. If you want to develop your psychic powers, a Labradorite gemstone can support your dream. Wear this stone or hold it in your hands while meditating on your Third Eye and the power of psychic talents would be granted to you.

Labradorite gemstone

The second important benefit of this stone is that it allows you to peep into your past life. This clearly means that if you are suffering from several problems in your current birth due to your past life Karma, then you can find out what is it that’s making you go through all that you are tolerating at present. Once you have an idea about your Karmic issues, you can heal your past and move on with a better and smoother life.

The third important benefit of this gemstone is that it treats the addictions that you have. From over-consumption of alcohol to the craving for cigarettes, everything can be brought to control with the help of a Labradorite gemstone. Once you start using this stone, you realize that your addictions do not make you crave anymore. You decrease the consumption of alcohol and your habit of smoking. Also, the adverse effects that such habits have caused to your body are healed by the energy flowing from this stone. Several drug-addicts have shown impressive results by controlling their addiction after wearing Labradorite gemstones.

Last, but not the least, physiotherapists wear this stone in order to have healing properties in their hands. The moment they start using their hands on the body of their patient, the energy from their Labradorite gemstone starts flowing from them to the patient, improving his condition and filling him with an optimistic attitude. The more positive the patient is, the easier it is for the physiotherapists to treat him.

Labradorite gemstone Beads

Now that you know about the various benefits of a Labradorite gemstone, make sure you buy one and use it to improve your life. Such a stone heals you completely.

Red Beryl Gemstone: A Rare Beauty with Remarkable Healing Energies

A Red Beryl gemstone is a passionate Earth stone known for its amazing metaphysical energies. It is said to be the Right Time Crystal that allows you to be more self-confident and lend the wisdom that you possess. By wearing and accepting this stone into your life, you can easily change someone’s mind by sending influencing energies to him. It there are projects that you need to complete within a few days, a Red Beryl gemstone can help you achieve your target.

Remember we said it is the Right Time Stone?

But that’s not all about this wonderful looking gemstones; it protects you from the negative energies of people around you. Even if you live alone, there are a lot of people that you meet and interact with on a daily basis. When you have a Red Beryl gemstone around your neck, on your finger or in your pocket, you are guarded and kept away from those with the negative energies. After wearing this stone, if you find a few people leaving your life, do not be afraid of it; this means that they are not meant for you and may not have had good intentions for you.

A natural Red Beryl gemstone is rare and extraordinary. It is found after 150,000 diamonds. This crystal is expensive, but if you can afford to buy it, it surely deserves a special place in your life. It is currently found only in three different locations around the globe. The Thomas Range, The Wah Wah Mountains in Utah and The Black Range in New Mexico are those three locations.

Gemstone Beads

If you have been going through difficult phases in your romantic life, a Red Beryl gemstone beads can bring back the lost charm. You won’t have to be worried about all those arguments breaking your relationship with your partner if you have a Red Beryl gemstone with you since it ensures to send healing energies to both of you.

If you are single and have been single for quite some time now, you deserve to find your soul mate. It is essential for you to buy a Red Beryl gemstone and wear it all the time so that you can find your true love. This stone has energies to attract the correct person in your life. Along with wearing this gemstone, you can always manifest your soul mate and ask for your true love from the Universe.

Do you find it difficult to tolerate separation from a loved one? Do you find it hard to forget someone after his death?

Then this is the stone that you need in your life. When you have it with you, it is easier for you to move on in life. Of course, the memories remain in your mind and heart, but you find it easy to mingle with more people in your life. In simple words, this gemstone promises to bring back the lost essence into your present time.

A Red Beryl gemstone is also known to heal your relationship with your children.

10 Things you Didn’t Know about Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

How many times have you seen someone wearing a Tiger’s eye gemstone?

We are sure several times. There are thousands of people who know about the benefits of wearing Tiger’s eye gemstones and thus, they not only wear them but also enjoy the progress they are blessed with. One has to ensure that this gemstone is always by his side. Of course, you need to consult a professional astrologer or find out if the gemstone suits your zodiac sign or not before buying and wearing it. Even if a Tiger’s eye gemstone doesn’t belong to your zodiac, it can help you progress in life. All you need to do is get it from someone who charges it for you. Charging of this stone is essential, especially if it doesn’t belong to your zodiac sign.

If you already know a lot of things related to a Tiger’s eye gemstone, we are sure there are still a lot of things that you don’t know yet. Here is a list of things that you surely didn’t know about this wonderful stone:

1.  A Tiger’s eye gemstone boosts your willpower: How often do you fall ill? What do you do when you fall ill? No doubt diseases and illnesses can cause a lot of problems to you, but if your will power is strong, your pain tolerating capacity increases.

Tiger’s eye gemstone

2.  This stone is known for its emotional stability energies: Emotional stability is related to several Chakras in your body. This stone taps the energy of different Chakras, allowing you to balance your emotions just the way they should be.

3.  It is the stone that boosts your quick thinking ability: Sometimes, you are unable to make quick decisions. The moment you start wearing this gemstone, your thought process increases and you make quick but correct decisions.

4.  This is the best stone to boost self-realization: Self-realization is not something that can be taught; it is something that needs to be developed. This stone develops the feeling of self-realization in you.

5.  If you have been discouraged all throughout your life, a Tiger’s eye gemstone can heal your situation and attract appreciation from others: Discouragement has to be taken sportingly; this is the kind of belief that is created in your heart when you wear a Tiger’s eye gemstone.

6.  Even if your partner has different opinions, this gemstone can improve your relationship: Many of your conflicts with your partner are resolved, thanks to this stone.

7.  This gemstone is known for healing people with addictive personalities: Alcohol addiction? Smoking addiction? Drug addiction? This stone heals all kinds of addictions.

8.  This is the perfect stone for Kundalini meditation as it taps the energy at the base of your spine (Root Chakra): The Shakti meditation can be done with fewer efforts with the help of this stone.

Tiger’s eye gemstone beads

9.  It is believed that this gemstone has the power to heal fertility issues: This stone heals people with fertility problems.

10.  This gemstone is the crystal of the Goddess improving sensuality: Want to be more sensual in life? Then this is the gemstone that you need.

Diamonds are Everybody’s Best Friends!

If you think diamonds are just a woman’s best friends, you are yet to know about their benefits. Just like every other gemstone has its very own list of merits, so do diamonds. No doubt there are a few people who are unable to enjoy the influence of this wonderful stone, but there are others who know that these stones suit their zodiac sign the most. 

However, it doesn’t matter which astrological sign you belong to, after consulting a professional astrologer, you can wear this stone and reap the following benefits that it has for you:

1.  They have remedial powers to different problems you generally go through: From martial issues to being single and lonely for a long period of time, diamonds help you with remedies for the gravest problems you have in your life.

2.  Your thinking power improves with the help of diamonds: ‘Thinking’ is an art. To improve your thought process, diamonds are all that you need. Wear diamond beads studded in jewellery.

Diamond Beads

3.  If people call you absent minded, this is the stone that can sharpen your memory: Your partner won’t complain about your forgetful nature if you start wearing these stones.

4.  Diamonds are for all the creative souls around the globe: Creativity enhances when you start wearing diamonds wherever you go. It is the reason it is favorite of actors, singers, painters etc.

5.  It is very important for an individual to have unique thoughts; that’s exactly what diamonds are for: These stones have proven to bring unique thoughts into the minds of all those who wear them.

6.  Diamonds ensure to pull your short-temperedness for you: Have you been short-tempered lately? Don’t give others a chance to ‘label’ you. Wear diamonds and calm your mind.

7.  Patients of depression can come out of their bad times with the help of diamonds: Diamonds have proven to bring down the depression level in an individual.

8.  Do you often get anxious? Then diamonds are all that you need: Anxiety issues can rule over you all the time, but not when you have these lovely stones with you.

diamond beads

Now that you know about the common benefits of diamonds, let’s see how these stones work on healing your problems:

1.  Diamonds enhance your beauty and charm. They ensure to increase your personality in all the ways they can.

2.  These stones make you a magnet to attract all those you want to. If you have a crush, these stones can pull that person to you.

3.  If you have been going through sexual problems, diamonds can help you overcome them.

4.  These stones have the ability to improve the bond between you and your partner. Thanks to diamonds, you can bid farewell to all the problems you have been going through with your partner.

5.  Got commitment issues? Diamonds can help you fix them in no time at all.

6.  These stones are a must-wear for the artists wanting to enhance their career in their respective fields.

Even though any astrological sign can reap the uncountable merits of diamonds, these stones work best for Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer, and Pisces.