Ratna Sagar- The Leading Beads Exporter

Great times are about to come! Ratna Sagar Jewels the biggest distributor of gemstone beads in India, anyone who wishes to purchase colorful gemstone beads for the most competitive prices in the market can contact the Leading Beads Exporter- Ratna Sagar Jewels.

Gold and Silver are no more in trend, but beads are! Whatever is the reason for people no longer willing to go for gold and silver except for marriages but gemstones on all occasions is maybe the sky-high prices of gold and silver. Undoubtedly somebody who’s benefitted most of this factor is the beads industry.

Ratna Sagar- The Leading Beads Exporter

Beads exporters certainly have all the valid reasons to rejoice the rise in demand and they’re doing their best to maximize the profits and also trying hard to deliver to the bead lovers the best of their creations without compromising on quality.

There might be few who are still wondering how a small, decorative piece that was pierced for threading and stringing is holding such a high value for all those people who are passionate about beads; you seriously need to check the stats.

It’s a really nice time for beads exporters as well for all those women who like to wear colored stones. You can get wholesale gemstone beads from Ratna Sagar Jewels.

Ratna Sagar’s Quality Check to Reach Perfection

Perfection we believe doesn’t come the easy way. There’s a lot hard work involved and of course the people who are committed in producing this perfection deserve special mention.

For now we will discuss about Ratna Sagar Jewels, who are the ones committed in producing quality beads. This dedication is because they understand quantity that lacks quality can be treated as free in business. The consumer demands are running high these days and therefore what is needed is the deliverance of quality and perfect gemstone beads.

Ratna Sagar’s Quality Check to Reach Perfection

Here are the eight questions that you must ask as a buyer to make the right comparison and get the best for the value that you’re paying. Knowledgeable buyers are undoubtedly the best customers. These questions are also Ratna Sagar’s eight point guide to quality beads:

·     Drilling: Drilling of course has been ranked number one, therefore it holds a significant value. Ask questions about drilling; ask them if the holes go right through the center of the bead and if these beads are even and smooth all the way through.  This is because only perfectly centered holes allow the beads to line up smoothly in the strand and smooth holes do not have the tendency to cut or break thread. These are the two features that are important for initial sale and also to prevent returns.

·     Shape: Shape being the second major factor, check whether all the beads that you’re buying are well shaped and if all the flat bottoms have been removed. Also check whether the beads are symmetrical.  This is not only for the buyers but also for the suppliers; remember that your customers will check this, so you need to check first.

·     Polish and Cutting: Check closely if the beads have a high polish on them without any pits and rough spots. The gemstone that you either sell or buy is your property so make sure you check every little aspect of it before making the final decision. The gems that you’re buying should be micro cut.

·     Natural Colors: This is another important factor that needs your attention so you need to check if the gemstone beads are naturally colored or have they been dyed. Most translucent stones have been dyed and when you buy these same stones from us, what you will see is that none of them have been dyed and they are natural. Stay away from the beads that could bleed colors onto customers expensive clothes. Be extremely cautious in the case of Rose Quartz. Ratna Sagar sells no dyed beads.

·    Natural Materials: Ask the seller and also know for yourself if the materials that you’re buying are natural or synthetic. These days you’ll see a lot of cheap material piling up in the market and they do not appear to be synthetic. But only natural beads and no synthetic.

·    Length of the strand that is put into use: When it comes to comparing suppliers, make sure you measure the length of the strand. Small differences may also add up and affect the bottom line. Ratna Sagar uses strands that are perfectly 16 inches long.

·    Grade of the gem material: There is a range of color and clarity in gems we use - how strong the color is, and how clear the material is and free from inclusions. This is not an issue of quality as it is a matter of accurately describing the attributes of a material itself when you compare beads, compare beads of the same category. In tourmaline, for example, strong color, clarity and large size all contribute to higher prices. So you can't compare beads that are just tourmaline.

·    Reputation of manufacturer: Quality service is as important as quality merchandise. You'll find what good people we are to work with - knowledgeable, friendly, and fair.

How Important is Wearing Gemstones According to Their Numbers?

Considering that each one of you has an affinity towards colored gemstone beads, we’ll now carry on the discussion on a serious note and the reason for this is that each stone in itself is a unique one and needs special attention from you.  This therefore means that the wearer must follow the right procedure to wear a jewel and this is what is explained here.

The stone or the gem should be worn in a way that part of its surface touches the skin and the other part remains exposed to the sun. The jewel may be studded in a ring, pendant, and bracelet making sure that the lower part of the stone touches the skin. Any part of the clothing that covers the jewel doesn’t mitigate the expected good effect.

Now here’s a word of caution for all: any gem or precious gemstone should initially be worn for a three day period. If it assets positive effects in the three day period, it may be then worn permanently. But, if during the three day trial period the jewel shows some negative effects, it should be discarded and once. But at the same time you should know that it is that particular gem that doesn’t suite you and you can wear a different stone which might suite you.


Wearing Gemstones According to Their Numbers


The question that might now strike your mind is “How important is it to wear gemstones according to their numbers?” And here we are answering this for you.

It is very important to wear gemstones according to their numbers because they have negative effects if they do not suit you. Blue Sapphire for example is one such stone that is said to be very powerful by the astrologers and the wearers of the gemstone are very few in number. This is because the gemstone may exert some extremely negative energy if not worn according to the right numbers.

It is therefore very important to wear gemstone s according to the right numbers because gemstones not only affect the wearer’s health and fitness but also finance and wellness.

The Basis of Wearing Gemstone Beads

Everyday several questions crop up in your mind regarding the importance of gemstones and their effects on the well being of you and your family? Does wearing gemstones haves any ancient basis or is it merely on superstition basis?

Various confusions occur in the world regarding these gemstone beads. One of them for example is the Existence of ghosts, dead ancestors, influence of planets on human life and it is also believed that wearing the gemstone beads is a way to do away with the fears of ghosts or adverse influence of the planets are some of the topics about which confusion reigns supreme.

But of all these confusions, we believe that wearing gemstones is undoubtedly the biggest confusion that people today really face. Sometime it is directly related to increase in fortune. Another fact is that everybody wants to reap maximum profits in minimum labor. Hence people are inspired to wear stones.

The real question of all is “Is it really fruitful to wear Gemstones?"

The answer to which is confusion and it states that Most of them then begin to believe that stones and confusions related to them are means of livelihood for the astrologers and jewellers. If everything is possible by wearing a simple stone what is the use of action then, they ask. Gemology is an important part of astrology and it has never been mentioned in it that one, who wants good fortune, should give up his efforts and come to depend upon the fortune entirely.

The Basis of Wearing Gemstone Beads

But what happens in real is that as soon as they wear stones, their fate takes the lead and raises them to the great heights wealth wise. This is no Magi!!! It is just a matter of luck and belief. And the fact cannot be changed that gemstone wearers have a better luck and better changes of victory and success when compared to the others.

Thus on the basis of these and other related incidents, we can say that wearing of stones is not a superstition only. Besides unless and until you have tested a theory yourself, you should not reject it on the basis of rumors only.

Get Rid of Negativity with Gemstones

Usually when one has some illness, whether it's a common cold or a life-threatening disease,, the common thing that arise is negativity. But the reason for this negativity is the fear to never recover or depression of some kind. It could also be anger about a certain condition or person. These negative thoughts that continuously keep growing add a lot to the severity of the physical problem and prolong recovery. The more you worry or think the worst, the harder it will be to heal.

These prolonged negative thoughts will continually harm your aura and you will never notice any signs of improvement. This is what prevents your body from letting go the unwanted energies associated with illness and injury. Eventually it will perpetuate a condition that is worse than the current. Their presence in your aura can make you susceptible to other types of illness or injury.Get Rid of Negativity with Gemstones

Once these negative thoughts and ideas and imaginations get anchored in your body, they tend to harden and tighten the body tissues; and as a matter of fact the contracted issues are incapable for the flow of blood to the areas in the body, thus denying it essential nutrients and the immune system's white blood cells. Such tissue becomes dehydrated and restricts the ability of lymph vessels from taking up and removing toxins and cellular wastes.

Where in many cases, the physical body can overcome illness. But the negative thoughts and emotions linger only to exacerbate future conditions-unless they are treated directly. Usually, we think of healing in terms of physical tissue. But our mindsets, attitudes, and emotions must also be healed in order to stop their negative outflow.

When you wear therapeutic gemstone necklaces, their energies radiate into your aura to naturally balance, clarify, and uplift emotional and mental energies. It becomes easier to recognize negative thoughts and feelings. A gemstone medicine remedy called Energy Clearing removes and dissipates the pollution left behind by negative thoughts and emotions. When you take this gemstone medicine, it starts working inside your body at the cellular level. 

Gemstone therapy utilizes both necklaces and remedies, and offers the greatest support for healing your thoughts and emotions, so they have less of an impact on your physical health. However, gemstones won't do all the work for you. It also takes a desire to improve yourself, self-discipline to choose positive thoughts and feelings, and self-love to forgive your old ways and accept newer, healthier expressions.

This is for the Gemstone Lovers- Garnet

It makes no difference if you’re a woman of  sixty six or sixteen years, what creates a difference is whether you have an affinity for gemstones or not. Well, we actually believe that all women have their flair for gemstones and they love to collect colorful gemstones in their jewelry box. But what if you have them all and no Garnet in your jewelry box??

If this is the case then definitely there is something big missing in your life- it the color, the shine, beauty and the grace that comes from wearing and owning a garnet. Are you now dying to own this beautiful garnet gemstone and thereafter enjoy and flaunt its jewelry?

This is for the Gemstone Lovers- Garnet

The deep-red gemstone that you once saw in the display could be yours. Where can you get it at the best possible price, could be your next question? The answer to which is Ratna Sagar Jewels. They are the wholesalers of beautiful and colored gemstone beads. If you’re fond of Garnet like no other gemstone, then you are definitely a lover of gemstone beads.

Garnet is undoubtedly one of the most admired among the various colored gemstones because of its rich color. Garnet and in particular red garnet was known as carbuncle stone in the middle ages. Most of the world’s supply of the gem comes from South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Arizona in the United States, Myanmar in Burma, Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania.

The color of garnet is most commonly red; this is why people assume that all garnets are red in color. Only a few people are aware that the garnet gemstone is also available in orange and green shades. Some garnets may also have a slightly blue color; which was discovered in Madagascar. Some of these gems show a rare color changing effect and the color changes from blue-green in daylight to purple in artificial light. This property of the gemstone is due to the presence of a high amount of Vanadium in it. Other Garnets may also change their color depending on the light condition.

Other than the colors of the gemstone, garnet is also admired for its hardness and shape. As far as the harness of the stone is considered, it reaches 7 to 7.5 on Moh’s scale. Another quality that is responsible to garnet to stand on a higher platform than all the other stones is its shape- rhombic dodecahedron-a twelve-side crystal with diamond-shaped faces. This is the exact and the perfect shape, garnets are known for.

Only the lovers of the gemstone will understand how proud they feel with the jewelry made of Garnet Gemstone beads. This is one stone which has always been admired.

Range of Exclusive Necklaces at Ratna Sagar Jewels

Partying is one way to enjoy a moment and the other to flaunt all that you have. Men rather believe to stay simple and look handsome; women on the other hand want to appear glamorous and beautiful.

When the discussion comes to ladies, they always have something to say about fashion, household and jewelry; Jewelry being their first choice. They believe in not wasting moment without jewelry since they call it their best friend. And… moreover, no gift can bring the happiness on face that a jewelry gift can. So why not to buy for her an Exclusive necklace?

Range of Exclusive Necklaces at Ratna Sagar Jewels

Yes! Buy for her an exclusive necklace because she’ll love to wear it and to flaunt it. So it’s all your responsibility to keep her happy and glowing. How about an exclusive necklace that has some shimmer and shine in it? But the very next question that cops up in your mind is where to buy the necklace from?

And for that there is Ratna Sagar Jewels, wholesalers of gemstone beads and exclusive necklaces. The 20+ years of expertise have fetched them numerous clients and now with their range of necklaces they are winning the hearts of many brides and bridesmaids.

So, the bottom line is that if you’re looking for some extravagant pieces of fine jewelry and want to feel young again, you probably need to move out and shop from Ratna Sagar’s range of exclusive necklaces. Now is the right time for the perfect shopping and find some unique, one-time pieces for yourself.

Take Good care of Your Opals

Of all the delicate gemstones, one that is most commonly worn is ‘Opal’, but it is also the stone that requires you to take special care. With some knowledge you can be sure that your opal will stay beautiful forever, under whatever conditions, over many years.

This blog is in continuation to a previously written blog which discusses very closely about ‘Yellow Opal’ . Let’s just carry on the discussion of 'how to take good care of your opals?'.

Firstly, it is very important to know as to why Opal is regarded as a delicate stone. One reason for which is that is relatively a soft gem, whose hardness varies from 5.5 to 6.5 on Mohs Hardness scale. This is why opals are easily scratched, even by the common household dust particles. Another reason for the same is that they have significant water content, probably 5 to 6%, which is why they develop cracks when kept in very low humidity environment. They are also sensitive to frequent whether changes.

Some categories of opal gemstones have some additional properties of vulnerability. For example, doublets and triplets of opals consist of a layer of precious opal which is glued to a black backing. Since these two layers are glued, prolonged exposure to water can weaken the glue that exists within them and it can also allow water to infiltrate. Opal then turns grayish or foggy in appearance.

                      Take Good care of Your Opals

Opals that have a slightly solid property should be cleaned properly with a mild detergent in luke warm water, brushing with a brush or cotton cloth.  As far as the doublets and triplets are concerned, they should also cleaned with a cloth in warm water, but never be immersed in water.

The best way to take care of an opal is to keep in mind never to wash it with ultrasonic cleaners. This is because these cleaners produce some intense vibrations that may cause cracks to develop up. If there is a need to store opals for a long period of time, it is highly recommended that you seal it in a plastic bag with a damp piece of cotton so as to prevent dehydration.

A stone that is taken care of stays for long, and once you know all the ways to rake care of it you shouldn’t ever hesitate to implement them. If you love wearing costly and beautiful gemstones, you should know how to take good care of them. And, most of all remember that if you wear an opal ring on daily basis you need to get repolished time to time.                      

When Not to Wear Gemstones

Gemstones undoubtedly look beautiful and they only add more grace to the wearer. People of all age groups have their affinity towards gemstones and they choose to wear various colored gemstones that match the color of their outfit.

But, there’s one thing that must be kept in mind before wearing gemstones and it is that there are some stones that do not suit you. Here in this blog there are some cases when you should avoid wearing gemstones.

                Case 1. ‘When an astrologer forbids you from wearing them.’ Always wear gemstones after taking an astrologers advice. This is because there are not all stones that exert their effect positively and some may affect your help and prosperity negatively. You should make sure that you take proper advice before choosing to wear a gemstone bead.

               Case 2. ‘If you do not have full confidence in a gemstone or their powers.’ Never go for a gemstone you do not have faith in. This is a point that is to be considered more from the psychological point of view rather than astrological one. Each individual has two thoughts in him – positive and negative. The outcomes of your life are completely dependent on your thoughts. If you have some positive thoughts, you will always see good outcomes and you have negative thoughts cropping up in your mind, what you will witness is failure and poor outcomes.  Such is the condition with gemstones, if you doubt that the gemstone is exerting positive powers in your life you will see positivity and with negative thoughts about it you will see negativity. Therefore, decide twice before you wear gemstones.

              Case 3. ‘If you get impure gemstones.’ Avoid wearing gemstones if what you find is an impure gemstone bead. Buy a gemstone of the correct weight and correct size as prescribed by the astrologer. Just do not go for any substance that looks like gemstone. Remember that a faulty gemstone may cause some serious harm to you. This fact particularly applies to diamond and blue sapphire; this is because these two gemstones are notorious for ruining the life of a person of kingly status.

Under What Conditions to Wear Gemstone Beads

All gemstones are unique and really beautiful, so attractive that everyone at least once in their lifetime wants something like that to wear. The rich people begin to wear them just to show their wealth or just for the sake of hobby. This is totally different condition because hobby is invaluable and there is no prohibition on the ways to pursue one's hobbies. But ordinary people cannot squander money on mindless purchase of gemstones. They have to be very selective in the choice of gemstones. They should purchase only those gemstones that are prescribed by a learned gemologist.

Under What Conditions to Wear Gemstone Beads

 Only a learned astrologer can diagnose the necessity of a particular gemstone. Usually, a person requires wearing a particular gemstone when in his horoscope, some planet is suffering from the influence of some sinister planet or some particular provision is weak in the horoscope. Astrologers also caution that no gemstone should be taken for granted and worn just for fun or as a decorative piece. Such practice could lead to disastrous consequences. This condition is similar to cautious intake of medicines: when you take medicines without any reason, it may cause serious harm to you instead of benefiting you. Gemstones are nothing but medicines prescribed to correct the adverse influences of the planets.