Healing Properties Associated with Various Gemstones

All gemstone have found their existence centuries back and for all these years there have been several legends associated with each of them. The legends that are associated with each gemstone state very clearly that 'there are some mystical and healing properties of each gemstone'.

       The medicinal properties of gemstones are well beside their divine virtues. Treatment of any disease with the help of gemstones is known as ‘Gemopathy’, and it is a very wide subject for those who would love to pursue it.

                                                                               Healing Properties Associated with Various Gemstones

       Further is the description of the medicinal values of some frequently worn jewels: 

         1.Ruby: Controls heart disorders, hallucinations, prevents any kind of fear, confusion, eye disorders etc.

         2.Emerald: Cures the loss of voice, insomnia, reduces the effect of poison and skin diseases.

         3.Pearl: Prevents blood disorders, semetic disorders, stabilizes the wearer mentally and prevents all kind of abdominal diseases.

         4.Coral: It prevents insanity, epilepsy, coma, hallucinations and the disorders of brain.

         5.Diamond: Diamond, which is the hardest stone on the earth, prevents mouth diseases, impotency and loss of voice.

         6.Blue Sapphire: Prevents abdominal diseases, infertility, wind diseases etc.

         7.Yellow Sapphire: Prevents liver disorders, lethargy, heaviness and all breast related diseases.

For several years these gemstone have been associated with some divine force and this force is responsible for the medicinal property of these gemstones.

Don’t Just Wear Gemstones, Adopt the Right Way to Wear Them

Having a huge collection of gemstones may be your hobby or maybe you’re just trying to look to fancy wearing them. Whatever be the case with you and your gemstone, it is very important to wear gemstones in the right fashion. By fashion we do not mean the ongoing trend but also the way and the manner in which you wear the gemstone.

A word of caution for all those who are gemstone wearers: Do not just wear the gemstone but also adopt the right way to wear them.

The correct procedure for wearing a jewel is common for all of them. The stone/gem should be put on in a manner such that part of its surface touches the wearer’s skin and the other half remains open to the atmosphere. The jewel for example a gemstone bead studded ring, the lower half of which touches the finger of the wearer and the other half is put free, and it attracts the radiations from the atmosphere.

                                              Don’t Just Wear Gemstones, Adopt the Right Way to Wear Them

There are several ways in which women can put on the jewels. Some of which include: rings, studs, pendants, bracelets etc, but if you’re wearing a pendant make sure that your clothing doesn’t cover the pendant because a part of clothing covering the pendant doesn’t mitigate the good effect that the gem is expected to give.

Another most important thing that one should keep in mind is that a gem should be initially put into a three day test and only if it turns out to be positive, can you make the final decision to keep it. The fact is that the beneficial effect of the gemstone is seen within these three days.

Unfortunately, if the jewel shows adverse effects during the trial period, it should be discarded at once. This however does not mean that if the tested gemstone doesn’t suite you, non other will; it is just that, that particular piece of gemstone doesn’t suite you and therefore you can try some other piece.

Nobody wants to be accompanied by bad luck, and in order to bestow a totally good effect, you must choose a gemstone that is spotless, doesn’t have a crack or any other blemish. It should be real and natural and not cultured and artificial.

Assertiveness balanced by Patience and Clarity of Thought- Peridot Gemstone

Gemstones have been in existence for thousands of years and they have been worn be people for almost the same number of years. In these stones, there is a unique one, a kind and a name that not many of us have come across. This we call Peridot Gemstone’.


                                       Assertiveness balanced by Patience and Clarity of Thought- Peridot Gemstone


Let’s just discuss in this blog the source, history, features and facts of the gemstone:

Source of availability

Peridot gemstone was originally found in a large number of locations, including, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA and Egypt. This is a gemstone that belongs to Forsterite Olivine, and is a beautiful, transparent, green colored stone. Its ancient name was olivine, although its color ranges from a light yellow green or lime green color through to the darker olive green shade… including a little brownish green shade sometimes.

History of Peridot

Its history counts back to many thousand years and some of them are even recorded on the Holy Bible. A lovely green color gemstone, anciently called chrysolite was seen in the breastplate of the high priest in Jerusalem.  But the first discovered stone has its source on an Egyptian island Zagbargad, where this stone was mined.


Considering the chemical point of view of the gemstone, Peridot is an iron magnesium silicate, whose raw crystal causes a great deal of tension since they easily crack up and can be very tricky to handle. Very fine traces of iron in the stone are responsible for giving the gemstone a slight tinge of gold. Whereas the vivid green color makes it a perfect stone for your summer wardrobe.

Facts associated with Peridot

The many facts associated with the gemstone state that it helps you be happier more easily, strong energy comes like a beam of sunshine in your life and solves many problems.  It is a heart chakra stone which produces resonance/vibrations that have a calming effect to the body and brings a positive outlook in life.

Undoubtedly, Peridot adds a wonderful variant to the color of green gemstones. It has its uses in a series of jewelry products. And since the world of fashion is just in the process of rediscovering its love for the color green, the popularity of this rich green gemstone is also very much on the up.  Peridot is a gemstone that you should definitely get to know better. Its fine pistachio to olive green is the perfect complement to a fresh, light summer wardrobe.                                     

Brilliance in the stone!

There is nobody who doesn’t have a flair for gemstones and beads. Whether you are a sixteen year old young girl, a sixty six year old lady, a boy or a gentleman,; you all have a love for gemstones. And… We believe that as far as ladies are concerned, there is nothing that can attract them as much as the colorful gemstones.

Here’s a gemstone that is one of its kind, unique, beautiful and obviously mesmerizing as we’ve already said for all the gemstones. So the real question is that what is in this gemstone that is in no one else and what is it that makes it real special.

It is indeed the beautiful Ruby and this is what makes it unique and one of a kind.

'Ruby the Gemstone' that belongs to the category of the corundum family and it is attractive because of its brilliance. The brilliance factor of the stone depends on the crystal being clear and transparent. It is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors, varying from pink to a deep ruby violet shade. The smooth and the delicate luster appears to be of clarified butter. The finest quality of ruby has a delicate rose color, which is very much similar to the eye of a living cuckoo.                                       

                                                Ruby the Gemstone

Ruby brings out the following qualities and benefits to the wearer:

  • High position in administration
  • Creativity
  • Good Fortune
  • Brilliance
  • Optimism
  • Determination

Furthermore, the gemstone is expected to prevent diseases like typhoid, sun stroke, diseases of the head, cardiac thrombosis etc.

Other than the healing powers of the gemstone, it can be used in jewelry items like necklaces, rings, studs, earrings, bracelets etc; making you look beautiful and stunning.

Moonstone with a Blend of Coffee!

Haven’t you ever come across a stone that has a blend of coffee in it?? If not until now, then now is the time to capture in your eyes the look of such a stone. ‘Coffee Moonstone’ is just as amazing as the taste of perfect hot coffee.

Besides all the imaginations that cross your mind when you see or hear coffee moonstone, some of the characteristics deserve a look through them. So this blog is all about the legend, nature and the healing powers of the beautiful stone.

The stone has its background associated with Burma and Sri Lanka, but is now rare. Some of the best moonstones have a silky sheen associated with them. The legend behind the stone states that its brightness increases as the new become completes and becomes full. The Indians consider it sacred and they think that one can see into the future if the moon is held when the moon turns full. Coffee Moonstone is considered as a feeling stone since it enhances the understanding by a sense of intuition and emotions rather than by some kind of intellectual means. It alleviates emotional tension and enhances creativity and self expression. Some people regard it as the stone of love and is also helpful for success in love problems.

                                                         Moonstone with a Blend of Coffee!

The coffee moonstone is a stone which is unique and rare in its kind. Years back it was called it travelers stone, since it was used as a protection against the various dangers of travel. As already said, it was a talisman of good and healthy future. It is also useful for success in business and enhances intuition.

The stone is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, is the birthstone for the month of June. The color ranges from soft mocha brown to darker brownish-grey - both with and without peachy brown streaks.

As far as the healing properties of the stone are considered they are as unique as the stone itself. It is said to promote ease in pregnancy, childbirth, balances hormones , relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress and change of life and to eliminate insomnia - an ancient remedy, helpful in functions of the pineal gland. Chocolate Moonstone crystal can be used for uniting the astral and physical worlds, emotional healing, balance, and goddess magic in it.

“The coffee moonstone is just as inviting as the smell of fresh pure coffee; making it one of the greatest things found.”

Congratulations Are In!!!

Congratulations are in for Beau Donnie Wahlberg who recently got engaged to Jenny McCarthy. The Diva, Beau Donnie was seen flaunting her beautiful, massive yellow sapphire ring with her pink manicure. She looked a real beauty indeed and everybody was seen praising her and all compliments to the newly engaged couple.


                                                   Yellow Sapphire Ring

This just clearly means that there is another very amazing, gorgeous colored gemstone engagement ring to take over the gemstone market. Something that can take over the Diamonds rings in the market. Donnie proposed to Jenny with the help her 11-year old child, Evan. Isn’t is just great how the lady showed her new sparkler and explained how she got the proposal.

She told that over the weekend while she was sitting with Donnie, he went into other room and then Evan came out with a card that said “Will”. He ran and came back with another that said ‘You’. She said that she knew what will come next and she just started crying. Evan came out with a card that said ‘Marry’ but spelled ‘Mary’. The last time Donnie and Evan came out together with Evan wearing a shirt saying ‘Me?’ and Donnie holding this ring. The time Jenny said ‘yes’ Evan yelled, “I have another dad! I have another dad.”

Now, that’s a lovely way to propose and to get a proposal. There is no reason why they should have got engaged to each other. And for all the people who are still not engaged, guys you can make use of this idea for your better future. We admit that the square cut, bright yellow sapphire ring that features brilliant and sparkling diamonds around the center stone, and the engagement ring looks amazing.

In a nutshell, it is now proven that the colored gemstones are another elegant option for engagement rings. While the ring that they used for their engagement is amazing and it shines brightly. This ring along many other colored gemstones is perfect choice for engagement rings as well as wedding rings.

Open Creativity and Prosperity with Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is a beautiful variety of yellow quartz. The gemstones which are predominantly green undertones differentiate it from citrine which displays an orange of brown color undertones.

The color of the gemstone may range from pale to vibrant yellow, and depending on the color of the gemstone they are titled as green gold, lemon citrine and lemon topaz. Among all the yellow quartz beads, the lemon quartz gemstone sometimes occurs naturally, because of the tiny inclusions of iron which act on the irregularities in gem’s crystal structure. More often, it is seen that the beautiful color of the gemstone is the result of a treatment, the results of which are permanent. The gemstone is considered transparent to translucent with a glass like luster.

There are many interesting facts, lore and legends associated with Lemon Quartz.

The Lemon Quartz gemstone beads are associated with clarity of mind, decision making, communication and thus resulting in good fortune.

The yellow color of the wholesale Lemon Quartz gemstone beads signifies creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. Meditation with the lemon quartz gemstone bead will enhance focus on your goals with a clear and bright outlook so as to make your future the way you want it to be.

The Lemon Quartz is an on going symbol of never ending creativity, optimistic vision, well being and working in coordination with all the external and internal forces of nature. No stone but the Lemon Quartz is responsible for eliminating the ever growing anxiety and the depression that the wearer might have to face in his daily life. It dispels the evils and the evil thoughts .

The interesting facet about Lemon Quartz if that unlike other gemstone beads it’s mystical properties are tested and the stone undoubtedly enables you to make correct and clear visions of your future.

The rarely discussed category of Chalcedony Gemstone - Bloodstone

One of the amazing and most discussed gemstone beads is Chalcedony which includes agate, bloodstone, carnelian, chert, chrysoprase, flint, heliotrope, jasper, moss agate, onyx, plasma, prase, sardony. The color of Chalcedony varies from waxy luster and appears in a great variety of colors - usually blue-white, buff, light tan, gray, yellow or brown. The stone was used by early man to create weapons for war and safety.

The variety of Chalcedony Gemstone Beads which is usually brought into use is ‘Bloodstone’ and here are some facts and fictions associated with bloodstone.


Chalcedony Gemstone - Bloodstone

The bloodstone, which is also called Heliotrope, is in general a green speckled stone that includes some shades of red and gold. The stone is found in India, China, Brazil, Australia and the United States of America. It is considered with the element of fire and is related both to the planet Mars and the sun. The stone was used in the ancient times to stop any kind of bleeding, especially nosebleeds.

The legend associated to the bloodstone states that it was formed from the blood that dripped from Christ’s body, and that the blood dripped on the green earth and thereafter it solidified. It was called Heliotrope by the Greeks and they assumed that this stone could bring about the change. Over the years, bloodstone has been used as an amulet which protects the wearer against the evil eye. It is called the symbol of justice.

People are usually advised to wear bloodstone due to its magical workings related to healing processes, as well as fertility and abundance, both physical and financial. When we discuss about matters of the body, this stone in particular is associated with the health of the blood- circulatory system.

The bloodstone is used in alignment with all the centers of the human body. The healer must start this alignment while the patient still lies down on his stomach. It is good to have some pieces of the bloodstone in ones house to increase the flow of energy from negative to positive.

Talking About the April Birthstone

For those who’ve guessed it right and for the ones who’ve guessed it wrong…. It is one stone indeed, the one that has stood the test of time and the one that glitters in the morning and the night sky- Diamond it is!!!

'Diamond in true sense is beauty at its best'. Men and Women of all ages have the craze to put it on. Some kind of ornament that has diamond studded in it is the first choice of every individual. Have you not noticed for yourself the spark that appears in your eyes when you see a diamond studded jewelry item. Or, even if a child who has some understanding of gemstones is asked about his choice of stones, the name that you’ll first get to hear is Diamond.

And yes, it is indeed the best!!! Several celebrities have been spotted wearing diamond studs, danglers, rings, bracelets and even necklaces; making it very clear that there is no age for you to wear the gemstone.


Talking About the April Birthstone

Just before month “April” comes to an end, Ratna Sagar Jewels invites you to buy diamonds in wholesale or in small amounts to make jewelry for yourself. It is the birthstone for the month of April.

The gemstone was worn several years from now, it is still the choice of people and for many years to come if will be their choice. Unlike all the other gemstones, diamond is the only one that took years to form and to show its crystal properties. Just imagine a piece of coal that turned into a beautiful and one of the most precious gemstones.

Undoubtedly, it is only in diamond and in no other gemstone the sense of love and eternity. This does not mean that other gemstones are not as good as diamond, but none worth to stand against diamond.

“Diamond is just another stone that readily stood the test of time and was under a lot of pressure. But the crystal property and the shine are the result of time and pressure.”

Gems that You’ll Love

Let’s just take some time out and talk about the gemstones that make you fall in love with the many number you see them. Come let’s examine together some gemstones through Cupid’s rose colored glasses. Many gemstones hold a rich history of meaning and symbolism, and some precious stones have strong associations with love and relationship. So in honor of this season of love we will pay homage to the gemstones of love.


Emerald gemstones have a fascinating history and lore.  It has been used historically to sooth the eyes and comfort the wearer. It has also been though to hold powers to cure diseases and ward off evil spells. But, as it applies to love and relationships, wearing an Emerald was considered to be a mystical way of revealing the truth or falseness of a lover’s oath.  Are you questioning your partner’s commitment to you? Try wearing some Emerald jewelry to expose the truth!

Rose Quartz

With its soft pink romantic color, Rose Quartz obviously has some connection with love. In the ancient world, Rose Quartz was widely used in magic and healing, but most notably, it was known as the “love stone” as it was believed to help balance emotions and heal disappointments and anger. If you are in a lover’s tiff, a Rose Quartz jewelry gift may be just the Band-Aid you need!


The Ancient Greeks thought diamonds to be tears of the gods, while the Romans believed them to be splinters of star dust. Yet with all of their supposed heavenly origins, Diamonds have been associated with human love and commitment for centuries. In fact, the first recorded diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy from the Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. In modern times, the diamond symbolizes eternal love and everlasting commitment. The strength of the diamond, the hardest of all stones, represents the power and resilience of true love. And the sparkling brilliance of diamonds reflects the fiery passions and dizzying effects of love’s spell.

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