4 Gemstones That Heal Relationships with Guaranteed Results

Strong relationships exemplify the quality of life. The interaction of one human with another is based on many factors like social background, moral ethics and professional etiquettes. However, many individuals fail to build and sustain their relationships beyond a certain level. Failed relationships are not only detrimental to the self-confidence of the persons; it is also bad for health. That’s why astrologers recommend individuals with failed relationships to consider gemstones to soothe their attitude towards life.

Here are 4 gemstones that heal relationships with guaranteed results.

1.  Peridot:

Peridot gemstone was worn by the kings and high priests in the ancient era. Rightly called the Healer’s Stone, Peridot can heal virtually any strained relationship in a very short time. Estranged couples are reunited with each other after wearing peridot. It is a miraculous gemstone with assured results in dealing with strained relationship with family members.

Peridot, owing to its yellow-green color is believed to influence the functioning of the liver, kidneys and the lungs. Individuals who suffer from failed relationships often fall into the addiction trap. They smoke, start drinking or do drugs to overcome the pain of break ups. Peridot can shield a person from such cataclysmic events.

2.  Amber:

Are people questioning your faithfulness in relationships? Are you fighting it hard to retain the loyalty factor in your day to day life? If yes, pick amber as your savior gemstone. Amber is the fossilized plant sap that has turned into a gemstone. Highly revered for its purity and clarity, amber is the cleansing stone that promotes relationships and fortune.

Ruled by the planet Sun, amber gemstone beads can be worn to strengthen the karmic action following a break-up or loss of the person.

3.  Azurite:

Azurite is a shimmering blue gemstone that has found its way into the market owing to its iconic appearance. A divine stone, by all means, wearing azurite clears the confusion and doubts arising in a relationship related to infidelity, poor communication, and mistrust.

Azurite beads are often worn to spark intuition about the partner’s intention in the relationship. While it is not fair to judge any person, azurite is the ‘secret weapon’ that has the ability to diffuse initial doubts about people. Ideal for businessmen and people engaged in legal affairs, azurite symbolizes the ‘third eye’ of Lord Shiva.

4.  Pink Tourmaline:

This is the absolute ‘girl power’ that every woman must adorn to protect their relationship interests. For women living under constant doubt about the intentions of their partners, pink tourmaline is an excellent accessory. It heals the relationship by mellowing the damaged dimensions.

Pink Tourmaline gemstones

Pink Tourmaline gemstone improves the confidence even during the roughest and toughest phases of the relationship. The gemstone is basically a physical healer that induces positivity towards life. For women suffering from hormonal disorders, wearing tourmaline can ease the pain that comes with disrupted intimacy.

What are the other options?

Astrologers specifically recommend a set of recognized gemstones to overcome relationship disruptions. Blue sapphire, pink Kunzite, malachite, and ruby are other popular relationship healer stones.

Engagement Ring Special: 4 Cuts Every Buyer Should Know About

Clear and colored gemstones are usually cut into typical shapes based on their hardness, size and cleavage factor. Like diamonds, most colored gemstones like sapphire, emeralds, rubies and garnets are cut into a variety of shapes resembling regular geometrical shapes.

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your partner, here are 4 gemstone cuts you should be aware of. Based on the type of cut made on the gemstone, the prices vary as well.

1.  Round cut:

The round-cut gemstones are the most commonly available collection in the engagement ring series. Almost every gemstone can be cut into the round brilliants. The rounds have been in the market for more than 150 years. They are preferred for their appearance, scalability and safety.

The top varieties of the round cut gemstones are based on six factors:

1.  Crown height
2.  Pavilion depth
3.  Diameter of table
4.  Girdle thickness
5.  Crown angle
6.  Pavilion angle

The crown angle is usually between 33 degrees and 35 degrees.

There are at least 5 different types of round cut gemstones in the market. They are:

•  American Standard
•  Practical Fine Cut
•  Eulitz Brilliant
•  Scandinavian Standard
•  Parker  Brilliant

2.  Princess Cut:

The first princess cut gemstone was made in 1980. However, there are many instances where the princess cut parameters has been described by the lapidary artists from Asia in the 19th century as well. For engagement rings, the Princess Cut is the second most preferred cut shape. The princess cut is identified from its 58 facets and is usually set into four-pronged rings for higher stability.

The Princess Cut has a modern touch and it goes well with both engagement ring settings as well as diamond dress rings. It is also the perfect choice for solitaire rings, amulets, bracelets and earrings.

3.  Oval cut:

Oval cut is another popular engagement ring cut preferred by mostly European men. The oval is the ideal choice for buyers looking for something that has the strength of a round cut and the beauty of the brilliant cuts. Unique and vibrant, the oval cuts create an illusion of heaviness by virtue of its crown angle. The length to breadth ratio ranges between 1.35 and 1.5.

What is the best oval cut gemstone? Any gemstone with no cutlet and very thin girdle with depth percentage of 58% is considered as an excellent oval cut stone. It is best to buy a gemstone between 0.5 carat and 1.0 carat.

4.  Cushion cut:

Cushion cut is an ancient gemstone cut made fairly popular by diamond and sapphire dealers from India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The first cushion cut made its entry into the diaries of the top gemstone sellers in the 17th century. Cushion cuts are identified from their square body and curved corners. Well-known diamonds are usually cut in cushion cut. Engagement gemstones now have a wide range of cuts embracing the beauty of the cushion cut and the round brilliants.

Gemstones for Married Men: Life, Relationships & Profession

Men have to deal with many issues related to their job, business, relationships and enemies. With health to account for as well, things can get pretty ugly if finances start taking its toll. Astrologers recommend the married men to wear certain gemstones that have a calming effect on their personality and soothe the nerves. Most men have a disturbed planetary position related to Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Sun. In order to maintain balance in life, wearing a gemstone is very helpful.

Here are top 4 picks in gemstone family that can ease any man’s woes in a short span of time.

1.  Hessonite:

Hessonite is a very popular stone for men. It is also known by other names like Grossular, Gooseberry gemstone and Cinnamon Stone. Largely referred to as an inferior gemstone in comparison to the rubies, garnets, diamonds and emeralds, hessonite is a very fragile and brittle gemstone. Despite hardness of 7.5 on Mohs scale, hessonite can be easily fractured. The major benefit of wearing hessonite is observed in overcoming the troubled phase of life disrupted by a rowdy Rahu.

Wearing hessonite on silver bracket can ease fear and pain of failed relationships. It also protects the married men from conniving, unfaithful women and family members.

2.  Diamond or Zircon:

Diamond is more a friend to married men than women. Legend has it that diamond and man form a formidable pair on Earth. Diamond’s unconquerable hardness signifies the confluence of Sun’s energy and Moon’s grace. Married men wear diamond to symbolize their highest fidelity towards family, friends and profession.

Diamond’s suitable alternative is cubic zirconia (CZ). Sailors, miners, fire fighters and doctors must wear diamond to keep them safe from professional disasters.

3.  Blue Sapphire:

The heavenly beauty of the blue sapphire represents the masculinity and intelligence. The royal stone of learning and wisdom is recommended to married men who have trouble keeping their jobs safe for a long time. Wearing the stone at an appropriate time ensures long lasting success at work.
Men who wear Blue sapphire exemplify the definition of an ideal husband and father. For expecting fathers, blue sapphire complements the feminine energy in perfect harmony, thus ensuring safe and pain-free delivery.

4.  Emerald:

Emerald is the symbol of growth, prosperity and bliss. According to astrological principles, a fine emerald is worth a thousand diamonds.  Married men who wear emeralds have a higher immunity against diseases like cancer, heart attack, mental disorders, depression and blindness. Sportsmen wearing emerald are less prone to suffer from bodily injuries.

Emerald can be worn as ring, bracelet or as pendant around the neck. Many men also stud their watches and eye glass frames with fine emeralds to exert positivity around them. The best alternative to emerald is the peridot. Though, it is recommended that only pure emerald is used and not any alternative gemstones.

Other gemstones that help married men overcome fear, pain and anxiety are yellow sapphire, ruby, opal, lapis lazuli, amber and garnet.

Reigniting Sex Life with Gemstones: 5 Top Rocks that Do the Magic

Sex is a pleasure, a quintessential activity that ensures sustenance of life on planet Earth. However, many people have trouble sustaining the libido beyond a certain age. Sex is an undeniable “power packed” activity every individual reserves the right to indulge in.

Here are 5 top gemstones that not just improve sex life but also enhance fertility and drive despite varied physical and emotional issues.

1.  Ruby:

The bright red ruby gemstone has remained the top recommendation for most astrologers who recommend it to almost every sexually frustrated individual. Rubies are considered to carry the universal message of love and eroticism. Ruby stimulates the central nervous system, preparing the body for carnal relationships. It encourages vitality and sensuality among women, especially the ones in the marriageable bracket.

Ruby gemstones

For professionals who are too busy to indulge in familial bliss can wear Rubies and improve their base chakra. From heart-based perspective, rubies are the best gemstone when it comes to finding a faithful sexual partner.

2.  Orange Sapphire:

Unlike the legendary blue sapphire, the orange versions are equally vibrant in their appearance. Orange sapphire is considered to vitalize the seat of sexual energy. Linked to planet Mars, the gemstone improves the visual perspective towards the opposite sex. The presence of iron and chromium ions bestows the stone with powerful desire to make love and procreate.

In addition to improving the sex life, wearing the Orange Sapphire also builds the character of the person. It enhances the self-confidence which reflects in the magnified fertility and sex drive.

3.  Rose quartz:

A calming force in its own right, the rose quartz gemstones encourages the idea of unconditional love.  Pink is the color of desire and its fulfillment.
Identified as the ultimate aphrodisiac crystal, rose quartz gemstone instills faith between sexual partners which directly affects the libido in the long run. Referred to as the “Beauty Stone of Love”, rose quartz studded earrings and bracelets nurture the sensual faculty in the woman. It improves sexual imagination by many notches.

4.  Red jasper:

Many individuals are inflicted with Genophobia or coitophobia or Erotophobia. Wondering about these terms! Well, they are terms used to describe the fear of sexual contact, relationships and touching.

Red jasper gemstone is the stone of vibrancy and eternal endurance. It has been long identified as the top gemstone to cure many common sex-related disorders. Red jasper works wonderfully for many couples unsatisfied with their slow and boring sexual relationship.

Red jasper accumulates the energy of Earth and Fire, thus restoring the balance in sexual life.

5.  Black Onyx:

Black Onyx is a rather uncommon gemstone for curing sexual libido. Owing to its impact on reducing stress and anxiety, black onyx directly boost sexual health. It cures the issues related to night fall, premature ejaculation, retrograde and erectile dysfunction. Black Onyx also rejuvenates sexual drive after cancer surgery.

Men, women and the third gender have hard time dealing with many sex-related disorders that affects their personality and ability to do regular chores. Gemstones are surely an effective “medicine” to overcome these issues.

5 Gemstones For Safe Delivery And Post-Partum Bliss

Gemstones have always been a fascinating item of personal collection for humans. However, their healing properties have a far reaching benefits for every person adorning them in any form—rings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, amulets, broaches, buttons and crystals. One of the most enticing benefits of gemstones is observed during pregnancy and post-partum events.

Here are 5 gemstones that are believed to make pregnancy a pain-free and trouble-less journey for the mother as well as the partner and the growing baby.

1.  Amethyst:

The traditional birthstone of February, amethyst is more than just a quartz gemstone. It is widely regarded as the “Thinker’s stone” for its effect on consciousness and passion. Rutile amethyst is the most preferred gemstone for women embracing pregnancy. It is believed to purify the body from intoxicating agents. Astrologers recommend wearing amethyst beads studded pendants to the expecting mothers as it keeps the body warm.

Amethyst Gemstones

Also called the “All Healer”, amethyst is a natural tranquilizer against pain, fear, anxiety and bodily disorder that usually befalls a pregnant woman during the primary stages of pregnancy. Amethyst gemstones can be worn right from the day of conception. A woman planning to get pregnant can also start wearing amethyst at any stage.

2.  Aquamarine:

Aquamarine is the most effective medicine against insomnia, heart burn, metabolic disorders and anxiety associated with pregnancy. The gemstone is usually worn with black onyx as it fastens the process of labor and delivery. In complicated pregnancy cases, wearing amethyst helps relieve the pain and ensures quick healing.

The color and clarity of the gemstone is a soothing factor for every expecting woman. The birthstone for March, Aquamarine is also recommended for expecting fathers who have a history of congenital disorders in their family. Keeping the aquamarine beads close to the baby keeps its safe from all kinds of negative energy.

Aquamarine Beads

3.  Moonstone:

The grace of moon is believed to be miniaturized into moonstone gemstones. Adoring moonstone beads during pregnancy calms the heartbeat of the mother. It induces proper blood flow into the uterus to ease the pain related to labor. Rainbow moonstone is best for couple embracing pregnancy. It keeps the passion intact which most expecting couples miss out on or have a fear indulging in.

Mothers facing emotional turmoil during pregnancy can ease their mental strain by wearing good quality moonstone.

4.  Malachite:

Malachite is rightly called the “midwives stone”. It is known to stimulate the uterus and prepares it for the labor. For safe child birth, wearing malachite is an assured way to keep the nerves calm. For families with a history of still birth or miscarriages, adorning malachite ensures that the pregnancy continues safely and culminates successfully.

Malachite pendulum and bangles are gifted to married women and newly wedded brides symbolizing the importance of the gemstone in pregnancy.

5.  Serpentine:

Serpentine is associated with Kundalini awakening. Women inflicted with locked chakras are recommended serpentine to heal energy cycles inside the body. It induces rejuvenation of the worn cells and tissues. Most women experience “enlightenment” during pregnancy after wearing serpentine stone on their fingers. For working professionals, serpentine boost energy levels even as they prepare for pregnancy.

Buying cheaper Gemstone Substitutes with same benefits as the Original

The gemstone market is flooded with artificial lab-manufactured gemstones that have the similar appearance as the original ones.

Here are 3 top gemstones with their cheaper substitutes. The effect of these substitute gemstones is found to be same or similar as the primary gemstone (also called as mula ratna).

Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow sapphire is also called as Pukhraj or Peeta mani due to its conspicuous yellow tinge. It is believed to strengthen the effect of planet Jupiter. With gold, Yellow Sapphire forms a formidable pair guaranteeing long lasting wealth, fortune, good health and marital bliss. However, it is a rare gemstone and hence, comes a rather obnoxiously high cost. The per carat price of yellow sapphire could be anywhere between $300 to $45,000 depending on the source, color and the consistency of the gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire

The top substitute for the yellow sapphire is topaz. Yellow topaz has more or less similar benefits as that derived by wearing Yellow Sapphire. Citrine gemstone is also a very effective cheaper substitute for Pukhraj.

Healing properties of yellow sapphire substitutes:

-  Cures kidney stones
-  Improves metabolism
-  Calms mind and instill self-confidence
-  Cures insomnia and heart-related ailments
-  Boosts finances

Blue sapphire:

Blue sapphire is an enchanted gemstone associated with the planet Saturn. Also called as Neelam, meaning blue in Sanskrit, this gemstone is known to cure almost every misery known to the mankind. However, blue sapphire can also augment bad luck if worn at the wrong time or if it is of an unapproved size.

That’s why many astrologers prefer to recommend their followers cheaper substitutes that have the milder effect than blue sapphire. In addition to the effects, these substitutes are also readily available and cost way lesser than the mula ratna—Blue sapphire.

Blue sapphire

The top blue sapphire substitute is Iolite. It is commonly referred to as Shanpriya meaning “beloved of the Saturn God.” Another top substitute with enthralling effect as the Blue Sapphire is the Amethyst. Both Iolite and Amethyst ward off the evil spirits and alleviate poverty.

Warning: As per astrological guidelines, blue sapphire, Amethyst, and Iolite should not be worn with red coral, ruby or pearl.


Diamond is the hardest known naturally occurring material on Earth. Since time immemorial, diamonds have served and ruled the gemstone collection of aristocratic families all over the world.  Most religions quote diamond as the purest and most powerful gemstone with the aura to heal infertility, aggression, and pain.

In recent time, top diamond substitutes to flood the market are the Cubic Zirconia, also called as American Diamonds.  While zircon may not be as hard as diamond, they are just as effecting in healing and curing astrological issues as the mula ratna.

Not long ago, most gemstones that were artificially synthesized were dusted off the market due to their notorious reputation. However, with new lab testing regulations and market value, even the cheaper substitutes of the gemstone are making the equally strong statement on the collectors’ edition.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones are quintessential accessories for every man and woman. A top quality gemstone jewelry collection is one that matches the attire in your wardrobe. Crafted to complement with every personality, gemstone jewelry never go out of fashion. They add a magical sparkle to the whole idea of showcasing power, wealth and happiness. However, despite centuries of gemstone jewelry fashion to look up to, buyers often fail to live up to their own expectations.

Here are 4 mistakes that every buyer should avoid while dealing in gemstone jewelry.

1.  Buying online without asking for a sample:

If you are looking for some really good discounts, opt for the online gemstone jewelry stores. However, the major challenge in buying gemstones online is the kind of color and quality you will get in the first place. Due to device restrictions, most buyers have a hard time trying to figure out the color of the gemstone.

gemstone beads

The color revealed on the mobile phone or the laptop or desktop is often different from the one that a natural gemstone exhibits in reality. Moreover, the setting of the gemstone on bracelets, pendants, rings or other jewelry items may not be as perfect as those seen on retail shops. Despite, return and replacement offers, buying a gemstone online should be the second alternative for buyers.

Tip: Always seek a demonstration of the gemstone before ordering the jewelry collection.

2.  Not sticking to the budget:

Most buyers are so awed by the gemstone jewelry collection that they extend their budget without a second thought. Overindulgence and too much exploration into the jewelry collection of gemstones can easily take you over the set budget.

Tip: Figure out the per carat cost of different gemstones in the jewelry set. If your budget does not allow the real gemstones, replace them with the lab-manufactured artificial ones or with the secondary gemstones having similar color and appearance.

3.  Buying a stone that does not serve the purpose:

Birthstones like sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethyst, aquamarine gemstones and many more gemstones have the special purpose to serve. They come with healing and curing effects that can drastically transform the outcome of many individual activities. Most buyers shop for the gemstones as per the recommendations of an astrologer or a gemologist. However, ignorance about other gemstones on jewelry can neutralize the effect of the primary gemstone.

aquamarine gemstones

Tip: Before shopping, list out the names of all the complementary gemstones that you can possibly fit into the jewelry collection.

4.  Missing out on the research:

Most buyers have no clue what they are buying. That’s why they get it wrong the first time they try out gemstone jewelry.

Natural gemstones obviously rake in higher cost compared to the ones manufactured artificially in the lab. However, even the natural ones extracted from different parts of the world may have distinct price gaps. For instance, Burma rubies and sapphires are costlier than the ones from Africa. Same is applicable for garnets, emeralds and aquamarine.

Tip: Start with modest research on the gemstones before buying them for a jewelry collection.

Knowledge Basket: Top 5 Gemstones that Contribute to Making You a Legend

Knowledge is power and it is imperative to reveal myriad secrets that renowned philosophers adorned in their lifetime. One of them was a bead of gemstones and rings that ensured that their spiritual journey never ended abruptly. However, with time, the importance of the gemstones in empowering a human being with mystic powers has vanished. This article is an attempt to rediscover the worth of gemstones that were once known as the “Wisdom Rocks”.
Here are top 5 gemstones that every human must embrace to master knowledge.

1.  Agate:

Agate gemstone is often referred to as the spiritual rock by most astrologers. It is a rare variety of chalcedony that has the deep connection with the ancestral roots of the individual. Knowledge about one’s past is just as important as predicting future. The specks of the vibrant colors look like the rainbow and hence symbolize the inner stability, confidence, and maturity that every human is expected to display.

2.  Ajoite:

Ajoite is a cosmic gemstone believed to strengthen the metaphysical and spiritual faculties in the person wearing it. It is a highly revered gemstone that helps communicate with angels and spirits. The bluish green angelic gemstone improves the concentration level in the person preparing for an important event in life. It improves consciousness and psychic knowing, which not many humans can master in their whole life.

3.  Cavansite:

Cavansite is a very uncommon gemstone revealing a brilliant blue and green hue. It is basically calcium vanadium silicate and found among zeolites. Wearing a Cavansite Gemstone amulet empowers the adorned with the knowledge of inner self. It improves the intuitive power and bridges the gap between the known and the unknown.

Blue cavansite crystal is also a symbolic representation of the ‘third eye’ of Lord Shiva.

4.  Chrysoberyl:

Chrysoberyl belongs to the family of oxide minerals. It is identified from its dusty gold and white spar like appearance. From the spiritual point of view, the chrysoberyl gemstone is the most underrated collector’s item. Unlike other beryl elements like gold beryl, aquamarine, and emeralds, the chrysoberyl is a silicate. It is believed to open up the eyes and mind to the prophetic visions. Wearing chrysoberyl during exam preparation improves retention and reproduction of the ideas.

5.  Turkish purple jade:

The purple jade gemstone is a collector’s delight. Not only is it very rare, it is also the secret ammunition for philosophers who carry it for good luck and fortune. It has a cosmic connection with planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, wealth, and knowledge.

Purple jade evokes inquisitive attitude in the individual adorning it. It can be worn from a very young age. By the time the child reaches adolescence, purple jade too becomes a part of the far-reaching popularity owing to the child’s intelligence and maturity. Also called “Dreamer’s Stone”, the purple jade is the window into what future holds.

Gemstones for knowledge also neutralize the negativity that comes with abundant knowledge. These gemstones restore the ego balance.

5 Gemstone Gifting Ideas That Will Never Fail

Gemstones, thanks to their rarity and antiquity, are the coolest gifting stuff you can even extend to your loved ones. They may not be the ‘first choice’ of most buyers when it comes to gifting them to someone. Compared to perfumes, accessories, gold or even dressing material, gemstones lag way behind in the race to be top choices for gifting items. Why so?

The first reason is obviously the lack of knowledge about the various gemstones. There are over 250 different types of gemstones that fall in the categories of precious, semi-precious and artificial stones. Moreover, there is so much confusion about the quality of gemstones available in the market that it is a tough call to make on natural gemstones.

natural gemstones

This article is about 5 gifting ideas that make gemstones the safest choice to delve.

1.  Birthstone pendants:

All you have to pull this trick off the hat is to find out the month of birth of the person! For each of the months in the year, there is a specific gemstone. So, you have at least 12 gemstone options to explore.

Birthstones based on month

January: Garnet Gemstones
February: Amethyst Beads
March: Aquamarine Stone
April: Diamond
May: Green Emerald Gemstone
June: Pearl & Alexandrite Beads
July: Ruby Beads
August: Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
September: Sapphire Gemstone
October: Tourmaline & Opal Gemstone
November: Topaz & Citrine Gemstone
December: Tanzanite, & Turquoise Beads

2.  Colored stones are ravishing for any occasion:

Be it the Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary or just a happy occasion you wish to celebrate, pick a colored gemstone that will glitter for years. Top colored stones that are most preferred for any occasion are rubies, garnet, emerald, sapphires and topaz. Pink-colored diamonds are also great gifting gemstones for both men and women.

Citrine Gemstone

3.  Accessories studded with gemstones:

Apart from the obvious gemstone jewelry, you can also opt for gemstone studded accessories. Top items studded with diamonds, garnets, rubies and emeralds are broaches, hair pins, kaftan buttons, shoes and belts. Latest engineering also allows gemstones to be perched on high-quality eye glass frames.

4.  Healing tablets:

Do you find your loved ones stuck in mess or do they have difficulty coping with health, emotional or professional obstacles? Gifting a healing tablet made of gemstone is the best idea for every season. Consult with an astrologer and pick a gemstone that will best suit the personality of the recipient of the gift.

To make things to understand, craft a letter to symbolize your intention about gifting the healing tablet made of gemstone. Translucent and opaque gemstones are best for long-term sustenance.

5.  Gemstone figurines:

Gemstones can be cut into any shape resembling the figures of animals, fishes, birds or the most revered god. They can also be cut into familiar shapes like hearts, dew drops, balls and florets. They can be rearranged onto bracelets, necklace or even key rings. When placed on the bracelet etched with the name of the recipient, the gemstone figurines turn into an auspicious gift for celebratory occasions.

There are so many more options from the best gemstone gifting galleries like pens, vase, crystal balls and phones studded with gemstones.

Cancer Healers: 3 Gemstones that Go Unnoticed

In less than 50 years, cancer has grown to become the largest killer disease. It spares no one. Men, women and even kids are inflicted with cancer. It is actually an uncontrolled growth of a tissue or cell which eats into the immunity of the body leaving it with no option but to perish.
Despite advancement in medicine, surgery, and preventive diagnosis, cancer remains just as dangerous as it was in the 20th century. However, use of gemstones can not only protect people from cancer but also ease the pain that comes with the disease. In some cases, people wearing gemstones have come back to lead a perfectly normal death after staring at obvious death.

This article is about 3 gemstones that have show miraculous healing results against cancer of all types.

1.  Amber:
Amber is a natural gemstone that falls in the category of organic substances with high commercial value. It is basically a fossilized tree sap and has been associated with mysterious vibrations that set in the body when worn. Not all tree saps fossilize to become the amber gemstone. Only Pinus succinifera tree does it, and it takes more than 50 million years. The Golden yellow color of the amber gemstone absorbs the power of the cosmic world to assist the body in forming new cells that can fight carcinogens.

A powerful healer in every sense, wearing amber or placing it under the pillow during sleep rejuvenates the damaged cells, tissues, and organs. It is effective against cancers of the bladder, liver, kidney, mouth cancer, and blood.

2.  Emeralds:

The most enticing stone that contributes immensely in the fight against cancer is the green emerald gemstone. Also called panna, green emerald was once valued 1000 times more than diamond. The astrologers recommended the kings and the high priests to adorn emerald in their crowns and turban to safeguard their immunity and seek protection against cancer, which was more of an off-set disease then.


Emerald shields the body against the malefic agents in the nature that enter the body through food, water, intercourse or by mere thoughts. It is a cleansing gemstone and is rightly called the “Wisdom Stone”.

It is effective against the cancers of the face, throat, lungs and blood. Mothers wearing emerald right through their pregnancy make a formidable barrier for their babies against cancer in the later stages.

3.  Malachite:

Malachite is another powerful anti-cancer gemstone that derives its name from the leaves of the mallow tree. It is basically a copper carbonate compound with tissue-like structure. In ancient astrology, the malachite gemstone was attributed as having the miraculous power to heal injuries and rejuvenate dead tissues.


In fact, the Pharaohs of Egypt wore armor and crown made of malachite to protect their body from cancerous growth. It not only promotes good health among men, the malachite gemstone is also effective against sexually transmitted diseases, brain disorders and age-related diseases.

Other gemstones that have shown obvious healing properties against cancer are Blue Tourmaline, Carnelian, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz gemstone.