Top 5 Hidden Benefits Of Tanzanite Gemstone

While Sapphires and other such stones are known for their healing properties, Tanzanite gemstone is known for the kind of attractive looks it has. But that’s obviously not the only reason why people adore it so much, there are many benefits of wearing this gemstone. This blue-violet colored stone is not just about it; it knows how to improve the wearer’s life in different ways.

If you are unaware about the benefits of this stone, here are the top five benefits you must know about it:

1) It helps in segregating emotions within your body:  There are a lot of emotions that we have in our body; but not every individual knows how to control them and keep them balanced. Sometimes, you meet people, who are overly sensitive; other times, you met people, who don’t know how to react on anything at all. Both the categories don’t know how to balance their emotions. With the help of tanzanite beads, they can surely control their emotions and balance them in the correct way.

2) It has some unusual physical healing energies: If you have some skin or hair related problems, this stone can do wonders to your body. A lot of people wear this stone for their hair loss problems, skin issues, psychological issues, etc. Also, if someone has recently undergone surgery and wants to keep away from post-surgery side-effects, this is the best stone for him. It has tremendous healing energies, which keep the wearer away from a lot of physical difficulties. It gives enough strength to the wearer to cope up with different physical as well as psychological challenges.

3) It balances all the energies existing within your body: Every individual has a set of different energies. At times, you may also feel some of your energies moving from one chakra to another, depending upon how your situation needs to be handled. When you are in a particular problem, your chakras come together to solve it. However, they need to be balanced, so that you know which energies need to be used for what kind of problems. With the help of a Tanzanite gemstone, you can actually balance all the energies in your body. No doubt you can channelize these energies without any stone, but with stone, you do it in a much effective way.

4) It helps in making your meditational practices successful: If there is a specific kind of meditation that you have been practicing, but are unable to reach the level that you wish to, then you have surely got to use this stone, since it helps in strengthening different chakras in your body due to which you can achieve those meditational levels that you really wish to.

5) It improves your intuition levels: Sometimes, you get to know whether you are going to get good or bad news; this is called intuition. In order to strengthen your intuition levels, you can always take the help of this stone. Wearing it as a pendant also does the trick.

Top 5 Reasons People Are In LOVE with Spessartite Garnet

While some stones have uncountable benefits, there are others that only look good to the eyes. There are only a handful of stones that not only have innumerable benefits but are also attractive to the eyes; one such stone is the famous Spessartite garnet.

This stone not only has healing properties and benefits for the one who wears it, but also looks appealing to the others that see it. Thus, most of the people are completely in love with this stone. Here are the top five reasons why people are so fond of Spessartite garnet:

1) This stone has an amazingly bright color: If you don’t know what this stone looks like, don’t forget to browse through its pictures; every individual falls in love with its color. The reddish-orange color makes you drown in its pleasant appearance. It has this unique shade that reminds you of Fire element, which is one of the elements the human body is made up of.

2) This stone is known to improve the appetite of the wearer: Sometimes, you are just not able to gain weight because of your improper diet. But it is not only the improper diet that makes you weak, it is also the poor appetite problem that you go through. If you want to gain weight or improve your appetite, this is the stone for you. People love it for its appetite-improving quality!

3) This stone improves the kidneys and bladder of the wearer: If you have always been having bladder and kidney problems, this stone can do wonders to your body. When people fail to get rid of their kidney stone problems or they go through the pain of kidney stones again and again, despite several operations and treatments, this is the stone that they are told to wear. This stone helps in improving health in a much better way.

4) This stone can boost fertility in both, men as well as women: Turning into a parent is obviously something that most of the individuals dream. However, due to some or the other complications, it is just not possible for some individuals to conceive or be fertile. With the help of this stone, such individuals can improve their fertility and turn into parents just when they really want to. If you have been unable to conceive or are trying to be a parent since quite some time now, this is the stone that you must wear, for it has amazing powers to heal your body.

5) This stone is only a style statement: Thanks to the kind of beauty it possesses, you can wear Spessartite garnet beads in jewellery anytime you wish to. If it doesn’t belong to your zodiac or planetary positions, it may not give you enough benefits, but would always make you shine in front of the others around you. It is one of the most beautiful stones you would ever wear on your finger. Thus, a lot of people love it for its color and appearance.


Gemstone Secrets: Top 7 Benefits Of Smoky Quartz

There are stones that remind you of some of the most precious things in nature; when you look at smoky quartz stone, it reminds you of the energies that you feel when you are in a forest, close to Mother Earth, surrounded by tall trees and their brown trunks. This stone is a semi-precious type of quartz. It is available in different shades of brown and is generally worn in rings or pendants. Commonly, people prefer wearing them in rings.

This stone is known as The Stone Of Power. During the ancient times, this stone was believed to have sacred, but dark powers of the Earth Gods.

Following are the top seven benefits of wearing Smoky Quartz Beads:

1) It helps in balancing energies: It doesn’t matter if you have positive energies in your life at the moment or negative ones, all that matters is that you are capable to balance them in a proper way. With the help of this stone, you can balance both the energies and be a stable person.

2) It helps in improving spiritual attributes in an individual: When you are a spiritual person, you think of nothing else in life, since you have no time to cry on the long-gone affairs or crib about the things that you don’t have in the present time. To improve your spiritual attribute, this stone allows you to be closer to your heart.

3) It helps in improving psychic visions: If you are psychic, but are not fully aware about your powers, this is the only stone that can help you improve your Third Eye Chakra. The healing properties of this stone heal your Third Eye and make it stronger. All you need to do is meditate often after wearing this stone.

4) It protects the psychic energies of an individual: It is not only important for you to explore your psychic abilities, but also protect them in the correct manner. This stone protects your psychic visions and doesn’t let your Third Eye get detached from the seven chakras of your body.

5) It gives you the ‘boost’ that you need in your life: We all need motivation in life, but there can be nothing better than self-motivation. With the help of this stone, you can actually keep yourself motivated to do everything that you wish to and achieve the highest goals that you have made for yourself.

6) It is extremely beneficial for Scorpios and Capricorns: If you belong to Scorpio or Capricorn zodiac signs, this stone can do marvelous things to you. If you don’t trust us, you can wear this stone and notice the positive changes in your life.

7) It can be the best stone to heal depression: If you are under depression and need constant motivation, this stone can be your best friend. It supports your mind and makes you mentally stable, which is needed by all those, who are going through the worst phases in their lives.


Top 4 Amazing Benefits & Facts about Sunstone Oregon Gemstone

Sunstone Oregon is an extremely unique stone, with an unusual appearance. The moment you look at it, there are various vibes that you get through your eyes, which go deep into your body. You feel charged up by its mere look. This is because it has a very refreshing color. Its subtle appearance makes your life smooth enough to keep it calm as well as balanced.

But this is not the only thing about this stone; there are many things that are yet to be known to the ordinary people. Read below to know about the top four things related to this beautiful gemstone:

1) It is available in blue color as well: We are sure you don’t know this, but this beautiful stone is available in the shade of blue as well. There is no other stone that looks as pretty as this one, since it takes you back into the memories of Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. In fact, its color is far better than any other colorful diamond on Earth!

2) It has the healing properties of sun: Sun is the biggest healer; if someone really wants to get rid of his depression or be out of his troubles, he needs to work on his Solar Plexus, which is the fifth Chakra in the body. This yellow chakra has a lot of healing properties. But in order to heal this chakra, you need to wear sunstone Oregon. When you wear this stone, you get all the energies that are present in the sun; you are surrounded by motivational energies that inspire you to do good things in life.

3) It motivates you to be out of stress: Every individual you meet is in stress today; while some are able to manage their stress, there are others that are unable to do so. Those, who are unable to manage the stress in their lives, find it difficult to cope up with different things. This is where they need some support and that’s exactly where stones come into the picture for them. With the help of Sunstone Oregon beads, they not only get rid of their stress, but find enough motivation and strength to fight with anything that comes in the way. This stone makes their mind clear enough to find ways out of their problems.

4) It helps in getting rid of SAD disorder: SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is also known as winter blues or summertime sadness. The moment the season changes, the one who suffers from this disorder, feels extremely disturbed. Some of the doctors also suggest such individuals to wear the sunstone Oregon, so that they can control this disorder in their lives. Since this stone has enough energy to balance and channelize the energies in the body of the wearer, there are no chances of him going through the problem of SAD disorder. It helps in controlling mood swings and depression as well.


Top 6 Reasons Why People Wear Sea Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

Some of the gemstones are extremely beautiful; one such stone is Blue Chalcedony. It has the most pleasant shade of blue and resembles the color of calm water. The moment you lay your eyes upon this stone, you feel a positive energy flowing through the seven Chakras in your body. It is a very serene stone, which can heal a lot of things in your life.

If you are wondering why people wear this stone on their fingers, here is a list of the top six reasons that would tell you about the same:

1) It helps in keeping you conscious about all the things that you do in your life: Being conscious about each and every thing that you do in your life is extremely important. People, who wish to improve their consciousness or increase their level of ‘conscience’, wear this stone on their fingers. It is necessary for an individual to have a good amount of consciousness in his life, so that he knows what kinds of decisions he must take for his betterment.

2) It is known as the ‘speaker’s stone’: We all know the importance of communication. There are times when you say something to someone in a different manner, but he takes it in a completely different manner. If this happens with you a lot of times and you are often misunderstood by your loved ones, it is time for you to welcome this stone in your life. People, who are rarely understood by the others around them, must wear this stone to enhance their communication skills.

3) It has healing properties: There are only a few people, who know that this stone has high levels of healing properties. There can be nothing better than a sea Blue Chalcedony Beads to improve your life. If you have been going through a lot of problems and you are tired of handling everything on your life, this stone can heal a lot of things in your life.

4) No matter what negativities you have in your life, this stone is capable to ‘absorb’ them: You may meet several negative people in your life; when you talk to such individuals, you yourself fall into the pit of negative energies. If you want to get out of such energies and be positive in life, this stone can offer its helping hand.

5) It helps in making you a generous and ‘warm’ person: If you think you are an extremely rude person and you want to improve your nature, this stone can make you a better person. You may feel the energies surrounding you from day one of wearing this stone on your finger. 

6) It is an extremely helpful stone for all those, who meditate: Most of the people are now into meditation; if you meditate every day or often and want to improve your level of meditation, then Blue Chalcedony Gemstone Beads can push you and your mind for the same. You can get closer to your soul.


How Songea Sapphire Gemstone Heals You?

Even though Songea Sapphire comes out as rough and unattractive, when the stone is polished and shaped, it enhances and turns very attractive. There are only a few people, who know about the presence of this stone in the world, but the ones who know of it also know the kind of benefits it has.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing this stone is that it heals you completely. If you are wondering how, following are the top three ways in which you are healed, with the help of this stone:

1) It helps in healing emotional imbalances: Not everybody knows how to balance emotions; not everybody knows how to control their tears or be strong when strength is needed; not everybody knows when to cry and when to laugh! If you think you are going through some terrible emotional imbalances, mood swings and depression, this is one of the sapphires that can really prove beneficial to you. The day you wear this sapphire, there is a different feeling that you get within yourself. You know how to move ahead with the things you want to do and how to get them done. You neither get over-excited nor over-depressed in the situations that come in your life, once you have this sapphire touching any part of your skin, constantly.

2) It helps in healing a lot of physical problems: This is something that most of the sapphires are known for – if you wear Songea Sapphire Beads, there are certain physical problems as well that get healed. First of all, most of the health related problems are related to stress, which comes when you don’t have a stable mind, which is the result of imbalanced emotions. If you wear this sapphire, as mentioned earlier, you have a stable mind and balanced emotions, thanks to which you are able to control your stress level, which leads to improvement of health. This means that you don’t fall ill often and minor health related issues are easily conquered with the help of this stone.

3) It helps in healing your spirit: It is just not possible for you to heal your spirit, without having a stone for yourself. Even Reiki practitioners and spiritual healers take the help of some stones to heal an individual. If you don’t trust us, you can contact any spiritual healer and ask about the benefit of Songea Sapphire Gemstone Beads. This stone is popular for its spiritual healing quality. If you are into the practice or meditation, see the difference in your concentration levels as well, once you start wearing this stone. 

You can never succeed in life, unless you are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually stable. Since this stone is able to heal you in a lot of ways, you feel much better and are able to become more balanced in your life. With improved emotions, you can take better decisions in your life and stick to them. You become wiser and spread the same wisdom in the world. 

Top 10 Reasons To Wear Sunstone Gemstone Beads


Sunstone beads are the most gorgeous little things you would ever lay your eyes upon. These tiny pearls come together to help you gain positive energies from your surroundings and be protected from the negative ones. No matter how you wear these Sunstone Beads, they make sure that they keep you benefitted from their existence.

If you are thinking of buying and wearing these beads, you must know about their different benefits. Here are the top ten reasons you must wear them:

1) They look beautiful: When you look at the beauty of sunstone beads, you immediately fall in love with their appearance. They are available in different sizes, but every size displays the same kind of attraction like the others. 

2) They have the energies of sun: The best thing about these beads is that they have energies of the sun. This means that they make you an extremely positive person in life when you wear them. All you need to do is wear them all the time and see the changes that they bring to you.

3) They help in giving positive attitude to you in your life: If you have lost all the positive energies and attitude from your life, these are the stones that can help you regain them. Once you wear these stones, you feel your personality coming back to you, since you become extremely positive about different things.

4) They keep your enthusiasm level high enough to work every day: In order to be successful in life, you have to be enthusiastic. You need to have that motivation level to keep working harder and achieve your goals. To be enthusiastic in life, you need to wear something that keeps motivating you. These stones serve the purpose!

5) They motivate you to workout and stay fit: Even if you want to workout and stay healthy or fit, you need motivation. This motivation is what is given to you by these beautiful and mesmerizing stones. If you want to stay fit, these stones can actually help you!

6) They help you attract money: If you want to attract money to you or you feel like money flows like water from your hands, it is better to wear these stones.

7) They aspire your mind and keep your positive: In order to be a positive person, you must wear these stones since they attract the energies of the universe for you.

8) They help in conquering your phobias for you: If you fear dark, these stones can help you kill your phobias. Since you have energies of the sun with you, no darkness exists in your life.

9) They bring a lot of leadership opportunities in your life: If you want to be a manager or want to get promoted at work, these stones can show their powers to you. Try them and see the improvement in your life.

10) They benefit the businessmen: Being in business is no easy task; to improve your business life, the Sunstone Gemstones Beads can support you in the best way.

Who Wears The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gemstone?

There are colors and purest shade of turquoise; this color is one of the prettiest colors you ever see in your life. It not only reminds you of all those ponds that silently wait for your presence, but also of all those oceans that have millions of secrets deep inside of them. This mystic color fills your life with a lot of happiness and contentment, which are the two most important things that every individual must have to lead a peaceful time.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is no ordinary gemstone. If you are wondering who wears this stone, read below:

Those who wish to be healed: What happens when you get your finger cut by a knife? Don’t you apply a good medicine to get rid of the pain and the wound? Similarly, when you go through the tough times, there are a lot of wounds engraved upon your soul. This is where the sleeping beauty turquoise gemstone beads come into the picture to heal your spiritual wounds and make you a stronger person. Those, who go through terrible times in their lives, wear this stone.

Those who wish to feel ‘vibrant’ energies around them: This stone has some unique energies; we don’t know how to explain the feelings that you get when you wear this stone, because you feel like everything around you is extremely positive and beautiful. The color of this stone itself is vibrant enough to cool down your difficulties.

Those who wish to have balanced emotions: There are times when you are unable to express yourself and your emotions. Sometimes, when you need to cry and let it go, you are unable to do so. Other times, when you need to smile on a joke, you feel emotional and sensitive. Such things prove that your emotions are not balanced. To balance their emotions, people wear this stone.

Those who wish to gain trust of others and trust others as well: It is difficult for you to trust people, especially if you have been betrayed a lot of times in your life. Also, it is difficult for people to trust you, if you have broken their trust in the past. To regain trust and to trust others, people wear this beautiful stone either around their neck or on their fingers.

Those who wish to enhance ‘kindness’ in themselves: Kindness and humanity are two things that can make this world a better place to live in. If you want to heal the world and transform it into a better planet, you have got to shower love and kindness or others. The only way in which you can do so is by showing humanity in your heart. However, looking at the problems you go through and the times you have been hurt by others, you feel less human, since you don’t know who is good and who is bad. People, who wish to regain their trust in humanity and kindness, wear turquoise beads.

Top 5 Super Benefits of Tourmaline Gemstone

If you are fond of gemstones, I am sure you know in and out about Tourmaline Gemstone. While most of the tourmaline gemstones have lustrous appearances, there are others that don’t. You may have to find out which color of this gemstone suits your planetary positions and zodiac signs, depending upon which you can easily reap the benefits of the same.

If you are wondering about the benefits of this beautiful Tourmaline Gemstone Beads, read below to know about the top five ones:

1) It helps in detoxifying the human body: We all know what kinds of energies reach us on daily basis. Also, when you listen to the problems of others or your loved ones, your vessel gets filled up with a lot of negative energies and negative thoughts. In order to keep such energies away, you need to detoxify yourself. With the help of this stone, you detoxify your body and keep yourself positive enough to survive in a much successful way.

2) Since it has traces of iron, it keeps you away from nightmares: Remember the old tales in which mothers kept knives under the pillows of their kids with nightmare issues? If you have been having a lot of nightmares recently and are phobic to sleep due to the horrific lucid dreams, it is time for you to bring iron into your life, which exists in this stone. You can fight off any nightmare with the help of this beautiful stone.

3) It protects you from all the negative energies that surround you in your daily life: When you travel to different places, even if it is from your home to office, you pass through different energies. Mostly, you go through different negative energies, which mix along with your positive energies. If you want to keep yourself protected from unwanted spirits and negative energies, this stone is all that you need for yourself.

4) It can be used as a Reiki stone: Reiki is one of the most beautiful practices you can ever do or get done for yourself. If you want to keep yourself healed, positive and bright, you need to take this stone, get it charged by a Reiki practitioner, or charge it yourself if you are attuned by a Reiki master, and then wear it all the time. You feel amazing whenever this stone is with you. The best thing is that when it is charged with Reiki, the energies remain within itself for a long period of time.

5) It protects you from a lot of health related problems that you generally go through on a regular basis: If you constantly fall ill, Tourmaline Beads can provide you with a lot of support and help. The moment you wear this stone, it grabs all the negative energies that stress you and eat your immunity levels. In simple words, this stone not only strengthens your mind, but also your body and soul. It is that one thing, which never leaves your side.


Top Five Tips To Care of your Yellow Opal Gemstone

Do you have a yellow opal? Do you wear it all the time? Are you planning to buy a ring with this stone? 

Then there are some things that you must know – you can’t wear this stone carelessly; there are many things that you need to remember before buying or wearing this stone. You need to take care of it in a good way or else it doesn’t work and is not at all beneficial.

Following are the top five ways in which you need to take care of your precious yellow opal beads:

1) Keep your ring as clean as possible – If you really want the gemstones to work miraculously and continue giving you enough benefits, you need to keep them clean and tidy. The moment you think there is some sort of dust on the stone, get it cleaned as soon as possible or else it won’t work for you.

2) Check the area behind the stone – Usually, you know how problematic it is to clean the portion behind the stone in the ring. The greasy dirt gets gathered in this portion and it is quite difficult for anyone to clean it nicely. If you want to get rid of it, you can use a sharp toothpick to take the liquid dirt out of that portion.

3) Soak the ring in soap water: In order to clean the stone and the ring in the most proper manner, there is only one thing that you can do – soak the ring in soap water for a few minutes or an hour. You can also soak it overnight to get every dirt particle out of the ring. When you take the ring out of the soapy water the next day or after sometime, clean it with tap water and dry it nicely before wearing it, so that the watery portion does not affect your skin in any way.

4) Use a soft toothbrush to clean the ring and the stone: If you find it difficult to keep the stone clean, along with the ring, the best thing to do is to use a soft toothbrush and scrub the entire ring nicely. When you scrub it good, you notice all the dirt particles leaving from the ring. You can also use soap water to scrub the ring nicely. 

5) Keep the stone dry after washing: Don’t wear the ring without drying it. The best thing to do is to clean the ring with a dry towel or a tissue paper and then keep it under the sunlight for a few minutes. Once the ring is dried from all the sides, you can slip it on your finger. 

The above mentioned things may look easy and simple, but there are only a handful of people, who find time to keep their rings and stones clean. All I can say is that without keeping the stone clean, you can’t expect it to heal you with all its powers.