Black Spinel Gemstones

Black Spinel gemstones are hard gemstones which are normally found at few places only like Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Africa. It is a member of black spinel family. Black spinel beads are also found in these categories which is quite famous and efficient in maintaining an overall stamina of an individual.

It is an opaque jet black variety of gemstones that falls under spinel family. It is a leading black stone which is highly durable as they possess a hardness of power 8. Although it lacks the metallic luster in them, yet they are quite popular in gemstones because it is a true gem. It makes an attractive centre stone when surrounded by diamonds and sapphires. They are normally confused with black tourmaline which is also a great black gemstone due to similar appearance and shine.


Black spinel is considered one of the rarest spinel available. It is associated with love and helps the possessor to put their egos aside and act devoted and kind to the other person. It also helps you to provide confidence to the enthusiasm and passion of a person and also increase the life of an individual. It is a very protective stone that helps in maintaining and improving relationships and resolving issues and fights. The most important significance of these stones is they are appropriate for all the jewelry purposes and perfect to carry everyday on regular basis.

General use
Black spinel is efficient in bringing up high energy and boosting up the morale and stamina of an individual. It is used to draw capital, wealth and prosperity in one’s life. It is also used to bring vivacity to the soul of a person. The gemstone carries high energy which charges a person inside out and he becomes quite active not only in his personal environment but also in his professional life. It enhances his work life and provides him power to progress towards his best destiny.
In psychological terms, black spinel is used for aura cleansing and purification of your atmosphere you live in. it helps to think positive and better every time. It brings a powerful liveliness in you and makes your life vibrant and energetic. The gemstone enhances your mental and intellectual power. It helps to diminish and get rid of lack of memory from the mind. It helps to make your brain sharper and active.

Although Black spinel is not a very popular gemstone, yet its distinguished features and characteristics have made it an ultimate choice for an opaque black gem. Nowadays, most of the gemstones go through a routine enhancement treatment to maintain it’s finishing and glow for long but this precious gemstone needs nothing more than simple cutting and polishing to show up the inner beauty it carries within itself. You can also go for a natural and untreated black spinel gem if you like. They possess uniform nature and high quality of reflectance in them. With the lack of cleavage in them, it has turned out to be one of the excellent gemstone available.


Where Words fail, Let Gemstones Speak for You!

Ever faced the kind of situation when you lack the words that you want to say to express how you feel about a particular situation or a person; how about making something that speaks on your behalf? Gemstone Beads certainly are the things that speak for you when you fail to speak your heart out to a person.

Gemstones are the most beautiful things that are available for the humans to use and to adorn themselves, adding much beauty and fervor to their looks. And that reminds us of some of the most beautiful gemstones that have ever been available for people; sometimes to express love and sometimes to make that love be a part of their life forever.

People usually propose the love of their life with the perfect ring and for that love to stay in your life forever you need to speak about your feelings; however when you fail to do that you can buy your loved ones a ring that is studded with the world’s best gemstone.

Selecting the right gemstone for your loved one may be difficult but if you do it the right way, there’s no experience better than this one. However choosing only a gemstone is not the only thing that is important; choosing the right store to buy them from is also important. Ratna Sagar Jewels has a plentiful collection of AAAA quality colored gemstone beads in extremely mesmerizing shapes that will speak for you when words fail to.

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Jewelry Collection - Straight from Grammy’s Awards 2015

We’ve all heard the famous world “When words leaf off, music begins.” Music is in the beautiful souls of beautiful ladies!!! True representations of timeless Hollywood beauties we all witnessed a stunning collection of gemstone jewelry and other sparkling accessories.

This blog brings for you the stunning jewelry collection of Hollywood divas, straight from Grammy’s Awards 2015.  The award function presented outstanding fashion this Sunday evening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was an obvious night to remember with star-studded celebrities captivating audiences with their gorgeous outfits and bold looks. We’re selecting the few famous and beautiful looks and jewelry of these ladies.

Rihanna stole the show that night with her real princess like look in a pink flouncy gown, encompassing five times the area around her body. She wore an incredibly breathtaking dress, which glued others eyes to her dress.  Keeping a neat bun hairdo, Rihanna accessorized her ears with dazzling floral diamond earrings and petite studs on her upper piercings.

Lady Gaga shined excessively in metallic white. She flaunted her tattooed back in a deep-seated silver dress and she stole the spotlight with exquisite emeralds to adorn her neck and ears.

Katy Perry sizzled in a glassy and glitzy outfit and she kept it matching with sparkling white diamond earrings. Katy’s purple hair turned heads and we must say she looked a real beauty that night.

Beyoncé Knowles, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj all showed their immense love for emeralds. Beyoncé expressed her intense love for emerald through chandelier earrings and oversized rich green gemstones on her fingers.

The lady who looked quite daring in her dress, Madonna, displayed her offbeat style via a pair of black and white spiked earrings.

Let’s not forget our favorite Taylor Swift, who opted for a marine and teal design. She arrived in a greenish-blue designer gown contrasted with fuchsia heels. Swift added a pop of aqua colors with magnificent stacked rings and azure, ultramarine earrings.


Taylor Swift looked gorgeous in black opal, paraiba and intense pink diamond earrings and a black opal ring


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Fine Luxury Women’s Jewelry from Pink Topaz

Topaz gemstone is a stone that is usually found colorless when it is in its purest form. But the obvious question that crops up with this statement is that how come it is available in other sparkling colors. The high refraction of these amazing colored topaz jewelry is absolutely stunning. Blue however is not the only color that has the world running after it. Jewelry manufacturers have also discovered the commercial potential of other topaz color variety and ornaments that can be made out of these varied colors.

Topaz in its pink form looks stunning and pink gemstones are considered to be a universal representative of love. Because the color pink is an infusion of red and white, it also incorporates properties of both of these colors. The shades of pink gemstones can range from a subtle shade of blush pink to a vibrant fuchsia color.

 Pink Topaz is usually not a pale pink, but a deep pink topaz color that looks very bright and even ethnic when worn with darker metals like sterling silver. Pink topaz pendants in specific look very beautiful. At Ratna Sagar Jewels you’ll find a stunning collection of pink topaz; cut out in various shapes that are certain to win your heart.


Fine Luxury Women’s Jewelry from Pink Topaz

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Pink Topaz can easily create a beautiful, beautiful, romantic look for your pink engagement ring. With a wide array of colors and cuts to choose from, a pink topaz is the perfect stone to use for a truly bespoke ring and Ratna Sagar jewels becomes the perfect destination for you to purchase pink topaz or any other gemstone ring.  

The rarely discussed category of Chalcedony Gemstone - Bloodstone

One of the amazing and most discussed gemstone beads is Chalcedony which includes agate, bloodstone, carnelian, chert, chrysoprase, flint, heliotrope, jasper, moss agate, onyx, plasma, prase, sardony. The color of Chalcedony varies from waxy luster and appears in a great variety of colors - usually blue-white, buff, light tan, gray, yellow or brown. The stone was used by early man to create weapons for war and safety.

The variety of Chalcedony Gemstone Beads which is usually brought into use is ‘Bloodstone’ and here are some facts and fictions associated with bloodstone.


Chalcedony Gemstone - Bloodstone

The bloodstone, which is also called Heliotrope, is in general a green speckled stone that includes some shades of red and gold. The stone is found in India, China, Brazil, Australia and the United States of America. It is considered with the element of fire and is related both to the planet Mars and the sun. The stone was used in the ancient times to stop any kind of bleeding, especially nosebleeds.

The legend associated to the bloodstone states that it was formed from the blood that dripped from Christ’s body, and that the blood dripped on the green earth and thereafter it solidified. It was called Heliotrope by the Greeks and they assumed that this stone could bring about the change. Over the years, bloodstone has been used as an amulet which protects the wearer against the evil eye. It is called the symbol of justice.

People are usually advised to wear bloodstone due to its magical workings related to healing processes, as well as fertility and abundance, both physical and financial. When we discuss about matters of the body, this stone in particular is associated with the health of the blood- circulatory system.

The bloodstone is used in alignment with all the centers of the human body. The healer must start this alignment while the patient still lies down on his stomach. It is good to have some pieces of the bloodstone in ones house to increase the flow of energy from negative to positive.