4 Factors to Compare Before Buying an Anniversary Ring

Anniversaries are special, and they can be made memorable by gifting a lovely, delicate natural gemstone ring and neckpiece collection. The buyers are always on the lookout for new designs and cuts in the gemstone segment. Each year 100,000 gemstones are flooded into the market cut in different ways. However, not all gemstones have the same styling or faceting. Some might have a lower critical angle compared to other; most gemstones might just exhibit a slightly different shade from what it was a raw item.

Here are 4 factors that every buyer must compare between different facets and designs before picking an anniversary ring.

1.  Age of the gemstone:

This is a key aspect of buying a natural gemstone anniversary ring. The date of extraction from the quarry, the date of cutting and manufacturing are important factors that can make a sizeable impact on the price of the gemstone. While most gemstones are hardly a year old, high-priced Anniversary ring gemstones could be as old as 50 years or more.

Another reason why buyers must investigate the date of manufacturing of the gemstone is to stay clear of the Black Diamonds and smuggled rubies, garnets, black moonstone, emeralds, black tourmaline and sapphires that have ripped apart the economy of many African countries.


2.  The shape of the gemstone:

Anniversary gemstones are cut in 10 commonly accepted shapes. The 10 shapes are:

1.  Round
2.  Princess
3.  Oval
4.  Marquis
5.  Pear/ Briolette
6.  Cushion
7.  Asscher
8.  Radiant
9.  Emerald
10. Heart

More than 75 percent gemstones are shaped in round brilliants. In recent times, Asscher and Princess Cut anniversary gemstones have gained immense popularity, thanks to LASER cutting techniques. For special occasions other than anniversaries like Valentine’s Day and Engagement, Heart shaped gems are also preferred.  The radiant cut gemstones are also accepted widely for their unique bow-tie effect. For buyers looking for a mixed cut anniversary ring resembling Princess Cut and Cushion Cut, the Radiant-cut gemstones fit in flawlessly.

3.  Symmetry:

Anniversary gemstones have to necessarily exhibit the highest level of symmetry. Symmetry showcases the quality of gem cutting and is calibrated by measuring the table, girdle, and Length/Width ratio. Perfect symmetry in the anniversary gemstones ensure that the light is brilliantly reflected and faults are strategically hidden.

A poorly shaped gemstone invariably has a bad symmetry too. The highest symmetry of the gemstone is established under 10-X magnification with zero defects.

4.  The cut:

The way the Anniversary gemstone is cut can have a huge impact on its life, durability, and overall price.  The gemstone has to be cut in such a way that the light is reflected from the pavilion at an angle lower than the Critical Angle. This ensures that the light is reflected effectively from the pavilion to the crown creating a scintillating fiery brilliance.

The cut also establishes the price of the Anniversary gemstone. A ruby or a diamond with a heavy girdle indicates that the gemstone will have more weight but would not look big from the top view.