5 Engagement Ring Cuts for Every Season

Finding the perfect engagement ring is an arduous task. There are more than 50 different types of gemstone cuts and facet designs that can be picked during the engagement ring shopping. Top faceting like Briolette, faceted heart, faceted cube, step-cut, rose cut and Asscher cut are some of the best aspects that can be explored.

Here are 5 engagement ring cuts that will never go out of any season.

1.  Single Cut:

Often regarded as the oldest gemstone cutting idea, Single Cut is made of diamonds, topaz, aquamarine, emeralds, rubies and garnet that are set on gold and platinum engagement ring bands. The Single Cut is characterized by a rather large table and a flat or pointed cutlet, with a total of 18 facets.

Single Cut is chosen for medium-sized gemstones that weigh less than 3 carat.

2.  Modern Round Brilliants:

Modern Round Brilliants have been the favorite Engagement ring designs for over a century now. Done to exaggerate the color shade and brilliance of the gemstone, Modern Round Brilliants are now considered as the standard cuts all over the world.

The Modern Brilliants have an alluring round bottom with a total of 58 facets on the stone. Some diamonds and emerald gemstones also have oval cuts.

3.  Rose cut:

The first Rose Cut Engagement ring appeared in the 1500s, and since then it has remained a steady choice for the royals and aristocrats. A rose cut engagement ring gemstone resembles the floret pattern of the rose flower with narrow spirals growing upwards from a rather flat bottom.


Rose cut settings are mounted on open solitaire way with large surface area. Due to its larger surface area, the brilliance is rather subdued. Round brilliants gemstone are derived from the rose cut settings, ensuring brighter and more brilliant appeal.

4.  Asscher Cut:

The biggest gift of the 20th century to the gemstone cutting industry is the Asscher Cut. Produced by Asscher Brothers of the Netherlands, the cut is the symbolic representation of the rise of European gemstone cutting industry in the 1900s. Asscher Cut gained prominence in diamond cutting industry after The Cullinan was cut. Between 1996 and 2012, Asscher Cuts have been embraced with greater respect owing to changes in the designs.

The modern Asscher cuts are made on smaller gemstones with square Faceted cubes and emerald-cut designs. The larger step-cuts are often accompanied by a rather larger crown and narrow table.


Loved for its perfect symmetry, the Asscher cut gemstones have a Length to Width (L/W ratio of 1:1. Modern Asscher Cut engagement rings also feature a skewed L/W ration of 1.05 and 1.1 too. Owing to the larger, open-ended facets, the Asscher cut gemstone exude a clear and more dazzling brilliance.

5.  Heart:

A diversification of the Brilliants, Heart cut is a lovable addition to the collection of Engagement rings gemstones. In these gemstones, the symmetry is the most important aspect as the two lobes have to look identical. It is usually favored if the weight of the gemstone is less than 1 carat.