5 Gemstone Gifting Ideas That Will Never Fail

Gemstones, thanks to their rarity and antiquity, are the coolest gifting stuff you can even extend to your loved ones. They may not be the ‘first choice’ of most buyers when it comes to gifting them to someone. Compared to perfumes, accessories, gold or even dressing material, gemstones lag way behind in the race to be top choices for gifting items. Why so?

The first reason is obviously the lack of knowledge about the various gemstones. There are over 250 different types of gemstones that fall in the categories of precious, semi-precious and artificial stones. Moreover, there is so much confusion about the quality of gemstones available in the market that it is a tough call to make on natural gemstones.

natural gemstones

This article is about 5 gifting ideas that make gemstones the safest choice to delve.

1.  Birthstone pendants:

All you have to pull this trick off the hat is to find out the month of birth of the person! For each of the months in the year, there is a specific gemstone. So, you have at least 12 gemstone options to explore.

Birthstones based on month

January: Garnet Gemstones
February: Amethyst Beads
March: Aquamarine Stone
April: Diamond
May: Green Emerald Gemstone
June: Pearl & Alexandrite Beads
July: Ruby Beads
August: Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
September: Sapphire Gemstone
October: Tourmaline & Opal Gemstone
November: Topaz & Citrine Gemstone
December: Tanzanite, & Turquoise Beads

2.  Colored stones are ravishing for any occasion:

Be it the Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary or just a happy occasion you wish to celebrate, pick a colored gemstone that will glitter for years. Top colored stones that are most preferred for any occasion are rubies, garnet, emerald, sapphires and topaz. Pink-colored diamonds are also great gifting gemstones for both men and women.

Citrine Gemstone

3.  Accessories studded with gemstones:

Apart from the obvious gemstone jewelry, you can also opt for gemstone studded accessories. Top items studded with diamonds, garnets, rubies and emeralds are broaches, hair pins, kaftan buttons, shoes and belts. Latest engineering also allows gemstones to be perched on high-quality eye glass frames.

4.  Healing tablets:

Do you find your loved ones stuck in mess or do they have difficulty coping with health, emotional or professional obstacles? Gifting a healing tablet made of gemstone is the best idea for every season. Consult with an astrologer and pick a gemstone that will best suit the personality of the recipient of the gift.

To make things to understand, craft a letter to symbolize your intention about gifting the healing tablet made of gemstone. Translucent and opaque gemstones are best for long-term sustenance.

5.  Gemstone figurines:

Gemstones can be cut into any shape resembling the figures of animals, fishes, birds or the most revered god. They can also be cut into familiar shapes like hearts, dew drops, balls and florets. They can be rearranged onto bracelets, necklace or even key rings. When placed on the bracelet etched with the name of the recipient, the gemstone figurines turn into an auspicious gift for celebratory occasions.

There are so many more options from the best gemstone gifting galleries like pens, vase, crystal balls and phones studded with gemstones.