5 Gemstones That “Cool Down” Senses

Since centuries, some gemstones have always been categorized as hot and cold? Are they really that vibrant that wearer can actually experience rise and drop in the temperature of their body? Scientifically, it is proven that some gemstones are indeed special when it comes to exhibiting properties like Piezoelectric Effect, Fluorescence, and Iridescence (also known as gonio-chromism).

While the gemstones are revered for their sparkling beauty and flawless sparkle, here are 5 delectable stones that are actually embraced for their “cooling effect”.

1.  Diamond:

One of the costliest rocks on the planet, the diamond was brought into the picture by the ancient Indian gem designers for their cooling effect. The now coolest stone is a fashion winner, and no jewelry collection is complete without these stones. Available in briolette, cushion cut hearts and step-cut designs the diamond is the conventional Birth Stone for the month of April.

In Greek, diamonds are referred to as “invincible”, and the cooling effect only makes it a lucky charm for every individual—housewife, businessmen,  traders, sailors, doctors and religious leaders.

2.  Ruby:

Numerous studies are underway when it comes to establishing the connection between wearing the faceted cube rubies bracelet and soothing down the nerves. The fiery red color could confuse any person who is not aware of the healing properties of the rubies. As per research, the Chromium ion (Cr3+) exudes an optically-powered cooling effect which could easily lower the temperature by several degrees if purity and aesthetic values are maintained.

3.  Sapphire:

Obviously, much like its red counterpart, the rubies; sapphires too have the special cooling effect. The Birthstone for the month of September, Sapphire has always been associated with the moon for its coolness and tranquility. However, the underlying scientific reason for its dermal cooling phenomenon is yet to be established and confirmed clinically.
The effect is likely to be attributed to the presence of iron, chromium, magnesium and copper. Blue sapphires have the higher cooling effect than the pink and yellow shades.


The cooling effect is one of the healing properties of the sapphire that makes it effective in the treatment of ear pain, back pain, lumbago, Parkinson’s disease and depression.

4.  Topaz:

Now this something not many gemstone collectors knows about the Topaz. A regular item in Ayurveda, the gemstone was used to treat tongue infections, sexual dysfunctions, improve vision and purify the blood. Used with rubies and pearl extracts, the calx of topaz also effective treats symptoms associated with leprosy, skin disorders and blisters on elbows and palms.

5.  Aquamarine:

A gemstone from the beryl family, Aquamarine beads is a beryl that has been used in Ayurveda to treat coughs and throat related issues. The blue color of Aquamarine is attributed to the Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions. The concentration of the ions can produce other colors like green, yellow and even pink. However, only blue beryl in the form of Aquamarine are used in the form of dew-drop briolette, faceted round or nugget shapes.


These 5 gemstones can be worn around the neck, wrist, or around the waist. Some individuals even prefer to stud their eyeglasses with these gemstones for extra cooling effect.