5 more Days to go for The International Women’s Day Celebrations

The International Women’s Day

The idea of Celebrating International Women’s Day emerged at the start of the 20th century, from the early socialist movement. Though the idea them seemed radical but over the years it gained fast pace and now it is far from it. 8th March is recognized by all governments and organizations around the world and is also an official holiday in dozens of countries.

The preparations for 8th March, the International Women’s Day have started on a high note and it seems like the memories in it are yet to be made. It is a major day of celebration for the political, economic and social achievements of women.

The International Women’s Day

This one’s for all the timeless beauties…

Every man in the world owes his life to you, because you are the builder and the molder of any nation’s destiny. You may seem delicate and soft but you have a heart that is stronger and bolder than man’s. You are the supreme inspiration in the man’s onward march.

Ratna Sagar Jewels take immense pleasure in wishing all the beautiful and amazing and impressive ladies around the globe a very happy International Women’s Day. It is true that you have made challenging histories and are looking towards new records to be made.

And finally…

Men, we understand what you’re thinking. Why do women get to have all the fun?? When is our special day?

Well, do not despair; you’ll just have to wait for 19th November for your International Men’s Day.