9 Fascinating Facts about Gemstones

1.  Cleopatra’s Preferred Gemstone:

The gemstones were valued a lot in ancient Egypt. Although, they were not skilled enough to differentiate between similar colored stones. The best example of it is Peridot and Emerald, both having an enticing green tone. The Peridot gemstone was an all time favorite of Cleopatra but it is believed that she also adorned Emerald gemstone mistaking it for her favorite Peridot.

Peridot Gemstone beads

2.  Unique link between Garnets & Pomegranates:

Some of you may wonder at the link between a fruit and gemstone. The answer lies in its name, Garnet got its unique name from the seeds of Pomegranate which looked blood red in color. It is believed that the eye-catching shade of Garnet represents love, life and birth.

3.  Lightest Gemstone:

Do you have any clue about the lightest and softest gemstone? Well, sounds tricky right! Amber is considered as the softest and delicate rock in the world. It is believed that the stone is made from the resin sap of prehistoric tress, fossilized millions of years ago. For making jewellery Baltic amber is preferred by jewelers as it is the hardest type in Amber.

4.  Hardest Gemstone:

No point for guessing, it is none other than the stone known a girl’s best friend – Diamond. The stone measures a perfect 10 on Mohs scale making it the toughest stone found in the earth crust. The stone is expensive and comes up as the best option for daily wear. It can easily withstand wear and tear of daily life.

5.  Biggest Gemstone with Facets:

The biggest faceted gemstone is topaz. It weighs a whopping 37000 carats. The faceted topaz gemstone was found in Brazil.

6.  Sapphire that becomes a part of history:

Most of you might have seen the blockbuster movie Titanic. There is a scene in the movie where the ship meets with the accident then a beautiful sapphire necklace sinks to the bottom of the cold sea. Well, the scene is inspired from the true incident. A millionaire James Cameron gifted sapphire studded necklace to his sweetheart Kate Philips. Unfortunately, James died in the accident but Kate Philips survived to tell the story.

7.  Striped by Nature:

The agate has beautiful natural stripes on it. These stripes make agate gemstone look simply stunning. It seems like someone has artistically drawn designs on it. The real reason behind the stripes is presence of chalcedony, so when next times you see the stripes on it then don’t take it to be artificial.

8.  Colorful Gemstones:

The colorful gemstones have a charm of its own. They come up as a classy option for jewellery. Two most colorful rock include Opal and Tourmaline gemstone. In opal you will see flashes of color within its white or background.  The Tourmaline is famously called Rainbow Gemstone because it is available in every rainbow color.

Tourmaline gemstones

9.  The secret of Pearls:

The beauty of pearl will make you fall in love with it. In fact, it is one of the most loved gemstones. Well, have you ever thought how much time it takes to cultivate a small piece of bead? Well, the answer is it takes anywhere between one to four years.