A Guide to Buy the Best Quality Sapphires

Have you ever gone out shopping gemstones and discovering more about them?

If, Yes! Are you sure that what you bought was the best quality gem?

If, No! Then what was it that kept you away from buying one?

The quality of the gem is in cover whereas its beauty lies in the eyes of the wearer. Women whether they are sixteen or sixty six have the inner desire of looking beautiful. But buying a quality sapphire should be a task of delight and not hassle.

Therefore, for your convenience, listed below are some key points that you should inspect a gorgeous gemstone for the beautiful lady that is in you or for the one that is your mother, sister, wife or daughter.

  • Enquire properly that the stone you are buying is a naturally produced sapphire or if it is created in a laboratory. You should also know about the gemstone being heat treated or not because only if it is heat treated will its color enhance. Before buying the gem enquire hundred times before making the payment. You may end up paying more for a piece thinking that it is a naturally brilliant gem.
  • Sapphires may have different hues and undertones of other colors. Examine the gem under different lights and then determine its shade. Do not end up making a fool out of yourself.
  • Check the tone and the darkness, since it is a crucial factor in determining the stone’s worth. An ideal tone for the sapphire is medium to dark. The stone shouldn’t be extremely dark in color neither should the color be so pale that it resembles other lighter colored stones.
  • Take a look on the saturation and intensity of the color in a sapphire since it is these two factors that impact the brilliance and make the gem look vibrant and vivid. The dull grayish look that some stone might possess is to be avoided STRICTLY.
  • Higher the clarity of the sapphire, the better it is. The clarity factor of the sapphire is responsible for the flawless and the clear look that can be seen in case of diamond. The inclusions in the crystal are mostly hidden and are not visible through a naked eye but are clearly visible under magnification. Higher the inclusion level, the lower the radiance of the stone.
  • Examine the cut of the sapphire. This is another important factor which has a tremendous contribution towards its excellence. The symmetry, proportions, width, height, dimensions etc. all need to be inspected carefully before making the decision. A finely cut sapphire sparkles and thrives in any viewing angle.

All these points should serve the purpose of your purchase of a quality sapphire. 

 “Check the gem once, check it again and then check it once again. Be sure that you are making the right decision when buying wholesale gemstone beads. Move one step ahead to looking beautiful”.