A look at Crucial Factors That Affect Quality Of Colored Gems

You must be aware of the huge importance of gemstones. However, if you are looking forward to buying a colored gem, you need to know lots of things. Determining the quality in a colored gemstone is not an easy task, and you will certainly have to take lots of important things in consideration. The appearance in a colored gem is often the result of a combination of different factors to which it is related and by which it is affected. The complexity of these factors can define the quality of a colored gemstone.

 Even when a dealer purchases any gemstone, he makes a quick analysis of the metal to grade the gem. However, prior to that, you can take a look at the following details that make up a beautiful colored gemstone. 

The Importance Of Four Cs:

When you want to determine the quality of a gemstone, you will have to refer to all the four Cs involved in the stone. These are




Carat weight

You must be aware that these factors are vey well-defined for diamond, yet, it exists for any other type of gem including the colored ones.

The color-

In the context of any colored stone, color is certainly the most important factor that determines the quality. The three dimensions in colors are hue, tones and saturation and this is added with color coverage. 

The cut-

Proper cut can often display the exact beauty of the gem. However, in order to evaluate cut, different factors are involved like the cutting style, shape, symmetry, proportions and finish. As a whole, the cut should always display the beauty of the gem to the best advantage without presenting any durability problems. It is also crucial to note that some of the most expensive colored gems have misshaped proportions and symmetry. This is mainly due to the fact that the value of the material is so high that every point in weight in tried to be saved in this context. 

The clarity-

The factor of clarity is usually judged with reference to inclusions. Only the inclusions visible to the naked eye can influence the final grading of the stone. Consequently, colored gems can be considered as different from diamond. Proper inclusions can often enhance the overall beauty and value of the stone. It can even create a great impact on the overall durability of the gem.   

The carat weight-

Weight of the gemstones is calculated on metric carats. In this context, five carats is equal to one gram. When the weight of a particular gem increases, per carat price also tends to increase. 

Color coverage-

Differences in inclusions, proportions, fluorescence, transparency and zoning can often create some of the major differences in color coverage. A gem that comes with a high degree of color coverage can be seen with high saturation in normal viewing positions. Some factors can often improve color coverage.

These are some of the crucial factors that can help you in determining the quality of the colored gemstones.