A look at popular Types of Gemstones

The most tempting feature about wearing a gem is that it can be cut and set into many distinct and beautiful shapes and settings. Popular gem retailers offer enticing options when it comes to stone settings. Be it an engagement ring or a ring for an anniversary, there is a stone setting style for each occasion. You can consider the following combination of settings for your diamond or emerald-encrusted ring and jewellery assortment.

  • Pave Set
  • Four prong
  • Six prong
  • Multiple prong
  • Full Bezel
  • Half Bexel/ Semi bezel
  • Flush
  • Millegrain pave set
  • Channel Set

Four, Six and Multiple prongs

Four prongs is a very popular form of gem setting that is done on lighter stones. It is employed for gems to allow maximum light refraction. Prongs on the gemstones resemble claws that are bent around the centre stone at equal distances. Four prong gem setting accommodates gems of all shapes and sizes. The popular shapes that are set with four prong style are:

  • Princess cut
  • Medicine wheel cut for sapphire
  • Round brilliant cut
  • Carved leaf rings

Six prong is a more protective gem setting style similar to four prongs, but with six claws. Multiple prongs on the other hand is used for smaller gems that require more support especially when encrusted on lighter metal bands or rings. It has multiple claws, usually in the series of 2s, 3s and 4s.

Full Bezel and half bezel

It is a royal gem setting style that is done on centre stones that are deeply encrusted into a combination metal or any other material. It protects the gemstone that are embedded into and encircled by metal. Emeralds, amethyst, garnet and turquoise are set in full bezel and accommodate shapes in square, oval and flat faces.

Semi-bezel is exclusively made for diamond rings weighing more than 4 carats. It allows maximum light penetration at all angles as compared to the same stone set in full bezel. Conventionally, bigger the gemstone, greater are the chances that it would be set in semi bezel.

Flush sets

Flush set is used for gemstones of darker hue like garnets, amethyst, lapis lazuli and onyx. Moonstones, rubies, cat stones and diamond are other rocks that are conveniently accommodated in flush sets. It is styled on bands and pendants slightly lower than the surface of the base material to protect them from damages and scratches. They resemble an encrusted wall.

Pave sets: Conventional and Mille grained

Gemstones paved on a metal base are placed very close to each other and separated by thin frames. The little beads of metals keep the smaller gemstones from detaching under force or fall. It also allows adjustment of gemstones when the metal expands due to heat. It is preferred for diamonds and rubies cut in bead or cushion sets.

Pave sets with mille grains are done for beaded gemstones to harmonize with traditional paves. It is usually employed for diamond rings set in royal antiquated designs.