A look at Top 15 Benefits of Blue Aventurine Gemstone

The radiant blue aventurine gemstone beautifully combines the power of water and wind energy. It is a crystal of inner strength and will assists you in coming out of toughest situation with great ease. It also brings discipline and punctuality in life.  Generally, these stones are found in Russia, China, Tibet, Italy, Brazil, India and Nepal.

Let us take a look at top 15 benefits of blue aventurine gemstones.

1.  It is powerful stone of communication. It helps the wearer to speak the truth.

2.  Blue aventurine helps in expressing your thoughts and ideas in very expressive manner. It is quite helpful for leaders, public speakers, spokespersons and people in media.

3.  Blue Aventurine represents the planet mercury thus it’s a crystal of compassion, love, knowledge and progress. It gives you strength to explore possibilities and courage to achieve the same.

4.  It aids in spiritual journey. Mediating with it opens up throat, crown and third eye, something that is very important for getting direct spiritual guidance from higher power.

5.  Meditating with crystal also develops the intuitive abilities. Most of the people have lost it because of not listening to their inner voice.  Lies, cheating, bad habits and negativity are the other reason that hides the ability. Once you get your instinctive intuition back you will see a lot of change happening in life for good.


6.  Green is the color of nature, placing green aventurine at different places in home will result in a peaceful atmosphere. It also absorbs the negative ion present include your abode.

7.  Embrace blue aventurine if you want to get rid of bad habits like smoking, substance abuse or overeating.

8.  It also helps in getting complete rid of negativity, unwanted aggression, anger and ego problems.

9.  The stone is excellent for people who are not mature or childish in nature. Wearing jewellery studded with blue aventurine beads helps them discover their real potential. It makes them responsible with words and action.
10.  It comes up as a wonderful stone for leadership. It will help you earn respect of your subordinates as well as competitors with exceptional leadership qualities. It assists in taking up new projects with confidence.

11.  It comes up as a perfect stone for sportsperson, singers, actors, public speakers etc as it helps them to be very focused while they are performing. It keeps performance stress and anxiety miles away from the people. Stress free state of mind helps to give your best.

12.  If you are an adventure lover then don’t forget to keep this crystal in personal item. It will take you to some of the most amazing adventurous places in the world.

13.  The stone safeguards you from any potential danger. It is good idea to keep the stone whenever you are traveling.

14.  The stone has incredible healing qualities. It assists in overcoming sleep disorder, headaches, cold, cough, fever and allergy related issues.
15.  The stone enhances blood circulation and strengthen respiratory system. It also lessens muscle pain.