A look at Top 15 Qualities of Blue Apatite Gemstone

Blue Apatite gemstone is a stone of spirituality. Meditating with it creates aura around the person. The stone is also associated with paranormal activities and psychic perception. The stone also helps you to know about your past life. It let you know about the things going to happen in the future in dreams. Let us take a look at top 15 benefits of Apatite Gemstone.

1.  The stone has brilliant motivational properties. Wearing it in ring makes the person independent and ambitious. It motivates the person to chase his dreams no matter how tough it is.

2.  The stone enhances communication especially it is excellent in group communication. Adorn Blue Apatite when going for group discussion, debate or public speaking, it radiates innovative ideas and words that will impress everyone. The stone is a favorite of many celebrity public speakers, leaders and anchors. 


3.  The stone enhances concentration and memory. The crystal is perfect for students. It helps them perform well in exams.

4.  Are you unemployed or looking to switch job? Wear the crystal in a ring. It will bring in front of you the right job that matches your qualification in your desired field.

5.  The miracle crystal ensures there is no work pressure in job. It saves you from unjustified expectation of the boss. Also, makes sure that you have a friendly relationship with your colleagues.

6.  Blue Apatite gemstone develops creative thinking ability. To succeed in today’s highly competitive world you need to think out of the box. The stone develops the creative quality. 

7.  The universe is full of knowledge. Blue apatite helps you to directly gain the knowledge and makes your aware of the surroundings.

8.  Also, gives you the special ability to read past life patterns of people. It shows the way to use all your realization and wisdom over the welfare of the society.

9.  It develops the habit of healthy eating. It keeps the weight in control by suppressing the hunger. It also enhances the metabolic rate.

10.  It is very effective in healing arthritis, joint & knee problems, rickets etc. It is very helpful in healing of glands, organs and meridians. Assists in speedy recovery after surgery.

11.  It is good for eyesight. In reduces strain and fatigue particularly happening due to continuously sitting in front of computer. 

12.  It encourages people to have a positive and hopeful attitude in life. Quite helpful for those who have lost hope and interest in life. It uplifts their spirits to see the positive side of life.

13.  It is known to balance energy. Mediating with it opens the throat and third eye. It creates awareness about our surroundings. It is perfect for balancing Yin- Yang, the opposite energies.

14.  Our present life affected by karmas of our past life. It is the reason sometimes people face problem in life. The blue makes you aware of your past Karmic influences and gives you solutions to it. 

15.  The light blue crystal of blue apatite develops empathy, patience, kindness and humanity.