A look at Top 3 Kinds of Aventurine Gemstones & Benefits

The Aventurine gemstones are known as powerful healing stones. It helps you to get prosperity, happiness and success. It is one of the stones that you should have in your collection. The stone constitutes of various minerals and quartz. The stone’s metaphysical properties vary according to its color. It is mainly available in Green, blue, and yellow. You will also come across grey, brown, orange, etc. Let us take a quick look at top 3 Aventurine Gemstone according to its color.

1.  Green Aventurine:

It is known as the stone of opportunity. The Green Aventurine gemstone beads are the best when it comes to manifesting wealth and prosperity. Royals used to keep green aventurine in there treasure to multiply the wealth. Today also, it’s a favorite of super rich from every walk of life. 

A look at benefits:

  • Helps athletes by creating favorable situation for them to win the game.
  • Salaried people will find things turning in their favor. They will get promotion and hike in salary.
  • It calms anger and fills heart with peaceful thoughts.
  • It develops leadership quality and enhances communication. It gives you words that motivate and convince people.
  • It helps to get rid of stammering problem.
  • Green Aventurine comfort heart, hence it is excellent for people with heart ailments.

2.  Blue Aventurine Gemstone

The blue aventurine gemstone is best for meditation. Mediating with it opens up the throat and third eye Chakra. It helps you to connect your inner self with the power of universe.

  • It helps you get rid of old negative thinking patterns that have been a hindrance in your progress. 
  • It improves communication and helps you open up only when speaking is required. It encourages you to speak the truth in such a way that it has a positive effect on the listener.
  • Meditating with it helps to overcome addictions of any kind.
  • Help you to realize your qualities and have faith in them. Without a faith in your abilities you cannot get success in life.
  • Helps you get rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

3.  Yellow Aventurine:

The yellow Aventurine beads help to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra plays major role in forming our personality. It gives you a unique identity.

A look at benefits:

  • Helps you to focus on goals and helps to achieve the same.
  • It balances Yin-Yang energy which represents man and woman respectively.
  • It is quite helpful in treating headaches, allergies, migraine and sinus related problems.
  • It helps to overcome anxiety.
  • The stone is leads to creativity, it is perfect for people in the creative field like acting, music, designing.
  • The yellow aventurine gemstone is a stone of compassion. It helps you to understand the problem of others and help them in need.
  • It balances various energies and helps you to have a powerful personality.
  • It uplifts from sad emotions. Gives you enough strength to come out of tough time and situations.
  • It helps in right decision making and gives you control of things in life.