A look at Top 5 Crystal for Happiness, Health & Wealth

Gemstones are not only beautiful but are known for their powerful healing qualities. They have become an integral part in the modern spiritual world. Almost all the leading spiritual gurus and astrologers advise adorning crystal to fill life with happiness, health, wealth and peace. Every gemstone has its unique powers, getting the right stone will help you get the desired result. Here, we are going to tell you top 5 gemstones that will make you wealthier and happier.

1.  Turquoise:

The stone is known for its powerful healing quality. The stone is believed to bridge the gap between earth and heaven. In the ancient times, the stone was used by people to bring good luck in life. The turquoise was also a favorite of merchants who traveled from one place to another; it was believed that Turquoise gemstone protected them from every kind of danger. The turquoise gemstone comes up as a perfect gift as it is believed that when it is given as a gift then its healing properties are magnified 500 times. The stone encourages speaking truth and helps you stay loyal in relationship. 

Turquoise gemstone


2.  Bloodstone Gemstone:

The bloodstone gemstone has powerful healing qualities. It is very effective in purifying the blood. When the blood is purified then it leads to good health. It helps to overcome tiredness and weakness related to illness. It boosts enthusiasm and fills life with new energy. The gemstone leads to mental and physical emotional wellbeing. 

3.  Smoky quartz:

Smoky quartz helps the wearer to come out depression, anxiety and negativity. It also helps to get rid of old belief systems that are becoming a hindrance in life. The negative patterns affect every aspect of life whether it is personal or professional. Here, wearing smokey quartz beads in jewellery acts as a shield against negative force and unwanted energy.  It fills life with new hope and opens a world of happiness.

Smoky quartz beads


4.  Rose quartz:

Rose Quartz is a stone for love. The magical quartz helps lovers in every way whether is helping them finding their true love or giving you strength to pour your heart in front of person you love. Rose quartz studded jewellery is widely gifted by couples because of its significance. It not only looks beautiful but also nurtures relationship. The stone helps the couple stay loyal to each other. It strengthens relationship by building a strong foundation of love and trust.

5.  Carnelian is good for creativity:

Carnelian gemstone is the stone of fortune. The stone makes sure that every dream and desire of wearer is fulfilled. The stone is quite helpful in removing negativity. The stone gives faith and confidence achieve the impossible. Dream big and Carnelian gemstone will make it a reality. The action stone is favorite of royals, business man and leaders. It helps them to make a mark in their respective field. The miracle stone is even gives a new lease of life to people who are completely down and out.