A look at top 5 Father's Day Gemstones for Men

Gemstones are not limited in their use as the quintessential stylish accessories for women. Even men love to adorn them over their fingers, around their wrists and as piercings on different parts of the body. For years, gemstone rings and collectible items are considered as the ideal gifts for men-oriented events. Be it an engagement, wedding anniversary, birthday event or Valentine’s Day. Looking for gems for men on special occasions like Father’s day? You can shop through some of the most enticing collection of gemstones in the market listed below.

  • The Blue Aura: Lapis Lazuli

Men have a special connection with the colour, Blue. Lapis lazuli is the most loved gemstone among men. For Father’s day, rings and mullets engraved with the Lapis Lazuli stone are considered as a potent gifting option for men. The stone is encrusted over silver bracelets or platinum rings. Wild gold is another preferable option for woman choosing lapis lazuli as a gifting option for her man.

  • The Garnet Clan

Most natural gemstones have a family. If you are looking for an exquisite option for men, garnet offers a whole clan to choose from. You can opt from the following set of garnet gem for men.

  • Pyrope
  • Almandine
  • Spessartite
  • Grossular
  • Andradite

For men who love exclusivity, you have a sixth option- Uvarovite, which is the rarest form of garnet.
The best part about gifting garnet gems to men is the “Gentleman’s Tag” they come with. They don’t look gawky or too flashy even when worn over formal attires. Hard, brilliant and long-lasting: this is the perfect gift for men who love to shuttle between the tough courses of life with a laid back attitude.

  • The Green Magic: Jadeite

More popularly referred to as Jade, this gem is another impressive gifting option for men on special occasions. It is also called as Lapis nephriticius and is believed to be the alternative for nephrite gems. With Mayan connection behind its use, adorning Jadeite is a symbol of perfection and flamboyance. The colour is lighter than a regular emerald. It ranges between a pale apple green to blue-green shade. Olmec Blue Jadeite is the most loved gem for men, usually presented on Father’s Day.

  • Fire Opal: The Impressive Rock

Also called the “Stone of the Paradise Bird”, Fire Opal is stunning, charismatic and unique owing to its yellow, orange and red mosaic look. These are handful of adjectives reserved exclusively as a package for Fire Opal. 4Strong body colour and hardness, the stone is a symbolic representation of wild lovers and achievers. They don’t have brilliance to boast about, but the characteristic fiery appeal magnifies when worn over a gold bracelet.

  • Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Elegant and royalty is bestowed on the person who wears Kashmir Blue Sapphire It is said that the ring chooses the man, and not the man. Gifting a 3 carat Kashmir blue sapphire is to a man as a solitary diamond rock is for a woman; The Best Friend.