A look at Top 5 Myths related to Diamond

Diamond the most precious and loved gemstone of the world has some misconception and myths and related to it which makes it even more fascinating. Let us take a look at some of the popular fictions and stories related with this magnificent stone.  Knowing them surely will help you to get the facts right. It is going to be of great help when you are going to buy diamonds.

1.  Diamonds are formed from Coal:

Well, it is most fascinating piece of information that most of us have got in school. We were probably told by our teacher that diamonds are formed when coals are pressured under extensive heat. The reason the theory was given because nobody exactly knew how a diamond is formed. If you look at the fact that carbon is a kind of impurity and even if the belief is right then diamond formed from carbon will be impure thus of no use.

2.  Diamonds are unbreakable:

There is doubt that diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world.  It does not mean in any way that it can be chipped or broken. If this would have been the case then you would have never seen diamonds cut in very beautiful shapes and sizes. The fact is that if diamonds are not handled carefully then it can get damaged. Now you know the fact, whether diamonds are indestructible or not.

3.  Bigger Diamonds are more valuable:

It is a general conception that bigger the diamond more valuable it is going to be. Well, the truth is that the value of diamond is not solely based on its size. It depends on a lot of other factors too like clarity, size, cut and color. The size can be a personal choice, you may like big stones but that doesn’t always mean it is going to be more valuable than smaller gemstone of the same category. It is one of the rules that implies on every gemstones.

4.  Diamonds are rarest stones:
Almost all the natural gemstones are rare. They only form a frictional part of naturally formed object in the world, but if you compare diamonds with other naturally formed gemstones then you will find that they are not that rare. This fact doesn’t have any effect on the price and beauty of diamond. If you see a number of people owing diamonds, then it is because of its easy availability in the jewellery market. Now you will probably agree with the fact that diamonds are not that rare gemstone.

5.  Diamonds sold online are not real:

A lot of people think that the original diamonds are not sold online but it is a just myth. If you search online then you will know that diamonds of highest qualities are sold online. The sellers even offer certified diamonds, so you can be very sure that the gem you are buying is 100 percent original.  In fact, online gemstone sellers give you a huge variety of diamonds at different price. You can be completely reassured about quality when buying online diamond because the online wholesalers are honest, genuine and knowledgeable.