A look at Top 5 Selling Artificial Gemstones

Even though there are several ways in which gemstones are categorized, there are two main types of gemstones:



Here, we are going to talk about artificial gemstones; yes – you read it right! There are many manufacturers that are into the manufacturing of imitated gemstones. There are many people that wear artificial gemstones. Even though these stones look exactly like the real ones, the only thing that happens is that they have no benefits and they are worn just for fun or as fashion.

Here are the top five artificial gemstones you must know about:

1) The beautiful Ruby: Remember all those beautiful English classic fairy tales that had those lovely dressed up girls? If you do – you surely know about artificial rubies. Almost all the classic movies have women dressed up in huge gowns and fancy jewelries with artificial rubies. If you are a fan of this gemstone, but can’t afford to buy the original one, you can always satisfy your thirst of owning it by buying the artificial one. No doubt you can’t be benefitted from the artificial ruby beads you can always wear it as a part of fashion.

2) The lovely Coral: This is one of the most gorgeous gemstones you would ever lay your eyes and heart upon. The moment you give one look to this gemstone, you know that you have got to own it for yourself. However, since it is quite expensive and out of budget for a lot of people, not everybody owns it. But thanks to artificial gemstone manufacturers, you can now not only own coral, but also wear it anytime you wish to. Again, you can’t enjoy the benefits, but satisfy your hunger for style.

3) The classy Emerald: Emerald is, again, a very expensive gemstone and not everybody can afford buying even one in their lives. However, if you want to make your wedding or engagement day a special one by gifting this beautiful stone to your partner, there is only one thing that you need to do – make a ring with artificial emeralds in it. You should tell your partner pre-handedly that the gemstones are not real, but the effect would always be present in the ring, since you’d give it with all your love and heart. 

4) The seductive Sapphire: Do you like sapphires? Personally, these gemstones are my favorite.  I already own an original yellow sapphire and wear it all the time on my index finger, but there are not a lot of people that can buy it. If you want to own something that reminds you of original sapphire, there’s only one thing that you need to do – buy a nice artificial sapphire that looks just like the original one.

5) The imitated Smoky Quartz: This is a very glorious gemstone, but not known to all. The best thing about buying an artificial Smoky Quartz gemstone is that nobody comes to know that it is not original, because of its cut and clarity.