A Look into Fluorite Gemstone Beads

The “Genius Stone” or better called Fluorite Gemstone is a mineral that is composed of calcium fluoride. The color of the beautiful gemstone may range from pale blue-green to a somewhat dark purple color. Fluorite has the tendency to include all hues from a nearly colorless shade to greenish-blue or violet. 

The beauty of the gemstone is available in a huge collection of ornaments that have the gemstone studded into them. From earrings to bracelets or even rings and pendants, this gemstone looks beautifully exotic and elegant in all shapes and sizes and women of all age groups love to adore in them.

Besides the beauty that is endorsed with the gemstone, it has some of the most powerful benefits that can’t be ignored. Here’s a look into them:

  • Increases the ability t concentrate of the wearer
  • Enhances the free spirit form
  • Has the mystical power to absorb blocks and small thinking
  • Acts as a perfect learning aid
  • Truly referred to as the “Genius Gemstone”

Other than all of these, the gemstone can be used to cure ulcers and healers usually prefer this gemstone above all the others. The beauty and the healing properties of the gemstone drive people crazy and it is perfect in absolutely any color you choose.

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