A look Top 3 Popular Gemstone’s Characteristics

Since you have never bought a gemstone before, buying it can often be challenging. You will not only need a sense of judging and trust, but also check the person selling the stone. While some of them give preferences on the weight, others want to know their origin, clarity and color. At times, gemstones might be accompanied by lab reports specifying the cut, color, clarity and weight of the stone. They might even contain details of the treatments they have undergone. Based on the grade report, the seller might also offer some form of guarantee on the stone. While looking forward to buying the best stones, you should check out your budget and match it with your taste. A gem of a small size but high quality will be equal to a large gem of lesser quality. 

Below is a list of some of the most popular gems that matches with their price ranges.

Ruby-It is one of the most highly valuable gemstones in the context of quality and price. It is one of the big three in the industry of gemstones, the other two being sapphire gemstone beads and emerald. The color of the stone varies from red, orangy red, slightly purple red to strongly purple red. Some native cuts might be found in the stone, but well cut stones are also available in the market. Stones weighing more than 5 carats of higher qualities are rarely available. However, these are available in different sizes up to 10 carats. 


It is again one of the most valuable gems. The color vary from strong blue, bluish green, slightly bluish green to yellowish green. Like Ruby beads, some native cuts are also found in this stone. Stones weighing more than 8 carats of the higher quality are rarely available. However, these stones might be available up to 20 carats and sometimes even more. More or less every piece of stone is oiled with some kinds of oils. In some cases, these are also filled for giving different treatments.


It is a highly popular gemstone and is one of the big three in the industry. It can be found in plethora of colors with about seven different hues. However, the most common color is blue, which is also the most expensive one. Though some native cuts might be found in the stone, yet the well cut stones are also available. Finer qualities of stones weighing more than 20 carats are rarely available. However, in lower grades of the stones, very large sizes are even available. Heat is often used to treat the color of the stones. 

The Common Birthstones:

Different birth months are said to be associated with different gemstones. Garnet is for January, amethyst is for February and aquamarine is for March. In a similar way, diamond is the birthstone of April, Emerlad for May and Alexandrite for June. Ruby represents July, Peridot for August and sapphire for September. The birthstones for the months October, November and December are Opal, Topaz and zircon respectively.