Adorn with the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, the accidently discovered stone got its name because of the mountain where it is mined resembles a sleeping woman laying her back with folded arms.

The stone is a real beauty indeed, found in the south western part of the United Sates in Arizona. It is a highly sought after stone and has made tremendous impact on the history of turquoise over the years. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is revered due to its pure sky blue shade which shows very little to no webbing or veining.

Adorn with the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

As already said that this stone was discovered by accident as the mine was opened to extract copper and gold and it wasn’t until then that the first turquoise stone was actually discovered. Even when it is in rough form, it looks vibrant and bright, even brighter than the south western sky overhead.

Several mines have been opened up to extract more turquoise that have varying characteristics but what is worth a notice is that even to this day there has never been a stone that replicates the natural beauty of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

For sure, it is a gem that South Western United States should be proud of.