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This semi-precious stone of the quartz family has been described over time as the gemstone of all gemstones, a coveted jewel protecting the wearer against seduction, and the gemstone of royalty. Amethysts are found worldwide and make up the lining of the inside of geodes, a hollow rock filled with crystals. In 1912, the amethyst gemstone was named the official birthstone for the month of February. 

The amethyst has been praised throughout history for: 

  • Healing the mind
  • Protecting the wearer against seduction
  • Serving as a connection to God
  • Purifying negativity
  • Creating a sense of calm
  • Symbolizing power and royalty  


A Gemstone with History

Amethysts derive their name from the Greek word “amethystos”, meaning “not drunk”. Greeks enjoyed their drink from cups made of amethyst in order to guard against drunkenness. Amethysts can be found adorning the Crown Jewels of Britain and they were beloved by Catherine the Great. Egyptian Pharaohs are said to have had their tombs made in part with amethyst. Amethyst was described by Moses in the Old Testament as a symbol of God’s Spirit and cited as one of the precious stones on Aaron’s breastplate when he served as high priest. Bishops had rings designed rings with amethyst in the Christian church.

Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Qualities of Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Made from silicon dioxide, amethyst gemstones range in color from light to dark purple and can at times appear black when viewed under dim lighting. Amethyst gemstones derive their color from aluminium and iron impurities and is part of the macro-crystalline family of quartz. Amethyst gemstone beads are semi-transparent to transparent and are often cut into oval or round shapes. 

Beauty of Amethyst Gemstone Beads                                                                        

A gemstone with so much history and so much beauty deserves to be displayed as an exquisite accessory. Resistant to wear and tear, amethyst gemstone beads are excellent for any type of jewelry design. This widely available gemstone comes in a variety of cuts, shapes, and styles. Most amethyst gemstones are heat treated, which makes them resistant to fading with time. 

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