Amethyst – The Healing Stone

The word “Amethyst” has been derived from the Greek word “amethystos” which essentially means “absence of drunken state”. Amethyst, the crystalline quartz with a characteristic purple color, is adorned for protecting the bearer from any and all kinds of poison and alcohol. It is believed to impart a sober state of mind and safeguard against drunken state.

Characteristics and Applications
Apart from the usage in jewelry, as all gemstones have, amethyst has many applications within the field of astrology. It is considered to be very effective in curing sleeping disorders like insomnia. One needs to place it under the pillow while sleeping and it is supposed to induce cordial and cheerful dreams. Rubbing amethyst on and around the forehead is believed to relieve headache. Because of these reasons, it is also known as the “power stone.”
Amethyst has been used as a protection stone since ancient times. It is believed to guard against guilty feelings. It has been found effective against fearful feelings too. Witchcraft protection and self-deception protection are some other factors which have led people to resort to amethyst. It has been believed to open channels for psychic and spiritual abstracts. It is also worn as a necklace to accentuate meditation. Amethyst is worn by the Catholic bishops till date and hence also known as Bishop’s Stone. It is worn by high rank priests since it symbolizes sincerity, spiritual wisdom, piety and humility. 

Apart from the aforementioned properties that are believed to be possessed by amethyst, the stone is also considered to be graced with healing powers. It is believed to have powers to focus energy. This is the reason it is worn by most of the healers. The healing process is carried out generally with the healer placing a piece of amethyst onto the hands of the ill and another piece at the area of the body that needs healing. It is effective to heal lungs, kidney, heart, liver, and stomach among other human body organs. This gemstone has found a lot of applications in blood and respiratory problems. Air is believed to be cleaner and life force is believed to be more positive around amethyst. This is why it is also recommended to have this gemstone at home.

It is believed that keeping amethyst clusters or points by the side of the windows of the house that receives sunlight predominantly throughout the day helps in eliminating the negative vibes within the home. The same clusters and points during the nighttime under the influence of moonlight generate a calm aura within the house making the residents feel calmer and are more composed during those hours.  It is also believed to help people with their cravings and to overcome their worldly fear.

Facts about Amethyst
Despite the fact that amethyst is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all the crystal quartz, it has always baffled scientists. It has a hardness rating of seven on the Moh’s scale, moderate refraction quotient and a weight ratio which is in tandem with the other quartz, but the crystal structure of amethyst is extremely atypical. It has a very orderly laminated construct which induces layers of varying color intensities within the stone. This is the reason why despite having it in abundance across the globe, we don’t have large cut amethysts of an evenly disbursed dark color. It is only recently that scientists have been able to figure out the reason towards its characteristic color. This is due to some distinct ferrous constituents in tandem with natural radioactive radiation.

Another amazing characteristic of Amethyst is the fact that it changes color on being heated. A temperature of 250 degree Celsius induces a shining yellow color to a smoky and translucent stone. This color can transform to various shades of brownish red. Amethyst gemstone when heated to a temperature of 400 degrees, inculcates great magnitudes of transparency and it can even become colorless at further heating.

Who should buy Amethyst?
People who want to stay away from their otherwise addictive alcoholism or any other source of addiction would find a great deal of support from this gemstone.
Apart from that, amethyst can be very useful to calm the aura of people with high tempers. This gemstone can be used to ensure a steady positive flow of energies within one’s home.
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