Amethyst: The Purple Wonder of the Astro World

Amethyst, the stone belongs to the family of quartz. The stone provides protection to the wearer from any kind of intoxicating activities. Amethyst also is popular for harmonizing the emotions and the feeling of an individual. This mighty wonder of nature represents the planet Saturn and its qualities. This gem is also considered as the birthstone for the ones who are born in the month of February. It is popularly known as the Gem of Fire.

amethyst gemstone

Steps to Determine the Original Amethyst

  • The purest Amethyst Gemstone comes in the color white
  • The less pure variations, due to the climatic variations, are found in shades of violet, purple
  • It is also precious just like diamonds
  • It is graded under the systems of cut, carat, clarity, shape and weight
  • The shape is hexagonal
  • The seller of the gemstone must be able to clarify all your dearth of knowledge about the stone
  • A forged or duplicate gemstone can heat up within seconds when placed on the forehead. Yes, the original is extremely heat tolerant.
  • A fake Amethyst will have a deep shade of purple or violet. In fact, the original amethyst can also showcase hues of white within it
  • A real amethyst will be able to put scratches on the porcelain surface of any kind.

The ruling planet of Amethyst is Uranus, with the cosmic color being Violet and the cosmic chakra being Sahashara. Amethyst is mainly found in countries like South Korea, China, Brazil, Zambia, Russia, and India.

The Advantages of Wearing Amethyst

  • People with a troubling condition of the Saturn planet are advised to wear this gemstone. It is believed that these stones have certain powers which can heal the harsh effects of the planet on an individual's fate.
  • Amethyst is also known for curing the condition of insomnia. The problem of slumber can be solved by wearing this stone. It cures sleeplessness and protects people from this harming situation.
  • Several blood ailments can be solved by wearing this stone.
  • Amethyst is also believed to heal the physical injuries and wounds fast.