Explore the Power of Dual coloured Quartz with Ametrine Gemstones

Considered as a very rare and extraordinary stone, Ametrine gemstone usually occurs with quartz in its amethyst and citrine crystals. The most curious aspect about wearing the gemstone is that no two amterines have same physical appearance. In a way, it is a naturally customized item. They were mined exclusively from the remote locations of Bolivia. Till the end of 19th century, Anahi Mines in Bolivia was the only natural source of Ametrine gemstone where it appeared with quartz deposits. Today, it is included in the beads made of amethyst and Citrine for accumulating therapeutic relief from depression, anxiety, sexual discord and heart burns.


Popular trade names and Physical appearance

Ametrine gemstone is also known as Bolivianite and Trystine. It has ambiguous shades of purple and yellow cloud. In some exotic varieties, the beads also have orange and pink shades induced in it like a suspension. The stones extracted from the mines in India have lighter shades than their counterparts dug out from Bolivia. The rates of oxidation and the gradient of temperature at which they are formed have a significant impact on their physical properties and the colour.

The tag of Power Stone

Ametrine gemstone is a rare power stone. One reason why you should buy beads made of this stone is because of its uncertainty of it availability in the future. The Ametrine beads stimulate creativity and stir the courage in one’s life to take charge of the situation. It is recommended by the leading gem scientists and astrologers in following conditions.

  • Recover from breach of trust by spouse, family members, business partners or by government
  • Earn safety from mishaps and terrorist attacks
  • Enhance the protection barrier around life and property
  • Enhance sexual prowess and achieve fulfilment of bliss
  • Control negative emotions and thoughts
  • Promote optimism
  • Improve concentration

Things to note before buying Ametrine Gemstones Beads

  • The gemstone tends to wear out in terms of colour, texture and hardness with time. It needs professional cleaning and polishing routine in every 4-5 years.
  • Buy a gemstone with the traditional 50/50 cut on the colour split. They have a checker board colour quality with very good quality.
  • Check for blemishes and inclusions that look artificial.
  • Refrain from buying green or blue shades as they are artificial stones.

Who will benefit from wearing Ametrine Beads?
Ametrine transforms the personality of the person wearing it. The following group of individuals will benefit the most:

  • New artists
  • Students
  • Sports person
  • Politicians
  • Philosophers
  • People expected to undergo a surgery soon
  • Diabetics and heart patients