An all Seeing Eye ~ Tiger Eye

The Nature’s Wonder! 9 out of 10 people are passionate working with gemstones. But they are too tired of spending money on jewelry that fell apart. The jewel box seems full of broken jewelry and loose Gemstones. So when Ratna Sagar Jewels started manufacturing gemstone jewelry, they had to be more cautious with the designs and the quality of work.

Our jewelry is inspired by gemstones that are found in the stretches of the world in an array of colors. The love of Gemstones is shared here. Each day we are posting interesting stuff about a new gemstone.

Today we’re holding The Tiger’s Eye in our creative hands, allowing it’s attributes to ultimately determine the design to come out. We’re posting about the General, Scientific Mystical, Healing and Magical details along with the care and uses of Tiger’s Eye.

This gemstone is renowned as the chatoyant gemstone meaning that it displays a unique property of optics in which it looks like a tiger’s eye in the dark. It is usually found in the metamorphic rocks in South Africa and East Asia which are its leading producers. Depending on the source and the way these stones are cut and polished, their color can be red or dark yellow. Several imitations of the Tigers Eye are available now days including grass imitations.

Scientific studies reveal that this stone is used in relieving high blood pressure. It helps in bronchial asthma, rheumatic heart diseases, Otis and psoriasis. It also shows its benefits for the week and the sick.

“Said to possess the powers of the earth and the sun, it is said that when you carry a piece of tiger’s eye, by the end of the day any deception will be revealed.”

Understanding the meaning of the tiger’s eye stones is a matter of looking at the physical properties of the crystal. The deep brown color that it has represents its connection with grounding and the practical energies of the earth. The golden hues and the light shine of this quartz crystal banded with the deeper shade of brown represents the unique bonding with intuitive, creative and solar energy. The tiger’s eye is a symbol of manifestation and clarity.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Beads

The healing powers of the mystic stone have come into play for ages now. Historically, Tiger’s Eye has been used in protective medicine. It is said that the Roman soldiers would wear the engraved stones during battle; it is especially beneficial against dark magic. As a good luck stone, it is also used for discerning the truth in a situation. Being a stabilizing stone it promotes mental clarity and emotional balance. It heals and balances solar Plexus. Tiger’s Eye is also associated with prosperity, abundance and success.

If you are habitual of giving up and backing down from the fears that run in your mind, and of being easily distracted from what’s important, then Tiger Eye is the gem for you. It will clarify your vision and amplify your intention.

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