A look at Top 7 Anniversary Gemstones

Celebrate the special moments in life with elegant items. What better than the exquisite rock pieces for every anniversary of togetherness! There are thousands of different varieties of gemstones, but only a handful of them are actually called Anniversary Gemstones. Gemstones are not only precious items of collection, they also have special meaning when gifted to your loved ones. Be it the first anniversary or the Golden Jubilee, gifting an Anniversary gemstone is truly a step towards eternal companionship.

Here are 7 anniversary gemstones that are not just auspicious, but also unique, brilliant and of course, special in their own way.

  • Garnet

Garnet is available in multiple colours. It is the 2nd anniversary gemstone. The most preferred stone for gifting on the anniversary is Red Garnet. Other options are yellow, green and pink garnets. This hard stone can be used in amulets, rings, lockets and in beaded necklace form. Red garnet blends well with white metals like silver, white Gold and platinum.

  • Pearl

Both natural and cultured pearls display clarity of thoughts and transparency in relationship. Gifting natural pearl on an anniversary event is known to transform the relationship into an everlasting companionship. Just like the mollusc converts the sand gravels and pebbles into a beautiful pearl, the gemstone is used as an anniversary to convert challenges into improvement.

  • Sapphire

Blue sapphire is the choicest anniversary gemstone for the fifth year celebration. Other shades are equally auspicious like pink, white and violet shades. Untreated sapphire is not preferred as it has fractures and blemishes in its structure. For anniversary purpose, sapphire stone manufactured using heat treatment and diffusion is fitted into rings and beaded necklaces.

  • Diamond

Yes, the woman’s best friend is also a prominent anniversary gemstone. Diamond rings weighing 3 carats and more is a part of anniversary collection for celebrating 10 years of togetherness. Engagement and wedding rings with diamond studs are obvious winners. 60th anniversary is referred to as the “Diamond Jubilee.”

  • Ruby

If you are looking for a symbolic gemstone that represents love, compassion and genuineness, ruby is the apt anniversary stone. It is gifted on 15th anniversary. With a decade and a half of togetherness between you, your partner definitely deserves to own a heavy red ruby stone as a token of achievement.

  • Onyx

Do you wish to gift something to your man? Well, onyx is a popular gemstone used in men’s jewellery. Big onyx stones accentuated by diamond cuts and encrusted on metallic rings make up for a formidable anniversary gift. It is the 8th anniversary gemstone and a stylish trend.

  • Emerald

A variety of the beryl, emerald is an enticing gift for centennial celebrations. If your partner is ruled by planet Mercury and born under the zodiac of Taurus or Cancer, this is the most suitable gift for a major event in life. It soothes the nerves before a mega event and of course looks beautiful and engaging.

Other gemstone options for anniversary are amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysobery, jade, Citrine, Aquamarine and Peridot.