Aquamarine Beads and the Buying Guide

Gemstones, they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They can range from smooth, rough, opaque, translucent and may have a glossy or a mate finish. The difference is only in their color and the properties that each of them are expected to possess. 

Different gemstones are used for different purposes, except the common reason which is to make jewelry. Gemstones may be used to create necklaces and other jewelry items including several beautiful art pieces. Each gemstone is truly amazing and beautiful. The elegant look that they give the wearer leaves several eyes watching them. Apart from the functional events where these gemstones can be worn these necklaces are equally fit to be worn for casual parties and get together.

Aquamarine is one such beautiful gemstone that has been the choice of too many people for several years now and the gemstone looks amazing and beautiful in its full form. Right from the color, to the shape and the luster of the gem everything is fine and the stone has been the choice of several jewelry makers. Here’s a buying guide for the aquamarine gemstone:


  • The stone is generally very clean, therefore you should expect a high quality aquamarine to be eye clean. Small inclusions are however acceptable if the color of the gem is very good. You may sometimes also find aquamarines that are completely clean even when they are examined under a jeweler’s loupe at 10x magnification.
  • The gemstone is given different cuts depending on the rough material and the color. But cutting the gemstone may not be an easy thing, therefore more care needs to be taken and proper shapes should be given. You will also find many faceted aquamarines, since the small facets increase the brilliance of lighter colored stones.

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