Aquamarine Beads: Colour Your Senses with Blue Emotions

Aquamarine beads are known to the whole world of the gemologists as the “Green Beryl.” The beads display a stunningly clear and obvious blue hue. The colour is similar to the expansive blue Atlantic Ocean seen from the space. Aquamarine belongs to the same class of beryl as the Emerald, golden Helidor and the Pink Morganite. Chemically, the Aquamarine gemstone is derived from the cyclo-silicates. Some crystals have Cat’s eye and starry speckles inside the structure. This is called ‘chatoyancy.’
The colour of the Aquamarine beads shows distinct appeal ranging from light green to sea-green. Sky blue and blue-green crystals are also available in the commercial stores.


What’s the Origin of Aquamarine?
Aquamarine gemstones are found extensively in granite pegmatites in small pockets called “vugus” where other crystals like Tourmaline, Feldspar and bi-coloured Quartz are also found. Aquamarine is derived from the words “Aqua” and “mare” meaning ‘Sea water.’ It is believed to be part of Poseidon’s chariot and was worn by the sailors for protection from the fury of the sea.

Benefits of wearing Aquamarine
Aquamarine beads are the “Friend Stone” and believed to be a strong relationship item. Wearing the aquamarine beads reconcile the enemies and improve relationship between warring siblings, spouse and friends. Here are some top benefits of wearing aquamarine.

  • Calms the senses and forces around the individual wearing aquamarine
  • Inhibits the emotions from getting exposed to the outside world
  • Improves judgement while making important decisions
  • Rejuvenates the lower Chakras of the body
  • Part of an ancient Oracle system that answered every question imposed by the owner
  • Lawyers wear the beads made of aquamarine to ensure victory in every case
  • It directs the owner to find their lost, misplaced or stolen items

The legends of Aquamarine gemstone recall that it is known by different names in different cultures. For instance, it is called Santa Maria de Itabira in Brazil while it is called as Aqua Marina Africana in South Africa.

Astrological Influence of the gemstone
Aquamarine is a clear hexagonal crystal with deep blue colour. It has absolutely no inclusions even in rough stones. The stone is ruled by Moon and linked to the throbbing ebb of highs and lows in life, like the tide of the sea. Controlling the results by wearing Aquamarine soothes the body and mind.
From the point of view of health karma, the gemstone eases the emotional disturbances and hence positioned in the categorized with the ‘Wounded Healer’ epitome. 

It benefits individuals with following conditions.

  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Stomach disorders
  • Depression
  • Disorders of the Liver
  • Toxicity of the blood
  • Throat disorders

Tips to Wear Aquamarine:

  • Wear the gemstone or beads if you are reeling under stressful environment.
  • Before sleeping, remove the gemstone and beads. Put it in a bone china bowl filled with cold water.
  • Don’t use chemical detergents or agents to clean it.
  • Don’t use it on oily skin.